[AdvTime] The Ice King's daughter

[The cover is by Chaos55t of deviantart and youtube by permission, thanks. -HJC]

Finn knows of Lumikki, princess of the Ice Kingdom, biblically. A rewrite for more hot action with the ice cold princess.

[Adventure Time is the creation of Frederator Studios for Cartoon Network. This work is done without their knowledge or involvement. -HJC]

I looked bleary eyed at my alarm clock. Why had I set it the previous night? As I reached out to turn it off, it finally came to me. Today was my eighteenth birthday. I guess Father was going to show up, so it was best to be ready ahead of time.

I rose, took a moment to look around my house, and then looked out the window at the dwellings of the seven snow golems who Father had assigned to attend to me. I saw a couple of them out and about. I waved to one and he waved back, mindlessly. Was that Doc or Grumpy? They couldn't remember the names I had given them from that old story Father had read to me, and even I couldn't tell them apart.

As I turned back inside I thought back to the stories I had heard of my mother. How she had been an ordinary snow golem that I had burst out from. It was like a scene from an old movie, Father had said. He always complained that it had nearly caused him a heart attack. He said it was doubly ironic since I had been introduced through her face. I hoped nothing like that ever happened to me.

I stripped and put my night clothes in the hamper. One of the snow golems would come by later to scrub these in the snow. I glanced in the closet and saw I had so few nice things left, with most of my old clothes either outgrown or scrubbed to rags. Not at all like princesses were treated in the books Father had brought me. I pondered if he would bring me some new things as I used the bathroom and then scrubbed down my body with an icicle. I scrubbed my long hair above and my short hair below with fresh snow from a bucket. The later action was pleasurable and my breath caught for a moment. Then I toweled myself off and stepped over to the closet.

I slipped into my best white cotton panties, then put on the one bra that still fit. I'd have to actually ask Father for clothes this time. I hated to ask. Why couldn't everybody just give me stuff when I needed it, like the snow golems? Not that I knew anybody of course. The only person I had ever spoken to was Father, if you didn't count the Iceclops and the quacking of the penguins. Sometimes I wondered just how smart those birds were. They seemed to be more aware than the snow golems, but much less responsible. I had kept one as a pet for a while, but he kept making messes so I sent him back to Father.

I looked over the limited selection and pulled out my best dress. It was my birthday, after all. I turned in front of the mirror and admired how the blue of the dress matched to my pale blue skin and how the white trim matched to my hair, eyebrows and eyes. Then I reached over and put on my gold tiara. It didn't have magical powers like Father's crown, but what would I do with such things? Nothing in the Ice Kingdom dared attack my little village. All creatures of ice and snow bowed to Father's power and the Iceclops was a friend. He had stayed away ever since he accidentally stepped on one of the snow golem houses, but perhaps he'd return for my birthday.

Yes, I looked just like one of the princesses from the books. Except perhaps my nose. I looked at it in the mirror. It wasn't like it was a great honking thing like Father's nose, but most princesses seemed to hardly have any noses at all, at least the ones who were human shaped. I sighed as there was nothing to be done about it and stepped out barefoot into the fresh snow that had fallen overnight in my village.

I saw that the snow golems had brought our biggest table out into the middle of the village and had placed chairs around it.

"You actually remembered my birthday? Perhaps my lessons for you have not been wasted!" I walked over to the table.

The seven snow golems paused and looked at me for a moment. Then having received no orders, they turned back to their activities.

I frowned and took a seat at the table. They must have been working in response to one of Father's commands.

Soon enough I heard his singing in the distance as he approached. "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the princess I go."

I crossed my arms and waited.

He walked into the village, pushing a wheelbarrow full of packages. I glanced down and saw it was a considerable pile this time. But for him to run my life like this? I stood up and glared at Father.

"Surprise Princess!" He indicated the contents of the wheelbarrow.

"I told you never to bother me again!" I shouted back at him.

"Jake. We've got him!" A boy who wasn't my Father jumped up from hiding and with one well aimed swing of his sword, knocked the crown off Father's head.

