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"Sophie, I swear to god if you don't shut up I will beat you to death with my dictionary." Sophie looked up from the kitchen counter she was currently perched upon, rolled her eyes and continued talking on the phone.

I tried my best to ignore her chatter and to just focus on my English Lit essay, but she was talking so damn loudly. Believe it or not I did not care about what Justin Annett did at the bar last night with some chick who 'was dressed like a total slut'. All I cared about was finishing my essay before the deadline, which was midnight tonight.

"NO! I'm telling you, he was so drunk that he walked-" I stood up from my spot at the kitchen table walked over and grabbed the phone out of Sophie's hand.

"Sorry, she'll call you back at twelve oh-one tonight." I said into the receiver before hanging up.

"Hey!" Sophie said hopping off the counter. "I swear you've become very bipolar lately."

"I just need quiet." I muttered to her, sitting back down at the kitchen table in front of my laptop.

"That's what a bipolar person would say." Sophie informed me as she grabbed her purse and jacket off the hook in the hallway.

"That doesn't even make sense." I eyed her.

"Or maybe it just doesn't make sense to you because you're bipolar." She said slamming the apartment door behind her as she left.

"Or it just doesn't make sense!" I shouted back at her even though I doubted she could hear me.

I might be losing my mind trying to juggle school, Kevin, my family and the rest of the Donnelly brothers, but I definitely wasn't bipolar. A little Sophie voice inside my head told me that's exactly what someone who was bipolar would say. I shook my head and tried to focus.

Now that I was distraction free, I turned all my attention back to my essay. I was actually almost done, just need to finish my third argument and write out the conclusion. I planned on ignoring everything that didn't have to do with my essay. That's exactly what I did, didn't answer the phone or my cell when it kept ringing, I only left my chair for the bathroom and to grab some food from the fridge.

Even when someone knocked on my door I didn't answer.

"Janey, answer you damn door!" I heard Kevin yell. Well the silence was good while it lasted, I thought.

"Coming, keep your pants on." I called as I got up to answer the door. Standing in front of me was Kevin, Tommy and Sean. "Ah, the Donnelly brothers, I never get tired of seeing your sorry faces at my door." I joked sarcastically.

"Do you still have those bats from when you used to play softball?" Sean asked.

I knotted my eyebrows together in confusion, "Yeah, why?"

"We need them." Tommy stated dryly. I let them into my apartment and told them to wait in the kitchen. I went to my bedroom closet and grabbed the three wooden bats I used to play high school softball with.

"Why do I get the feeling you're not going down to the park to play a game of ball?" I directed the question towards Tommy, knowing that Kevin and Sean would never plan far enough ahead to think of bringing bats to a fight.

"We got to take care of a problem." Tommy told me vaguely, I hated when he avoided the question like that.

"You wanna come?" Sean asked me as I handed him on of the bats.

"She's not coming, Sean." Tommy said in a voice of authority.

"I'm coming." I stated, folding my arms across my chest. I hated being told what I could and couldn't do. Besides I needed a break from writing anyways. Tommy looked like he was about to protest but I think he knew I would just follow them no matter what.

"Fine, you can be the look out." He said in defeat.

"Sweet, let me go grab my sweater." I told them with a smile.

"Who are we going to go beat up?" I asked Kevin as we walked down the street.

"Remember Ms. McCreedy?" I nodded and he continued, "She's got some drug dealers hanging around her building. Tommy being the hero that he is volunteered to help."

I laughed, "Tommy definitely has a hero complex. Are the dealers Italian?"

"Yeah, but they're just low level dealers, no one to really worry about." Kevin reassured me sensing my apprehension.

"As long as were not beating up Alo's nephew or something."

"We'll be fine, you worry too much." Sean said from behind me.

"Someone has to; I don't want to see your sorry ass in the hospital again." Sean just rolled his eyes at me.

I was instructed to wait outside and lookout for police or any concerned citizens. The way Tommy had it planned out I wouldn't even be able to see any of the action. Once they left me on the corner of the building I counted to ten and walked back up so I could at least see what was happening.

I had sort of expected them to try and talk things out, tell them this was there last warning. Something other than start whacking them with bats, and then I remembered that these were the Donnelly's and that they didn't really do the whole talk-it-out thing.

As soon as they reached the steps leading up to the building their bats were raised in the air and they were swinging. Tommy went inside while Kevin and Sean finished with the three guys out front.

I turned back around the corner as the guys came running down in my direction, they blew past me without even realizing that I was there. I took a deep breath and turned the corner again. I could barely see because I was so far away but also because the windows of the building had bars on them. I could catch glimpses of bats swinging and people going down, I just hoped it was Italians going down and not any of the Donnelly's.

I blinked and the next thing I knew the three of them were running down the walk to where I was standing.

"Go!" Tommy yelled at me as he ran past. I didn't need to be told twice, I ran down the street after him. I could hear Kevin and Sean running steadily behind me.

We ran down a couple of blocks, ignoring the shouts of the people we bumped into, and finally hide down a side street that by the looks of things was the back of a Chinese restaurant.

"I'm guessing it went okay?" I huffed, tired from the sprint.

