Scoring Where It Counts

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Glee.

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel

Rating: T

Chapter 1

It was her first day at the new school and she was beyond terrified. Despite having a natural confidence in most of her abilities as well as immense pride in herself, she still lacked one thing; social grace. At her last school, Miami Dade High, she had been far from the "popular" kid. Yes, people loved her athletic and vocal talents, but few people actually loved her. This was her chance to start fresh and get things right. She simply needed to tone down her competitive side and be more "friendly." It couldn't be that difficult right?

Just the thought of making friends caused her heart to race and a large toothy grin to spread across her face as she was filled with excitement. Not only was the prospect of making friends exciting but the fact that gym would be her first class was also exciting. She had always enjoyed playing sports and keeping in shape. She even had an elaborate and perfectly timed morning workout routine that she had strictly followed from a very young age.

Rachel Barbra Berry was prepared for a new beginning.

"Today we will be taking it outside to start with our first week's activity, soccer! So everybody get outside to the field and start warming up!" The coach shouted out.

Dressed in her workout clothes, which consisted of a white tank top, extremely short red shorts, knee high white socks and sneakers, Rachel glanced around the gym. She was beyond happy that they would be playing a sport that she excelled in 'although I should be careful, I do not want to scare off friend possibilities by flaunting my undeniable talents… Be humble Rachel…' She internally reminded herself as large brown eyes watched the other kids filter out of the gym, following closely behind the crowd. Being new to the school she did not know her way around quite yet.

After smiling, waving, and attempting to start conversations with many of her classmates only to have them turn away from her she finally gave up and decided waiting quietly on the coach's orders was probably the best idea. She was disappointed by their dismissal but not put off, she was persistent and she would make friends at McKinley High. Chin held up high, she listened as the coach explained the rules and assigned team captains.

It should have hurt her feelings that she was chosen last but it only fueled the fires for her to fight in the game. Rachel Berry would prove to them all that she was a worthy opponent and not one to be taken lightly. Standing in her starting position she awaited the signal to begin the game.

As the game began the young woman quickly moved across the field, using the amazingly toned thighs she had spent years working on in order to hastily get to the young man with the soccer ball. She had some experience with the sport and used that to her advantage as she promptly stole the ball from him and began dribbling it down the field. Twisting away from people who attempted to steal the ball away from her before shooting for a goal which despite the goalie's attempt to block, went into the goal. Letting out a proud and excited shout she jumped up and down clapping her hands and smiling ear to ear. The rest of her team congratulated her before continuing with the game.

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"Dude that chick is really good." Puck said wiping the sweat from his face with his shirt before taking a drink of water. Gym class was wrapping up and everyone was heading back into the gym.

"What chick?" Finn asked his best friend.

"That one over there." He nodded his head toward the young brunette. "The new chick, she's also kinda hot and I'm pretty sure she's a Jew too." A devious grin spread across his features causing the other to laugh a little. Puck was notorious for sleeping with women around the school, in fact there were very few that he hadn't slept with.

Finn shrugged his shoulders slightly despondent; honestly the young girl did not look all that attractive to him. She had an amazing body but she just looked a little strange.

"Dude, I'm gonna go over and suggest she joins the girls soccer team."

"Why not just make a move on her?"

"Because she was hella good out there man, didn't you see her? She sure as hell kicked my ass." Puck admitted laughing a little.

"I didn't really notice. Either way we both know you just wanna get in her pants so why all of the extra stuff?"

"Because she's good. First I'll tell her to join the team and then I can worry about getting into her pants. Which I'm not really worried about 'cause I know it's gonna happen." He lifted his hands and smirked confidently before turning on his heels and heading in the beautiful girl's direction. No girl had ever turned him down.

Rachel was finishing up tying one of her shoes when she heard someone approaching her and a shadow covered the bench beside her. Glancing up large brown eyes came into contact with the eyes of one of her classmates; he was a young man who in all honesty looked slightly juvenile. Perhaps it was the haircut. 'Mohawks tend to have that affect…' Regardless, she was raised by her fathers to not judge any book by their cover and so instead she flashed him an award-winning smile and welcomed him. "Hello there, was there something that you needed?"

For a moment he was put off by how proper she sounded, she seemed a completely different person than she was minutes ago on the field. "Yeah, I was just coming to tell you that you were awesome out there."

"I wouldn't say awesome." She spoke a little softer, a light blush covering her naturally tan cheeks. She was not complimented often and it made her heart swell with pride. Even if it were only a stranger.

"Not awesome? Then I must've plain out sucked 'cause you kicked my ass." He laughed as her large brown eyes widened at his language.

