"Please, just listen to me!"

"What could you possibly say that would make me forgive you?!" yelled Joey.

"Just believe me!" I said, practically begging now.

"You expect me to believe that you had a dream, and all of a sudden you remember how you used to feel about me? And so now you're here handing me flowers and you want me to jump into your arms and say that I love you!? FUCK YOU!"

The door slammed shut. I guess it was kind of stupid to think that he would forgive me after I treated him like crap over something so small. All he did was call me Seto, after all.

I'm an asshole.

Fuck this. Fuck everything! I tried to make things right, I tried to make him forgive me – I even told him that I cared about him! I might as well just leave him the flowers right here. I know he doesn't want them, but I don't want them to remind me of my failure, so I placed the flowers in front of the door to his apartment. Don't ask how I got his address; I'll probably get arrested if someone knows what I did.

I stepped outside and found flowers on the floor. Se – I mean, Kaiba, must've left them there yesterday. They're white roses, I wonder why he didn't get red roses? Though I shouldn't be surprised; he's always been weird.

I closed the door behind me and started on my walk to school, and, fortunately, I didn't see Kaiba. Which was good, 'cause I thought he would stalk me or something. Maybe he's not such a bad guy, besides the fact that he yelled at me, tried to fire me, and showed up at my house with what sounds like a five-year-old explanation for why he was being a jerk. Never mind he's not worth my time. At least, not anymore.

"Life sucks," I said to myself.

"Agreed," said a sad voice.

I looked to my left and saw a dude around my age, who was also dressed in a Domino high school's uniform, leaving the apartment room next to mine. So, unless he's having a sleepover, I'm guessing he's my neighbor.

"Hi, I'm Stephan Nathaniel Acevedes. I live next door," said my neighbor while reaching his hand out for a handshake.

I shook his hand and replied, "My name's Joey Wheeler."

"You go to Domino High, don't you?" It was more of a statement then a question, so I just nodded. "Since we're both going to the same place, why don't we walk together." Again, it was a statement, so I nodded again and started walking, not really knowing what to do now.

"So, are you new here in Domino?" he asked to make conversation.

"The school, or the city?" Oh dear God, I'm an idiot; of course he meant the city.

"The city," replied Stephan, polite enough not to comment on the stupid question.

"Not really. I lived here before, a long time ago."

"I see. Welcome back, I guess."


He gave me a shy smile and looked down at the floor. His cheeks looked a little red… was he blushing? No way, I bet it was just my imagination. He's way too cute to be into me; his hair is jet black and he has chocolate brown eyes and he has some muscles. I should stop checking him out now.

"Um, so have you lived here your whole life?" I asked.

"Yeah, I've lived here my entire life so far. I didn't always live in the apartment."

"So why does your life suck?"

"What?" he asked looking at me like I'm crazy.

"Before, when I said that life sucks, you agreed. So, why does your life suck?"

"I… I don't know."

"What?" I asked. This guy is confusing me.

"It's complicated, I worry too much."

"What were you worrying about?"

"I have no friends."

"Well you could hang out with me"

"The reason I have no friends is what I'm actually worried about."

"And that reason is?"

"I'm not going to say it. Besides, everyone is going to talk about it anyway, find out from them. I'm going to the store across the street, so bye."

Stephan quickly crossed the street and walked into the store, leaving me on the sidewalk by myself. He seemed kind of mad; maybe I should go after him. I looked down at the watch on my wrist, seeing that it said 7:50, and remembering that I'm still two blocks away from school, and that I already have five detentions for coming late to school…

I'll find Stephan later and then talk to him.

Its eight. Class has started and he's not even here yet, as usual. The kid next to the door goes up and opens it. Joey quickly walks in and sits in his seat; the teacher doesn't even bother asking him why he's late since Joey always has the same excuse: "I woke up late."

"Class, can you please keep the noise level down," said my homeroom teacher, Ms. Raven. Everyone lowered their voices.

I took out a book and started reading while occasionally looking across the room to stare at Joey. I bet he's telling all his friends that I was acting pathetic and begging for him to at least give me a chance.

"Class," said Ms. Raven. She paused for a moment for everyone to be quiet before she continued. "I know that in this class we haven't done much, but in order to get an "A" this semester, you need to write a three page essay on what you learned during the first semester. We'll talk more about the essay tomorrow since we've run out of time today."

The bell rang and the rest of the class started to leave for their first period, so I put my book in my bag and left to walk to my next class.

Alright then, now that I've finally got away from everyone I can go look for Stephan. I wonder where he hangs out?

I looked everywhere – in the cafeteria, in the yard, even in the bathrooms, and I eventually found him sitting on the ground around the corner of a row of classrooms. I wouldn't have found him if I didn't hear someone sniffle.

"Hey Stephan, you ok?" I asked him. He was crying.

"I'm fine, just please leave me alone," he whispered.

He was sad in the morning, but not this sad. I wonder what it is that makes him so sad; before, he said that his "friends" are going to reveal his secret.

"What is your secret?" I asked.

"Leave me alone," he said a little louder than the last time.

"Just tell me your secret, I can help you better if I know what's making you upset."

He hesitated for a few seconds, looked at me, and then motioned for me to come closer and I did. I sat down next to him and he whispered in my ear, "I'm gay."

So could you all tell me what you think of Stephan, do you hate him or think he's cool :P.