This story is in no way picking at gay people, just saying honestly, and truthfully, me being, what people would say gay myself (transexual) I decided to turn

this bicker that broke out in role-play into a fan-fic- why? Because I do this. I found it interesting, Harry having a smart-arse mood and who should show up but

Draco. Do not read if you're going to get offended. As I said; it isn't offensive to me because Harry is indeed straight, Draco... well I question him after this. To

those reading; hope you all enjoy. :D

Harry was casually walking down the corridor aimlessly; it was a toss-up of where he wanted to go; having a free period, he could either head off to the lake to hang

out with someone or he could verse Ron in Wizard's Chess or even go see Dumbledore who he hadn't spoke to for a while, he stopped halfway down and stopped,

someone had called out to him,

"Alright Scarhead?" he knew the voice instantly and feeling in a rather smart-arse mood decided he wouldn't have to worry about his boredom anymore.

Harry looked at him, his arms folded, legs crossed, as he leant coolly against the wall. "Brilliant actually, Ferret breath." he smirked.

Malfoy scoffed, "Ferret breath? I'm sure my hygiene is far superior to those of yours and Weasels. At least I can afford good toothpaste." he retorted, returning Harry's


Harry scowled at this, "at least I don't turn into a ferret every time I see a teacher." He smirked, "or get beat up by girls because I cry when they hold me up at wand-

point." he jeered. "Actually we don't need toothpaste; we have this thing called magic. Have you ever heard of it?"

Malfoy scowled at him, Harry could see this was going to grow interesting. "Maybe you misheard me, Potter. I never said I used toothpaste; I just assumed the

Weasels would, seeing they're such muggle-lovers." His lip curled at the thought of being beaten up by Hermione Granger just last year. "And your mud-blood girlfriend

didn't beat me up." He scoffed and folded his arms.

Harry sneered, "So why mention toothpaste then? RON is a wizard, you know? Or have you never heard of one?" he felt anger boil inside him, no one ever called

Hermione a mud-blood nor insult how little money the Weasley family had. "My BEST FRIEND did beat you up, not too long ago actually." he grinned, feeling somewhat

cheeky through the rage bubbling up inside him.

Malfoy's eyes narrowed, reminding Harry of a ferret that'd just woken up from a long sleep. "I mentioned toothpaste because the Weasels are such blood traitors, and

leave Granger out of this. She didn't beat me up." It seemed to Harry scowling and smirking were the only things Draco knew to do, as he once again scowled.

Harry couldn't help but grin, "Oh sorry; it must have been a different Malfoy" he said and mumbled, "Your father perhaps?"Harry glared at him. "Just because you're a

pure-blood" he mumbled out of ears reach, "if you even are one." He hoped Malfoy didn't hear his mumbles otherwise the great war of Hogwarts would break out right

there and then because Malfoy's father would definitely hear about this. "It doesn't make you any different, you know? We're all witches and wizards no matter what

our blood status is. Even Voldemort was muggle born." he said matter-of-factly.

Malfoy ground his teeth, reminding Harry of a ferret more-so. "The Dark Lord is a half-blood, Potter... fine Granger may have punched me." He said as he rolled his eyes,

still looking at Harry.

Harry sniggered, "I know he is, but a half-blood, apparently disgusting to your eyes." He grinned, with knowledge that he was stirring the ferret up, and mumbled,

"Perhaps show courage and say his name." He smiled and conjured a chair against the wall, and sat in it, sprawling himself out as he leant back, his hands rested

behind his head in a boss-like manner. "Blimey Malfoy, you can't even admit Hermione beat you up when I saw it." He sniggered.

Malfoy's eyes once again narrowed, again looking like the sick ferret he was, "getting comfortable are we?" he asked, as he strutted up to Harry and knocked his arm

away from his head support. "I admit Granger punched me, Potter not that she beat me up though." he said, rolling his eyes.

Harry, who had fallen sideways a little, his arm hung lazily over the armrest while it played support for his head, laughed, "Is that the best you can do, Malfoy? Thanks

for moving me into a comfier position, I was just thinking about moving actually but apparently you decided to pay me that favour." He grinned. "It sounds better when

I say Hermione beat you up. It shows everyone she is more brilliant than we think. Oh wait; I shouldn't say everyone because you and your cheerleading squad thinks

differently over something we all have- blood." He sniggered under his breath, "if you even have blood, with your paleness."

Malfoy's lip curled, Harry sniggered at this, as he was reminded of an angry ferret. "Shut up, Potter!" he yelled, as though he was defending the fact that Crabbe and

Goyle were his cheerleading squad. He reached for Harry's tie and yanked it. "Am I making you more comfortable now?" he growled.

Harry simply laughed, "If someone were to see us right now, they would definitely think things." He grinned with a bit of a wink.

He couldn't help but laugh as Malfoy's eyes widened. He let go of Harry's tie and stumbled back. "You would love that wouldn't you, Potter?" he smirked as he strutted

back towards him.

Harry couldn't help but continue to snigger at Malfoy's reaction. "Would you like me to love it?" he grinned. "Of course I wouldn't; nothing against gays of course but I

like my women and I certainly don't shag ferrets." He winked and watched as Malfoy strutted back. "Oh coming back for more are we?" he sniggered, rather amused.

Malfoy cocked an eyebrow, "Your women?" he thought for a moment, "what... girl weasel?" he laughed coldly. "Perhaps I would like you to, but my ulterior motive would

only be to torment you; nothing more." He smirked, in Harry's opinion, rather seductively. "Do you want me to come back for more?" he said, as he played with Harry's

tie, yanking it painfully.

Harry sniggered, if it hurt when Malfoy yanked his tie; he didn't show it that's for sure. "Really Malfoy?" he asked amused by this, "I've been with more girls than you

could possibly imagine." Now it was his turn to cock an eyebrow at Malfoy. "Are you coming onto me, now Malfoy?" he asked coolly with a slight snigger.