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"Flashback Talking"

Bloodline Alert!: Naruto will possess a bloodline that will seem to be the same as Aragon Potters Ranbure-Ka which he owns but it is not, it is another name. I own this bloodline and the techniques to it and he will possess a Doujutsu but that will be explained in the second chapter. I will warn you on a head if anyone complains that I may seem to make Naruto seem Demi or Godlike, I am not making him into one, his bloodlines will serve a purpose later on to this story.

Time Frame: Right now we are on the Prologue, in which means right we are at the point Naruto looks back at everything that's happened to where he is now. The Chapters are broken into these Arcs:

Road of life (Where we are now)

Welcome to seireitei

To karakura town

TBC (more later on)

Personality Warning: Naruto will not be like own cannon series, at the beginning in the prologue and throughout the series he will be serious when he calls for it

Chapter 1: Prologue part 1: The Road of Life

It was out near a cliff fields surrounded by trees that was separated huge river created by a huge waterfall, but what is odd about the waterfall was it was between two statues, depicting two powerful warriors with old style armors. But in reality these were not just any old warriors, these two were the founders of Konoha, on the left if you look at it was Madara Uchiha and on the right it was Hashiriama Senju facing each other on the place known as the Valley Of The End. But today the statues looked like it took some damage. And it looked like there was a storm going on, the water was raging the clouds was dark and lightning was striking like the gods were fighting.

And right if you could look on the statue heads could see two people facing each other like the statues themselves, on the top of Madara Uchiha head a figure who is 5'5" fair skinned dark blue blackish hair wearing a faded high collar purple/gray short sleeved shirt fully zipped but if you look on the back you notice the fan symbolizing the Uchiha clan, he also wore a purple rope belt tied to a bow over a blue cloth holding a sword sheathed on the back, he also wore blue anbu like pants and black sandals. The most intreging thing about this shinobi if one to ever look in his eyes they were onyx black but the look itself is cold emptiness, hatred, death to whoever he is looking at.

The shinobi is Uchiha Sasuke former shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato (Hidden Village of the Leaf), former student of S rank missing-nin Orochimaru of the Sannin, and Madara Uchiha, former leader of Team Taki of the Akatsuki, but most of all the former member of Team 7 in Konoha consisting of Hatake Kakashi, Kopī Ninja no Kakashi (Copy ninja Kakahi) jounin sensei, himself rookie of the year, top kunochi of the year Haruno Sakura, and the dope of the class Uzumaki Naruto. During the times when Sasuke was a member of Team 7 Sasuke never seemed interested with the Girl he deems annoying or the class dobe, ever since the incident with his clans massacre in the hands of his older brother Uchiha Itachi, since then all Sasuke cared about was the Death of his brother by his hands and then restoring his clan, and he would do anything to get the power to it.

That all began when he received the curse mark from Orochimaru and the invitation to seek him out for power during the Chunin Exams, confronting Itachi learning he was not getting stronger, and somehow Naruto was in a short time after the chunin exam, leading all till the first show down in the Valley of the End when Naruto wanted to bring him back, but after the confrontation and Sasuke winning he decided to let naruto live and not choosing to surpass Itachi his own way and went to Orochimaru not seen for three years.

And within that time and all that time Sasuke trained till he killed Orochimaru gather a team to kill Itachi, which when he did all for Madara Uchiha to tell the truth that the Massacre was a fail coup de tat the Uchiha Clan tried to do in konoha, and the mission by the order the konoha elders and the Hokage for Itachi the destroy the Clan before it happened except to spare Sasukes life, angered by the revalation, it created a new resolve for Sasuke and Team Taki the destruction of the Hidden Leaf and awakening his new Mangekyo Sharingan.

After the death of Shinobi Elder Danzo who was Hokage at the 5 Kage Summit and Reunion of Team 7 Sasuke left and received Itachi eyes in order to see and receive the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan when he faced Naruto again. During the 4 Great Shinobi World War defeating Kabuto with the help of his Edo Tenshi (Imperial World Restoration) Brother Itachi and the truth he learned about itachi, sasuke defeated kabuto, but being as slippery as a snake like his master kabuto got away along with control of his technique and his revived army. With kabuto gone and his time short Itachi wanted to try and plead to Sasuke about not Destroying Konoha, Sasuke refused and did not steer his resolve leaving behind his once again dead brother itachi and never looking back and traveled to face the dobe by the Name of Naruto.

By the time he made it to the field he came upon the site of naruto and a pile of ash, figuring it was madara dead, sasuke looked at naruto and naruto was looking a Sasuke tired and looked like he can't go on anymore, even though sasuke knew he wasn't even better, in the end sasuke walked away but not before leaving naruto a message that left what was considered a revelation, and something that finally broke the mask naruto wore around himself.


As Sasuke was walking away from a tired and confused Naruto he looked back and said in a cold emotionless "Dobe I'm not going to kill yet if that is what you're thinking, instead I suggest you recuperate and get stronger, because if you want to settle this once for all between the two of us meet me at the place where I severed the bond between us." Without even blinking just continued on "And know this; it will soon be the place where you will have to make an ultimate choice." As soon as Naruto looked upon Sasuke with a confused look it soon started to rain causing Naruto spiked golden sun kissed hair to shadow his eyes a little "w-what choice sasuke..." Sasuke just gave a hnn and continue without even caring about the rain "the choice of continuing to try and save me from this 'darkness' as you call it or even bring me back to that weak village then end up dying on my feet and I end up destroying the Hidden Leaf with everyone enslaved upon my feet or dead." Leaving a flinching and shivering Naruto who was probably envisioning Sasuke was describing in a cold drone like voice "o-or." "Or you can prove yourself to be better than me an elite of the Uchihas and save those pathetic people in that disgraced village and your so called 'precious people' by doing the one thing you could never do every time we crossed paths..kill me...because if you don't then everything you hold dear will die by my hands."

After a couple of minutes of looking at a stone faced eye shadowing naruto, who out of nowhere, naruto suddenly gave sasuke the coldest icy dark look you could imagine with a fiery look of determination behind it just burning at sasuke "Fine so be it teme..name the time and I'll be there." sasuke just looked at him with a hint of smug on his lips "Since you know where it is, that makes it easier dobe...but the time...when I said get some rest I want you to get stronger since as it is now, you are not ready for me. I want you to enjoy everything while you can and be ready in three years time. You will soon know then. As I said earlier about our bond being broken, I meant it after I leave you here there is no going back for me...we meet again after this you will die if you hold back against me." Just then he looked forward and started to leave the battlefield behind, but not before naruto had one last thing to say "Sasuke!" stopping for a moment "so be it...I understand now… and your right there is no turning back now. Since you just now threaten my home, I will just to have to stop you now, forget the promise I made back then, I swear to you now I will stop you, I will not hold back on you now, and I will not allow to destroy my home..sasuke, three years." sasuke didn't even respond but with a barely noticed nod and just shushin (Body Flicker Technique) in the form of black flames until there was nothing left, and naruto just walked away taking sasuke advice, get ready for the biggest fight of his life as well enjoy what will be probably the last three years of life as much as he can and in the way he chooses to.

XX(Flashback end)XX

After that confrontation sasuke traveled the world to get in-tuned with his eyes and his powers, and nothing else until it was the time for the confrontation and here is looking at the one man that he made the challenge to, the man that stands in his way to the hidden leaf village, the man that was one of the few that was the source of his anger because the fact that this man was the dobe to him, and yet he had the strength, and the power that he had desired until he (sasuke) achieved the ultimate power of the Sharingan, and now to see if the dobe is truly his equal or if he is truly the elite and superior to him. "Well nice to see you here dobe, did you take my advice or will you allow me to kill you as well as that pathetic village of yours."

