Chapter 4, section 1


Gilbert lazily leaned back on the back legs of his chair, his legs crossed and propped up on his desk. Reaching up, he stretched, his hands lowering and folding behind his head as he went to lay his head on the desk behind him.

The girl in the desk behind him, a cutie with a thick Hungarian accent, smacked the top of his head as he leaned back on her desk. "Some people actually want to use their desks for learning purposes, if you don't mind!"

He just laughed as he jerked his head up, taking his legs off his desk and lowering the front two legs of his chair so all four were on the floor. Turning in his seat, he faced the girl behind him and grinned, "Great, so I'm stuck with miss good-two-shoes sitting behind me?"

She rolled her eyes, looking back down at her paper and continuing to write. Gilbert watched her intently for a moment before growing bored, turning back around to take a nap on his desk before the bell rang. Before he could actually get comfortable, though, something caught his eye. Straightening back up, he stared as a new girl crossed from the door of the classroom over to the teacher, looking a little nervously in his direction. Practically jumping out of his seat, he reached across his desk and grabbed the collar of the Spanish student sitting in front of him. Dragging him backwards, he held the boy back so he was looking directly up at Gilbert.

"Toni! Why didn't you tell me there was a new Birdie in our class?!"

"Huh? Who?"

Antonio, one of Gilberts friends since 6th grade, was completely used to this sort of behavior from the albino, and even more used to talking in this matter.

"Right there!" Gilbert pointed to the girl, who stopped dead in her tracks a few desks away. The two stared at each other for a second before Gilbert's attention turned back to Antonio, "And she's cute, too!"

"Oh, yeah, you skipped the first day, huh? That's the new transfer student… Matthew Williams, I think."

Gilbert looked up again, and this time the girl had continued making her way toward Gilbert, hiding her face (which could still be seen glowing red) behind her books.

"…Matthew?" Violet eyes were revealed from behind a literature textbook at the mention of the name. Gilbert released Antonio as he plopped back down in his seat, crossing his arms, "Aw, man, you mean you're not a chick?"

"…Why does everyone think that…?" Matthew set his books down on the desk next to Gilbert, taking his seat.

Antonio turned around, looking at both Gilbert and Matthew, "You thought he was a girl, really? When I first saw him, I thought he was Alfred Jones…"

Gilbert turned again to look at the new student sitting next to him. "Oh, yeah… I do see it."

"Everyone seems to think that, too…" Matthew pouted, leaning his elbows on his desk and his chin on his palms.

"Aww, cheer up, Birdie." Gilbert grinned, resting one elbow on his desk and one on the back of his chair.

"Birdie…?" Matthew questioned, turning to look at the albino student next to him.

"Well, it's a cute name. I think it suits you."

"You do realize I'm a guy, right?"

"Doesn't make you any less cute." Matthew turned red again at this. "Sorry I called you a girl, but I saw you looking at me and thought you were checking me out."

Matthew's blush deepened, "I, uh… I sat at your desk yesterday, since you weren't here... I guess they moved another desk in today so I'd have somewhere to sit, but I wasn't too sure where to go when I first came into class."

Gilbert laughed, smirking again, "See? You're blushing, that's cute. Anyways, I'm Gilbert Beilschmidt, but everyone just calls me Gil." He stretched his hand out, offering for a handshake. Matthew looked at him for a second before offering his own hand.

"Um… Matthew Williams… But you already knew that."

Gilbert laughed again, "I think I'll like you, Birdie." Matthew shook his head lightly, chucking himself.

"Are you seriously gonna keep calling me that?"

"Course. It still suits you." Before he could say anything else, the bell rang. All the students who had been loitering around the room took their seats and the teacher began to take attendance. As Gilbert opened his mouth again, the teacher shot him a look and he shut up immediately. There were a few minutes of peace as the teacher began to talk about the lesson plan for the year, the usual beginning of the year sort of stuff, before Gilbert decided he needed to continue his conversation with Matthew. Pulling out a piece of notebook paper, he scribbled down a brief message;

What lunch period do you have?

He folded it several times before reaching over the aisle way and jabbing Matthew in the side of it several times. Matthew took notice rather quickly, reaching down and taking the note. He subtly unfolded it under his desk before spreading it out on top of it. Taking a minute to read it, he pulled out a pencil and scribbled a reply before tossing it back on Gilberts desk.

4th. What about you?

Gilbert waited for the teacher to turn around again before fist pumping, writing a quick reply.

Same! Look for me, we should sit together.

He threw the note again, and it landed square on Matthew's desk. He watched as the note was unfolded and read. Smiling, Matthew looked back to Gilbert and nodded, to which Gilbert grinned. Re-folding the note, Matthew shoved it in his folder as the teacher walked by.

Gilbert leaned back on his chair again, the back of his chair hitting the desk behind him. He felt another smack to the back of his hand and he turned around sharply, looking the Hungarian girl in the eyes. She glared at him, and he just smiled, turning back around and leaning back yet again.

Yep, this was going to be a fun school year.

Author's Notes: Ah, I just love writing Gil. He's so hyper and crazy xD And I was able to get Spain and Hungary in here too! Whoo! xD

So yeah, sorry updates take me forever. I promise, I'm gonna try to get this updated whenever I can. And I want to get Dare or Dare finished ASAP, but I've hit a bit of a roadblock, and I don't know where I'm going from where I am right now OTL Anyways, I'll hopefully be getting another section of this up over the next few days.