Scoring Where It Counts

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Glee.

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel

Rating: T

Chapter 2

Rachel Berry was a very determined individual, when she set her mind to something it took a miracle to change it and currently she had her mind set on a certain head cheerleader. She had spent the majority of her weekend doing research and planning her "attack" so to speak. The moment that she had found out that the beautiful woman was the head of the Glee Club she knew that would be her way in, for she had been the leader of the Glee Club at her previous high school. She was a vocal genius, and she would win Quinn over with her talented voice.

With some extensive research, which consisted of spying on the Glee Club's practice and Facebook stalking the head cheerleader, she had learnt some interesting things. One of these things being that apparently any activity that the blonde partook in at the school became exceedingly more popular. Furthermore, unlike at her previous high school, McKinley High's Glee Club consisted of only the most popular students.

Luckily, with her growing success on the soccer team as well as her intense vocal training she did not think that achieving the popular status for joining would be an issue.

The more pressing issue it seemed would be one of her findings from Quinn Fabray's personal Facebook page. After sifting through numerous photographs, allowing her eyes to wander them appreciatively, she had reached the blonde's relationship status. It was a bit unsettling but Rachel simply filed it away as a minor kink in her plan. Under relationship status it said "it's complicated" which of course meant that she was previously attached too and still undoubtedly emotionally attached too someone. Beneath this where it stated interested in men gave the impression it was probably someone of the male gender. Still, Rachel was unwavering in her plan to win her over.

First things were first; she needed to audition for the Glee Club. After going through a multitude of song choices she finally decided upon Barbra Streisand's 'Don't Rain On My Parade' one of the songs that she could practically sing in her sleep.

Rachel had contacted the teacher, Will Schuester, who supervised the club and she arranged an audition for next glee rehearsal. Now that Tuesday had arrived she was earnestly awaiting classes to be over so that she could put operation: Get Quinn Fabray, into action. Large brown eyes glanced toward the clock and she watched eagerly as the minutes ticked away before finally her last class was dismissed.

"Thank goodness." She stated with a sigh as she gathered her books holding them to her chest tightly before rushing toward her lockers to free her arms of their weight. Normally she would be attentive in class; she was after all a straight A student, but today she had too much on her mind.

Plastering her brightest show-smile on her face she headed toward the choir room for her audition.

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"Alright, settle down you guys!" Will stated at the center of the choir room, trying to quiet the talking teenagers. Once they had all settled down he announced. "We will be having a new student audition for Glee Club today before I announce the assignment for this week, so everyone please be respectful when she arrives."

Quinn chewed on the inside of her cheeks as she quickly grew agitated, usually their instructor would speak to her first before allowing anyone to audition. "We already have plenty of people to attend competitions Mr. Schue." She rasped out.

"I am aware, but she comes highly recommended and I think it would be in the best interest of the group to at least let her try out."

"Fine." She stated crossing her arms over her chest, hazel eyes glancing away from the older man. Honestly Quinn did not see the need for anyone new to join their group, particularly anyone of the female gender. The last thing that she needed was her boyfriend 'or whatever he is at this point' to have more attractive women to ogle during the day. 'Quinn control your anger maybe she isn't even attractive—'

"Hello, Mr. Schuester I presume? I apologize for my tardiness I assure you I am usually quite punctual." Rachel stated as she made her way into the choir room. Speaking with confidence.

"Oh hello, you must Rachel?"

"Yes sir, Rachel Berry. I am here for my audition." She stated, a bright smile spreading across her face.

As Quinn's hazel eyes landed on the young woman she felt a mixture of confusing emotions, first and foremost she felt anger. Finn would have to be blind to not find this girl attractive, despite her lack of style; she was definitely a beautiful woman. This though was not the confusing emotion. As the blonde allowed her eyes to travel the expanse of the other girl's body she found that her own body was reacting strangely. Her heart started racing as she looked over perfect tan skin, bright brown eyes, full lips, down over the ridiculous sweater and skirt to legs that seemed almost endless. Without meaning to she was biting down on her pink bottom lip as her mind tried it's hardest to entertain inappropriate thoughts.

After telling Will which song she was going to perform Rachel made her way toward the center of the choir room, making certain to control her nervous breathing. The last thing she wanted was for her voice to come out shaky as she sang. Not only because she wanted to make the audition but also because it would be an insult to her idol. Casting her large emotional brown eyes toward the blonde she was hoping to impress she caught hazel in an intense stare, and as the music began she gave it her all, singing full force.