Across from sasuke on Hashriama's head stood a man 6' with sun kissed blonde hair with spikes that went down to his shoulders; two large bangs framed his face, while several smaller bangs hovered just a little over his eyes. Around his shoulders held up by two strings tied was a hat that was cone shape and was white but on the front was a red and in the center was the symbol kanji for fire the hat was hanging on the back it was the Hokages hat. His clothing consisted of a pair of black shinobi cargo pants, which had black greaves that had silver edges on the outside of the pants to them leading down to a pair of black steel toed combat boots. His shirt was black skin tight and sleeveless, over it was what looked like a black anbu chest plate. Hanging around his neck and situated right above the chest plate was a crystal necklace, an artifact that had been passed down in the Senju family and originally belonged to the Shodaime. Around both his arms were black bandages; over the bandages were black Anbu style forearm protectors. His hands had a pair of dark red fingerless gloves on, with steel plating on the back, one with the Uzumaki swirl and another with the lightning bolt surrounded by what looked like a hurricane. Finishing off his look was a black, short sleeve high collared Haori with orange flames licking the edges of the sleeves and red on the bottom edges of the coat. And around his waist was a burnt orange sash with two katana swords on each side of his waist.

This was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze, the hero of the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, former teammate to sasuke uchiha and team 7, former anbu captain, the Rokudaimine (Sixth) Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato and holder of a Storm kekki genkai (Bloodline limit) and another Doujutsu (eye technique) but that is for later. As naruto looked on at sasuke completely blocking the thought the storm that is going on around him, especially one that people that if were to look at it and then naruto, the storm can match his emotions, his mind could look like a narrow hallway with doors and if he would walk pass them they would bend and crush under pressure (I.), and who could blame him, especially with everything that's happened to naruto all his life the good and the bad.

Continuing to look at sasuke, naruto was thinking back to everything that has happened, ever since the time he was kicked out of the orphanage at the age of 4, the times when he lived on the streets for six months till he was found by the anbu and the sandamine hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, who discovered what happened to naruto and although he was furious of the orphanage for not only lying to hiruzen about naruto being there, but the fact he should have gone to see if he was there.

Realizing that sending naruto back there will be a mistake, he instead decided to give naruto his own apartment hoping he will be safe there. And although the old saying "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." That was the case when even though naruto was safe from the kids and the caretaker in orphanage that did not save naruto from the isolation and loneliness he felt when he would cry to himself even in his sleep.

Even after having the place himself this did not help naruto at all, even to the time when he went to the shinobi academy, he felt isolated there as well, with the kids make fun of him to teachers ignoring him, to the fact his jealousy with sasuke who broods and calls him a loser with the fact he has everything naruto ever wanted, with the way he was so desperate for attention he started to pull pranks on the village and make himself seems like the class clown.

To the time naruto was 12 and the day he failed the graduation exam for the third time Disappointed that his plans of becoming Hokage have hit another hurdle, Naruto was approached by one of his instructors, Mizuki. Mizuki told Naruto that, if he could steal the forbidden scroll from the Hokage mansion and learn one of the techniques written in it, then he would be allowed to graduate. Naruto did so, and began struggling to learn the kage bushin no jutsu, unaware that the village was now looking for him. Iruka tracked him down, and discovered Mizuki's involvement in the theft, realising that Naruto had been duped by Mizuki, in an effort to steal the scroll. Mizuki attacked them, and told Naruto about the Nine-Tails sealed within him, claiming that Iruka hated him because of it. When Iruka risked his life to protect Naruto, however, Naruto realized that Mizuki's earlier words were a lie, and created hundreds of shadow clones to beat Mizuki to a coma. For mastering such a difficult technique, Iruka allowed Naruto to graduate.

For the start of naruto career you think he would be happy to be on a team who according to his Hokage grandfather figure would be like a family to him, but behind his mask naruto was not happy when he learned to be with sasuke and sakura because deep down he knew even though they had a rivalry, and a crush on sakura he knew teaming up with them would never work. And that was somewhat proven right when he and his teammates met up with his Jounin Sensei Hatake Kakashi, and having to take the bell test, 'man if I was able to I would travel back in time and, create a shadow clone and kick my own ass for being suck a baka back then' and after failing the test because the fact sasuke, worked with no one thinking they will be liability, and sakura not helping naruto and spent the whole time looking for sasuke, and naruto trying and failing when going up against kakashi, it was then a the point when they all failed kakashi then explained that the whole point of it all was to teach them the meaning of teamwork, which then after getting another chance and they all reluctantly agreed they then by sheer luck pass the test.

Naruto then remembers that thanks again to his stubbornness they took the C rank mission to protect and escort tazuna on this way back to Nami no Kunai (Land of Waves) half way between leaving the village and on the way to wave they were attacked by the Oni Kyodai (Demon Brothers), who thanks to kakashi investigation discovered they tried to kill Tazuna, they realised that there was more to this mission than a simple escort. Tazuna revealed that his country was under the control of Gato, who had left the people poor and unable to afford the more accurate A-rank mission payment.

Team 7 decided to help Tazuna, and act as his bodyguards until the bridge was completed. Then there was the time in the mission when they met Momochi Zabuza the Kirigakure no Kijin (Demon of the Mist) and the battle of kakashi and team 7 that lead to his life saved to live to fight another day.

And during the time when meeting tazuna and his family to training chakra control exercise tree climbing 'Again I swear I really want to kick my ass every time for not remembering the specialty of kage bushin technique, and strangle kakashi for not mentioning it back then' and the rivalry naruto and sasuke used to help each other. Then next day after was the time Naruto was resting from training one day, he encountered Haku and the discussion and learning about protecting those who were precious to them, and the lengths they would go to protect them.

After Haku left, Naruto finished the training, but was left behind and the rest of Team 7 went to escort Tazuna to finish the bridge but end up in a midst of the battle between Zabuza and Haku. The result of the battle left Naruto to first using the Kyuubi power the first time, death of Haku, Zabuza who did not die in vain and took gato with him, that same day naruto reflected everything that happened that day, zabuza showed naruto what the true meaning of a ninja and haku taught him the true meaning of strength and purpose of a ninja, and naruto swore that on their graves he and realized he would take what Haku and zabuza did and said to heart.

After their mission and return from Nami no Kunai, got naruto reminisced the event that not only changed team 7 forever but also showed their true colors, their first Chunin exams. From what naruto it was the time when the rookies and team 7 all gathered, met kabuto, the Sabaku family when and conquered the first part of the exam, then prepared themselves for the second part of the exam Team 7 was sent into the Forest of Death with one scroll, tasked to obtain a second scroll from another team and arrive at the forest's centre before the phase ended. Soon after entering the forest, they were attacked by Orochimaru, who knocked naruto away with a futon attack, then immobilized Sasuke and Sakura. Before Sasuke could forfeit their scroll in exchange for their lives, Naruto intervened, fighting Orochimaru by tapping into the Nine-Tails' chakra. Orochimaru rendered Naruto unconscious by blocking access to the Nine-Tails' chakra with the Gogyou Fuuin (5 Element Seal). After that Orochimaru fled after giving sasuke the curse seal mark or as he calls it his gift in return to seek him for more power.

Afterwards making it out alive after the end of the fifth day team 7 pass the second test, Later the same day because too many genin teams had passed the second phase, a round of preliminary matches, where genin faced each other in combat, were held to thin the field. Then there was the time, Naruto started training with Ebisu was then knocked out by Jiraiya, Naruto wanting Jiraiya to train him in his place for the chunin exam finals. When his match against Neji began, Naruto appeared to be at a disadvantage, although he was able to overwhelm Neji with kage bushin, but they could not land a hit on him. Determined to prove Neji wrong, Naruto tapped into the Nine-Tails' reserves and, revitalized, then clashed with Neji to making naruto the victor. When Sasuke fought Gaara, the fight was interrupted by the beginning of the invasion of Konoha ending the exams. With the Nine-Tails' chakra, he summoned Gamabunta, and fought Gaara, who by now had progressed to his Full Shukaku tailed form. Naruto was able to awaken Gaara from his technique and reseal Shukaku, and they exchanged final blows, with Naruto emerging the final blow defeating Gaara. Gaara understood and acknowledge his strength, and retreated with Kankurō and Temari, while Naruto was returned back to Konohagakure with Sakura and Sasuke. Naruto mood dropped a bit remembering the days passed, when Naruto and the rest of the shinobi came to a ceremony to respect the death of the Third Hokage and his sacrifice for the village 'I never even got to say goodbye to him that day'.

