Come Along With Me


Luminous Blane

for: me. Is a stupid self induldgent thing.

Disclaimer: I do not own adventure time, pendleton ward makes it, cartoon network owns it, it's awesome and I love it.

Datclaimer: it's self indulgent as all get out, so I feel ok making stupid jokes.

Notes to the reader: All korean was regular dialogue put through babylon's website. Tried switching it back, not all of it works, but you should get the gist without re-translating it. Also, because Bonnibel is a gaelic name, I decided to take the same route to try to find a fitting name for the Flame Princess. (Searching Gaelic girl's names that have fire connotations.) Lastly, she is less tsundere in this fic due to how she acted before Jake said Finn wasn't that into her, and after Finn showed her his eye leaking powers. The parts that would label her tsundere involved her being pissed off and with good reason.

"Father..." The Flame Princess solemnly approached the king's throne, head hung low. "I have returned to resume my imprisonment." The Flame King frowned at his daughter's dismay, pushing forth the lever to return her lantern to the floor, allowing her to seal herself away.

"Did you not like prince Finn of the Grasslands?" He asked, as he raised the lantern above his throne.

"I did, but...He and I are far too different. There lies only pain for us in each other's arms." She sighed, slumping to the floor of her cell, and drifted sadly into sleep, awoken by shouts not long after.

"I'm sorry he lied!" Finn bellowed, pushing the Flame King's soldiers back, "But Jake was just trying to help me get over Princess Bubblegum, and it worked!"

"Hold!" The Flame King ordered, ushering his guards back to their posts, and off of the flame-shielded dog and human. "You know Bonnibel Bubblegum, Princess of the Candy Kingdom?"

"I do." Finn replied, pushing a tuft of hair back under his hat, and straightening it upon his head.

"But you are a lowly peasant!"

"Peasant?" Bubblegum asked, entering the room. "Sorry I'm late Finn." She turned her attention back to the Fire King. "This boy is Finn the Human! He is a rescuer of princesses, a helper of those in need, and a righteous hero. He has saved myself and my kingdom on numerous occasions. He has worn the gauntlet of Billy the Hero and dispatched the Lich King when it escaped from its amber prison. He may not be royalty, but he is far from a peasant. And he's rich."

"I am?" Finn asked, perplexed.

"Well, duh, Finn. That's what having all that treasure in your treasure room means. It means you're incredibly wealthy."

"What's going on!" The Flame Princess demanded. "Finn, I thought you were a water elemental!"

"That's why he's here, Edana." Finn looked confused once more.

"Wait, her name's-" Bubblegum put a hand over his mouth.

"Finn, you know a commoner can't use the name of royalty without their express permission! It's extremely impertinent!"

"Imperwuh? Why doesn't Marceline mind, then?"

"Because she's Marceline and that's how she feels about rules." She cleared her throat, turning back to the prison suspended above them. "It's been some time since I've seen you at the annual Grand Meeting of Ooo Royalty."

"I have submitted myself to consensual imprisonment due to my evil ways..."

"That's something else I wanna talk to you about, Flame Princess. Your majesty, is there any way I can convince you to let me and Jake and PB talk to her in private?" He knelt to the king, bowing his head.

"A hero of such mettle... Very well, Finn the Human. I shall do as you ask. Guards, clear the courtyard, and be wary of my daughter on her approach thence." He lowered the lamp prison, allowing Flame Princess to exit. She glared at Finn and Princess Bubblegum the whole way to the courtyard, though didn't seem to mind Jake much.

"Here we are. Now, please, be quick. I'm supposed to be imprisoned forever, and you're cutting into my time."

"First off, I asked PB to come with us because she's one of my best friends, and because you make my head work bad. And also not talk good." Jake rolled his eyes at Finn's ineloquence.

"He has requested that I explain to you the nature of the water he produces. You see, as you learned in the throne room, he's a human. Possibly the last in existence. Humans are mostly made of water, and must take in quite a bit throughout the day to keep their levels up. When particularly sad or otherwise distraught, they begin to cry."

"I'm no stranger to crying, Bonnibel..." Flame Princess looked to the ground, remembering all the nights she spent in solitude and isolation.

"Yes, but when humans cry, they secrete a watery mixture called 'tears.' I know you've got your own sort of tears that the fire people cry, but these are different. They're not something I'd wager you've encountered before you met Finn. In truth, most beings excrete them when saddened."

"So, if you're not a water elemental, all the times you hurt me were on purpose. Barring, perhaps, one. Why did you ever send your...wait, why is the Baron still living?" At Flame Princess's inquiry, Princess Bubblegum and Finn shared a look of confusion.

"Oh, yeah, sorry about that. I came here without Finn knowing about it. He'd never even heard of you." Jake told her. "I'm actually a magic dog. I made the Finn you met in the throne room out of part of me. Like this!" He squished and stretched, and the next thing Flame Princess knew, two Finns were present, along with Jake and Bubblegum.

"You're not evil, are you?" Finn blurted out, then began to blush as he felt all eyes, including those of his torso-born doppleganger on him. "What? I don't think she's evil!"

"Yes..." Flame Princess sighed sadly, eyes locked on the ground. "All my life, all I've done is destroy... Every time something gets me happy, or mad, I start burning everything around me...why would I have these powers if I weren't meant to use them?" her head shot up and she began scowling at her visitors. "They all talk about how I'm an out of control evil monster...well, no matter what I try to do, I can't control it!... I was born with these powers because I'm meant to be evil. So I decided evil was the only thing for me to be, and I made my father hold me in a prison where he could keep watch on me."

"See? That right there!" Finn shouted, causing sparks to fly from a startled Flame Princess onto the others, whose flame shields luckily blocked them out. "That's not something a bad guy does! You can't control the powers, so you locked them away, even though it cost your freedom! That takes guts, Princess. That's something a good guy would do." At this, the princess began to burn brighter, blushing red hot.

"But still...I would only hurt those around me..." Finn stood up, then turned to his friends.

"Peebles, I want you to see if you can't science up a solution. Jake, I want you to go ask Marceline if she knows of anything that can help. She's been around almost as long as Ooo. I'm gonna go see if Choose Goose has anything in stock." Jake and Bubblegum nodded, the latter filling a test tube with some of Flame Princess's magical fire, then left the courtyard.

"You're just pretending. You won't find a solution. There's no hope for me." Finn took her hand in his, and stared deeply into her eyes.

