So, this is the story that one the poll! I hope you enjoy it, and I don't own PJO. Also, I know I said they were going to be spies, but I changed my mind. THIS IS A PREQUEL, by the way! :)

"Faster, Chase, faster! You're supposed to run on that thing, not walk! Faster, damn it!" The trainer barked at me. I unwillingly upped the speed on my running machine. My leg muscles burned savagely and I could feel my thighs trembling. It was my third running slot of the day and usually I could hold on until the end, but it was a Saturday. I was tired and waiting eagerly for Sunday, the only day off we were granted in this hell hole. My breathing was growing heavy and my eyes were in danger of rolling to the back of my head. I was pretty determined to finish my slot, to hold on just a little bit longer. However, everyone's body has limits. Unfortunately, that included mine.

"Can't…Do it…" I punched the stop button, hating myself for giving up so soon into my slot. The exercise machine creaked to a halt. The trainer clicked his fingers, and two men came forward. Each took one of my arms, and dragged my shameful self through the training room. I caught one of my sibling's eyes on the way out and she bit her lip, shaking her head sadly. I was dragged back to my room. All of the rooms were ten minutes from the training room, so that we could get there early for our morning slots. The men threw me in and I landed on my bed, wincing slightly at the minor impact.

"We'll be back in ten minutes. Maybe a little whipping will help you focus and start moving properly." He sneered at me, before turning on his heel and leaving with his colleague. We were allowed breaks whenever we wanted, but the breaks came with consequences. Running machine training was never exactly enjoyable. We ate breakfast at six o'clock in the morning six days a week for an hour, ran until nine, lifted weights or ran simulations for three hours, ran again at twelve, ate lunch for an hour, trained with weapons for three hours until four o'clock, ran again after that until six, had a half hour break before running again, studied cases for two hours, ate dinner at ten thirty for a half hour and then it was lights out. The only reason we could last the whole day was because they fed us mashed up pieces of ambrosia in our breakfast. It seemed like the word 'torture' didn't even come close to describing the mental and physical agony of the packed schedule. I was living in a nightmare, in hell, in a place where only evil things were achieved...It was worse than the Underworld and I had nobody to blame but myself.

Every night, dreams of Camp Half-Blood plagued my mind. I could practically feel the soft sea spray hitting my face, and the cool summer breeze tugging at my hair. The grass was always green, the strawberries were a vibrant red, the cabins gleamed in the sunlight and the Big House looked welcoming. It was as if even the Gods were taunting me, showing me what I couldn't have.

My name is Annabeth Chase. I'm a Demigod, aged seventeen. Almost exactly a year ago, the government found us. We've been working for them as trained assassins ever since, and believe me when I say it's like living in a horrible night terror. We are being held against our will. Any Half-blood that tries to escape will be shot and killed without hesitation. It's been demonstrated to us before.

This is the story of how we escaped.

So…Shall I continue? Chapters will, of course, be longer than this. :)