After the failed invasion resulted in the death of the Third, Jiraiya was tasked with finding a Fifth Hokage. He convinced Naruto to come with him because he was his apprentice and by promising to teach him a new technique that would be stronger than Sasuke's Chidori (Thousand birds). Along the way, they were met by Kisame Hoshigaki and Itachi Uchiha, two members of Akatsuki, who sought to capture Naruto for the Nine-Tails sealed within him. Jiraiya was able to draw them off, but Naruto was introduced to the organization that would become more of a problem for him later on.

Naruto and Jiraiya eventually found Senju Tsunade, the ideal candidate for the position of Fifth Hokage. Except when she turned down the offer, and insulted all those who had previously held the title, an angry Naruto challenged her to a fight and attacked her with an incomplete Rasengan 'For once I would actually agree with Tsunade and Jiraiya I was a complete stubborn baka back then for doing that'. Although his effort failed to hit her, she was surprised by his progress and decided to make a bet with him: if he could master the technique in a week, she would give him her necklace, but if he couldn't, she would take his money and his frog wallet, Gama-chan.

Remebering the final day of the bet, a day he would never forget, the day when Tsunade met with Orochimaru, the murderer of the Third Hokage, and the Fourth Kazekage, at the same time Naruto, Jiraiya, and Shizune, Tsunade's apprentice, tried to stop her from helping him. Tsunade turned out to have no intention of helping Orochimaru, and fought him and his assistant, Kabuto. When Kabuto left her unable to fight, Naruto came to her aid. Although he was getting beaten by Kabuto and Tsunade told him to run, Naruto refused and by using shadow clones to help him form the final piece he was looking for the puzzle, Naruto was able to hit Kabuto with a perfected Rasengan, thus defeating Kabuto and winning the bet.

Amazed by his determination to keep to his word and to survive against a superior opponent, Tsunade gave him her necklace, drove off Orochimaru and Kabuto, and accepted the position of Fifth Hokage.

They returned to Konoha, Tsunade confidently believing Naruto would someday become a great Hokage. After returning with Tsunade, Sasuke began to fall into the corruption set in place for him by Orochimaru and the fact he was reflecting everything that has happened between him and naruto. He began lashing out at Sakura and Naruto, not as team-mates but as enemies thus showing him his true colors, eventually defecting from Konoha in order to seek out Orochimaru for power. Under the escort of Orochimaru's Sound Four, Sasuke left to join Orochimaru, and Naruto joined a Sasuke retreaval team that would bring him back; he also made a promise to Sakura that he will bring Sasuke back at all cost 'Thinking back now that was when everything went wrong, I should never have done that' . While the other members of the team dealt with the Sound Four, Naruto finally engaged in a fight with the Sound Four's fifth member, Kimimaro Kaguya.

When Naruto was about to be killed, he was saved by Rock Lee, who told him to continue to reach Sasuke while he fought Kimimaro. Naruto finally caught up with Sasuke in a place called Valley of the End, very near the border of the Fire Country and the Rice Country, and fought Sasuke. It all came down with a one kyuubi tailed naruto, and stage two curse seal sasuke, then the two had one final clash, Naruto with his vermilion Rasengan (enhanced by the Nine-Tails' chakra) and Sasuke with his black Chidori (empowered by the cursed seal). Upon contact, a giant, black energy dome formed and surrounded them. In the dome, Sasuke struck Naruto in the stomach, while Naruto scratched Sasuke's headband, proving the latter's earlier taunt of the subject wrong. Sasuke still won the fight, but after staring at the unconscious Naruto, he couldn't bring himself to kill him and spared his life on a whim, so he simply continued on his way to Orochimaru, while Kakashi and Pakkun were too late to get Sasuke, and left with Naruto.

In the hospital, Jiraiya arrived suddenly, telling Naruto to go on a training trip for three years, but he also told him to give up on Sasuke, as he is no different from Orochimaru they were both lost causes. Naruto accepts training with Jiraiya, but rejects to giving up Sasuke, 'And yet I should have listened', Thus then Naruto was not seen for three years. When Naruto returned to Konoha, the remaining members of Team 7 were reorganized into Team Kakashi. And then on that same day heard that Gaara, the Kazekage, had been kidnapped by the Akatsuki. Naruto and Team Kakashi set out for Sunagakure no Sato to save him.

Upon arrival in Sunagakure, Chiyo was added to Team Kakashi as an adviser, and they followed Akatsuki's trail. When they reached the base, Deidara escaped with Gaaras body with Naruto and kakashi to follow him, while initially unable to catch Deidara, Kakashi was able to use his Mangekyo Sharingan to distract Deidara, giving Naruto an opportunity to attack him and retrieve Gaara. Deidara escaped, and Naruto and Kakashi reunited with Sakura and Chiyo who was able to kill Sasori. Although Sakura tried to heal Gaara, he had already died a casualty of Akatsuki's Tailed Beast Extraction.

Chiyo, with the help of Naruto, restored Gaara back to life, at the cost of her own. Gaara awakened with the help of Naruto. After Chiyo's funeral, Naruto and Gaara finally shake hands (Gaara insisting), as a sign to their close relationship. Afterward Team Kakashi and Guy returned to Konoha. Thinking of the times when his mask (II.) started to crack was when Sakura mentioned during her battle with Sasori, she learned of a spy in Orochimaru organization an opportunity for them to find Sasuke after three years. Kakashi was left hospitalized from overuse of the new Mangekyō Sharingan, so an Anbu by the codename Yamato was assigned to lead Team Kakashi in his place.

Sai was also added to the team as Sasuke's replacement, but neither Naruto nor Sakura were able to accept him as such. When they arrived at the meeting spot, they found that the spy was Kabuto. Yamato, disguised as Sasori, spoke with him, but they were interrupted by the arrival of Orochimaru. Kabuto, in turn, turned against Yamato, who was forced to call Naruto and the others for back-up. Surprised to see Naruto, Orochimaru wondered aloud if Naruto had become as strong as "his Sasuke". Enraged that Orochimaru had spoken as if Sasuke belonged to him, Naruto entered Kyuubi three tailed state, and lashed out to Orochimaru.

In the three tailed cloak form Orochimaru was able to evade Naruto's attacks but when Naruto reached a fourth tailed cloak and Naruto lost his senses causing some problems and being a danger to Orochimaru. After unintentionally harming sakura, Yamato found his moment to restrain him before he could do any real harm, and forced the Nine-Tails' influence to recede. Reunited again, Naruto and Sakura tried to convince Sasuke to come home. Still determined to gain power to kill Itachi, and after claiming his bond with konoha was severed the day he stabbed Naruto, and the only bond he has is with his brother and calling it 'The Bond of Hatred' he refused, prompting the team to use force.

Their efforts were unsuccessful, and Naruto, who was exhausted from his fight with Orochimaru in his four-tailed form, wasn't able to compete with Sasuke's growth. Sasuke tried to finish off his team-mates, but he was stopped by Orochimaru and they retreated, leaving Team Yamato to return home knowing they would meet again.

Naruto came up with his highlited flashback of when Kakashi, hoping to make Naruto better prepared for his next encounter with Sasuke, trained him to create a new wind-based technique, Kakashi had Naruto train with the idea of using Kage Bushin to master wind manipulation in only a fraction of the time 'Again why did he not mentioned that sooner, lazy teme'. While he struggled to create his new Rasengan, the rest of Konoha mobilized to deal with the Akatsuki members, Hidan and Kakuzu 'The immortals of the Akatsuki'. When the two managed to kill Asuma, Kakashi left Yamato in charge of overseeing Naruto's training so that he could help Team10 avenge Asuma.

Once he achieved a usable technique, Naruto and Team Yamato went to provide assistance, arriving in time to save Kakashi and Team 10 from Kakuzu. Naruto engaged Kakuzu by himself with his Futon: Rasenshuriken, created with the help of shadow clones. Once striking Kakuzu with the attack, two of his hearts were destroyed, and his final heart failed thus defeated him.

Later after the battle, Naruto remembered the news of Orochimaru's death at the hands of Sasuke, Team Kakashi decided to make another attempt for him. Knowing that Sasuke was going after his older brother, they teamed up with the members of Team 8 to find one of the Uchiha brothers. They unexpectedly encountered Kabuto, who had absorbed some of Orochimaru's remains into his body. As a token of his thanks to Naruto for "inspiring" him to overcome Orochimaru's will, Kabuto gave him a book containing information on Akatsuki, and made his escape.

