Title: Identical

Rating: T (Though later chapters may become M for smut)

Pairings/Characters: Mostly AmericaxCanada, with some ItalyxGermany and FrancexUK... And whatever else I end up throwing in there

Warnings: AU, human names used, possibility of OOC-ness

Description: Matthew Williams has just transferred into a new school, and all he really wants to do is stay out of trouble. That can be kind of hard, though, when he has a look-a-like, Alfred Jones, who loves to start (and end) trouble.

Authors notes: Before we begin, I would like to explain a few things. First off, this is gonna be written... Kinda weirdly. Each chapter is gonna be split into sections, and each section is gonna be written from the point of view of a different character. The same event will be going on in each section, you'll just be seeing different sides of that event. Also, the characters won't always be the same (though I'm pretty sure America and Canada will be in every chapter). Also, this is gonna be long as all hell. Just preparing you for that.

Chapter 1, Section 1


Alfred F Jones was good at a lot of things. Sports for one thing. He was known around the campus for being incredibly strong, too. He even won the school eating contest three years in a row. However, if you were to ask someone any one thing that he was good at, specifically, it would probably be pissing people off.

He didn't exactly mean to do it. He just had that effect on people.

A lot of people.

It definitely didn't help that he was impulsive and rarely thought before he spoke, and he would say incredibly rude things without ever realizing he was offending anyone.

Despite that, though, he was a pretty good guy. He was a loyal friend, had an abnormally strong sense of justice, and he had a habit of standing up for people he'd never even met before. If there was any one thing he really hated, it was bullies.

So there he was, sitting in the library nearly an hour after the final bell had rung, waiting for something, anything, to happen (what's a guy to do when there's nothing exciting going on?), when he heard someone crying in the hallway. Jumping out of his seat, he ran to the source of the noise to find Feliciano, a small, rather girly Italian student sitting on the floor cradling his knee.

"What happened? Did someone hurt you? I'll punch them in the spleen!" Alfred balled his hands into fists, eyes darting around the otherwise empty hallways for some sort of invisible assassin who specialized in kicking people in the shins.

"O-oh, no! I just... Uh... Well, I tripped..." the smaller boy whimpered, rubbing his knee, tears still in his eyes. Alfred examined the scene in front of him before, relaxing, letting out a deep, almost disappointed sigh.

"Uuugh, you serious? I though I was gonna have to fight someone..." He groaned, leaning against the wall. "You're so hopeless... Crying that loudly over falling?" Alfred rubbed the back of his head, sighing once again. He didn't have anything against Feliciano, per say, but he did have a problem with Ludwig, the hulking German teen that Feliciano often followed behind. The two had a sort of strange rivalry going on.

"Hey! That's mean!" the Italian whined just as another figure rounded the corner.

"Hey, Feliciano, did you want spaghetti or...?" The man paused, taking in the scene in front of him.

"Ah! Ludwig! You're back! My kneeeeeee, it huuuuurts!" Feliciano began crying again, this time even harder then before, "And he was being mean to meeeeeeee!"

The German teens eyes narrowed at Alfred, who immediately straightened up.

"...Jones? What did you do?" Ludwig growled, taking a step forward.

"Don't look at me like that, ya brute. He hurt himself!" Ludwig scowled, obviously convinced that Alfred had hurt Feliciano in some sort of personal attack, and that pissed Alfred off. He never lied, and people who called him a liar were usually in for a fight. "Maybe if you kept a better eye on him? It's pretty obvious he can't do anything without his boyfriend there to protect him!" Alfred scoffed angrily, straightening himself up.

This remark made Ludwig visibly recoil, his face turning a deep red as he glanced down at the smaller teen still cradling his knee on the floor before jerking his eyes back to Alfred.

"Alright! Now you're going to die!" He charged at Alfred, a combination of rage and embarrassment obscuring his face. In his current situation, Alfred realized he probably should not have picked a fight with Ludwig, of all people, and took off in the other direction.

Anyone watching probably thought the entire scene was a little silly; Feliciano was running behind Ludwig, begging him not to kill anyone, though Ludwig ignored him and continued after Alfred, who was leading the pack by a good couple of yards. Somewhere along the lines, they'd also picked up Kiku, a Japanese student and good friend of both Feliciano and Ludwig, who had joined Feliciano in begging Ludwig to stop the madness.

