"Hold on a second, what the heck is going on!" The kitten jumped, surprised at his new squeaky voice. "Was tha-….Oh god, it is." He fell back onto his behind, his mind over loading from all the sudden shock. He clutched his head with his hands, no…not hands, paws. His heart began to beat so loud and fast, it felt as if it had moved into his ears.

The blue feathered griffin raised a brow, studying the kitten. "Hmm, I suppose this would be over whelming to most." He replaced his bowler cap to his head, his human disguise forming once more. "Perhaps we should go over some explanations first?"

Andrew lowered his paws, taking a moment to process what had been said. He turned his gaze upwards and glared at the old man, standing up but failing to look intimidating. "Why am I a kitten, why not just give me a replicate body?" The words were spoken with agitation, coming out with a slight hiss.

"Oh, that? Don't get in such a tiff; I had no decision in the matter. I used my magic to give you a new form, and it just happened to be that of a cute little kitten." Of course the man was telling the truth of the situation, but he withheld his concerns. "You should be grateful to have found me in time and that I saved you." He moved across the room and sat down on the couch, patting the cushion next to him. "Come, have a seat."

The kitten stood still, having turned to keep watching the mysterious old man. Was that all the man, griffin, thing had to say; he was a tiny animal just because of the magic? He crossed his arms and stomped over to the old man. "Ok, so what now?" Andrew stood expectantly, the only response he received being the old man patting the cushion beside him. With a sigh he moved forward, jumping and climbing onto the couch. Normally such an act would be easy, but with his new body it was quite the task. Having climbed onto the couch the kitten scooted backwards and leaned against the couch, crossing his arms once more.

"Firstly, I need to tell you the differences from this world and yours. I can tell from the astral energy that is clinging to you that is left over from the spell, that your world is not much different from this one. The only major difference is that animals here can walk and talk like any other human. They age in half the time compared to your animals; the exceptions to these rules would have to be cows, chickens, pigs and the like. They aren't very smart." The man took a pause, letting everything set in. "Do you understand so far?"

Andrew nodded in response, looking off to the side as he thought. He was surprised his brain hadn't melted from the shock and overload of new information. An alternate universe with talking animals, it all sounded hard to believe and yet here he was. A small kitten talking to a griffin that could disguise himself as an old man. Looking up to the man he asked, "Ok, so can't you just send me back? Do that spell or whatever?" This man or bird, he wasn't sure exactly what it was exactly, obviously knew what he was talking about. The man could do magic and it made him hopeful he could be back home before dinner time.

"I'm afraid not, or I would have done so in the first place." He paused, feeling a bit bad. "Like I said before, non-magical beings can't move between universes. Only the really powerful ones can manage such a feat while keeping the subject alive. Which is odd seeing as you managed to get here, but the spell was done very poorly. I wouldn't be surprised if a little girl had done it." The man paused, hearing the kitten mumble about something. "Ah, how rude of myself. I didn't even introduce myself, my name is Pete."

Building up his counter argument, Andrew was put off by the sudden introduction. "Uh, right…I'm Andrew." He stopped for a moment, feeling a bit awkward going from talking about magic to introducing each other. "Anyways, What-"

"Oh, but that won't due at all." Pete proclaimed, cutting off Andrew. "You need a more suitable pet name…" He brought a hand up to scratch his chin in thought.

"Sorry, what are you talking about…A pet name?"

"Ah, that's right. I hadn't gone over our agreement you already agreed too. I'll go over the list then; I'm only going to say it once so pay attention." He watched the kitten, waiting a moment to see if he had something to say. Andrew wanted to just ignore everything and run off, but knew better than that. There was no sense in making a magical being angry. "For now you are going to be my pet, alongside my pet corgi. As such you must act like a pet, eat kibble, use a litter box, wear a collar, and especially not tell anyone about whom you are, about magic, none of it." The last bit having been said very seriously, before returning back to a more cheerful tone. "If you obey all these rules we should get along just fine, and I'll be seeing what I can do about your situation."

Andrew's new kitten eyes lit up at the last part, "Really, you'll help me?" The previous statements weren't exactly what he had hoped for. Pretending to be a pet kitten, eating cat food and using a…litter box? That all seemed a bit harsh for all of what he had to endure in just that one day. Changing universes, nearly fading from existence, being turned into a kitten and now this? He didn't have much choice in the matter as it seemed, he'd have to tough it up and deal with it just until he got sent back home.

"As long as you follow and obey my rules I'll do what I can. In the mean time," Pete snapped his fingers, a green collar with silver tags suddenly appearing around the kitten's neck. "This should do just fine."