After regrouping, Naruto used a number of shadow clones to search the area faster. When he found, Itachi he repelled all of Naruto's attempts to attack him, insisting that he only wanted to talk. He trapped Naruto in a genjutsu and, as was later revealed, questioned Naruto on his dedication to Sasuke and to Konoha. When Naruto insisted that he would protect both at any cost, Itachi gave Naruto some of his chakra sealed inside a crow in case he ever needed it.

When the real Naruto and the rest of the team moved to intercept sasuke, they were stopped by Tobi and it was only after word reached them that Sasuke had killed Itachi that Tobi allowed them to continue, by then it was too late.

Naruto then remember the day when he returned to Konoha, and learned that Jiraiya had died in his battle with the leader of Akatsuki, Pain. Grief overtaking him, Naruto spent the rest of the day mourning the loss of his teacher, musing over the fact he had wanted Jiraiya to be there when he achieved his dream. Naruto wanting to avenge his fallen teacher, decided to go to train with the toads to learn Senjutsu, knowing that Pain was coming for him. To learn senjutsu, Naruto trained to harmonize with nature was able to attain a perfect Sage Mode, something Jiraiya had never been able to do.

When news of Pein's attack on Konoha reached them, they began to mobilize for battle. As Naruto (in Sage Mode), Fukasaku, Gamaken, Gamahiro, Gamabunta, and Gamakichi were summoned to the centre of Konoha, Naruto did not immediately recognize the crater he had been summoned to, but then saw the Hokage Monument in the distance.

Realizing that Pain had destroyed the village, Naruto told Tsunade and with the help Katsuya to make sure that none of the other shinobi's would intervene in the battle he would do this himself (With the Toads)

Though he had defeated five of Pain's six bodies leaving himself against the Deva Path, however, the Deva Path quickly captured Naruto with his chakra rods. When it looked as if the Deva Path had killed Hinata who came to intervene right before his very eyes, Naruto became so furious to the point where he entered his six-tailed form. Unable to deal with this new power, the Deva Path retreated to a location where it could use Chibaku Tensei (Planetary Devastation), drawing in and containing Naruto. Through his suffering and pleading for someone to help him, the Nine-Tails tempted Naruto to entrust his heart to it so that it could destroy everything that was causing Naruto pain, thus distorting the seal to the point where the eight tailed form was released, breaking free of the Chibaku Tensei.

Before he could completely release the Nine-Tails, The Fourth Hokage, appeared in Naruto's subconscious and stopped him. Minato revealed that he was his father designed the seal to allow an imprint of himself to appear in an event that the seal was about to break, a failsafe meant to protect his son. Picking up on this, Naruto was first pissed enough to him in the stomach and let out his frustration, then he was overjoyed to finally know who one of his parents was. His time being short, Minato revealed that he had sealed the Nine-Tails into his own son because he thought Naruto would someday find use for it in finally stopping the masked man of the Akatsuki who naruto recognized as tobi. Naruto emerged from the Chibaku Tensei, he clashed one final time with the Deva Path, Naruto was finally able to defeat him with his Rasengan in the stomach and win the battle.

Using the Deva Path's chakra receivers, Naruto sought out Nagato, Pain's base mind, to find the answer of his earlier question about peace. After hearing Nagato's past and his reasons for desiring war, Naruto agreed on some points, but rejected the overall conclusion on the grounds that it differed from Jiraiya's ideals and to break the cycle of hatred, Naruto told Nagato and Konan that, despite he hated them, he would not kill them. Amazed by Naruto's determination to his answer, Nagato said that he would believe in Naruto, and revived all the people he had killed in Konoha, at the cost of his own life.

Naruto helped Konan retrieve Nagato and Yahiko's bodies for burial in Amegakure. After confirming that she had quit Akatsuki, Konan left Naruto a bouquet of paper flowers for him, symbolizing their new alliance.

While the exhausted Naruto was returning to the village, Kakashi found him and carried him back. He was greeted by the entire village and celebrated as a hero. When the news that Danzō Shimura has replaced Tsunade as Hokage and has ordered that Sasuke be executed as a traitor to the village 'That was when things turned for the worst'. When Naruto heard about the Kage Summit, he asked Yamato and Kakashi to take him to the Land of Iron so that he could ask A, the Fourth Raikage, to forgive Sasuke for his crimes. Yamato and Kakashi agreed, but when they arrived and spoke with A, the Raikage not only refused his request but he also berated Naruto for standing up for a criminal who captured his brother.

Naruto then went to a local inn to consider what to do next, where he was soon confronted by Tobi, who asked Naruto on how he got Nagato to change his mind. Naruto ignored the question and demanded to know about his plans with Sasuke. Tobi told him about the story about the Sage of the Six Paths, the Uchiha clan, and the truth about the Uchiha clan massacre, all of which now drove Sasuke along a path of vengeance. Naruto insisted that that he could still get through to Sasuke, but Tobi laughed and left, saying that Naruto and Sasuke are fated to fight again.

Naruto then remembered when everything changed when Sakura came to the Land of Iron to speak with him. She told him that she loved him and she no longer had any feelings for Sasuke. Naruto, knowing that Sakura was still in love with Sasuke, didn't believe her and said she was lying to herself. Angered by this, Sakura insisted that she was telling the truth and he therefore doesn't need to fulfill his earlier promise of bringing Sasuke home. Naruto firmly replied that his actions had nothing to do with the promise and that he just wanted to save Sasuke, choosing not to reveal what Tobi had said to him. Sakura then left with the others, saying she was going home. Soon, one of Sai's ink clones approached Naruto, telling him, Kakashi, and Yamato about Sakura and the rest of the Konoha 11's decision to kill Sasuke to prevent him from involving Konoha in another war, and also mentioned that he believes Sakura is still in love with Sasuke, later proven to be true, and wanted to be the one to stop him from descending lower.

Gaara also appeared and told them about the Fourth Shinobi World War on the rise, and the decision to protect Naruto from Akatsuki. Gaara pleaded with Naruto to think about all of the people who will be fighting the likes of Sasuke on his behalf and, as Sasuke's friend, to do what was best case for what he has done. When Gaara left, Naruto considered what everyone had told him and started hyperventilating and passed out. When he woke up, he discovered from Yamato that Kakashi had gone to stop Sakura and deal with Sasuke.

Naruto escaped from Yamato and pursued Kakashi using his Sage Mode to follow his chakra. He arrived just in time to save Sakura from being killed by Sasuke. Naruto made a last attempt to reason with his former friend, understanding with his pain and acknowledging Itachi's sacrifice. However, Sasuke was unmoved and made his resolve to destroy Konoha clear. Shocked by the depths of his hatred, Kakashi resolved to kill Sasuke, but was stopped by Naruto, who instead fought Sasuke head-on; matching his Rasengan with the latter's Chidori. Both survived the clash, with Madara and Zetsu coming to Sasuke's aid. Before Sasuke left, Naruto noted that they had both became top-class ninja, and if they ever fought again, they would both die. He nevertheless accepted such an outcome, since it would at least enable him to shoulder Sasuke's hatred alone. In answer, Sasuke declared that he had no intention to die, and promised to kill Naruto first.

He left with Tobi, and Naruto returned to Konoha Later he thought of the time when the Kages wanted to keep Naruto safe from Akatsuki, the five Kage sent him along with Yamato, Might Guy, Aoba Yamashiro, and several other Konoha-nin to a turtle island in the Land of Lightning, under the story that he was there to study the island's ecology. Upon arrival, Naruto remembered when he met with Killer Bee and was marveled at his mastery of his tailed beast. After hearing Naruto and Bee had bumped fists, Motoi took Naruto to the Falls of Truth, where Bee had started his training to control the Eight-Tails. Motoi instructed Naruto to sit on the platform in front of the waterfall and close his eyes, and he would see who he truly was on the inside. While doing this, Naruto was greeted by another version of himself (Yami Naruto), who berated Naruto on how quickly the people from Konoha changed their opinions of him.

