Sonic sauntered into the castle, an extremely cocky demeanor about him. Merlina waited for him in his chamber, staring at him, feeling slightly worried. "That took much longer than usual." She noted.

"Yeah, found a camp under attack by bandits. Fought 'em off, trailed them to their base, stopped by the barracks to let the soldiers know." Merlina's eyes widened slightly.

"That shows more forethought than I've grown to expect from you, Sonic. I am impressed."

"Yeah, well," He slumped into a chair in the corner. "It was my champion's idea."

"Then, you've made a decision? Wait, but you were traveling alone...Please, I beg you, tell me it was not some random stranger."

"It wasn't a stranger." He told her, grinning.

"And the king never travels alone." Excalibur added. She stared at them in confusion until finally it hit her. She rubbed her temples, walking towards the door.

"Where ya going?" Sonic asked.

"To my tower. I've potions there to counteract a headache." She opened the door and began to walk through it.

"Percival back yet?" he called after her.

"Not yet." She told him. Sonic sighed, sinking into his chair, prying off his armor and cloak, and hanging his sword belt on the arm of the chair. "How long does this kind of thing usually take?" He asked his blade, sighing.

"It is a celebration, Your Majesty." The blade began, "Her father has performed a feat that their bloodline was once cursed to attempt till the end of time. He has captured the questing beast. Is it not reasonable that they go to great lengths of celebration, or that they do so in King Pellinore's own home?"

"I guess not, I just wish I could've gone. I miss her, Excalibur."

"I understand, and I'm sure she feels the same way. She is probably thinking about you at this very moment." Sonic smiled, nodding, and climbed into his bed, kicking off his shoes.

"Night, buddy."

"Sleep well, My Liege."