"I swear to you, on my totally rad demon-blood family sword that I will keep LOOKING UNTIL I FIND A WAY TO HELP YOU OW OW OW FLAME SHIELD'S WEARING OFF!" He ran from the kingdom, joining Bubblegum on Jake's back as he quickly stretched them out of the burning lands.

"I have to say Finn, I'm glad you don't have a crush on me anymore..." The human boy began to practically glow red with embarrassment. "I knew for a long time, and I was flattered, but I just didn't know how to let you down easy. I was trying to wait for you to get over me, and I'm glad you finally have." Finn swallowed his embarrassment and nodded.

"Sorry if I've made you feel uncomfortable, Peebles... But I want you to know, even though I wanna date a different girl than you, you're still one of my best buds, and I'm happy to help whenever the candy kingdom has a problem!"

"Well, for right now, let's work on the Flame Princess's problem." The three went in separate directions, with Finn arriving at his destination first.

"Choose Goose, do you have anything to get a girl's magic powers under control?" The goose's neck rolled around, his arms flopping about his own torso.

"To quell powers, you desire? Might this be for the princess of fire? If so, I have just what you wish. With this ring, she'll be extinguished!" He offered forth a glimmering ring.

"Ok, and what do you want for it?"

"Finn, you fill me with surprise! Your quest is truly her demise?"

"Wait, what? No, I don't want to kill her, I just want to help her get her powers toned down, so she's in charge of them."

"The ring's the best I can do. Perhaps with it in hand, another solution will appear to you?" Finn gave Choose Goose a leveled glare. "Look, the rhymes can't all be gold. The ring is yours free, if no one is told!"

"Deal!" Finn snatched the ring and ran off toward the candy kingdom.

Meanwhile, in a distant cave system, Jake the dog was knocking on the door of a pink house. "Marceline! Yo, you home, girl?"

"I am now." she replied, causing the magical dog to jump. "I was out picking up some snacks for this weekend's jam session. So inconvenient. Why can't you guys just suck colors out of stuff?"

"Well, actually, when me and Lady are out on dates..." he shook his head violently, regaining his tentative focus. "Not important! Do you know of anything that would, for instance, make me a regular dog? I don't wanna be a regular dog, but there's this girl who does. A regular girl I mean."

"A regular girl who wants to be a regular dog?"

"No, no, a magical girl who wants to be a regular dog. GIRL! Wants to be a regular girl."

"Yeah, hang on. I gotta put this stuff away." She walked past him, grocery bags in hand, and began placing their contents in the fridge. "So, about fifteen years ago, this total jerk went and put a ring on me. Sucked all my vampire magic and dark energy away. I gave it to Choose Goose, told him it could kill magical beings. That way he won't trust it to just anybody. Took a kiss I had to get from someone who loved me to get the dang thing off, and it took years to find someone who loved me."

"Wow, that's embarrassing. Got any other stories like that?" Jake asked, pulling out a pen and notepad.

"Nah, not right now. So, yeah, ask Choose Goose."

"No need. Finn already did. And PB is looking into it at her lab. If he thinks it'll kill the princess, he's probably headed to the candy kingdom to try to find a way to change its powers. Wanna meet the girl he's falling for?"

"Yeah, sure. Not now, though. Bring her by when it's time to jam."

"Ok. See ya, Marcy."

"Later, Jake." Marceline settled into a soft hover over her house and proceeded to suck the red out of a dress she'd found.

Within an hour, Finn and Jake had reunited with Princess Bubblegum in her lab.

"So, the ring won't kill her?" Finn asked, examining it.

"Nah, that's just something Marcy told Choose Goose so he wouldn't sell it to anybody except responsible dudes like us." Jake replied, poking the magical flame sample that Peebles had collected, grimacing, and sucking his finger in pain.

"So, do you think it'll work?" Finn handed the ring to Princess Bubblegum for her expert scientific analysis. She placed it in a small container and activated a large machine.

"We'll soon know the results of combining the power stealing abilities of the ring and the magic of a fire elemental's flame. I already entered the flame's data into the Magigraph." She sat down and the three simply lounged in awkward silence waiting for results. After fifteen minutes of Princess Bubblegum slapping Jake's paw every time he tried to stick his finger into the magic flame again, it the results were printed from the machine.

"Hmm... uh huh...I see...Peebles, I can't read this science writing." Finn told the princess, handing the paper to her.

"Oh my...well, according to the analysis, the two magics would interact in an appropriate manner to turn off her powers, but it looks like Choose Goose was right after all...unless...Jake, the analysis says the ring is cursed and won't come off. Did Marceline say anything about this? DON'T TOUCH THAT!" she slapped his paw again, getting his attention. "did. Marceline. Say. Anything. About. Getting. The. Ring. Off."

"Oh, yeah, you gotta get a smooch from someone who loves you. Why?"

"Oh...oh my...that explains so..." She shook her head, blushing heavily. "Alright, Finn, I want you to go tell the Flame Princess that we're getting closer to a solution. Jake, you stay, and be ready to pucker up after I call Lady Rainicorn. I need to factor the magic of a love-kiss into this."

"Yeah, ok, but make sure she knows it's for Finn. She's not always comfortable with the public stuff." Jake stared at the princess, who seemed to be waiting to say something. When Finn was out of ear shot, she finally spoke.

"She told me about the cabbage farmer."

"That was different! We weren't smoochin' on each other then." Jake blushed but laughed at the offense he and Lady had caused.

As Finn approached the edge of the verdant plains, he found the Flame Princess sitting at the border of the burning lands, alone, and downcast. "Hey! Flame Princess!" he called to her, causing her to burn brighter as she stared in disbelief.

" came back..." Finn sat near her, keeping himself back a bit, both to keep from violating her personal space, and to avoid being burned.

"Totally, Flame Princess. I told you I would, didn't I? Why would I lie about something like that?" He braved the flame to wipe the sparks she cried from her cheeks. The princess stared in disbelief at his flesh, a painful shade of red from contact with her.

"But... why...Why do you do these things?" More sparks began trailing her cheeks as she clenched her eyes shut. "Finn, why do you do this even though I know it's so painful for you... Why do you even bother trying to find a way to help me when all I've done is lash out at you?"

"Well, I'm trying to help you because you need help getting the power under control. You said yourself you could never handle it, so now we're getting a way to help you handle it. And I'm helping you because I think I like-like you, and want to get to know you better."

", you're not looking for a solution because you want to be with me?" She stared at him quizzically, having thought that this was his motivation all along, but now his voice made it seem as if he had two different answers for her questions.