After that, while Naruto reminisced about how Bee and Gaara changed the peoples' opinions about them, and that he wasn't certain if the villagers of Konoha truly trusted him, Motoi was attacked and was saved by B, and Naruto was happy to see the two being able to resume their friendship. After that, Naruto went back to the Falls of Truth and confronted Dark Naruto again. When Naruto said that he must have faith in himself, it started to weaken Dark Naruto and forcing him to ask what was the reason for his existence then. Naruto said he was really him and thanked him for pushing him to be the person he is now. He then hugged Dark Naruto when he tried to attack him, who cried and disappeared.

After awaking and celebrating, Bee led both Naruto and Yamato to a special room within the Beast Temple behind the Falls of Truth, where Naruto would fight the Nine-Tails. And one of the greatest memories for Naruto was the time within his subconscious, the Nine-Tails fought with Naruto to the point where started to drain out its chakra. However, the Nine-Tails planted its hatred within its chakra and it suddenly began to consume Naruto, making him lose. Just before Naruto was completely succumbed to the Kyuubi's power, his mother Kushina Uzumaki appeared. Realizing Kushina was his mother, Naruto started to cry and hugged her. With his happiness, the Nine-Tails' spreading influence stopped, much to Yamato and B's surprise. When Kushina told Naruto that she loved him, his positive emotions was able to deplete the Nine-Tails' hatred within its drained chakra. Realizing this he with the help of Kushina quickly made a large number of shadow clones, entered Sage Mode, and bombarded the Nine-Tails with the combination of Sage Arts: Massive Rasengan Barrage and the Rasenshurikens, weakening the Nine-Tails further and completely separate it from its chakra and awakened a bijuu cloak (Mode). When the chakra merged with Naruto, the enraged, emaciated Nine-Tails attempted to fire a much larger Tailed Beast Ball, but its attack ultimately dissipated as Naruto used a more powerful seal to imprison the Nine-Tails once again. After that, when Naruto learned from Kushina everything and he told her that he was grateful they loved him before the Nine-Tails was sealed within him, and he was happy to be their son. Before she completely faded away, Kushina tearfully hugged Naruto, and thanked him for letting her and Minato be his parents.

Naruto then remembered due to the battle outside, Naruto became suspicious of what was happening, however, Bee in order to keep Naruto on the island, lead him back into the temple within the Falls of Truth to have him trained how to handle his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode properly and create a tailed beast ball in his form.

While Naruto continued to train under Bee's supervision, Naruto suddenly sensed the Nine-Tails' form the chakra within the rampaging six-tailed Rokubi far away from the temple. Wanting to investigate, Naruto was able to trick B into letting him out, but was stopped by Shibi Aburame along with a handful of Konoha-nin, which confirmed his earlier suspicions that something was wrong. With Naruto being outside of the chakra isolation chamber and sensing the war going on around him, Iruka finally revealed to Naruto that he had to be kept away from the battlefield in order to protect him from the enemy. However, Naruto refused to stay at the temple and declared that he would end the war on his own.

Remembering the time when A and Tsunade showed up at Naruto and B's location to prevent them from going another step further. After Naruto failed to argue his way through with A, Naruto tried to bypass them with his speed, but the Raikage, in his Raiton no Yori (The lightning armor), matched his speed and punched him back. Naruto pleaded with Tsunade to allow him to pass, but Tsunade stated she had to follow through on her role as a leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces. Understanding Tsunade's position, Naruto made another attempt to bypass them, only to be intercepted by A once more. As A attempted to punch Naruto, Bee blocked his attack. Bee explained to A that his and Naruto's strength came not only from their tailed beasts, but also because they had people who cared about them. To test Naruto, A then fully powered up his Lightning Release Armor and attacked Naruto with his fastest punch, but when he was able to dodge it, A allowed Naruto and B to pass.

While on their way, Naruto and Bee were contacted by Shikaku Nara (with the help of Inoichi Yamanaka's telepathy), who told them that Naruto was the only one who would be able to sense the chakra of the White Zetsu Army. Soon, their path was blocked by White Zetsu, disguised as shinobi from the Allied Shinobi Forces, and Naruto quickly took them all out with his new techniques. After summoning Gamahiro to crush a merged White Zetsu clone, he then deployed his clones to the other battlefields hoping to help them and ends this war quicker. Naruto and Bee moved on and later encountered the reincarnated Itachi Uchiha and Nagato.

While Naruto sparred with Itachi, Naruto revealed to him about Sasuke's plight, but reassured him that he still had a plan to do something about him. After Itachi sealed Nagato with his Sword of Totsuka, and been released from Kabuto's control he told Naruto that he would help end Kabuto's Impure World Reincarnation while Naruto would focus on fighting Tobi. After Itachi left, Naruto and Bee continued heading towards an unknown destination.

While Naruto's clones arrived at the other division's locations to help find and fight off the remaining White Zetsu within the areas, the one clone with Gaara and his unit was alerted to someone's presence by a sensor. They spotted Mū on a cliff above them and Ōnoki informed them that he must have split in half. They were even more shocked when Ōnoki told them that the person beside him was none other than Madara Uchiha. Gaara pointed out that Madara was reincarnated, and they all wondered who the masked man claiming to be Madara really was. Naruto noticed Tobi approaching and immediately head butted him, causing both of them to recoil from the impact. When Naruto questioned Tobi about his true identity, Tobi simply replied he was no one and he only wished to complete the Moon Eye Plan and fix the miserable, worthless world. Tobi then said both Naruto and Bee should at least understand what that misery felt like, but Naruto argued that having a tailed beast sealed inside them wasn't all bad and even in a world that Tobi deemed as 'worthless', no one was going to fall for his lies. Right after Naruto shouted his intention to rip off his mask, Tobi had the revived jinchūriki enter the early stages of their tailed beast transformations, which shocked both Naruto and Bee. After narrowly escaping from the revived jinchūriki and taking refuge under a shrub, Naruto, Bee, and the Eight-Tails began to formulate a counter measure against the jinchūriki. As he struggled to free himself, he was eventually swallowed by the Four-Tails and, to his surprise, got inside of Rōshi's subconscious and found the beast in chains.

After denying that he had come to steal the beast's power, Naruto was chastised by the ape that refused to be called "Four-Tails", telling him to call it by its proper name: Son Goku. As Naruto expressed his wish to be friends with Son Goku and the now kyuubi who's name is Kurama in the same manner that Bee was with the Eight-Tails, Son found it amusing, but when Naruto said that having understood their feelings because of the way he was mistreated in his youth and hated to see them mistreated by someone who didn't know who they were, Son came to realize that he was serious. Although Son agreed to tell the eager Naruto on how to stop it, it made a point beforehand of it not trusting jinchūriki and told him not to expect for it to become his ally, unless it trusted him. Outside of Rōshi's subconscious, Naruto forced the transformed Rōshi to vomit him out after the latter used the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique. After Naruto succeeded in removing charka rod and re-entered Rōshi's subconscious, he realized in shock that the chain that imprisoned Son was still there. Son explained that the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path still held its chakra and that Naruto had only freed it from Tobi's control. Noting Naruto's concern and his intention to save Son completely, it gave him some of its chakra before being re-sealed back into the statue.

Drained of chakra, Kurama offered to lend him more its power. Before accepting, however, Naruto thanked Kurama for its help during one of his clone's encounter with Madara, to which the fox rebuffed him for. Afterward Kurama offered to meld its chakra with Naruto's. Noting that Kurama was no longer the monster fox that attacked Konoha, but an ally of the village and his team-mate, Naruto unlocked the seal's gate and released Kurama as he prepared to face the five remaining, jinchūriki. With the gate opened, Naruto entered into his newer form (IV.), with no time to waste as the opposing tailed beasts prepared to blast Guy and Kakashi with their Tail Beast Balls, Naruto intervened and deflected the attacks with such speed that Kakashi mistook him for Minato Sensei.

