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Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade knew it was a bad idea but had agreed to it anyway. Apparently others had noticed his bad mood around work and Sally Donovan had decided to try to help. That's why Greg was now sitting in a restaurant, an empty seat opposite him, waiting for his date to arrive.

He checked his watch for what felt like the hundredth time, she was an hour late. Greg sat there, contemplating leaving and thought back to how he had come to be in this situation in the first place.

"One date. Just one date. You might even like her"' said Sergeant Donovan, trying to convince the DI that a date with her friend would be a good idea. He had been moping around for weeks, ever since his divorce had been finalized, even though him and his wife had been split up for more than a year now.

"No, come on Sally I've got work to do", complained Lestrade, trying to get Sally to leave his office, he really didn't fancy the idea of starting to date again.

""I'll leave only if you agree", said Sally, a small smile on her face, knowing she had won.

"Fine, but one date only. Can I get back to work now?", replied Greg, annoyance evident in the tone of his voice.

Sally's smile widened and she left leaving Greg to groan at the thought of what he had just agreed to.

So now he sat there, regretting his decision to come, his date obviously not going to show up. He stood to leave, the restaurant was quite busy now and he felt awkward sitting there by himself.

"Can I please have another glass of water", he heard a familiar voice say from behind him. He had been sitting at a table with a large plant behind him so he hadn't been able to see who was sitting at the table directly behind him.

"Mycroft?", Lestrade questioned, wondering what the taller man was doing here.

"DI Lestrade, lovely to see you again", he said, standing and extended a hand to shake the detectives.

"Greg, please", he said, shaking Mycroft's hand.

Greg wondered how he hadn't seen the older Holmes earlier but he must have arrived before the DI had got there and just hadn't seen him when he took his seat because of the plant. Greg looked down curiously at the table and realized that there was no food on it. He must have been there for more than an hour yet hadn't ordered anything.

"Stood up too I see"' said Mycroft, seemingly reading Greg's mind.

"Yeah, that's the last time I agree to go on a blind date".

"Me too. I can't believe I let Sherlock and John talk me into this", replied Mycroft, shaking his head.

"You listened to Sherlock and John?", Greg questioned disbelievingly, chuckling as he shook his head too..

Mycroft smiled, "Never again will I listen to those two", he paused, "Would you like to join me for dinner? You must be starving", finished Mycroft, looking almost nervous. That was the first time Greg had seen that look on Mycroft's face although it was hardly surprising since they hadn't spent much time together and their conversations were generally Sherlock related.

"Sure, why not", Greg replied, and he smiled as he took a seat across from the taller man, feeling all of a sudden a lot better about being stood up on his date.

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