Then a strange wolf-like creature stretched his arms out to amazing lengths and wrapped these several times around Father, like string around a toy top. "Okay, Ice King. We've caught you red handed this time."

I walked around the table and turned from the bizarre wolf to examine the strange boy. He wore a white cap that had ears like a polar bear's, a light blue shirt, dark blue shorts and black shoes with white socks. He had a strange green sack strapped to his back. As I walked up I saw he was only a little bit taller than myself. I poked him in the chest with a finger. "Who are you, and what are you doing with my father?"

"Your father?" The boy and wolf asked together.

"Oh, like you've never had a moment of weakness with a snow golem on a lonely long winter's night."

"Daddy!" I must have blushed a deeper shade of blue at this. "Watch your language!" Then I turned to the wolf. "And you wolf, put him down."

"Uh, sorry, your highness." He unwrapped himself from Father.

Father bent down to retrieve his crown, and with that firmly in place he turned back towards the rest of us. "May I present my daughter Lumikki, Snow Princess of the Ice Kingdom. And Lumikki, this is my surprise. These are the great heroes Finn and Jake. They're here to tell you of their adventures to all the lands of Ooo."

"What?" Finn asked.

Father leaned over to whisper in the boy's ear. "It's her birthday. She lives all alone like this. Can't you show her a good time?"

Finn frowned at the Ice King, but then put on a smile for me. "Sure, I've been all over Ooo. Which lands would you like to hear about first?"

"From the tops of the mountains of the Ice Kingdom I have seen the great tree of the Candy Kingdom. My father has spoken of the princess who lives there, but what is it really like?" I led the way back towards the table in the snow.

Finn sat down next to me. "Princess Bubblegum rules the Candy Kingdom and all the people and buildings there are made out of candy."

"Like the candies my father brings from time to time?"

"And I brought you some more of that syrup." Father placed three bowls of snow in front of myself, Finn and Jake. The bowels had red syrup poured over them.

I glared at Father for interrupting, but spooned out some of the flavored snow as Finn continued his tale.

Father then put out three glasses and poured a clear liquid into each of them.

I picked up my glass and marveled at it. "Why doesn't it freeze?"

"It's my own special formula, Lumikki."

"It has a new taste to it. It stings a bit." I think I blushed slightly.

"You're eighteen. It's about time you tried something new."

"Are you trying anything funny, Ice King?" Finn turned to him.

"And poison my own daughter?" Father picked up Finn's glass and took a sip from it. "See, perfectly harmless."

Finn took the glass back and drank from it. "Yeah, it does sting a bit. But it gives me a warm feeling."

As Finn told me about his adventures, we three drank of the strange liquid. For a moment I considered it odd that Father had not brought a glass for himself, but why should I bother to share any with him?

When Jake fell asleep, Father had a snow golem take the dog to its house and wrap him in warm blankets. I turned back to Finn, his blushing face was almost touching mine. What had he been talking about? He seemed to be trying to remember as we looked into each other's eyes.

"Isn't it about time that you opened your presents?" Father interrupted and pointed at the wheelbarrow.

"Alright, alright." Finn stood and walked over to the wheelbarrow. He looked at the empty bottle on the table then took the full bottle next to it and put that back on the wheelbarrow, on top of the presents.

The snow golems returned to their houses to clear the way for Finn. I leaned against him as I lead the way to my house. I pulled away from him to open the door, then leaned against this as he brushed past me.

"So let's see what my crazy old dad got me this year." I picked one box out of the wheelbarrow and tore the wrapping off it as Finn sat down on my bed, dropped his backpack and sword next to it, and opened the second bottle.

"A dress?" I held it up against myself. "How does it look, Finn?"

"Cute!" Finn took a drink.

"Let me try it on." I looked around my small house, then went to the bathroom to change. "And now?" I spun around in front of him. It was a new sensation to have somebody else to ask about the way I looked, other than my boring old Father.

