Author's Note: It needs to be known that this story does not take place in the same time that the comic is currently in now. For a good idea of when this story takes place, refer to this strip. .com/2009/12/25/so-this-is-christmas/ Also have a look at the "Imaginate, too!" Arc, both of these arcs having already happened in the story. In short, it's in the winter time (January/February), and it is known that Tarot has special abilities.

The door to the two story suburban home opened, letting in a male teenager who promptly closed the door behind him. He continued on into the house, past the living room and into the kitchen. "Mom, I'm home!" He called out into the house, waiting for a reply and never receiving one. Setting his backpack down on the kitchen counter he noticed a note:

Andrew and David,

Went to do some shopping, I'll be back home to make dinner so please DON'T ruin your appetite with junk food! Do your homework and make sure to do your chores. I let Rufus out before I went, so he'll probably want to come in when you get home.

Love, Mom.

Andrew set the note down, having been reminded that he hadn't seen his older brother since school let out. They usually walked home together, the act being a habit from when their mother forced them when Andrew had started high school. They both went to the same high school, David being a senior and Andrew being a sophomore. It was always a bother to them both, but since Andrew was now 16 and his brother 18, their mother no longer enforced it.

The teen shrugged, not really bothered his brother was off doing something else. "Maybe he got detention, ha! Man, mom and dad would be mad." Amused with the idea of his brother being persecuted by his parents, he went to the sliding glass door and opened it. He called into the backyard for Rufus; the golden retriever appeared from behind the shed and ran into the house. "Hey Boy, are you thirsty after being outside?" Andrew ruffled the dog's fur, the golden retriever getting excited and hopping about.

The teenager looked down at the dog, "Hey, I asked you a question Rufus. Are you thirsty?" The dog sat down and barked, panting as he looked up at his master. "Well alright then! That's all you had to say." He laughed and walked into the kitchen, grabbing the dog bowl and filling it with water before setting it down for his dog to enjoy. With that done, Andrew grabbed a fun sized bag of chips and his back pack, proceeding up the stairs and into his room.

After a short while, the front door opened and David came into the house. He dropped his book bag at the door, only carrying an old looking book, and called out into the house. "Hey, I'm home!" He headed to the basement door, but was stopped as Andrew came down the stairs.

"Save it, no one else is home." Andrew said, taking notice of the old book. "Where were you anyway?"

David held up the old book, "Getting this."

"Okay…What's the big deal about this book?" Andrew questioned, knowing his brother wasn't as avid reader. The last time he saw his older read a book was…well, he couldn't remember. He never read books, maybe a few comic books, but not a big old book like this.

"Ok it's going to sound weird, but I fell asleep in math class and-"

"Like every day in all your classes?" Andrew said, cutting David off mid sentence.

David gave his younger brother an annoyed look, "Shut up and let me finish." There was a short pause, when Andrew didn't interject he continued on with his tale. "Anyways, I fell asleep in math class and I had this weird dream. It felt so real, and I can still remember it so well. I had left school and went down to this old book store where I found an old book sitting on the stoop. Then I woke up back in class, so after school ended I went to that store and found the book!" David had a huge grin on his face, looking down at the book in hand.

Andrew's brow rose not believing the story at all, besides the fact his brother slept in class. He was well known for doing that. "Right, so you dreamt of the future? You know what? Let me go call mom and tell her we have a psychic in the house." Andrew turned and headed to the kitchen, only to be stopped as David grabbed his upper arm.

"Shut up and follow me," David went to the basement door and opened it, dragging Andrew along with him. When they reached the bottom he let go of his brother and sat down on the old concrete floor, setting the book in his lap. "There must've been a reason why I dreamt of this book." He look down at the leather covered book, the title of the book was either worn out or was never there to begin with.

