He went for me.
I was laying in bed after we left dads trying to figure out what the weirdest part was.

Me and Mitchell dressing up in outfits we wore as children.

Me and Mitchell breaking into the back yard of our old house.

Getting trapped in the backyard of our old house.

Having to call dad to rescue us like we were still the kids we were dressed like.

The video the kids made.

Or hearing Phil say I got Claire I got Claire.

At first I thought what I heard was wishful thinking. Just me wishing he would rather save me than my dads hot wife.

It wasn't till I felt him wrap his arms around me that I realized he had said it. That he chose to help than feel Gloria up.

Me not her the hot voluptuous columbian. He picked me Claire Dunphy his wife.

It felt good to finally be picked over her. I hate to admit but of of course I'm jealous. And if it wasn't for the sake that I don't think anyone like Gloria would fall for Phil I'd be worried he would leave me for a newer model one day.

"Claire sweetheart why aren't you asleep." Phil asked.

I rolled over to look at him and I felt like saying I was just reflecting on when mitchell and I where kids but I had to know.


"Why what?"

"Why did you go for me and not Gloria."

"Don't be mad but I ran into. Today and I was with Gloria and Lily and he thought Gloria was my wife. And I didn't correct him. He then told me he was surprised I hadn't married you and he was always jealous of me having you. And it finally hit me, how stupid I have been since we met Gloria. You may not be a tall volumptious columbian. But you're the hottest girl I know. Your my wife. I'm lucky to have you. I'm sorry it took me this long to realize it. But from know on I've always got you Claire."

"Wow umm.." wow I don't know what take from that." I love you Phil I'm glad I have you."

"I love you to Claire."