Confused at first, it took a few seconds for Andrew to notice the new weight around his neck. Looking down he could glimpse the green collar, grabbing the tags and reading the one with the name on it and ignoring the informative one. "…Shadow? My new cat name is Shadow? But that's such a typical cat name…"

"Precisely my point, plus I think it suits you." Pete smiled, happy with the name. "Now, besides the rules you're free to do as you please. Just don't get in trouble, especially with the law. I might not have the patience to deal with them." He spoke sternly, especially when it came to getting in trouble. Pete did not like having to deal with authority figures, their rules and paperwork. "I suppose King, my pet Corgi, would think to have authority over you as well. It's really up to you if you decide to listen to him or not, but I think you'll be spending quite some time together. He can be a bit of a grouch, though."

Shadow sighed, "Well that's just great. I just hope he-" Just then the front door opened and closed, cutting him off mid sentence. There were the sounds of footsteps before a Corgi came into view, wearing a blue and green stripped scarf. The Corgi looked as if he was about to speak, that was until he saw the small kitten on the couch beside his master.

"King," Pete said, stopping the Corgi from saying anything. "I have someone I want you to meet."

"You got a kitten?" King asked dubiously, studying the small animal.

Pete nodded, "Yes, I thought you would like a new friend in the house. King, this is Shadow. Shadow, this is King."

Waving weakly Shadow said, "Hi there…" He was nervous and unsure of what else to say. He was looking at a Corgi that walked on two legs and spoke; of course he was a talking animal too. But that didn't stop the fact of how strange the current situation was. Not only that but Corgis were a small breed of dog and King seemed to be so much taller than him.

"Hey," King said simply. He wasn't sure what to say either, what were you suppose to say when your owner suddenly got another pet without your knowledge? Of course King wasn't a normal pet, and Pete wasn't a normal owner. The griffin had been trying to teach him different lessons for some time now and he was sure that this would lead to another one. Pete wouldn't have just got him a friend, a new pet, for just that reason or to be nice. He dismissed his thoughts and turned back to the old man. "I came back for lunch; can I get something to eat?"

Nodding, Pete replied. "Is it past noon already? Time sure does fly." He stood up and proceeded to make his way into the kitchen, grabbing two plastic pet bowls from the cupboard. One was blue with King's name on it and the other was green with 'Shadow', both with black lettering. King looked back at the kitten before moving along and into the kitchen, climbing up into his usually seat at the small wooden table in the middle of the room.

Shadow had kept still, feeling even more awkward. It was a familiar feeling, such as when he had stayed at a friend's house. Unless asked or given permission you didn't wander the house, or help yourself to anything. He simply stayed put, examining his paws. They were just like a normal cat's paw, but he definitely had a thumb. He was surprised at first though relieved he had such an important appendage."I guess animals have thumbs in this universe," he thought.

"Shadow, why don't you come and have some lunch. I'm sure you have an appetite after today's events." Pete called out from the kitchen, interrupting Shadow's thoughts. With that said he grabbed a bag of kibble and poured a generous amount into each dish, sealing it back up and replacing it to the cupboard.

"Great, cat food." The kitten mumbled, sliding off the couch and making his way into the kitchen. Now that he thought about it, he was actually starving. His stomach felt completely empty, which made sense since he had a brand new body that had yet to have eaten anything in its existence. He must have been too worked up before to have noticed.

Once he had walked into the kitchen, he was reminded again how short he was. The table, even the chair seemed giant sized now. He'd need a stool or climbing rope to comfortably get onto the chair. When he thought about it he must've been only two feet tall, maybe a few inches shorter. Okay, I can do this. Cats are agile, right? Moving to the chair, he jumped and grabbed onto the chair seat and managed to pull himself up. From there he saw he'd have to stand to properly eat from the table, which was too uncomfortable. So he climbed onto the table and sat in front of the bowl with his name.

Looking over at King, he realized that pets were allowed to use spoons. It seemed as if the Corgi was simply eating cereal, milk-less and from a bowl, except the cereal was kibble. Well, guess it's now or never. He reached down and grabbed a piece of the kibble, cautiously popping it into his mouth and chewing. Surprisingly, it wasn't half bad. It had a meaty taste do it, though the feline couldn't exactly place his finger on what type. He shrugged, grabbed the spoon left for him and dug in. Not really thinking about the flavor, but instead of filling his belly.

As he ate he could feel King watching him every few minutes. Was king mad, or jealous? Maybe he was simply curious, but that was doubtful. Shadow wasn't sure what to make of King; he only knew that the dog didn't particularly like him. While they ate, he sadly noticed Pete sitting down with a sandwich in the spare chair across from him, remaining quiet himself and eating. That's so not fair. I think that just might be animal cruelty.

Shadow jumped as King's chair squeaked, the corgi having finished his meal. The dog left his chair and dumped his bowl and spoon into the sink, turning and heading to the front door. "King," Pete spoke up. "Why don't you take Shadow along and show him around the neighborhood."