"Oh, Glob no. If you liked having your powers all blazey and fiery, I'd be down with that. But you seemed so sad earlier, when you talked about all the destruction you caused. I want to do whatever I can to keep you from being that sad ever again." He smiled softly as she blushed, the flames around her growing larger.

"Finn...Thank you...for everything...So, you have a solution now?" Finn's face went white.

"Uhh, we're working on it...they wanted me to report progress, and, uh, we found this magic ring that'll stop your powers from being all over the place, but it'll also kill you. So we need a way around the second half of that...sorry..." Once more, the princess fell into a dark gloom. "Look, if it makes you feel any better, until we get this solved, I'll meet you right here every day at this same time. Y'know, unless the world's gonna end, or Ice King has someone kidnapped. But even then, I'll show up. And if I'm late and you're gone, I'll leave you a note for the next day, ok?" She brightened once more, blushing heavily.

"Surely, you must be one of the candy people..." Finn stared at her, perplexed.

"N-no, I'm human...we went over that earlier, remember?"

"But how else could your words be so sweet?" She batted her eyes at him, giggling. "You are a boy of honor, Finn...and I will hold you to your word...would...would you mind staying here with me? If only a short while longer?" Finn nodded, blushing heavily, and breaking eye contact out of embarrassment.

As they sat and chatted it up, the sun began to fall, and the moon grew bright in the sky. Finally, Jake and Lady Rainicorn arrived, Princess Bubblegum astride the latter's rainbow back.

"Finn!" Jake scolded, "You've been gone all day! We were waiting for you to come back so we could tell you!"

"Tell me what?"

"We did it, Finn! It took LOTS of testing and experiments, but we finally found a solution!" Princess Bubblegum slapped a box into his hand, the ring inside, a faded crystal now set in it. "The ring would have drained all of her magic, and she can't restore it, or live without it, and it can't be removed unless its powers are broken by the kiss of someone who truly loves her. Unfortunately, the ring dissipated the energy fed into it, and Flame Princess would not be able to regenerate quickly enough to survive for more than a few minutes. We couldn't circumvent the dissipation, so we implemented it. As the energy is dissipated, on its way into nothingness it will be captured in the jewel, and whatever overflows out of the jewel will melt off into nothing, so she'll have more time. Still, she wouldn't live long. Finally, it hit me. The cancellation! We could alter that function to allow removal of the ring, but also recycle energy into her while dampening her own regeneration. It would take the magic out of her, just enough to fill the crystal, and then send it back into her, and it would slow down how fast she got her power back. Eventually she'll reach a stable state where she won't be able to burn anything without trying, and trying hard, too." Everyone clapped as Princess Bubblegum concluded her lecture.

"So, all we need now," She added, "is someone who truly loves her. And that's you, Finn." Finn's face turned beet red, as he looked around.

"I-buh-I...I like her a lot, and I definitely like-like her, but, I mean, we just met...I don't know if I can risk her life like that..." He felt searing heat as the box was swiped from his hand, burning away as the flame princess held it in her palm, until only the ring remained.

"I can." She told him, placing the ring on her finger. Immediately, she went out, falling to her knees and clutching her chest. " hurts...please, try... I beg you..."

"Princess!" He grabbed her in his arms, turning her to her back, then looked at the faces of his friends. "Wh..why!"

"Because I trust you...because...I like you...because..." She coughed and gasped, the pain in her chest growing heavier. "Because maybe...just'll work if I truly love you instead...please...hurry..." she clenched her eyes shut, trembling in his arms. Finn took a deep breath, steeled his resolve, and pressed his lips to hers. The ring was already full, and the cycle already under way. All that was left was to wait to see if she would regenerate her power.

"Princess..." His eyes were shut tight, as he held her close in his arms, his tears falling on her shoulder. Suddenly, she began to feel warmer, and he felt her arms coming around him as well.

"It doesn't hurt, Finn...your tears...they're warm..." She pulled back, and smiled weakly at him. She was still dark and dull, but her hair had begun to burn softly, with only a low heat. As the seconds passed, she grew more and more colorful. She stood, pulling away from the embrace entirely, and moved towards her kingdom. "I must tell my father...oh. Oh wait...I...he tends to be over protective...I fear he may jump to conclusions when he sees this ring on me... Guard!" a guard popped out of a magma filled crater and saluted her. "Tell my father what has transpired, and that I wish to spend time in the freedom of the unburned world, to learn and explore...after a good night's rest..." She stumbled to her knees, Finn rushing to her side, putting his arm around her.

"I...I'm still quite weak, and it's very late..." She smiled at him, breathing a bit heavily.

"Come on." Finn told her, helping her up. "You can stay with me and Jake tonight." Jake's eyes went wide.

"Finn, we can't let a classy dame like a princess sleep on our couch!" Finn paused.

"I guess you're right,, I'll take the couch. You don't mind if she sleeps in my bed, do you, Jake?"

"Man, I dunno if I'm entirely comfortable with that..." The dog replied, eyeing the Flame Princess.

"당신이 나와 함께 머물 수 있다면 오늘과 같은 것이었습니다." Lady said, nuzzling Jake's cheek.

"Change of plans. She gets our room to herself, I'm gonna spend tonight hanging' at Lady's pad." He climbed onto her back, and rode her into the sky, the hero and princesses watching them disappear into the night.

"...WAIT! LADY, YOU'RE MY RIDE HOME! Verdammt... I guess I'm walking... See you two later." She began to head home, but Finn put a hand on her arm.

"You can stay over too, if you want... It's twice as far to the Candy Kingdom as it is to my house..." Bubblegum smiled, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Now, Finn...You know there's no more sleeping space in your house. And besides, I think you two should have some alone time, now that you don't hurt each other." Flame Princess and Finn's faces grew red, and Princess Bubblegum trekked home.

"Well, let's go, I, can you walk ok? or...I mean, do you want me to carry you?" He was blushing heavily. "I can carry you no problem, but, I mean, if you want to walk, that's alright, I mean, whatever you want to do, you know?" The Princess's blush exceeded his own as she stared at the ground.

"Well, uh, I guess I should try to walk, but...Oh! Whoops!" she exclaimed, poorly acting as if she tripped, slowly easing herself onto the ground. "I'm sorry. That was terrible. I thought I could do that better..."

"You don't need to be fake with me, Princess." He picked her up with ease, and ran back home. He kicked the front door open, walking through the treasure room. Her eyes went wide at the sight of all his gold and various nicknacks. "Alright,, uh..." He tried to shift her in his arms to a state where he could ascend, but soon she climbed out of his grip.

