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I woke up smiling. I rolled over and looked at Kevin sleeping beside me; I swear he looks ten times cuter when he sleeps.

I was drifting back to sleep when I heard the door slam. Kevin bolted awake beside me.

"What was that?"

"Sophie," I told him rolling my eyes. I quickly got dressed and Kevin put on his clothes from yesterday.

As we walked into the kitchen we found Sophie grumpily eating her cereal.

"Hey what's up?" I asked.

"Did you know its Huey's funeral today?" She stabbed at her cereal.

"No, I actually forgot about all of that."

"Yeah, well. You know we have to go right?" She asked me, I nodded not sure what the big deal was. "I have a date tonight, and now instead of spending all day to get ready like I normally would, now I only have a couple hours!"

"Why would you need all day to get ready?" Kevin asked completely confused. Sophie looked at him like he was a legit crazy person.

I shook my head, "It's a girl thing."

"Now, I won't look amazing, I'll look alright. Then Martin will think I'm a slob and never want to go out with me again!" Sophie sounded like she had just found out that she was dying, sometimes I wonder how we're related. "Couldn't Huey die at a more convenient time?"

I snorted, "Yeah, I'm sure that's what was going through his head when he died, 'Oh no, I can't die now it'll be inconvenient time for Sophie'." Sophie gave me one of her glares.

"Anyway, me and Kevin are going to Jenny's for breakfast." I told her as I grabbed my sweater and threw it on. Sophie mumbled a quiet 'whatever' on our way out.

"Why are we going out to eat?" Kevin asked on our way to the diner.

"Did you really want to eat with Sophie and listen to her complain about going to a funeral?" I asked.

Kevin laughed, "I guess your right?"

As we entered the diner Kevin's phone went off, I also passed Sampson on the way in. I gave him a curt hello, if I didn't like someone I didn't pretend to, especially when that person was a major creep.

"Hey Jenny?"

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Do me a favor and stay away from Sampson. "

"Why? He's nice." Jenny said with a small smile.

"He gives me the creeps, I don't trust him." I could tell my advice was falling on deaf ears.

"So what can I get you?" she asked wiping down the counter and setting a plate down in front of me.

"I'll have a coffee and a chocolate chip muffin, Kevin what do you want?" I asked turning around to see Kevin still on the phone.

"Uh, same."

I was just about to dive into my muffin when Kevin said, "Jenny can we make these to go?"

I gave Kevin a confused look, "Tommy called and he wants us at the bar."

"Did he say why?"

"Yeah, but you know when Tommy's stressed he talks really fast, all I could catch was 'meet me at the bar', so that's where were going."

We left as soon as Jenny wrapped up our muffins and gave us our coffee to go. Unlike me Kevin refused to wait until we got at the bar to eat, so he was done. I on the other had still had my delicious muffin to eat.

Tommy arrived at the bar a short time after we did. I was sitting eating my muffin and Kevin was reading the newspaper, while Tommy was banging around the bar.

"Damn it! There's nothing left!"

"I know Jimmy's really letting the bar slide." Kevin said flipping the page of his newspaper.

"Well it would help if you didn't sit around all day drinking the stock." Tommy said shooting an accusing look at Kevin. "This is a bar, you think we'd have more than two beers!"

"Why are you so worried about it?" Kevin asked not even looking up from his newspaper.

"We're hosting Huey's wake tonight." Tommy admitted quietly.

"What!" Me and Kevin said at the same time.

"Katie Farrell came by this morning, she wants the wake to be here."

"Can I remind you that we killed her husband?" Kevin said finally putting down his newspaper.

"Kevin what are you doing?" Tommy asked looking at me.

"What? She knows?" I gave Tommy a small smile.

"She knows? Kevin we aren't supposed to tell nobody" Tommy yelled.

"Please Tommy like I care who you kill, do you really think I'm going to go running to Dokey?" Tommy shook his head. "Why did you tell her yes?"

"She didn't really give me much a choice." Tommy said, walking to the basement I grabbed the remainders of my muffin as me and Kevin followed him, "We still have food from that party last week right? There was a ham, meatballs and half a turkey left."

I pinched me fingers over my nose, when Tommy opened the freezer. Did Jimmy seriously unplug it so he could build a damn bird house, what an idiot.

"Where are all my damn guns?" Jimmy shouted as he hobbled down the stairs.

"What do need a gun for? Catch a bird in your bird house?" Tommy asked sarcastically. I tried to pass off my laugh as me choking on my muffin

"Least I can build something, all you do is screw things up." I couldn't help but snort, yeah Tommy was the screw up of the family.

"Why do you need a gun?" Kevin asked. Jimmy went on to explain how he needed to kill Dokey, because Dokey thought he killed Huey. Remember how I said no matter what Kevin was always in, no questions asked. Here he was again trying to help Jimmy find a shotgun.

I stood back and watched as Tommy explained to Jimmy that Dokey was just fishing to see if he knew anything. They continued to argue and argue. Jimmy finally left after he found out the wake was being held in his bar.

"Are you leaving too?" Tommy asked Kevin. I sighed in relief when he said he would stay and help.

Kevin promised to get the booze, while Tommy said he'd get the food.

"Hey Tommy, anything you want me to do?" I asked just as he was leaving the bar.

"Can you clean up the bar a little bit?" Tommy asked.

"Of course," I told him, "I'm always here to help your sorry asses."

After I had cleaned up the bar the best I could, which was not an easy thing. You do not want to know how disgusting that bathroom was. I headed to my apartment to get ready for Hueys funeral.

I showered to get to cleaning products smell off of me, I left my long dark brown hair down then I put on black leggings and a simple black shirt- nothing too flashy-, and grabbed my leather jacket and left.

I had to hurry if I wanted to make it on time, believe me being late to the funeral of a mob boss was not a good idea. I was thankful when I met up with Ms. Donnelly and Tommy outside.

"Where's Kevin?" I asked.

"He's not with you?" Ms. Donnelly asked me.

"No, I thought he'd be here." I said looking around.

"Have you seen Jimmy yet?" Tommy asked.

"Not yet, god knows I love your brother, but we don't need his kind of trouble not today." Ms. Donnelly said shaking her head.

As Ms. Donnelly headed inside Katie Farrell came up to us with her son Matty. I had almost forgotten how much Matty looked like his father. I zoned out of their conversation I was still looking around for Kevin. Where was he? I walked into the church hoping he was in there, but no dice.

I was standing in the aisle of church when I felt someone tap my shoulder. "Jane." I turned to face Katie Farrell. "I was hoping you would seat with me and Matty, he really likes you. He still requests you for his babysitter."

"Yeah, I'd be happy too. Matty is a great kid Katie, you did good raising him." I told her smiling.

"Thanks Jane." I took Matty's hand and we walked down the pew and I placed Matty on my lap and hugged him from behind.

"My dad's in heaven right?"

"Yeah, he's in heaven. It's a better place." I whispered to him in his ear.

The ceremony went by in a blur, but what stood out the most was Dokey's speech. It certainly was different to say the least. Thankfully after Dokey's 'speech' mass was over and we got to leave.

I was walking up to the Fire Cracker when a Cab screeched to a stop beside me.