King stopped, turning and facing the old man. "What? I can't just stroll around the neighborhood with a kitten following me. All the other dogs will rag on me about it!"

"Most of the dogs in the neighborhood already live with cats, I'm sure they won't say anything." Pete replied, giving a certain look to the Corgi.

With a sigh he agreed, knowing he couldn't win the argument. "Yea, fine." King turned back around and headed back to the front door.

Realizing that King was leaving that instant, Shadow took one last spoonful of kibble, almost having eaten the entire bowl, and he hopped down to the chair and then the ground. He ran and caught up to King, who had stopped at the door and waited.

"Grab Shadow's Scarf from the coat closet," Pete called from the kitchen.

King glanced down at the kitten before moving the few feet to the closet to retrieve the scarf. He found it hanging from the rack, grabbing it and tossing the blue and black stripped scarf at Shadow.

Having caught the scarf, Shadow wondered when Pete had managed to magic it up along with the bowl, now that he thought about it. But there wasn't time for his mind to wander as king was already heading out the door. Shadow quickly wrapped the scarf around his neck, covering up his collar, and ran out the door. King closed the door behind them, keeping quiet and moving down to the sidewalk.

Shadow quickly took step behind King, having to speed walk to keep up with the Corgi. It was an awkward situation, King remaining silent as they went down the sidewalk. Besides glancing back only a few times to make sure he was following, King didn't acknowledge his presence. To the small feline it felt as if they had been walking for some time, when in reality it had only been a few minutes.

"Hey King!" A voice hollered, causing King to speed up his steps.

"Oh, hey Fox." King replied, stopping as he caught up to a gray Husky.

Shadow had to run briefly to keep up with King, staying behind the Corgi as he peered around to look at the new arrival.

"You better hurry; we're having a good Ol' Dogs club meeting soon. You know how Bino gets when someone is late."

King scratched the back of his head, "Uh, about that..." he said, Stepping aside and revealing the kitten behind him.

"Oh, who's that?" Fox asked, looking down at the cute kitten.

"My owner got a kitten today," King replied, sounding a bit annoyed.

Fox squatted down to better level himself with Shadow and smiled sincerely. "Hey there little guy, I'm Fox. It's nice to meet you."

Shadow felt more at ease around this Husky; he seemed to be very nice. "It's nice to meet you too," He smiled. "I'm An-…Shadow. My name's Shadow." His genuine smile weakened at that, almost letting his real name slip.

"Fox, I don't think I can go." King piped up," I'm suppose to watch him, I don't want my owner getting mad at me." He knew better then to make Pete angry; he had learned that lesson the hard way.

Fox stood back up, directing his attention to King. "I'm sure Fido won't mind if he tagged along."

"It's not Fido that I'm worried about, you know how Bino is."

"Don't worry about him, what Fido says goes. Bino will just throw a tantrum like he always does." Fox explained, feeling confident in Fido. "C'mon, we can't be late," He grabbed King's paw and began to lead the way.

Shadow followed the two dogs, not liking the idea of a big dog meeting. A kitten in a room full of big dogs, such a brilliant place to go to. Then again, they are a lot smarter in this world, and Pete did say most of them lived with cats. Maybe it won't be a big deal after all. After a few minutes of walking, the trio of pets marched through the snow where there were many trails of different footsteps. The trails lead through the front yard of a house, along the side and into the backyard where a large wooden shack was found. Above the door of the shack there was a small wooden plank that read "Club House." This must be the place then.

The trio continued forward to the doorway where a dog waited. "Hey Fido," Fox greeted to the dog at the door.

"Hey guys, you're just in time for the meeting." Fido smiled, marking down King and Fox's name down on a clipboard.

"Fido, we have a little problem." Fox said.

"Yea, my owner got a kitten today and I'm supposed to watch him. Is it alright if he comes in with me?" King spoke up.

Fido leaned forward to see over King's shoulder, peering down at the kitten. "Hey there," Fido smiled. "Of course King, I wouldn't want you to get in trouble with your owner." He said happily, "Come on in!"

Fox and King both nodded and stepped inside, Shadow lingered behind at the doorway. The Club house was filled with dogs of several different breeds, the dogs all sky scrapers compared to the black kitten. "Uh…"

King stopped, looking back at Shadow. He moved back and took Shadow's paw, leading him inside. "Come on, I can't wait for you." He went and stood next to Fox, still holding onto Shadow's paw.

"Hello everyone, today we have a guest with us." Fido spoke from the front of the room now, standing behind a podium. "King's owner got a kitten and he has to watch him, so I want you all on your best behaviors to represent us today." All the dogs in the room turned to look, the dog next to the podium starting up an argument with Fido about the cat's presence.