"Don't worry, Finn. I can handle this part." She began to climb the ladder, then, blushing profusely, climbed back down. "Maybe you should go first...I' a dress..." Finn nodded, his cheeks reddening, and he scaled the ladder, the princess close behind him. She found herself even more shocked at the sight of the gold filling the tree's hollow trunk.

"Ok, here we are at the living room, there's the kitchen over there, and I'll be sleeping on this couch. Bedroom's right up that ladder. My bed's the one that's not a drawer." He smiled at the princess, who looked down at the floor, rubbing her hand.

"May...May I ask you to accompany me? I would like to spend more time with you...just talking..." Finn nodded, and began to make his way to the ladder, before an electronic voice halted him.

"Hello! I am Beemo! Do you wish to play a video game?" The computer tugged gently on the princess's dress, smiling up at her.

"Wh...I don't understand..." Finn moved back to her, placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Video games are awesome, but not right before bed. If you start playing just before bed, you end up staying up all night and not getting any sleep." He turned his attention to Beemo. "Sorry, buddy, but Flame Princess has had a big day, and she's gonna need some shut eye pretty soon."

"Ok, Finn! Beemo will go into sleep mode now." He sat on the floor, and his face went blank.

Finn hurried up the ladder, and grabbed his sleeping bag and pajamas. Once the princess reached the top of the ladder, he dropped them down. "Now I don't have to worry about forgetting them. This is my bed, right here." He sat down, and patted the layers of pelts, motioning for her to join him. Fiddling with her fingers a bit, she hesitantly joined him.

"Would...would you hold my hand?" She asked, offering it to him.

"O-of course. I'd love to." He took her hand in his own, and smiled at her. She smiled back, then looked around the room, squeezing his hand. She spotted something on the floor that caught her eye.

"Chapter Five...Kissing Princesses...Kissing a princess is not like kissing your grandmother or your moth-" Finn jumped to his feet, snatching the book, and slamming it shut. Flame Princess stared blankly at him.

"I...uh, sorry, this is the's a manual for heroes...hero's eyes only..."

"Oh, I see...So tell me, Finn the hero...why is it open to a princess kissing chapter?" She giggled as he began to stutter, and watched as he dropped his book down to the living room. Clearing his throat and taking time to sort his thoughts, he joined her on the bed once more.

"I...I thought it'd come in handy sometime soon...So...did it?" He blushed heavily, staring into her eyes.

"I was overcome with terrible pain, Finn...I didn't even know you had kissed me until the pain stopped..." They sat a moment in awkward silence. "I could find out if it came in handy now...If, if you'd like..."

"Uh...Yeah, if, y'know, you don't mind..." For a while they stared at one another, each waiting for the other to make a move.

"Well, um...would you care to lead?'re the one with a manual..." Finn gulped audibly, staring at her soft orange cheeks.

"Uh, yeah, um...ok..." He put his hand on her shoulder, another in the middle of her back, and slowly moved in, lips puckered, closing his eyes as he drew nearer to her. She rested one hand on his chest, the other on his shoulder, began to move in as well, the distance between them closing fast. Their lips met and they felt their cheeks growing hot, their heartbeats quickening, their breath growing quicker. After a few moments, they each pulled back, each staring into the eyes of the other.

" was it...?"

"Um, was amazing...I feel a little light headed even..." At these words, Finn stood up and grabbed a stool, sitting on it.

"If you need to, you can go ahead and lay down... oh, and if you fall asleep, don't worry, I'll give you privacy...and-"

"Will you explain to me the history of your relationship with the princess of the candy kingdom?" She was almost certain that the answer would be devastating, especially taking into account the intelligence, beauty, and kindness of Bubblegum against her own sheltered, destructive life.

"Oh, she's my best friend. I used to have a super huge crush on her, and we kinda had a date once when she died and got put back together as a thirteen year old, but when she went eighteen again, she wasn't really interested and kinda dumped me...I was pretty heart broken for a long got real ugly. Then Jake got you to come attack my home, and I managed to leave those feelings behind... She's still one of my best friends, but I really don't see her as worth crushing over anymore. Especially when there's an even cuter princess that's here. One"

Not as bad as I thought it would be... She thought to herself. "...Finn, for the last seven years, I have spent every night locked in a lamp prison in the throne room of the Flame Castle, all alone, with no company at all. This might be unwise, given what I've overheard about young men and urges, but...I don't want spend another night alone...will...will you stay with me?" Finn stared at her for a moment, then dropped down the hole into the living room, trudging back up with his pajamas on, and his sleeping bag under his arm.

"I don't know what that urges thing means, but if it's that thing Jake had Doctor Princess explain to me at the hospital, then you got nothin' to worry about. Cuz that stuff will be impossible if we set it up like this..." He pulled a pelt up from the bed over her as a blanket. "This will make sure you don't feel too cold." He then crawled into his sleeping bag on top of the pelt on the other side of the bed, zipping it around himself. "Does that make you feel better about this?" He was frowning heavily, staring at her. He didn't want to stay in the room just to be able to be with her, he wanted to do it to make her happy, to make her more comfortable, but if it made her ill at ease, he wasn't about push it.

"Y-yes...a bit..." At the reluctance in her voice, he rolled over, falling off the bed, then rolled back the other way.

"How about if I'm under the bed?" He smiled, hearing her giggle.

"I think that's perfect... Do you mind if I turn out the light now?"

"Go for it, FP."

"FP?" She asked, reaching over to turn out the light. "What does that mean?"

"You know," The light clicked out, "Short for Flame Princess." After a moment of silence, he heard her speak uncertainly.

"When we're alone... I want you to call me Edana... it''s a big deal for royalty, and I'm not ready for word to get around that we're already so close...I'm afraid that people will start talking, and word will get back to my father, and he'll be angry with you...but when we're alone..."

"You got it, Edana. Edana. Edana. That's fun to say." He heard her giggling once again, and smiled to himself in the darkness. "You've got a really pretty laugh..."

She felt her cheeks get hot in the dark, smiling softly to herself. "Thank you, Finn..."

"No problem. Want me to tell you about what else is pretty about you?"

"No, not that, I meant...well, yes, that, and maybe you can tell me what else about me is pretty later, but...I meant for stirred feelings in my hearth, the first I've had in so long aside from rage and saw through my anger to my pain...and you persisted, even when I pushed you away...thank you for that...and...even more, thank you for helping me control the inferno raging within me..."