Suddenly, after collided tail beast attack, Naruto found that his subconscious had been pulled into a space so that the remaining beasts and their jinchūriki could converse with him. Both the jinchūriki and tailed beasts then introduced themselves, and offered Naruto some of their power. In the real world, Naruto successfully managed to pull the Chakra Receivers from the beasts, just before his time in the new form ran out, which forced Tobi to seal all of the tailed beasts back into the Demonic Statue. Tobi was left incredulous about these turn of events, but remained convinced that still changed nothing. Naruto, though, disagreed; stating that he just learned a bunch of difficult names all at once, and teased Tobi for not knowing any of them. After a final clash and destroying Tobi (4), he was spent and prepared to join the remained member of the allied forces but was stopped when he came upon sasuke. Knowing he was done for prepared to strike back but was surprised sasuke spared him for now to prepare to fight in three years (V.). After the conversation naruto left to celebrate the victory of the Fourth Great Shinobi War.
Still looking at sasuke naruto gave a foxy grin "You should now sasuke, after all that's happened and seeing me still alive you know I'm difficult to kill. But I will admit I took your advice and now I'm going to kill you teme." As sasuke gave him a hnn, naruto then remembered the time he came home and began the road that leads him to where he is now.
As he came back to Konoha from the battlefield, Naruto went to meet with Tsunade to talk to about something he knew she would not like. Getting to go ahead to come in naruto went to face the music "Naruto, I'm surprise to see you knowing I gave you time to rest." Giving her intense stare "Tsunade-sama." she now knew something was up since he didn't call her Baa-Chan this was serious dropping the cheerful act looked upon naruto worriedly "Is something wrong naruto?" giving her a nod told her what happened after he killed Tobi how sasuke came upon him, at first she flinched when mentioned when he showed up, but then calmed when he said he spared him on the moment.

But then he mentioned his intentions on fighting naruto three years from now and if he doesn't he will not only kill naruto and then everyone from Konoha. Giving him the most intense look naruto has ever seen "Naruto..are you sure sasuke was serious this being three years from now. Are you sure he is not baiting you into a trap, to distract you then kill you." Naruto knowing she was worried just signed then looked at her with an equal tense stare scaring her a bit. "I know he was serious seeing him looking at me he knew I was a threat but I know he wants to remove me first before going to Konoha he feels if he kills me first he knows he is ready to destroy the village, and he wants to also wants to destroy me so he can prove himself to be the Elite of the Uchiha and of the Elemental Nations."

She just massages her temples and looks at naruto and gets to the reason he was here "I see, let's get to the point and let me ask you this, what are you going to do?" after a moment of silence and dropping his mask showing his feelings "You mean like am I going to stop and save him or kill him." She nods "To be honest Tsunade I at first wanted to save him by burdening his hate, and stop him, but after he told me earlier about our bond being broken and there was no going back, and how he was going to kill me if I hold back. He's serious I can't keep running or holding back anymore. No more chances if he wants to kill me, my precious people, even the people here in this village, then there's no telling what's next. I made my choice I told him forget my promise to save him and then we both left after I gave two words he understood." Looking worried "What were they Naruto?" "Three years." She flinched realizing he was right there was no going back. Releasing a breath she never knew she held looked back at naruto "All right, seeing as I know you're going to train what are you going to do now, are you going to let your friends know?" shaking his head in a negative "No not now, later on maybe but now the first I want to do is receive my family inheritance if there is some scrolls and techniques I can use to my advantage it will help, and after that parts done I request to join ANBU." She was confused as to why Naruto wanted to join ANBU but the part about his family inheretence she knew there was no way out. "When did you know about your parents?" after a moment "During the battle with Pain, my father told me after he saved me from breaking the seal. I learned about my mother during the battle with Kyuubi when she helped me defeat him." thinking over for a moment looking at naruto with a pleading look "Naruto first off I'm sorry about not telling you I was-"cutting her off with a sympathy look "It's fine tou-san told me about the old man and how he probably forced it as a secret to protect me as a safety precaution in case of Iwa knowing I was his son. Besides it doesn't matter now according to kaa-san he put in his will if I was strong enough to be Chunin I can receive my inheritance and name." thinking again to what he said, and she was surprised with about the fact what naruto told her made logical sense and even more about the fact on the things he said were logical. "very well the request to receive your inheritance has been granted, I'm sure you know where they are?" he nodded and went to the photo on the fourth took the photo down swiped the blood across a seal on the wall and poof he had three scrolls and a slip of paper and a key in his hands. Placing them in his jacket, and putting the picture back up, he went back to Tsunade and waited to hear what else she has to say "Now your request to join Anbu.. Normally I would say denied because you would not be ready yet because you are not Chunin let alone jonin, but since you took out S rank criminals, revived kages during the war and in your life I feel..you are ready to prove your worth so permission granted." Naruto smiled a little "But..you are still on mandatory R&R for the rest of the week and I will still need to put your status on Anbu next week and put on training reserve." His smile still didn't falter "That's fine if you want just put me on the S class mission section of the mission I can handle those for you, the training and Rank is all I wanted, the Rank just proves my worth, Chunin is out of the question, my battle with pain proves I can lead, ANBU are the best of the best and that's what I want to be, when I'm done with anbu I know I will be ready to be with you and Ero-sennin's league."Both giving off a little smirk she gave a little chuckle she looked at him "Very well I'll allow it but if there are lower ranking mission with people requesting you, I will assign them to you.." he gave a shrug saying that's fine "now then what type of mask would you like the be assign to you instating you an ANBU?" putting his hand on his chin in a thinking pose "I would like the kitsune mask." Giving a why look from Tsuande he gave his opinion "The reason why is simple, when the incident with Mizuki-teme, I tried to run away from the fact I am a jinchuuriki, and when the time I met my mother during the battle with tobi and meeting the others I'm not running anymore and the fact that the kyuubi and I respect one another mutually and this masks shows it." Getting a nod from here she replies "very well come back next week for your gear and mask, and remember to be ready for mission that will be requested if you are needed dismissed Naruto."

Getting a nod from the blond he decided to exit like his sensei but not before letting last thing before he left "By the way Baa-chan.." getting a twitch from here head "since you decided to be cooperative with me I have a gift for you." Getting a raised eyebrow from here "and what would that be?" seeing his smirk "A way to defeat the paperwork for you." Slamming her hands on the desk giving him a evil glare "Gaki I swear you better be serious right now because if you don't will kill you right just to save the uchiha brat some time!" his smirk still there "two words ..Kage..Bushin." She just looked at him with a complete blank on her face just for a few moment before she jumped over her desk and gave him a boned crushing hug with his face over her heavenly mounds (A/N:perverted giggle) spinning around cheering thank you over and over again and when she let him go he was gasping for air with a blush over his face. She still had that smile on "Thank you, you freaking favorite gaki of mine why didn't I think of that sooner?" he had a question mark over his head "What do you mean Jiraiya told me you knew and Kakashi told me about the secret during my wind element training and he mentioned it you?" with a frown on her face she realized Kakashi never did and Jiraiya is really lucky he is dead right now "They never did." with a monotone deadly voice with a black aura behind her naruto just a nervous chuckle 'Kakashi run like hell and Ero-sennin be glad you're dead right now' then she gave a happy chuckle a bright change attitude "No matter you given me the key to solving a big problem for me, so thanks again and dismissed see you next week." Nodding again and went out the window and on to his apartment to get his stuff to move into his new place. And Tsunade went to her desk to create three Kage Bushin to tackle the paper work while she left to get some sake both were unaware there were two different ears were listening.

XX(moments earlier)XX

Sakura was moving to have a meeting with Tsuande when she was about to knock she heard some voices from the inside when she heard naruto's name she knew her sensei was talking to naruto, normally she would just walking away because she was still pissed at naruto for writing off naruto confession to her saying she was lying but deep down it was true. But her curiosity got the better of her and she pressed her ear to the door and listened in. right to when she heard Naruto releasing himself from his promise in bringing sasuke back or saving him, since there is no going back, he will kill him, she lost it and just ran off crying to go tell a certain someone, knowing she will get answers from the now re-named Baka later. Too bad she will have to wait awhile, the other person shushined to go meet up with his student.

