Chapter 24:

My Home World is About to Die.

I guess I was wrong when I wrote that the first chapter in my saga was actually the final chapter in my saga of blood, fire, untold chaos and insurmountable carnage. This is the final chapter. These are my final words, for those of you who have not realized it, the internet has proven its undeniable worth. I am home, I am awake, and because I have a human form, I could write my saga, for all of you out there, to read and see, perhaps even taste, feel and smell the carnage that I wrought with my empire in that alternate world. I have been back for many years now, after my prolonged nap in the Comatose Ward of the Prince of Wales Hospital. I look human, I sound human and everything I do is human… except for the slowly mounting desire to kill, to take the revenge upon all those who abandoned me, and left me for dead, long forgotten.

I have had some contact with my empire in that alternate universe. The Black Flame continues its drive and was making headway, albeit slowly. But the power and influence of the Black Flame grows steadily. Rahimidarigazz has adopted the approach that the slow way, is the safe way. Instead of the original four or so lands, we now controlled seven of them, and in every province, the loyalty of every warrior and even the subservient humans is absolute to my cause.

I write this as the true final chapter in my story, for there is nothing but blood, fire and death left to come. I admit that the perspective is not always clear, that I shifted between prose and tenses, throughout. But the whole story is an amalgamation of my thoughts, my actions, of what I did, and what I saw and what I ordered done in my name, for the Black Flame and for the Dark God Kharnax. And funnily enough, Kharnax never lied to me, as I awoke alone in that hospital ward, and stayed alone for nearly week. My parents only came long after I had been awake for that long lonely week and they had no reasons or pathetic justifications or excuses for why it took so long to come to meet me. The unspoken reason I met upon my return to an apartment, no longer in Tai Wai, but in Fo Tan. I suddenly had a younger brother, who knew nothing about me at all. It triggered a lot of pent up rage and hostility as I nearly killed the five year old bastard. The woman whom I had loved had moved on and as comedic as it sounds, she had moved on with her life, falling for another woman – one of the nurses who "cared" for my broken form. My so-called friends who I had thought I could count on, did not recognize me, nor care once they learned that I had returned. All that stuff about "Bros before Hoes," was nothing more than hyperbole. I had nothing left in this world of any value, whether sentimental or emotional or monetary. I want this planet cleansed, and I will take a great delight in honoring my covenant with Kharnax. I tried to save my humanity and succeeded in saving a part of it… but I don't know why I bothered.

Six years I was gone, and I have made up for lost time. I returned at the end of 2002, if you want to be picky, on January 1st, 2003. In the six years that I have been back, I have established the necessary base of power throughout numerous different regions of Hong Kong. I need but give the signal, and the warriors I have collected, trained and hardened, will rise up. This city will fall to me first and then, who knows where I will strike next. There are almost ten million people in this city now, and almost a third of them are actually warriors of Kharnax, my legions of blood-thirsty followers who hunger for blood, to unleash their violent tendencies upon all who stand in our way.

It's a different kind of war that we fight here, but my powers are undiminished, and I have taught many, who have taught many more, and it goes on and on and on. All of my warriors can control the magic, the mana that is latent, however limited it may be, in my home world and use it. Many more are trained with firearms and explosives and the other tools of "modern day" warfare. Indoctrinated, almost brainwashed in some cases, my army knows that death is not the end in this world, for their death in battle will mean that they are honored as the first to fall in the service of our Patron Kharnax, and should they live, they will be blessed, as I have been blessed with powers and abilities beyond the dreams of many a mere mortal.

Hand to hand combat is not necessarily something that will happen much but my Dragon Gunblade is still with me, a blood stained weapon that has sent hundreds of offerings to Kharnax, and its burgundy blade hungers for more blood, for the souls of those it slays to feed it. I will take on my true demonic form when the war begins for the souls of this world, and none who stand against the legions at my command shall live. These are my final words, and my warriors have been awaiting them for far too long. Many of them feel the bloodlust within themselves. This is our Call to Arms!

Gather your weapons and strike down these mortals. We shall not judge them, for judgment has been passed upon these men, women and children, who shall all be offerings to Kharnax!

Unfurl my banners that carry the Black and Gold of the Black Flame and don your armor of demonic faith. Your weapons stand ready and we shall break the sword and shatter the shields of these men who will try to defend themselves against us, even as their blood stains the earth red, and fire consumes the defiant!

None shall stand before our god, the true God of Chaos, and death will come to all who oppose us and the all powerful might and will of Kharnax.

Fresh meat for His table! Blood for His chalice!

Rise up my warriors and cleanse this world of those who do not share our faith!

Slaughter these people in his name!

And if you are not of my army, and you have read these words it is time, for you to flee, for my army comes for your flesh, your blood, your soul and your skull. You're still sitting there and reading? I'll give you one last piece of advice that may save you for the moment: Run you damn fool of a reader.