'Oh sweet Lord her voice...' Quinn thought as her heart only raced further upon hearing the short brunette's wonderful voice, she really did sound amazing. This was bothersome. She did not want to enjoy her voice, she did not want to find the faces that Rachel made while singing strangely cute, nor did she want to notice those adorable dance moves. She had no problem with females being attracted to females, her best friends were, but she was straight. She had a boyfriend.

Hazel eyes glanced toward Santana who was wearing a knowing smirk that only irritated her further. 'What does she look so smug about?' Then she glanced down at Finn her on-and-off boyfriend, he seemed into the performance and this caused her jealousy to once again flair up. Letting out a low growl she allowed her eyes to return to the beautiful woman who was finishing her song.

As Rachel finished her performance she flashed the class a bright smile, proud of herself. She knew that she had hit every note with perfect precision and there was no way that Quinn could not have been impressed. 'Rachel tone down the over-confidence…' The entire room started to applaud her voice and she felt herself blush brightly, but suddenly she noticed that one person was not clapping. The one person she cared about. Eyebrows furrowed together in confusion and she chewed on her full bottom lip as she watched the blonde closely, she appeared bored. 'How can that be…?'

"Wow Rachel, I think that I speak for everyone when I say that you are in!" Will stated with a bright smile as he walked toward the short diva.

Forcing a smile onto her lips Rachel responded politely. "Well, thank you Mr. Schuester I am glad that you enjoyed my performance, though I know that I could never compete with—"

"—we don't need her." A husky voice stated harshly.

Rachel's head quickly snapped to the origin of the voice, hurt brown eyes connecting with hateful hazel, she could tell that Quinn truly did not want her to join the club. This broke her heart and severely injured her pride. 'Well, this is certainly not going according to plan. No matter, Mr. Schuester already said that I am in. I will simply have to break through her barriers.' She internally gave herself a pep talk. She would be nothing less than caring to Quinn and eventually she would let her in.

Seeing the hurt expression flash cross the brunette's face caused a confusing pain to settle in Quinn's chest. It was foreign to her and she ignored it. "We have plenty of talented voices in here already."

"Quinn, she has years of vocal training—"

"—I don't care." She stated in a low monotone voice, her jaw clenched in anger.

Rachel could feel her stomach clench as she was reminded of her previous high school, all of the torment that she had gone through. She wanted nothing more than to be closer to the blonde. 'Why do I always want the untouchable…?' "I assure you that I would be a profitable addition to this club." She stated lifting her chin confidently, eyes still connected with hazel.

'Profitable addition… who says that? It's kind of cute—wait no! Gah!' Quinn forced the thoughts away. "We don't need you."

Rachel continued to hold the stare, never one to back down from a challenge. She blushed softly as she realized that the angry voice that the blonde was using and the look on her face was only making her all the more attractive to her. Her body heated up and she blushed as her mind filled with images of jumping Quinn then and there. 'I must be a masochist…' "I disagree."

Before the head cheerleader could say anything more Will interrupted them. "As do I. Quinn, she has an amazing voice and we could use all the help we can get."

"But—" She tried.

"—in fact. I think that in order to introduce Rachel to the group and to help you two get along I have the perfect idea for this week's assignment."

"Is that so?" Quinn questioned, her raspy voice shaking as she raised a cropped eyebrow at her instructor. She had a feeling that she was going to hate this idea.

Rachel watched as the taller woman raised an eyebrow, finding it very attractive. In fact she found practically everything about the blonde attractive, from her impeccable looks to her raspy voice. Pulled out of her thoughts by Will's voice she glanced toward the instructor eagerly awaiting the assignment. She had a feeling she was going to enjoy it more than Quinn.

"Your assignment for next week will be duets, I will pair all of you up with unexpected partners and it will be your job to make your voices work together." Glancing down at the girls he smiled. "You two will be paired up."

"Mr. Schue—" Quinn started to protest.

"—No exceptions. You may be the leader of Glee Club, but I am the instructor. Either you do the assignment or I will have to demote you."

Quinn ran her tongue over her bottom lip as she thought over her options. It couldn't be too horrible spending time with the other girl right? 'At least she isn't paired up with Finn.' Oddly enough the thought of this caused misplaced jealousy. For some reason it bothered her thinking about Rachel spending time with Finn instead of the other way around. 'What is wrong with me today?' She wondered as she glanced over at the short brunette, her full lips were curled up in a bright smile that almost frightened her. 'Never mind this is going to be horrible…'

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