The noon sun shined into the opened windows, warming up the air about and brought a sense of clam to the world as the birds chirped, twisting their little heads as they sang their songs from the heart, looking around for a suitable mate.

It was a glorious day, one that would turn bring a sense of laziness to everyone, taking them from their work and into relaxation.

Seated before a desk in an almost empty room, someone gazed firmly toward his hands, all attention given to the tiny object the fingers seemed to manipulate. He face was covered with a light hint of sweat, eyebrows knotted and lips half bitten, his back curved into an almost hunchback position as his face just inches from his hands.

The thin leaf covered branch snapped in his hands, broken into two pieces as Grahm starred blankly at the 'master piece' between his fingers, not moving away from the portions of wood even if a few parts ended up hitting him quite closed to his opened eye. This was the third one he tried to make this morning, and with each miserable attempt came the endless failures.

Soft sighs escaped his lips as Grahm places the broken branch on the desk he sat before, laying them next to the rest of those fragments. It appeared that he was no good at things like that, working with his hands that is.

A flicker of annoyance flew by as he muttered a curse at his own uselessness, then he thought about how Miss Lena seemed to have the ability to do things as this with much ease irritated him.

Maybe it was because she was a Guardian.

Yes, that must be it.

The Partner stood up from the wooden chair he occupied for the past two hours and stretched his body, his fingers crossed and his back arched. Who would of guess someone could be so tired from sitting?

It was about twelve if he guessed right as Grahm looked out the window; Tiara should be out of school soon. She told him not to follow her that morning despite his worried looks and half finished arguments, something about how his appearance she said, and then told him not to worry because Miss Lena and Leon were going to be there.

Grahm calculated the time it would take Tiara to get back 'home' from school and ended up with forty-five minutes or so. "Better not waste any time." The young man states as he seated himself with new found enthusiasm and picked up another branch.

He was determined to make something for her; after all, she deserved it.


He trailed after the elegant form of the woman, his face expressionless as the three of them turned a corner, away from the busy streets where the cars roared and the sea of people chattered as if there was no tomorrow. The two guardians seemed extremely calm and quiet for some unknown reason; actually, there was a sense of dread between them, though he thought it was better if he didn't say anything. Tiara gets irritated from those sudden outbursts.

Leon exhaled as he traced Lena's footsteps.

"That's far enough." Lena suddenly declared as she turned a corner and stopped, halting the other two in mid-step. "This look as good as place as any."

It was a narrow hallway in the back of some building, narrow, dark, and got anyone in it a sense of insecurity. The bricks on each side were painted gray, as if the one who designed this alley seemed to be mentally disturbed and wanted the rest of the world to share his insanity.

Leon found himself a space next to the cooled wall as soon as the two ladies settle down, staring towards each other like tigers ready to pounce.


Somehow that idea disturbed him as much as the thought of not having another cigarette for the rest of him life, even if Miss Lena told him many times that this habit would ruin his health. A spark of anger touched his usually tranquil face; he masked it well. What was so good about that Katsuge guy anyway? He gritted his teeth. He would only end up hurting one of the two ladies before him, if not both. And by the look of it, Miss Lena seemed to be loosing to Tiara, all because she's too timid to hurt a friend.

Leon shifted in his standing position in an effort to try and shake off any disturbing thoughts. He started to pay attention to the conversation between the two ladies.

"What are you trying to tell me?" Tiara spoke as she crossed her arms and her head tilted to one side of her shoulder. One of her feet was tapping on the ground, the bottom of the heel made sharp noises in the nearly silenced alley.

"Your assignment of course." Lena smiled warmly, but Leon could sense a suggestion of ice in that sun-beamed smile. "I just wanted to help, that's all."

An eyebrow rose as Tiara's lips thinned. "Are you saying I'm not good enough to do this alone?"

"Why no, of course not. I'm just curious."

The blond threw her head to one side, her hair flinging and suspended in air for a split second, bring a scent of spice and flowers. A flower that differed from Miss Lena's lavender scent.

Lena shook her head slightly, then took a step forward. "I want to know why."

"Know why what?"

"Why that Guardian died."

Tiara shifted her eyes back to her friend and rival, then shrugged lightly. "What ever you say, it's not like I can stop you from butting in."

Leon took his normal space behind Lena as she mentioned him to come with a movement of her head. It was strange how he could tell those slight signs of agitation from the other wise perfect face of his Guardian. Maybe he's been with her for far too long. Nah.

He followed her out of the alley, his footsteps silent as always. Something about that conversation bothered him, but he couldn't quite get his finger on it.

"Leon?" He turned his attention back to the speak before him and all of his other concerns flew out the window.