As Alfred rounded one of the corners, he slammed shoulders into another student. He only caught a passing glance, but it looked to be a girl, a little shorter than him, with gold hair to about her chin. As bad as he felt for shoving her, he was quite sure stopping meant death, so he yelled a few apologies over his shoulder and sharply turned into the courtyard. He continued running for another minute or so before realizing he no longer heard the rest of his parade following behind him. Despite how fast he was running and for how long, he was hardly out of breath, but he stopped for a moment anyways. He shoved his hands in his pockets, pivoting on his heel triumphantly as he was ready to leave for home when he realized his pockets were abnormally empty.

Shuffling through all of his pockets, he quickly came to the realization that his wallet was gone. "Dammit! My license is in there... I need that to get home..." He growled, checking himself one more time. Reluctantly, he faced the fact that he'd probably dropped it when he bumped into that girl, and he'd have to go back for it. He once again took off, this time in the direction he'd just come from. Hopefully, they'd gone to search for him in another part of the school and he'd be able to get the where he'd dropped his wallet and get out before they came back.

As he rounded the corner, though, he was shocked to see Ludwig was just standing there, Feliciano and Kiku standing behind him, yelling at him to stop whatever he was doing. Alfred was about to run back and hide behind the corner when he realized exactly what Ludwig was doing.

He was holding the girl that Alfred had bumped into a good 6 inches off the ground by her collar, yelling at her pretty intensely. Though he couldn't exactly make out anything that was being said, Alfred was pretty sure he heard Kiku yelling something about 'that not being him'.

Unable to stand by and watch, Alfred marched toward the group, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a pair of brown leather gloves.

"So, you can't catch me, and you decide to pick on an innocent passerby? And a girl at that! That's just not right!" He yelled, catching the attention of the entire group. Ludwig looked totally shocked, eyes turning from the girl, to Alfred, back to the girl, and back to Alfred once again before he dropped her. She crumpled to the floor, grabbing her throat and choking, the sound making Alfred even angrier.

"L-ludwig-san! Come on, let's just go!" Kiku urged, backing away from Alfred and motioning to Feliciano to do the same. Ludwig, still dumbfounded by whatever had just happened, just stared at the floored student. He finally snapped to, but by then it was too late; Alfred was already practically on top of him, driving a fist hard into his gut. No matter how tough the German was, one punch with that much force sent him to his knees. Alfred was known throughout the school as 'Superman', because of his absurd physical strength (as well as his obsession with superheroes), and it was rather well known that one punch could KO almost anyone, even more so when he was mad.

Out of sheer willpower, as well as some help from Feliciano and Kiku, the three retreated back to the library, Feliciano crying out something about how scary the American could be when he was mad.

Alfred sighed, releasing the tension he'd built up, and flashed his infamous Hollywood grin at the girl on the floor, who was still grasping at her throat. "You all... Right...?" As soon as their eyes met, Alfred pieced together at least a bit of what had just happened.

"...Whoa." The two stared at each-other for a minute, "Dude... You look just like me!" Alfred breathed, absolutely dumbfounded. "Well... Just like me, but... Girlier."

This statement made the girls face go red and she diverted her eyes to the lockers lining the opposite wall, "Er, what do you...?" Whatever she was about to say was cut off by Alfred grabbing her hands and pulling her to her feet.

They were almost the exact same height, Alfred noted, but her physique was over-all smaller... Which made sense, Alfred though.

"Wow, you're like my long-lost twin or something! But... Can twins be, like one guy and one girl? Yeah, I'm pretty sure they can be..."

"Uh, but the thing is..."

"OH MY GOD, what if we really are twins? That would be SO COOL! I've always kinda wanted a sister!"

"But I'm not—"

"I need to bring you to my place! Iggy HAS to see this! Oh, yeah, what's your name? I probably should have asked that first, huh?"

She shuffled a bit, backing up a few steps, "Uh... Matthew?"

There was a pause for a minute.
"...That's a weird name for a girl."

"Yeah, that's what I was trying to tell you... I'm uh... Not a girl..."