"Although, I would not use such profane language in order to describe it, I must conquer I did indeed." A look of confusion crossed his face and his eyebrows furrowed together causing her to giggle and shake her head. "Well, as much as I have loved speaking with you, and as much as I appreciate the praise, I really am in a hurry and—"

"—You should totally join the girls soccer team." He interrupted her, quickly realizing that she was less attractive to him when she was talking then when she was playing the game. It was not anything personal really; she just used such big words and spoke a little too much.

"And why would I do that?" She wondered aloud, already intrigued.

"'Cause you're freaking good. You might actually help them win this year and hey what could it hurt? You're the new girl, it will help you meet people and build your reputation. Around here reputation is all that matters."

Pulling her full bottom lip between her teeth, she furrowed her eyebrows as she thought it over. It did make sense. She wanted to make friends. "And joining the soccer team will help me climb the ladder of social hierarchy?" Rachel questioned, brown eyes connecting with his.

"The what?" He raised an eyebrow.

"It will make me more socially accepted and popular?" She quickly rephrased. 'Look at you, you are already doing it. Speaking over people, this makes them think that you think you are better than them…'

Letting out an understanding laugh he nodded his head. "Oh yeah, totally."

"Then perhaps I shall." She said with a bright smile as they headed back toward the school.

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Rachel Berry was proud to admit that she was getting along much better at her new school, she had made it onto the soccer team without a hitch and she now had her teammates as well as Puck to call friends. 'Though he mostly harasses me about my Jewish heritage and gets bored when I speak… but still.' It had been only one week and she was feeling accomplished with all of the steps she had made to improve socially.

Currently she was attending soccer practice, and it was grueling. The coach had them doing dribbling drills for the last thirty minutes with no breaks. Her naturally tan skin was coated in sweat, her sports bra and shorts soaked, and her hair was falling out of the tight ponytail she had tied it in. Taking in steady breaths she pushed herself onward. Every morning she spent an hour on the treadmill so she knew that she could handle this, even if she were exhausted afterward.

Suddenly she lost concentration and nearly tripped over the soccer ball as the cheerleaders made their way out onto the track in order to practice. They were all extremely beautiful, but one in particular caught her attention.

'Oh wow… she is… wow…' Rachel thought as she tried to concentrate on the ball, but her eyes continued to travel toward the other woman and she soon found that she was no longer kicking it at all. She was simply standing there staring at the beautiful woman who was now doing a spin into a high-kick in her red cheerleading outfit. She was perfect, even at such a distance she looked like she belonged in some sort of magazine. Her blonde hair was beautiful, tied up, her body was in perfect shape, her pale skin and perfect bone-structure complimented her piercing hazel eyes.

"My goodness." She mumbled under her breath.

"Don't even try it." One of her teammates said from behind her. The abruptness of her voice causing Rachel to jump and let out a startled squeak before turning to look up at her with large confused brown eyes, eyebrows knit together.

"What do you mean? Do not try what?" She wondered.

"Don't try and get close to her. Not as a friend and definitely not as anything else, she is off-limits."

For some reason the words "off-limits" only drove Rachel to want the blonde cheerleader all the more, it was her incessant need to always have what she was told that she couldn't. This was definitely a trait that many disliked in her, but it was part of her driven nature. "And why, if I may ask, is she off-limits?"

"Well her name is Quinn Fabray, and not only is she the head-cheerleader and the richest girl in school, she also is the head of the Glee Club and Celibacy Club as well as a devout Christian. She doesn't really let anyone close to her except Santana and Brittany. She's pretty much a bitch to everyone else." She responded with a shrug of her shoulders, as if this were the natural order of things and it were to never be disrupted. Rachel Berry was not one to allow limits to hold her back.

Glancing back toward the beautiful woman she watched as Quinn was now talking with a Latina woman and another blonde. "Are those girls Brittany and Santana?"

"Yep. Santana's the worst but they are all kinda bitches. I really just suggest you stay away from them Rach. You're my friend now and I don't want you to have to deal with their wrath." She smiled at the shorter girl, but she could already see the almost frightful determination glimmering behind brown eyes.

Internally she was going over a list, things that they could possibly have in common. That was of course the best way to get to know someone. Suddenly it hit her and full lips spread into a devious grin. "Did you say that she was the leader of the Glee Club?"

"Yeah." She stretched the word.

"There it is, that is what we have in common." Rachel spoke out-loud, no longer listening to her friend's protests as she watched the beautiful woman do a twirl causing her cheerleading skirt to flip up a little. Her talented tongue darted across her bottom lip and she could feel her heart hammering away in her chest. She had an idea, she had a plan. "I'm going to win over Quinn Fabray even if it is the last thing that I do." She once again spoke out loud before balling her fists at her side and heading off of the field. Practice was over anyhow and she had work to do.

"Wait! Rachel, did you not hear a word I said!" Her friend shouted, but her warnings fell on deaf ears. Rachel Berry was a woman on a mission and she was not going to fail.

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