Andrew moved and sat across from his brother, "You're serious about this, aren't you?" Either his brother had taken acting classes or he was being serious for once. His older brother simply ignored the question however, being too excited and flipping open the old tome. Andrew sat in silence as he watched his brother flip through the pages; his older brother's face slowly becoming more distraught. "Um…Something wrong there, Miss Cleo?"

"Dude, all the pages are messed up! It's like someone dropped it in a toilet or something." David examined the current page, not able to make out half the words. He began quickly flipping through the pages, stopping as he finally came across a page that was readable. "Wait, here's a decent page!" He set the book on the floor in front of him, "Astral Jump?" The page was set up as a list of instructions, the title of the page being 'Astral Jump'.

Leaning forward for a better view, Andrew looked at the page. "Eh, What is this?" David held up his hand, telling his younger brother to be silent. He sighed and sat up again, watching his brother study the page. After a few minutes David's face lit up, quickly standing up and moving to the boxes in the room and searching them. "Mind telling me what's going on before I call the Looney bin?"

David was silent and he furiously looked through the boxes, smiling wider as he found the white chalk he was looking for. "Its instructions," he proclaimed as he went back and picked up the book. Studying the diagram on the page, David drew a big circle around his younger brother.

"Uh-huh…instructions for what exactly, how to convince everyone you're crazy?" Andrew watched as his brother continued to draw lines around him, getting more curious. His brother simply ignored him again, continuing with replicating the diagram from the page. After a minute David was finished, standing in front of Andrew and the diagram. He had drown a circle with a pentagram inside it, his brother being in the center of it all.

"I think it's instructions for a spell, astral jump. It explains it weird, but I think it's just teleportation." David paused, reading the last bit of the instructions again. "Now all I have to do is say these…words and it should work." He smiled, turning his attention from the book to his brother.

"So, you went from being psychic to being a wizard?" Andrew sighed, looking around himself at the drawing. He decided to play along, if his brother continued to show signs of craziness after this 'spell' then he would seek mental help for him. "Ok Mr. Wizard, if this does work, where exactly will I be going? If I end up in Alaska I'd like to grab my coat."

"Oh well," David turned back to the book. "It says you're taken back to your true home unless you concentrate hard on the desired destination. It seems simple enough to me." He skimmed over the page once more, making sure everything he did was correct. Looking back to his brother he smiled, "All set, are you ready?"

Andrew crossed his arms, not being convinced at all. "Yea whatever, just get on with it. Unlike you, I actually plan on doing my homework in time." His brother nodded and began to read off the strange words from the page. David read slowly, having difficulty reading the weird so-called spell. Andrew lazily looked around the room as his brother spoke, not understanding a word that was being said. It didn't sound like an English language, or even a human language.

He turned back to his brother when he suddenly noticed how easily David had started reading off the strange text. "David?" His older brother's eyes were glowing as he read aloud, speaking so fluently like it was the English language. Andrew tried to stand up, but his body wouldn't respond. He couldn't move his arms or legs, only able to speak and watch in horror as his brother kept speaking. "David, stop it! This isn't funny anymore, just stop!"

His older brother did not move or acknowledge him, only picking up in speed as the diagram around him began to radiate light. "David, stop…it." Andrew's vision began to blur, his head feeling light headed. He felt as if his head was floating away from his body, then blackness.

Andrew's eyes fluttered open, looking up into the blue sky and seeing a few clouds. He stayed still while his brain slowly turned back on, that was until he had feeling again. His body was cold, freezing cold. The teenager yelped and quickly got to his feet, folding his arms against his chest to warm up. He took in his surroundings, seeing himself in the suburbs. He was off to the side of the street, houses on each side. There was a fresh sheet of snow along the yards and rooftops; the street was empty of snow however.

"What?" Confusion was quickly setting in, looking back at where he had just been laying. Where was here, and how did he get here? "No no no…there is no way that…that spell actually worked!" Moving forward out of the snow and onto the sidewalk, he looked around for anyone. Hoping someone had seen him being dumped off here, being drugged up and carried somewhere else for a stupid prank. But that would make too much sense, too easy. He lived in South Carolina, it was the middle of May and there wasn't snow. So where was he now?