"I broke your bat." Kevin held up the wooden bat I had given him, the top had splintered off and I'm pretty sure I could see bits of blood on it.

"That's okay, didn't use it much anyways." I leaned against the wall and hung my head, feeling light headed.

"Kev, throw your bat in here!" I looked up to see Tommy holding up the lid to the dumpster, I covered my nose as the smell of old Chinese food reached me.

"Why?" Kevin asked.

"You want to walk down the street with a bloody bat?" Tommy asked. Kevin seemed to think it over.

"It wouldn't be the worst thing." Kevin started.

"Just throw out the bat, Kevin." I rolled my eyes. Eager to leave the smell of rotting Chinese food behind I turned and headed down the street.

"Jane! Wait up!" Kevin called as he exited the alley. I paused and waited as he jogged to where I was standing.

"Where are you going?" Kevin asked smiling.

"Back to my apartment, why? More people to beat up?" I asked with a hint of a smile on my face.

"No… maybe a little later on in the day, we like to take breaks in between. I was thinking we could go to the Fire Cracker and grab something to eat. Sean's the 'beverage manager' now so we can eat for free."

I laughed, "Kev, when was the last time you paid for anything at the Fire Cracker? Besides I can't, I have to finish my essay."

"Alright, see you later!" Kevin turned and started walking in the opposite direction. Sean and Tommy were waiting for him near the corner of the alley.

"Kevin!" I called out as he reached Sean and Tommy. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Kevin patted his pockets, feeling around for his wallet. "I don't think so." He called back.

I sighed and tapped my cheek. Kevin rolled his eyes and walked back to me. I broke into a smile as he kissed my cheek.

"Whiped!" Sean shouted.

Kevin turned to shout something back, but I grabbed him before he could. "Forget them."

"Man, why do you have to do that in front of them?" He asked me, grumpy.

"Because I'm your girlfriend and I can. If they give you any shit about it, ask them the last time they got laid on a regular basis."

The first thing I did when I got back to the apartment was make myself a nice ham and cheese sandwich; doing things that were against the law really tired a girl out. Getting out of my tiny apartment seemed to be just what I needed; I finished my last body paragraph and was halfway through my conclusion before I decided I needed another break.

I wasn't hungry and I knew that nothing on TV could hold my attention for very long. I felt anxious and nervous, knowing that I was handing in an essay always got me wired up. Back in Boston I would usually go for a long run or a walk to calm myself down, but here it was too hot and the streets were too crowded. I paced around the kitchen and somehow ended up in the bathroom. I noted all of Sophie's fancy bubble bath products, she wouldn't even notice if I used it.

Within five minutes I had a bath drawn up filled with bubble that smelt like roses and within ten minutes of me being in the bath there was someone knocking on my door.

I wrapped my white towel around myself and jogged from the bathroom to the front door.

"Oh, I thought it was someone important." I said dully as my eyes ran over the Donnelly brothers.

"Like you know anyone who's actually important?" Sean walked past me and into my apartment, followed by Tommy, Kevin and Jimmy.

"No, please, come on in." I muttered closing the door.

"We're going back to McCreedy's, you wanna come?" Kevin asked.

"The drug dealers back already?" you would think a beating like that would stop someone from coming back for at least a couple days.

"Turns out sweet ole' Ms. McCreedy deals herself." Sean informed me.

"No shit." I said astonished, I hadn't figured she was the type.

"Yeah, well we're going back to get even. Wanna be our look out?" Tommy asked me.

"Lemme get dressed."

"I still can't believe you paid two grand for this." I said from the back seat of Sean's black car.

"You said that five times already," Sean said rolling his eyes.

"Yeah well, I just really can't believe it."

"I told him it was stupid." Kevin said from the seat beside me. I laughed when Sean glared at us from the rear view mirror. The car did run great, but Sean still got ripped off in my opinion.

When we pulled up to McCreedy's we all hopped out of Sean's new ride and started towards the building.

"Jane, stay out here and keep the car running." Tommy stopped me.

"I get to drive? Sweet." I grabbed the keys out of Sean's hand and hopped back in the black car.

It was only when I got into the car that I realized I was missing out on the best part of it all. Being the getaway driver sucked whenever one else was having fun robbing the bank, so to speak.

I was only waiting a few minutes when they came running out of the building holding an apartment door.

"Jane, move it!" Sean yelled. I quickly hurried into the backseat, I had barely buckled my seat belt before Sean was stepping on the gas.

"No far, if I didn't get to actually go in, I should at least be able to drive the getaway car." I protested.

"No one drives this, but me."

"Like you're such a good driver." I retorted.

"Least I have my liscence." Sean shot back.

"You have a fake one, that doesn't even count."

"Why don't both of you shut up, we got the door. Let's go have a beer, on me." Jimmy said as we pulled up to the Firecracker.

"Can't. Got to finish my essay." Jimmy snorted and just walked inside.

"You sure you can't stay for a bit?" Kevin asked me. Tommy and Sean walked inside the bar, I stared after them.

"Nah, If I go in I'll never leave." I kissed his cheek quickly. "Come over after midnight!" I returned Kevin's dirty grin before I ran down the street to my apartment.