XX(Present-Naruto's Apartment)XX

Gathering the last of stuff and gave the key to the land lord naruto left his district with the piece of paper leading to the directions of his house. He stopped in the middle of the shinobi district closing his eyes for a moment he gave a smug smile "I know your there and you were listening in on me so come on out sensei." Jumping down landing next to his student without his book in hand having a little down crest look "Naruto..I'm sorry I never told you about your parents, or the fact I was your fathers student, in fact if I wasn't for the fact I was forced to only train sasuke for the fact I was into to save obito's legacy and not tuned to the fact you were sensei legacy I would have helped you more-" Naruto held his hand out to stop and just gave kakashi the come here motion when he did he put his hand on kakashi's shoulder and did a shushin to a training field 7 and just gave kakashi a punch in the gut and gave him a cold look "that was for four things the first was for apologizing for something that was not your fault 2. That was for teaching sasuke the chidori 3. That was for not mentioning the Kage Bushin before my training trip with ero-sennin 4. That was get you out of apologetic rambling to talk to you, now like I said to Tsunade I am not angry about you knowing tou-san told me everything, now we can do two things you going to keep apologizing to me or are you going to help me find my family home and give me some advice about joining ANBU and some of the training I can do there." Smiling at a kakshi who just scratched the back of head chuckling giving him his eye smile. "Well you're in luck as I happened to remember where the place is, but please while we are there can we talk about what you mentioned with Tsunade-sama while we are there?" nodding his head both sensei and student both jumped and roof hopped all the way till they came acrossthe house, which was protected by a high wall and gate that he could not see over and in the center of it look like the uzumaki swirl with a lightning in the middle. Looking at the gate Naruto recognized several seals that were on them as security seals.

Walking up to the gate Naruto took out the key, biting his thumb he swiped his blood on the key. As his wound healed with a slight hiss, the blond put the key into the lock and turned it. There was a clicking noise as the key turned, Naruto pushed the gate open and could not hold in the whistle that escaped his lips, and kakashi look like he was on memory lane it seemed the same as it was before like he was here yesterday. The house was as large as the Hyuuga estate by any means, but it was definitely one of the larger houses Naruto had seen. It looked to be about three stories, and was made in a mixture of traditional Japanese and Western style architecture. Naruto smiled as he made his way towards the house while he was passing he was thinking of adding a little garden along with a fountain around it, using the same key that had opened the gate to open the front door with kakashi following him.

Stepping inside both looked around, they were currently in what seemed to be the living room. It was a fairly spacious room, with several comfortable looking black leather couches that were surrounding an oak coffee table. A little to the left and of the place looked like a painting area ready to be used. And situated around the room were several lamps, which were currently giving off a dim lighting.

Naruto soon began to explore the rest of the house, with his first stop being the kitchen. The place was what Naruto would easily describe as a chefs wet dream, all the counters were made of stainless steel. The cabinets were made of Mahogany and while the kitchen ware was not the most recent, it was still far superior to what most people had. The only problem Naruto could see was that he had no food in the cabinet or fridge, however that was an easy problem to solve. Naruto created a Kage Bushinand ordered it go buy food from the markets hoping he can be able to, in the meantime reminded himself to see if he able to go clothes and equipment shopping.

The next area to check was the second floor, this was where all of the smaller bed rooms were located. Each one consisted of a queen sized bed, two dressers and a walk in closet. They also each came with their own bathroom, which had a shower/bath combo that could even act as a personal Jacuzzi. There were ten of these rooms in all, enough to hold a decently sized family.

Walking up the stairs Naruto reached the master bedroom, this room was not just located on the top floor. But was in fact the entire third floor, and could in many ways be considered a first floor house unto itself. In the left hand corner near the entrance sat several leather chairs along with a huge bookshelf, on the right hand corner was a large king sized bed, with red sheets and pillows and had a dresser on either side. Opposite the bed was a large walk in closet, which was easily twice the size of the ones downstairs. To the left and a little farther from the chairs was a door, which led to a bathroom that had the same setup as the one downstairs; the only difference being that this one had a double shower head.

Naruto walked over to the bed and looked at the pictures which were arrayed on the dresser, there were pictures of his parents. Some of which were actually rather funny, like a picture which was obviously taken by his mom of his dad who had been eating ramen; only it looked like he had sneezed and had ramen coming out of his nose. However some were much more heartfelt, Naruto picked up one such picture as he gently pressed his fingers against the glass. It was one of both his parents, Kushina had both her hands on her belly, which was bulging and clearly showing when she was pregnant with him. Minato had one arm around her shoulder, while his right hand was on both of her hands. Both of them were smiling, looking for all the world like a young couple who was not about to suffer untold tragedy.

Naruto wiped away the tear that threatened to fall from his eyes, the thought of having a family was nearly overwhelming to the blond he even wondered if he could survive his battle and even find someone to have a family. However he knew better than anyone, that dwelling on the past got you nowhere. Better to look towards the future, then to ask yourself what ifs, and what could have been. 'Besides…' Naruto thought with a small smile, there is someone out there for you that's what ero-sennin used to say. Sighing Naruto put the picture down and left the room, there was only one more room to check out, something kakashi mentioned while they were on the way here.

The basement.

Thanks to the seals his father had put up on the basement, it had been able to survive the Kyuubi attack intact. Since the place was what used to be where his father and mother studied seals, or sparred and practiced jutsu. However kakashi was not sure of the state, since he was not able to actually enter the basement due to the seals keeping him and everyone else out.

Naruto walked down the stairs and opened the door, before a large grin formed on his face. The basement was split into four different sectors, the first being the library. Which was filled with what looked like thousands of scrolls, with all kinds of knowledge from Katon, Suiton, Raiton, Futon, Doton jutsus to weapons forging and even some on civilian faculties like gardening, cooking, repairing, to even writing. There was a large dojo, that had an array of different weapons mounted on the wall and Naruto noticed self repairing seals on the floor, ceiling and wall. On the left was what looked like an office station, Naruto could see that it was where his father had studied and come up with new seals and jutsu. The last area looked like it was where said jutsu were practiced, it was a training program area and had several training dummies to launch jutsu at. Naruto also noticed this area had self repairing seals as well. Looking around this kakashi could see just one word going through his blonde friends mind 'Jackpot!' looking back at kakshi still having that smile going on his face until he blinked for a moment then smile a bit "my clones came back from the market 'and they didn't price gauge me the temes' so while we head back do you want a cup of tea or sake of anything?" kakashi looked like he had smug look "Is this a poor attempt to see me without my mask?" naruto just gave him a 'are serious' dead pan look and just chuckled while shaking his head to the side "no no sensei I'm just trying to be a good host, and I never had guest before, and I feel we may be here for a while." Kakashi just laughed while eye smiling "I know I was just teasing you. But if you're offering sake sounds very nice please." Smiling both went back to the living room and sat down from across each other with two saucers and two bottles, poring for both the two looked across from each other naruto started "So sensei what would you like to ask?" looking at his saucer he looked back "Were you being honest..when you said about killing sasuke?" starting off with the big one he has been wondering. Looking at his sake and just look back up at kakashi straight at him "yes..he threatens those close to me..to me that's the death sentence." With a straight face, kakashi looking at him can tell when someone is lying and right there naruto was telling the truth, after giving him a nod relaxed a bit and after naruto giving kakashi a what's wrong kakashi just looked at naruto with a regretful look "Naruto the reason I asked is because, I don't know what to think right now I mean sasuke was a student of mine, you're a student of mine. And the fact that one threatens everyone here in this village, while the other is being forced to kill him because of my failings." Giving a depressed look, naruto looks at him with a frustrated look "Sensei-" "Naruto please let me finish.." giving the go ahead "I just don't know whether to believe what I did what I thought was right, or it was because your destiny is your own or I let thing go as they are and not stepped in when I needed to. But the way I see it now I'm so sorry naruto, if there is anything I can do to make it up to you, I swear it upon obito's eye I will do it." Giving him a bow upon his student, and naruto just looked at him, stood up walk over to him and just gave a sigh "well you can first, stand up and stop bowing it's not in your nature sensei.." nodding and standing up and naruto just smacked him on the head "Seriously sensei what have I said about apologizing without reason!" nodding again naruto continued "Now if you are serious, about making it up for me, how about if I need you for advice on anbu, training, and jutsu techniques you will show up on time?" nodding seriously show a smile naruto face. "Ok, do that and your good with me sensei. Now is there anything else?" nodding again still having the serious face "The other eaves dropper-" "sakura right?" kakashi nodding "What are we going to do about her knowing her she left when you mentioned about killing sasuke and didn't stay to hear why, and she will probably tell other people which will cause a problem you don't need." Naruto slapping his face and dragging it down letting a frustrated sign "Now that you mentioned that, you're right it will cause a problem. The first thing if you can talk to Tsunade about this and I will deal with sakura because you and I both know she will come to me about sooner or later." Nodding again kakashi stood up, getting ready to leave thanked naruto for the sake and clearing things up for him, naruto nodded and said if he ever wanted to come by and talked again he was always welcomed, and even asked if it was possible hear from kakashi about his tou-san, which kakashi was more than happy to. After Kakashi left Naruto decided to make some Kage Bushin to go to the basement and look over some scrolls on Futon techniques, while he sat back down on the couch to look at the scrolls from his parents, starting on the one from his tou-san.