"'re welcome, Edana. And thank you, too..."

"Wh-what are you thanking ME for...?"

"For trusting in me when you put the ring on...and for saying you love me...I...I love you least, I think I do..."

"I wouldn't have been able to stop the ring otherwise."

"Well, maybe it's like you said, and ring would have stopped if you loved me, and-"

" a magical being, I could sense the moment I put it on that I was wrong about that...I'm sorry I scared you, by the way...when I put the ring on..."she trailed off, falling to sleep.

"Goodnight, Edana..." Finn whispered to her, going to sleep as well.

Later in the night, the light was switched back on. Edana shrieked when she saw a tall blue figure standing over her as she slept.

"Whassup. You seen Finn and Jake?" The Ice king asked, smiling cluelessly. Finn shifted his body and glared up at him from the floor. "Oh, hi, Finn. Why are you sleeping on the floor? Did the girl steal your bed? Who's the girl, by the way?"

"Ugh...This is the Flame Princess, she's spending the night here, and before you get any crazy princess stealing ideas in your head, she's my age, and we both know you don't go that young."

"Right on. Wanna hang out?"

"Ice king, I'll spend ten minutes hanging out with you next time you do something that makes me have to whoop your butt, ok? But right now it's really late and me and Flame Princess had a big exhausting day. Could you please leave?"

"Where's Jake? Maybe I can hang out with him."

"He's with the Lady Rainicorn..." Edana told him in shock, huddled to the far side of the bed, a fur wrapped around herself.

"Oooh, private lady hang out times. Gotcha. Ok, see ya later, Finn!" The Ice King's beard began to flap as he flew out the open window, pausing to shut it behind himself, and returned to his kingdom.

Finn shifted back under the bed, sighing. "Sorry about that, Edana. You wanna turn the light out again?" With a thump, she fell to the floor, huddling in against his sleeping bag encased form. "wh...what're you doing?"

"What was that creature? I...I never felt so terrified..."

"That's the Ice King. He steals princesses, and he's got a magic crown that gives him ice powers and made him crazy and immortal. He's not good with people and he's kind of a jerk, so me and Jake have to beat him up and rescue princesses from him. But he won't try to steal you. You're too young for him." Finn nuzzled up against her, his sleeping bag keeping him from hugging her to give her more comfort.

"An elemental?" She nuzzled in closer. "That's what it was...I could feel his power..."

"Yeah... I guess I can see why that'd be so scary for you...but I beat him up all the time, and he won't bother you until he thinks you're old enough anyway. We've got time before you gotta worry about him. Now, uh, do you want me to turn out the light, or..."

"No, I got it..." She responded, her terror drowned out by Finn's courage and kindness. She climbed out from under the bed, turned off the light, and snuggled in, the scent of Finn from the bed soothing her to sleep. In the morning, an entirely different scent awoke her. She stood and stretched, yawning. Under the bed, she found an empty sleeping bag.

"Finn?" She called out, looking around, clutching her hands nervously in front of her chest. "Finn, where are you?"

"I'm downstairs!" He shouted back. She quickly followed his voice to the source, and smiled as she saw him sitting at the table, a plate in front of him.

"What is that smell?" She asked.

"Bacon and eggs with waffles!" Jake replied, walking over to the table and setting four plates down. "Me and Lady made breakfast for you guys."

"Oh, food!" She said excitedly, sitting next to Finn, blushing and looking over at him. "I can't wait! I've never had a chance to taste before!" Everyone stared at her, perplexed. "Oh, well, before the ring, everything turned to ash when it passed my lips...everything was dry and bitter..." Their looks of confusion changed to those of pity and concern. She took her first bite of the eggs and began to glow, her light shining even brighter when she ate a strip of the bacon.

"OH MY GLOB THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!" She shouted, shoveling all of her bacon down her mouth in one handful. Everyone laughed, and she felt her cheeks growing hot. "S-stop it! It's not funny!"

"No, no, we're not laughing because we think it's funny...well, maybe it is funny, but that's because it's true! And anyway, I was laughing because it made me happy that you liked the bacon so much. Oh, here." Finn handed her a bottle of maple syrup. "This goes on the waffles." Edana took the bottle tentatively, and squirted a large amount on her waffles, and took a tiny bite.

"Oh grod...this is sooo good! It's all so good! Why didn't anyone tell me tasting things tasted so good!" she ate quickly, her eyes sparkling as her flame tears welled up. In a few moments, her food was finished. "That was all so wonderful, thank you, Jake. my throat feels all gunked up..."

"Oh, you probably need something to drink. Y'know, to wash it down." Finn pushed a glass of milk towards her. "Here, try this...oh, but might hurt you..."

"No, would have before, but I'm no longer coated in flame." She grabbed the glass and chugged it down. "Wow...that's so refreshing!" A knock came at the door, heavy and loud, causing her to drop the glass, which shattered all over the floor.

"DAUGHTER?" The Flame King shouted. "I WISH TO SPEAK TO YOU! ARE YOU IN THERE? IF YOU'RE NOT, THEN WHERE ARE YOU?" Finn rushed to the window, pushing it open and sticking his head out.

"She just finished breakfast, we'll be right down!" He told him, and headed for the ladders with the Flame Princess, allowing her to go down all of them before he did. They stepped out of the tree fort and found the Flame King looming over them.

"My sweet baby girl. Look at you. Covered in gunk and goop." A fiery hand cleared syrup and milk from her lips and cheeks.

"Daaad, not in front of my boyfriend..." He sighed, and turned his gaze to Finn.

"Finn, she has missed much since she decided she must be evil. I was heartbroken to keep her imprisoned, but it was at her own demand. She knows the fire kingdom intimately, but little of anything else. So I have some requests to make of you." Finn nodded, a look of determination on his face.

"Number one. Allow her to stay with you." The teens exchanged a look of shock. "The more exposure she gets to the outside world, the better. I know you will protect and care for her, as I have been on the phone all night, discussing you with various princesses."

"Dad, running background checks on him? That's rude!"

"Naw, it's ok, FP. He was just worried, is all. Your first night sleeping somewhere besides home, and without your powers?"

"Exactly. Clever lad. I had to make sure he would not harm you in any way. My second request, Finn, is...something private that we should discuss over there." He pointed off to the left, and walked about ten yards in that direction, and stared at Finn, waiting. Finn shrugged, and followed him.

