Series: Prince of Tennis
Disclaimer: Konomi Takeshi
Pairing: Niou x Yukimura
Warning: Possible confusion of idea, OOC-ness

Note: Sorry for bringing this instead of finishing Ten Years. I had dream about Yukimura a few days ago and... well, I just have to write it down or it'll stuck in my head for god knows how many weeks. And, yeah, this is what I dreamed about. Me as Niou. And I made this a little longer than the actual dream (I woke up after 'Tarundoru'; and yes, my alarm is Sanada's 'Tarundoru' scream).

Everything felt amazing.

From the smooth white skin against his slightly tanned one, the smell of orchids that mixed with sweat and soil, silky strands of midnight blue drenched in his own sweat, the pair of sapphires that was clouded in lust, the melodic voice moaning out his name, to the tightness wrapping him deliciously—everything about Yukimura Seiichi was amazing.

He knew that he shouldn't be doing something like that in the school, leave alone in the clubroom while the others were out exercising. Still, it couldn't be helped. He had always wanted to do this, and his captain gave him the chance. He would never, ever, going to waste that chance.

So there he was, pounding into his beautiful yet strong captain again and again. The usually flawless pale skin was then branded with his marks of possession. And although he couldn't see it, he knew that his shoulders and back were painted in streaks of passion. For a split moment he thought how if one of their teammates asked about those marks, but when he felt the younger boy's wet muscles invading into him again, all of those thoughts were washed away instantly.

He could hear his captain whimpering, telling him brokenly that he was almost at his limit. He couldn't help but grin. He, too, was close to it. But before any of them could satisfy their needs, the door slammed open, showing two tall figures that they knew too well.

One was wearing a black cap, another was holding a notebook. Both having the identical expression in their faces, while being completely petrified with what they saw. Sanada's jaw dropped. Yanagi's eyes were wide open. Both unclothed boys stared back at them with guilty and surprised look.

"TARUNDORU, NIOU, YUKIMURA! Five hundreds laps, NOW!" shouted the vice-captain as he slammed the door closed again, whole face was tainted in deep red.

The trickster pulled himself out from the captain, both had already lost the will to continue. It was awkward. Without words, they picked up their scattered tennis uniform, putting them back on as if there was nothing happened before.

"Niou," purred the captain, "Another 500 laps for forgetting to lock the door." His smile was beautiful, yet it was very deadly. Niou could only agree to that. At least he's not immediately and gruesomely eliminated.

As the silver-haired boy proceeded to run his laps, he could faintly hear his captain calling for the vice-captain and the data man, shouting something about having a match with him and whoever loses had to do extra 200 laps before and after the morning and afternoon practice. He could only grinned once again, picturing how Yukimura was still undefeatable even when he couldn't really stand straight. It would be a total humiliation to his opponents, and it's a perfect punishment for interrupting the Child of God's quality time.