Dear Naruto,

If you are reading this, then Sarutobi has deemed you ready to know the truth. You are my son, the son of the Yondaime Hokage.

As I write this letter, the battle against the Kyuubi is raging on so I don't have much time to write. I know I will not return alive from this fight. Know that both your mother and I loved you from the moment you came into this world and my only regret is that your mother and I will not be there to watch you grow up. Both of us leave you everything we own in this world.

You also must know by now that I sealed the Kyuubi into you. Hopefully the village will have listened to my last wish and treated you as the hero that you are and that you've had a good life so far. But if my worst fear has come true and the villagers did not follow my wishes, and treated you like an outcast, then I'm truly sorry my son for any pain that you went through. I hope you can understand that I picked you to be the container of the Kyuubi for I could not go to another family and ask them to make such a sacrifice.

The other reason why I made you the container of the Kyuubi was in the hope that you would use the power of the Kyuubi to become the Guardian protector of the village, maybe even come to love it as much as I did, and also protect it from forces like the Uchiha Madara, one of the founders of Konoha. He is the one who fought against the Shodaime Hokage long ago and had the power to summon and control the Kyuubi. He is the one who summoned Kyuubi here to Konoha.

My time is now up. But know that I do love you and will never stop loving you. I wish you a long and happy life.

Sincerely, your father

Namikaze Minato

Leaving a little tears coming down his face, he wiped them away and went to read his mothers letter.

Dear Naruto,

If you are reading this, then it must mean that I've died through some unknown incident when you were very young. But regardless of whatever happens know that being pregnant with you has been the happiest time of my life. So please know that I love you with all my heart and that even in death I will continue to love you and watch over you.

I also write this letter because there is something very important that you need to know and that is where you come from along with an important dream that has been in our Clan for many decades.

You see, I was originally from Konoha, I was born is a small but powerful Shinobi village called Uzushiogakure (Village Hidden among the Whirling Tides), which was founded by our Clan the Uzumaki, a small but equally powerful Shinobi Clan. I was a member of the main branch of the Uzumaki Clan, but was sent to Konoha as a symbol of friendship between Uzushio and Konoha. For both villages and their host nations had long been allied with one another since their founding. This was due to Uzushio's Uzumaki Clan and Konoha's Senju Clan being distant relatives of one another, a relation which was strengthened when my Great Aunt Uzumaki Mito married the Senju Clan head Senju Hashirama, who later became the Shodaime Hokage. This strong bond is of course seen today on the back of all Konoha Jonin and Chunin, where they carry the crest of our village on their backs.

Naruto looked confused about this 'How in the hell has no one known about this, I'm just now knowing I am freaking related to freaking three hokage for Kami's sake!'

Both our Clan and our village were famed for being for being masters in the art of Fūinjutsu and for having long lives. But what the rest of the world was unaware of, was that this was only a façade to keep others from learning who we truly were.

Being interested about this naruto read on

You see long ago before the founding of the Shinobi villages, there was a time when Shinobi Clans fought one another constantly and sold their services to people not unlike the Shinobi villages of today do. In the beginning when the Shinobi Clans were on the rise, many clans rose to great fame for their great fighting skills or because of their bloodline powers. Three Clans were particularly well known throughout the Shinobi world. These Clans were the Senju Clan, who were famed asmasters in all Shinobi skills, the Uchiha, who were famed for the Sharingan Bloodline and weapons, and our Clan, who were known at that time as the Stormcallers.

The reason why we were called this was because no-one outside our Clan knew who we really were, not even our allies the Senju Clan.

You see we had a Bloodline, one unlike any other that existed since the Legendary Rinnegan, which was possessed by the legendary Kami no Shinobi (God of Shinobi), the Rikudō Sennin(Sage of the Six Paths), the founder of the Shinobi arts, who was the ancestor of both the Senju and Uchiha Clans.

The Reason why are Bloodline was so unique was because our Bloodline was a transcendent Bloodline, which gives the one who wields it, abilities that far exceeded other Bloodlines and can also help generate other Bloodlines from it thanks to our special chakra. Much like the Rinnegan did for the Uchiha and Hyuuga Clan, who each had doujutsu's and the Senju Clan, where the Shodaime Hokage possessed the Mokuton Bloodline.

The Bloodline which allowed us to possessthree Elemental affinities; these affinities were Wind, Lightning and Water. This allowed us to have unsurpassable control and mastery of these Elemental. But the true extent of the Bloodline was revealed when we master all three affinities and combined them to create something we call Uzubrue-ka (Maelstrombreaker limit). Where once we had mastered them, we learned to possess a psionic ability to control all forms of weather over vast areas. This allowed us to manipulate the weather, where we could create tidal waves, hurricanes, thunder storms, blizzards and many other elements but only one who could use it to the point he was named Uzu-ō (Maelstrom King) by the clan.

Later on as time continued, only a select number of our Clansmen showed the ability to use the full extent of the Uzubrue-ka. While others developed ways to combine some of their affinities to create new sub elemental Jutsu, such as Hyoton (Ice Release) and Ranton (Storm Release) and if you combine all three elements you make one call Araton (Maelstrom Release).

The information of how to get your bloodline will be in a scroll, hidden in a secret compartment in the bottom of a desk draw in our home in the library. To open it, all you have to do is spread some of your blood on the small seal in the draw, as it will recognize you, since both your father's and my blood runs in you. Also in the compartment, there will be scrolls belonging to our Clan, which have Techniques created by our Clan when we still had the Uzubure-ka, many of which can only be used by those with our Bloodline. Along with that, some of the scrolls will also contain powerful sealing techniques, which our Clan created after we lost our Bloodline, where hopefully they'll be of some use to you, and the third scroll that came with my letter contains a map that will lead to uzukagure and to the remains of main branch compound where I believe the clans hidden compartment where I hope you can receive the clans hidden treasure.

But regardless of whether you use these techniques or not, I know you'll do me proud Naruto, for I have fate that you'll succeed in restoring our Clan and that you'll become a great man and Shinobi just like your father.

I send both Minato-kun and you all my love and I wish nothing but joy and a long and happy life.

With all my love, your Mother,

Kushina Uzumaki.

After releasing more tears than before he was touched to receive such loving letter the blond closed the letter and thought to himself 'I will mother, I will live my life with happiness, and without regret and I will restore the clan and I will be the next Uzu-ō of this entire world' And with that he decided to check the clones in the basement he noticed they just finished so deciding to dispel them in groups of 2 every 5 seconds after the 10 were done he got a good grasp of 10 futon techniques, deciding to do them in the morning he went to sleep.

(Hokages Office)

After getting the paperwork done for the day and the ones backed up from months before, thanks to her Kage Bushins Tsuande was about to leave but received a knock from her door frustrated this had to happen let a come in, and to her surprise to was kakashi. Sitting back down, she wanted to get this over with "Kakashi, how did it go?" seeing she wanted this over decided to go on with "You were right Tsunade he really has changed, or to be more precise he's finally seen the true colors of sasuke. He can't lie to himself anymore and say he can save him, especially after sasuke threaten all of us with death. By the way you were right we had an eaves dropper earlier a certain pink hair." Smacking her head Tsunade realized what he meant "This is going to be a problem. But I will set this straight tomorrow hopefully she has kept her mouth shut until then. If she doesn't it will cause problems for naruto later on he does not need." Nodding his head kakashi looked on "Is there anything else Tsuande-sama?" shaking her head no Tsuande dismissed him. Leaving in shushin Tsunade looked back at a photo on her desk, it was a photo of her, Shizune, Jiraiya, tonton and Naruto all smiling on their way back to konoha. 'I hope you can do this Naruto we are all counting on you. And with that she left the office.

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