"WHAT?" He shouted, after a few moments.

"Keep your voice down!" The Flame King continued explaining his request to Finn, finally both returning to the front door of the tree house, looking very uncomfortable, Finn's face practically luminescent in its redness.

"Your dad has some jacked up ideas about how I treat ladies." Flame Princess stood in silence, bewildered.

"Finn, I swear, I meant when such things come up. Every princess I talked to said you are a paragon of virtue. But some day, when you're older..." Finn covered his ears, and began chanting.


"They did also say you were quite immature..." Flame Princess hugged her father, who began lumbering off towards his kingdom. "Goodbye, my daughter. I love you. Please, visit home soon."

"I will, father." She turned to Finn, still bright red and chanting. She hugged him, and he jumped back a bit. She stared at him, a little offended. "What did you guys talk about?" Finn looked around awkwardly.

"Well, um...Y'know the thing you said last night that you were worried about? Why I was on the floor?"

"Say no more. Please." She glared after her father's disappearing form on the horizon. "So...What shall we do today?"

"Well, we should probably go see if Jake needs help cleaning up." He rushed back into the tree fort and up the ladders. When they reached the kitchen, Lady and Jake had already finished replacing the dishes, and swept up the shards of the glass Flame Princess had dropped. Finn stood for a moment, silent and awkward, as his brain parsed this information.

"Huh. Um, you wanna visit another kingdom? That could be a fun way to spend the day." Finn asked, holding the phone.

"That sounds would provide ample opportunity to learn more about Ooo..."

"Well, Candy Kingdom's close, and you already know their princess, so I'll give her a call and see if she wants to lead the tour." He dialed her number, and waited while it rang.

"Hello! Yeah, good morning to you too! Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to lead us in a tour of the Candy Kingdom? Yeah, with the Flame Princess. What? But why not?" Finn frowned, feeling a bit confused. "Uh huh. Uh huh. I guess that makes sense...I don't get why it would come up, but if you really think so...yeah. Ok. Another time, then, PB." He hung up the phone and frowned at Flame Princess.

"Is something wrong?" She tried to hide the tiny bit of joy in her voice.

"She said she didn't think it was a good idea, when we only just got together and you know I usedta have a crush on her. She says she wants to give us room to grow closer, and doesn't want to butt in."

"I...I admit, I was a little anxious about spending time with her, for similar reasons..." She scratched the back of her hand nervously, shrinking back a bit.

"Well, you shoulda told me...I don't want you to feel nervous or like I like someone else more than you..." Finn put a hand on her shoulder, frowning. Rainicorn slithered up to them, encircling the young couple.

"어리석은 정말이지, 모든 사람들에게 그들의 감정을 숨기는 가끔 그들이 그렇게 할 때 특히 기분을 상하게 하고 싶지는 않았는데 누군가가." She told him, leaving him confused.

"Jake? Translation?" Finn requested, not breaking eye contact with Lady, in an attempt to get it across that he still couldn't understand her.

"You can't expect everybody to wear their hearts on their sleeves, dude." He trotted up next to his brother, smiling up at him. "If Lady wanted me to hang out with her and someone else, and it would make me jealous, I wouldn't say a thing. I'd try to make it through so she could enjoy time with her other friend and me at the same time."

"때가 되면, 질투가 '티퍼니'을 찾습니다." Lady stared at Jake, who blushed and sputtered.

"Hey, I thought we weren't gonna talk about that!" Lady giggled, rubbing his forehead and moving him away from the younger pair. "We should go see Hotdog Princess. That's a kingdom right here in the Grasslands, and it's a small one so we won't need a tour."

"Hey, yeah!"

Lady looked out the window, her eyes wide with realization. "나는 가서 홈. 당신을 사랑하는 제이크."

"I love you too, Lady." Jake gave her a quick kiss, and she flew out the window. "Alright, you two, hop on." He stretched his upper body out the window, expanding the front half, and turning his back half into a slide. Finn grabbed the Flame Princess's hand, and leaped onto the slide, riding down onto Jake's back and tumbling forward, laughing, the Flame Princess following in kind. Jake took off running, Finn gripping his hair, and the Flame Princess hugging Finn about the waist to keep herself balanced. She grimaced, trying to nuzzle up against his back, but his pack was in the way. Still, she found herself exhilarated by the speed the magic dog was moving, the wind rushing past her face, and the presence of the boy she loved. All at once, however, it came to a stop as they reached a small fence attached to a dog house.

"Here we are!" Finn said, wrapping an arm around Flame Princess and sliding down Jake's leg, not seeing the blush on her face as she nestled in against him on the way down.

"This...this is a kingdom?" She asked, finally noticing just how small an area it was.

"Shh!" Jake shushed, eyes wide. "Don't say anything about it being small! Hotdog Princess gets upset when people say stuff like that." They walked up to the edge of the fence, and hopped over it. Even then, the hot dog knights posted at the borders of the kingdom did not notice them. Finn approached the small dog house and knocked on it gently.

"Hotdog Princess, you home? I want you to meet someone!" He called to her, as the hotdog knights began to give panicked shouts, demanding he halt and asking his identity. The princess exited her palace, such as it was, and smiled when she saw her guests.

"Hi Finn, hi Jake!" She turned her attention to the Flame Princess. "Who's your friend?"

"This is the Flame Princess. She's taking a leave from her kingdom to learn more about the rest of Ooo. Finn's sweet on her." Finn punched Jake in the shoulder for his candid response.

"Boys, turn away. Flame Princess, come closer." Everyone shrugged, but complied anyway. "If you are truly a princess, then you will know the secret princess handshake." Flame Princess began to panic. She had never even heard of a secret princess handshake! "Don't worry!" Hotdog Princess whispered. "We're just playing with them! Now make exploding noises"

"um...BOOM! POW!" She shouted, trying her best to sound as if the words from her mouth were genuine explosions.

"KABLOOEY! BLAZOW! Yep, you're a princess alright. You can put your clothes back on now." The boys froze up, and Finn, confused, tried to turn his head for a peek, only to find the princesses making faces at him. Laughing, he stuck his tongue out at them. "So, what brings you out this way?"

"Well, this was the closest kingdom. Not sure where to go after this." Finn turned to Jake. "Maybe the Turtle Princess's library?"

"Oh, you can't go there! It's a special time of year for the Turtle kingdom. The whole library is being reorganized because of all the books that got taken off the shelves and put back in the wrong places throughout the year."

"Oh, right..." Finn scratched his chin, thinking.