Walking, he started walking down the sidewalk not sure of what else to do. Hoping to see something familiar, hoping to see his neighborhood. It was no use, and he knew it. Andrew stopped in front of a house, having no better ideas but to hope to use someone's phone and figure out what had happen. "I'm gonna kill um, whatever he did." He had walked up the driveway and made it to the front door now, reaching forward and ringing the doorbell. His hands started to chill, quickly folding his arms against his chest once more.

After a few moments the door opened, revealing an older gentleman wearing a tan suite, a black bowler cap, and a gray mustache upon his upper lip. "Hello, may I help you?" The man had a blank expression on his face, not showing any emotions.

"Y-Yea, could I use your phone please? I need to call my parents." Andrew smiled as best he could, which wasn't that great since he was freezing. He tried any way though, trying to appear friendly.

The old man nodded, "Yes of course, come in. It's right in the kitchen." The door opened the rest of the way, the man stepping aside to allow the stranger into his home. The teenager entered the house, enjoying the warmth of his new surroundings. The man closed the door, "Just go straight ahead, you can't miss it." He stayed at the door, curiously watching the young man.

"Thank you so much," Andrew unfolded his arms and moved forward. The kitchen was straight ahead, the corded phone on the wall easily in sight. His pace quickening, he reached the phone and reached to grab it but somehow missed. He reached for the phone again, only this time he clearly saw his now translucent hand slip right through the device. "W-What?" Pulling both his hands up, he could see they were both translucent.

Panic now setting in, he tucked his arms back against his chest to hide his hands and turned around. "I, uh…" He moved back into the living room where the front door and old man were, unable to form words as his heart quickly picked up in pace. Before he could reach it he fell mid-step, face first into the carpet. Andrew's legs had gone numb, he barely manage to flip over onto his back where the old man soon came into sight standing over him. He was speechless, not sure if it was because he was slowly turning into a ghost or if his mind was slowly melting.

"I thought there was something strange about you, now it all makes sense. You're not from this universe are you? Definitely some shoddy work put together for this. Already returning back and it hasn't even been an hour, has it?"

Andrew's mind was racing, trying to comprehend what the old man was saying. If it was true, then it all made sense. That spell had worked, but it sent him to a different universe? "T-That's good, right?" The man said he was returning, would everything just go back to normal?

"Well, no. I'm afraid not. Your atoms are returning back, but they won't rearrange themselves back into your former self. Like I said, some shoddy work was used in this spell but…" The old man paused for a moment, realizing something he had not noticed before. "Ah, you're in luck! I can save you, but you need to agree to all my terms and conditions. Sadly we don't have time to go over them; you'll be gone in just a few minutes. All you have to do is agree, a simple yes or a nod with suffice."

The translucent head of the quickly fading teenager nodded furiously, not having much choice in the matter. If he said no, he would surely die and if he said yes he would be alive. Was he curious about these terms and conditions? More than anything, but it would have to be dealt with later. The old man raised his gloved hand and snapped his fingers, an explosion of smoke enveloping Andrew.

He had a coughing fit as the smoke surrounded him, slowly sitting up out of reflex and surprising himself with the action. The smoke faded away, the coughing going with it. What was left was a small black and white kitten sitting on the floor. Shock quickly formed on the former-teenager's new kitten face. Andrew jumped up and examined his body, taking notice of his white tipped paws, tail and strange white markings but not able to see his white tipped ears. The kitten turned and looked up and the now gigantic man, lost for words.

The old man reached up and removed his hat, his head quickly becoming that of a blue griffin. "Now, about those terms."

I Hope you have enjoyed this first segment of my Fan Fiction, there is a lot more to come! I greatly appreciate all criticism, so please let me know your thoughts and feelings.