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Chapter 1. One Year Later.

Annabelle Tillman had woken up to the warm spring sun hitting her face. She heard sounds of waves crashing against the shore. She sat up and pushed her auburn dyed hair out of her face in a quick movement. Looking around at the beach house, she thought of Simone.

Annabelle had begun taking care of Simone's house when she left school. She was able to stay there until after graduation, then she moved out of her mother's house and lived at the beach house. Annabelle had enjoyed the peacefulness of living on the beach along the California coast.

Just the day before, she caught a glimpse of Simone in the papers. The headline read, "Charges were dropped in student-teacher scandal". That put a smile on her face. She had managed to get her mother, a California state senator, to drop charges against Simone Bradley at her graduation. Though it seemed to take her mother this long to do it, it was actually done.

Annabelle had hoped to see Simone. Hoping that Simone would return to the beach house after her release and things would be perfect. They could live alone in each other's loving embrace. She could work on her music and Simone could work on her photography. However, she knew that it would very possibly be just a dream since she really didn't know if Simone would come back to the beach house or leave the city or state entirely.

Annabelle had only kept in contact with her friends Collins and Cristine from the Catholic school that she had went to for less than a year. She pretty much severed ties with Cat, who she found out not long after Simone's arrest that it was because of Cat that Mother Immaculata went up those stairs to the room or even suspected a thing.

Annabelle heard a knock at the door. Her heart skipped a beat at the mere thought of it being Simone on the other side of the wooden door. She walked over, not even asking who it was as she looked out the peephole. She saw that it was Collins and someone she didn't recognize. She opened the door with a smile on her face.

"Hey, Collins. Come on in. Who's your friend?" She asked with a raised eyebrow and stepped aside for the girls to walk in.

The other girl had wavy brown hair and her facial and body features were similar to that of Collins' when Collins wasn't wearing the baggy sweatshirts. She smiled and offered the girls a seat on the couch and raised an eyebrow, slightly feeling her eyes scan the unfamiliar woman.

Collins fidgeted slightly with the arms of her sleeves that she wore despite the warmth of the California sun. Collins looked to Annabelle and then down at her hands before looking back at Annabelle. "This is my older cousin, Beth."

Beth smiled and nodded. "Nice to meet you." She said before adding. "Melissa had told me about you and the beach house. I wanted to meet someone that has been so kind to her."

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