"I got it!" Jake shouted, standing over a small, crude map he drew in the dirt. "We'll hit the Marauder Village, then head by Treetrunks' house for some apple pie for lunch!"

"Sound good, Princess?" Finn asked Flame Princess, smiling at her. She blushed, uncertain what to make of anything they just said.

"I suppose..." Finn took her hand and helped her over the Fence of the Hotdog Kingdom. They all shouted their farewells to the Hotdog Princess, and ran towards the mountain range. Nearly half an hour of running, climbing, some walking, and a lot of smiling, they made their way up to the Marauder Village. Finn pulled back the curtain of pelts that act as the village gate, and motioned the Flame Princess inside, then instantly found himself forced to dive forward, tackling a Marauder to the ground, stopping him from charging the princess.

"Finn!" she shouted, and began trying to muster up her flames.

"Wait, princess." Jake put a hand on her shoulder, and warped his body into a small fort with a peep hole to keep Marauders off of her. "The Marauders love to roughhouse. They don't wanna hurt Finn, they're just having fun. FINN!" Jake shouted, catching the boy's attention. "I think we should lay down some rules with the Marauders." Finn paused, releasing the Marauder he was currently roughhousing with from a headlock. He approached the center of the village, Jake lifting the princess and carrying her in his fort body to follow him.

"Attention Marauders! How y'all doin? I'm showing a princess around Ooo, and we came by your village today. Someone tried to tackle her. Now, I know Muscle Princess comes by sometimes, but not everyone wants to roughhouse all the time. Muscle Princess is actually the only one I know who does." The Marauders had all gathered around as he spoke, each taking a knee. "Jake, let her out." The dogfort opened, and the princess walked over to Finn, placing one hand on his shoulder, the other on his elbow, hiding behind him a bit. "Princess, do you want to roughhouse with these Marauders?"

"N-no..." She shrank back a bit, shifting more of herself behind him.

"There ya go! So if you see someone new in town, I would respectfully request, as your Honorary Brother, that you ask first before attempting to roughhouse with them." The crowd began nodding and then devolved into a massive orgy of controlled violence.

"Wait, wait, waitwaitwait. You're an honorary brother of the marauders?" Jake asked skeptically.

"Yeah, man. Remember the twenty foot chicken?"

"Ooooh, right. And the mega pumpkin."


"Um, Finn?" Flame Princess interrupted. "What are you talking about?"

"It's a really long story that involves mayonaise, pumpkins, and giant bird monsters. If we're gonna make it to Treetrunks' for lunch time, we're gonna have to skip it." Jake told her, shifting to gigantic proportions, forming his ear into a staircase to the ground. Finn smiled at the princess.

"Yeah, I'll have to tell you some other time. Sorry. It's a good story though." He sat on Jake's back, Flame Princess joining him, and huddling up against him for security.

"Something tells me you've got a lot of good stories..." She said, smiling at him. Soon, they reached the outskirts of the Candy Kingdom, and dismounted the dog at Treetrunks' cottage, the scent of apple pies filling the air. The trio peeked their heads in the window, smiling, taking in the intoxicating aroma.

"Hi Treetrunks!" Finn shouted jovially. "Making more apple pies?" Treetrunks moved into view, smiling, holding a pie in her trunk.

"Why, of course, dear. But this batch isn't cool enough to eat'll burn your little mouths. Why don't you run along and play while they all cool down?" She gasped in surprise as Flame Princess grabbed one of the pies from the window sill, and began eating it as gracefully as she could manage without utensils. "Oh, sweety, please, stop! You're going to get burned!" Finn patted Treetrunks on the head through the window.

"It's ok. She's the princess of the fire kingdom. I don't think ANYTHING can burn her. But FP, please don't do stuff like that around Treetrunks." Flame Princess looked around, realizing only now that she had rudely taken the pie without asking, and ignored Treetrunks' request.

"I, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, I smelled soooo good, and it tastes even better!" Treetrunks smiled, and went to open the door to let them inside.

"That's not what I meant..." Finn whispered, "Treetrunks has a weak heart. Please try not to startle or surprise her..."

"Well, come on in... you can wait in here for the pies to cool down..." She sauntered back into the kitchen, leaving the front door open for her guests. "Would anyone like some hot cocoa?" All three of them told her they would, as they sat in the living room.

"Mmm...Applepie is good..." Flame Princess daintily mashed another handful down her mouth hole.

"That's apple pie, not applepie. It's pie made of apples. There's tons of kinds of pie though." Her eyes went wide with shock at Jake's words, and Finn found himself silently staring at her, smiling softly. Any time he just sat and looked at her like this, he felt a sort of giddiness well up inside him.

"There's more kinds? I want to try them all!" Her eagerness resounded with something inside Finn. More than her eagerness, something he knew was in her heart from the moment he first met her. It was then that he realized he could rub Jake's nose in it.

"See, dude? I told you she was passionate." He told his dog, grinning widely.

"Passion for pie is all well and good, but only when you can compress your gut. Otherwise she might get fat, Finn." At those words, Flame Princess put down the remaining quarter pie.

"Princess? Why'd you stop eating?"

"I...I don't want to get fat..." She frowned, blushing hard, turning away from her two new friends.

"Oh, don't worry. One pie isn't gonna make you fat. A whole bunch will, if you eat them all the time without any other kinds of stuff, but not just one pie. Heh, Jake, can you imagine how fat I'd be if one pie made people fat? I'd be like, bluuuuuurgh!" Finn joked, doing some kind of strange obesity pantomime, pausing when he saw that she still hadn't resumed eating. "Well? Aren't you gonna eat more?"

She grimaced and looked away, hiding her face. She mumbled her embarrassment away from them, but Finn took her shyness as sadness, and moved to her side, grabbing her hand. "I couldn't hear you...please, tell me what's wrong..."

"I ate too fast and my tummy hurts." She stated bluntly, refusing to look him in the eye. Treetrunks brought out a tray with their hot cocoa on it just as an egg timer went off, signifying that the pies had cooled sufficiently. Finn and Jake practically poured both their cocoa and their pies down their throats, while Flame Princess took her time, taking gentle sips at the cocoa, in the end leaving it only half full when Treetrunks gave them a final pie for another friend and saw them out.

"Urgh...Finn, I don't feel so good..." She frowned, walking leaning on him.

"We just have one more person to introduce you to, and then we'll head home. She lives here with Treetrunks, protecting her apple trees from birds. This way." He lead her over to Raggedy Princess, who sat vigilantly on a fence post. "Hey, Raggedy Princess."