"Still cute!" Finn held up the bottle and I bent down to take a drink of it.

After several more changes of clothes (and shared turns at the bottle), I stripped out of my dress and underwear. I opened another package and found a set of matching lacy bra and panties. I took a breath to catch my balance then put these on. They seemed very nice. This bra, like the other new ones Father had brought today, fit much better than my old one. I looked up to ask Finn what he thought of them and then I suddenly realized that a princess shouldn't be showing her underwear to a strange man. And didn't I just strip naked in front of him? That was even worse.

"You saw everything, didn't you?" I accused him, as I blushed an even darker blue.

"Yeah. Very, very cute." Finn raised the bottle again. He struggled for a moment to stand, but then gave up and sat there leering at my body.

I grabbed the bottle from Finn's hand and swallowed down the last quarter with a few chugs. "Cute like this?" I took off the bra with fumbling fingers, but when I balanced on one leg to slip off the panties, I stumbled forwards and fell over him. I rolled over next to him and kicked the panties away. "Or cute like this?"

"Very, very cute." Finn reached out and ran his hands along my body. I froze for a moment, then relaxed at the unfamiliar sensations. But there was something wrong about all of this. I pushed his hands away. "It's not fair!"

"Huh?" He paused.

My thoughts ran together for a moment, then I blurted out, "You've seen all of me, and I haven't seen any of you." Yes, that would be fair, wouldn't it?

"It's okay." Finn raised his arms.

I reached over and and pulled his shirt off over his head, then grabbed his bear ears and pulled his cap off. His golden hair spilled out and I took a moment to run my hands down his muscular body.

He kicked his shoes off then raised his hips as I hooked my fingers in his waistband.

I slid his shorts and underpants off his legs, and stopped. The part of him right between his legs was different. I reached down and grabbed it and it stiffened and grew.

This seemed to revive Finn somewhat. He reached over to grab my head and kissed me.

I blinked for a moment and kissed him back. His hot tongue forced my mouth open. I shivered and lost my grip on his thing, as he ran his warm tongue over my cold tongue. Then he forced me over onto my back and moved his mouth down to kiss at my neck. He continued down and sucked at each of my nipples.

I sighed and lay back, as I struggled to put words to these new sensations.

Then he was on the move again. He tickled my belly button with his tongue then continued down. He stuck his tongue down there, in that spot. I felt my toes curl as I reached down to run my hands through his hair. He started to lap at that spot, like a wolf. My breath caught in my chest and I gripped his head tightly as I cried out.

I recovered a bit, dropped my hands to my sides, and looked down as he knelt before my bed, my legs spread to either side of him. He reached down and stuck a finger in me, in that spot. As he ran it back and forth I could feel the sensation rising again, like the gentle waves that reached our icy shores. Then he got a second finger in there and a third. I was almost to that point again when he stopped.

I blinked and looked at him.

He had pulled his fingers out of my body and now ran these along his thing as he pointed it at me. It was so big now. I was about to ask what he was doing when he moved forwards and forced the tip of it in me.

I found it hard to breathe as he rammed it in a bit, then pulled back and rammed it in further. Suddenly I felt a barrier that stopped him. He pulled back even more and with a sudden lunge broke through. I felt a considerable sting and it was like I was being split in two. I suppose I should have felt a lot more pain, but for some reason I was numb all over. With a warm feeling and a fuzz in my head.

He leaned down over and kissed me. I kissed him back, my tongue seeking out his this time. Then he raised himself up and with both hands on my hips started thrusting away inside me. I reached my hands to either side to steady myself as the waves crashed inside me. He grunted as he released something, deep inside me. It was an intense warmth, like a fever I had once had as a child. I shook from my biggest release ever. It was the most intense sensation I had ever known.

Then he collapsed beside me on my bed. I snuggled up against his warmth and pulled my blanket over us, so I could keep his warmth to myself. I pulled Finn close with my left hand as I ran my right hand down my belly. I could feel his warmth pooled inside me. I wondered what it was all about as I drifted off to sleep next to him.