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"Joey you are pathological."

"If I'm pathological, everyone in my neighborhood is a clinical study."

I was waiting on the steps outside the Donnelly's apartment, today was the day that Sean finally got released from the hospital. I broke into a huge smile when their cab finally pulled up. As Ms. D and Sean got out I jumped up and gave them a hug.

"I'll meet you up there." I promised them, I waited as Tommy paid the cabby and got the bags from the truck.

"What's up Janey?"

"I was just checking to see how you were, you know after the whole Jenny left with Sampson thing." I said bluntly.

"Do you think she slept with him?" Tommy asked getting to the point. I was praying she had more sense than that, but honestly I didn't know for sure. Jenny was always a wildcard.

"You'll have to ask her, but I know she still loves you. No matter what happens she always will." Tommy nodded.

"At least I'm not lost." I heard Ms. D say as we made it to our floor.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Tommy asked Nicky.

"Hey Tommy," Nicky looked over at me, "Hey Jane, you look good, how's work going?"

"You look great too Nicky." Even though he was an Italian and a top notch sleaze bag, part of me liked Nicky. "Work is good, you?" I asked crossing my arms.

"Works actually why I came by," Nicky said nodded to Tommy. I took that as my cue to leave.

I entered the apartment wondering what kind of business Tommy could possibly have with someone like Nicky Cottero, whatever it was Tommy did not look too pleased to see Nicky.

I grabbed a bowl off the table and poured myself some cereal as I sat down beside Kevin. I was munching happily away on some fruit loops when Tommy slammed the door and huffed in.

"Kevin come here." Tommy demanded.

I looked up from my bowl and over at Kevin, "I'm eating my cereal." Kevin protested.

"What is it gunna get cold?"

"Soggy, I hate that." Kevin said, as he ate another spoon full.

"Kevin." Tommy said, by the look on his face I knew it was something serious, so I got up and followed Kevin into the bedroom.

"Jane you don't need to hear this." Tommy told me.

"Bullshit, clearly I need to know what going on if I'm getting dragged into basements and being threatened with a fricken axe." I stared Tommy down, "So go on." I sat down on the bed with Kevin beside me.

I looked jealously over at Kevin's bowl of cereal I had stupidly left mine on the table. I quickly grabbed his bowl of cereal and shoved a spoonful into my mouth.

"Hey!" Kevin said reaching for his bowl but I turned so he couldn't grab it out of my hands

"I'm hungry Kevin I have to go to work soon."

"So get your own cereal." Kevin said grumpy.

"Get your own cereal." I said mocking him.

"You think you're real funny huh?" Kevin asked smiling.

"Yeah, I think I'm real funny." I said mocking him again. Kevin made a sudden grab for the bowl and stole it from my hands.

"Now what?" Kevin asked with his mouthful.

"Oh you di-"

"Are you two done?" Tommy asked interrupting us. Kevin and I mumbled our 'sorrys'; like little children who got caught stealing from the cookie jar.

"Nicky wants the money, he's not taking no for an answer."

"So, we already told him we weren't going to pay and nothing happened." Kevin said shrugging.

"Cause the money wasn't due till today. He was outside talking to Ma in the hall."

"If he touches Ma he's dead."

"We can't kill him; we kill him everything comes apart." Tommy sounded frustrated I couldn't blame him, having Nicky after you wasn't a good thing.

"So what are we going to do?" I asked quietly.

"I'm going to get the money."

"How are you going to do that?" Kevin asked

"I got a way." Tommy lied. "For now don't let mom out of your sight."

"Can't Sean do that?"

"Can't Sean do what?" Sean asked coming into the bedroom.

"Sean just got out of the hospital." Tommy said looking at Kevin like he was mad person.

"He looks okay to me." I punched his arm, Sean was not okay.

"What's going on? We doing something?" Sean asked eagerly.

"Nothing's going on, if mom goes anywhere you follow her." Tommy said before he left.

I was sitting at the table with Ms. D talking about school, when the phone rang, we stopped our conversation to listen to the one Kevin was having on the phone.

"Hello? What?... No I can't… Because I can't…Look tell Jimmy if he needs my help he has to come over here." Kevin slammed the phone back onto the wall.

Me and Ms. Donnelly just stared at him wondering what that phone call was about, "What?" Kevin asked us leaning on the fridge. I shot him a look before me and Ms. Donnelly went back to our conversation.

A short while later Jimmy and Joey came up to the apartment, once again we snuck off into the bedroom. Kevin started to explain how the betting system worked and what the code names meant.

"What was your code name?" Jimmy asked.

"I'm not telling."

"Kevin I'ma beat you up if you don't tell me." Jimmy threated.

Kevin sighed, "L-21"

"What does the 'L' stand for?" Joey asked not looking up from Louie's phone.

"Lucky." Kevin said quietly.

"Lucky?' Jimmy asked before him and Joey burst out laughing.

"This is why I don't tell you things." Kevin said slightly grumpy

"I think its brilliant," I said kissing Kevin's forehead.

Thankfully Jimmy and Joey came as quickly as they left came, which left me and Kevin alone in the bedroom.

"Do you really think my code name is brilliant?" Kevin asked lying down on the bed next to me.

"Yes I do, it adds that extra bit of luck into your betting, it makes perfect sense to me." I rolled over to get a better look at his face.

Kevin got up so he was leaning over me I thought he was going to say something smart but he just smiled and leaned down and kissed me. I shivered as Kevin's hands made their way down my back and under my t-shirt, I wrapped my arms around his back pulling him closer to me.

"Kevin!" Sean shouted as he opened the door to the bedroom. "Jesus, I don't want to see that." Sean said once he saw me and Kevin.

"Ever heard of knocking?" I asked him, neither Kevin or I made any effort to change our position.

"I don't knock in my own house Jane." Sean told me hotly.

"What do you want Sean." Kevin asked.

"Ma's going to the grocery shopping." Sean stated.

"So?" Kevin asked like he couldn't care less. Me and Sean looked at him until he finally got it. "Oh yeah, alright I'm going." Kevin said getting up off the bed and pulling me up right behind him.

I sat down on the couch beside Sean, I was a little grumpy that my make-out session with Kevin was interrupted so quickly, couldn't Ms. D have waited ten more minutes?

"You aren't going with Kevin?" Sean asked not looking away from the TV, I shook my head.

"Why not?"

"Why would I want to go grocery shopping?" I looked over at him from the TV.

"Cause Kevins going."

"I'm not one of those girls that have to spend every single second of the day with her boyfriend." I said defending myself.

"Yes you are." Sean said smiling.

I punched his shoulder, "Shut up. I am not." Just then Kevin walked into the room pulling on his jacket.

"Jane you coming?" Kevin asked.

"Nah I'll stay here." I said ignoring Sean's small laugh.

"Please come, I hate grocery shopping." Kevin pleaded, I shook my head. "Please Janey." Kevin begged giving me this incredibly cute puppy dog face.

I smiled at him, "Fine, but you owe me."

"See you are one of those girls." Sean told me as I got up. I punched his arm again then left with Kevin and Ms. Donnelly.