She turned to face him, and blushed, giggling. "Oh, hi Finn!"

"I'd like you to meet the Flame Princess. We're gonna be showing her all around Ooo for a while, so we brought her by for some pie on her first day out meeting new people. Oh, and Treetrunks had us bring your payment for today." He placed the pie on the fence, and Raggedy Princess leaned down to stick her face in it.

"Thanks, Finn..." She said, blushing harder.

"She's shy," He explained to the Flame Princess.

"Oh,'s nice to meet you...Sorry I don't seem very happy to meet you, I ate my pie too fast..." She said, not wanting to appear rude.

"I, um, I hope you feel better...bye..." Raggedy Princess called to her quietly as they mounted Jake and made for the tree fort. When they arrived, they found several candy people in the yard, walking away from their home.

"Hey, what's going on? What are all you candy people doing here while we're out?" Jake asked, letting Finn and Flame Princess down.

"Oh, Princess Bubblegum sent us here with a bed. We had to take it apart to get it in, but don't worry, we put it back together in the bedroom, next to the other bed. We only had two extra pieces when we were done. A new record!" The candy crew cheered as they ran back to the candy kingdom.

"A free bed? Score, I can finally move out of my drawer!" Jake pumped his fist in the air, but his exuberance quickly died when he realized the true purpose of the new furnishing. "It's Flame Princess's bed, isn't it."

"Probably," Finn responded, then headed inside and went up the ladder. "Jake, stretch up here, and give the princess a seat on your meat so she doesn't have to climb with a tummy ache."

"Already on it, brother!" Flame princess ascended to the top of the steps on a round disk of stretchy magic dog flesh and Jake proceeded to carry her up the next ladder into the bedroom as well, Finn ascending with them.

"Wow, nice bed." Finn commented, walking her over to it and laying her down upon the mattress, sitting down on his own bed.

"It is...I should really thank Bubblegum for this gift..." Before she even finished her sentence, Finn held his phone out to her, the call already ringing. She nervously held it to her ear, waiting for Bubblegum to pick up.

"Hello? Um, this is the Flame Princess...I wanted to thank you for the bed you sent for me...How did you know I was going to be staying here, though? Oh, I see, well, tell Lady I said thanks, as well...You don't need to cover it up, I already know why you wouldn't come give me a tour...No, Finn told me. And...I appreciate your allowing us space...No, not jealous...more worried...Thank you, again, for all you've done...URP...oh...sorry, I ate an applepie too fast...Yes, Treetrunks...ok. You as well. Goodbye, Princess Bubblegum." She handed the phone back to Finn after hanging it up. "Urgh..." she lay flat on her bed, rubbing her tummy.

"You need anything? I've got some cyclops teardrops that work for injury and sickness, I don't know if they'd fix a tummy ache, but I can spare a few if you want to try..." The hero leaned over her bed, as his dog exited the room to give them some space. He frowned with concern, brushing some of her burning locks out of her face.

"Thank you Finn, but I've been told how hard it is to gather cyclops tears...I'll be fine soon make me feel better if you'd..." she trailed off, mumbling.

"Didn't catch that, FP..."

"Sing me a the one that...oh, I'm so smoking stupid...Jake wrote that one. You didn't even know about it." She buried her face in her hands. Jake, overhearing her with his dog ears, stretched his mouth into the room.

"Finn wrote that. I just changed the words so it was all about you. You know Finn, the one you had been singing the night you met her?" Finn blushed, and realized now wouldn't be the best time to bring that up. Still, she asked him to sing to her.

"Flame Princess,

Spent so long locked away,

how could I find you,

to find out that I felt this way?

I couldn't get in, didn't even know you were there,

never got to tell you how much I like your hair,

but now you're here with me

and there's so much to see

oh, me and you,

we'll explore Ooo,

and Jake can come too,

I want to be with you, I do,

Flame Princess,

You've lit my brain aflame,

I can't express just how much

joy I've felt since you came..."

He stopped when he saw the sparks forming in her eyes. "Are you ok?" he asked, placing a hand on her cheek.

"That was beautiful...How do you sing like that? It's amazing..."

"Oh, I swallowed a tiny computer once." He told her, disproportionately proud of the deed.

"You're a wonderful lyricist..." She told him, sighing. Finn froze, trying to think of what to do next. Things kept progressing smoothly and slowly, but every so often they stopped, and he found himself at a loss for how to get things moving again.

"So, um...wanna see my sword?" He asked, smiling awkwardly. She stared blankly at him, and pulled her blanket over her head.

"That's gross, Finn."

"What, cuz it's made of demon blood? It's an awesome sword...It was my dad's!" He boasted, retrieving the sword for her to see. She cautiously peeked out from under the covers to ensure he was referring to an actual weapon, then slowly emerged.

"'s...It's quite large...How do you handle a weapon so big?" An eyeball found its way up to the bedroom, Jake also wanting to ensure it was in fact the family sword they were discussing.

"It's not like it's heavy. Demon blood makes light weapons. But the grip's longer than a lot of swords, see? So it's easy to use it with both hands instead of just one. Would you like to hold it?" He held it out to her, and she tenderly took the sword from him, checking its weight for herself.

"It feels...powerful...but light..." She noted, sensing the magic within the blade as she handed it back to him. He placed it in the shark jaws over his headboard, and sat on his bed, grinning at the princess, perhaps a bit too widely.

"So, what do you want to do now?"

"I, um...I want to get some sleep, try and nap through this tummy ache...but..."

"Do you want me to stick around?" He asked. She smiled softly and nodded, then frowned.

"I do, but...I don't want you to feel like you have to..." Finn grabbed the Enchiridion from the floor at the foot of his bed, and laid down and began reading. Flame Princess patted him on the shoulder, and motioned for him to come closer. As he complied, she gently kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you, Finn..." She closed her eyes, and sighed, snuggling up in her bed, closing her eyes, but she found that she could not fall asleep. It was just too quiet. "Finn? Are you still here?"

"Yup, what's up?

"Just...Just making sure..." She frowned to herself, and tried to fall asleep once more.

"Hmm..." He could tell she wanted some way to know he was there. She kept peeking, then sighing with relief when she saw him. "Hmm!" it hit him. "Hmm hmm hmmmm, hm hm hm hmmm..." he hummed a soft, sweet tune to lull her to sleep, smiling as her silhouette glowed through the blanket.