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Chapter Six: The End of it All

Kurt leaned against the wall and let out a satisfied sigh. Calories had
never tasted so good, he thought as he wiped the remnants of the cheese wheel
off his hands. Now, just need to evade the girls for another... Wait, what time
was it, anyway?
~Time to lose, blue boy!~
"Gah!" He jumped up and started running before finding out where that
thought had come from. He turned and saw Kitty phase through the wall right
where he had been and land on her face instead of him. He allowed himself a
small grin before starting off at full speed again. As he approached an
intersection, he leaped onto the wall then to the ceiling, narrowly dodging
Rogue's ambush. He was off in a flash before she had time to regain her footing.
He jumped off the ceiling to land on the floor with a somersault, but before he
hit the ground he was caught with Jean's telekinesis. A quick look behind him
confirmed his fears that he had been trapped, and Rogue and Kitty were advancing
to finish him off.
~Not so proud now, eh blue boy?~
He grinned, then projected an image of the time he saw Scott stepping out
of the shower in only his shades and towel (a result of an accidental teleport).
A moment later he was free again and bounding down the hallway. A flash of red
caught his eye, and he stopped for a moment to take a closer look.
"Danke, mein Freund."
Without another word, he set off down the hallway, only to be brought up
short by Evan and Scott. He crouched into a defensive stance, but Scott held out
his hands. "Whoa, man, I just want to talk," he began, "and say I'm sorry. I
just didn't think Jean would stoop that low.
"Yeah," Evan added, "those three were about to kill us, and we kept our
mouths shut."
Kurt grinned, "Hey guys, don't worry about it. Actually, I should be the
one apologizing."
Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!
Scott whipped around to look where the buzzing was coming from, then his eyes
widened and he looked at his watch.
12:01 AM
Kurt winked, then disappeared.
Jean reached a hand up to her lips. Where had he learned to kiss like
Rogue looked down at her flimsy shirt and the mark of her lipstick where
he had put it between her lips and his. Now why hadn't I thought of that?
Kitty stopped herself from giggling at the last moment. So that's what a
non-smoker tastes like...
"Uh... what just happened?" Evan asked nervously.
"We just lost," Scott answered, already trying to add up how much this was
going to cost them in fast food bills.
"And it's all your fault, Scott Summers!"
"What?" He turned to face Jean.
She just glared at him for a few seconds, then turned and walked back down
the hallway to her room. Kitty and Rogue, after giving similar withering glares,
followed Jean's lead.
"How did he just do that?" Evan demanded. "He got to kiss all the girls,
win the bet, but we get all the blame?"
Scott just shook his head.
"I guess chicks really do dig the fuzzy dude."