[AdvTime] The Ice King's daughter, chapter 6

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[This chapter is currently in a really drafty state until I fill in the sex scenes, so don't read it yet if you don't want the spoilers. -HJC]

The household gathers over breakfast and Lumikki is asked to explain herself. Jake asks if Finn is okay with all this, but Finn is watching Lumikki flirt with Sholeh and doesn't mind a but. Jake says that the house is too crowded and moves out with Lady.

Lumikki talks Sholeh into getting fucked a few more times, but she's clearly not into hetro sex. They're having a threesome in the boat patio when Ice King shows up and complains about Finn doing Sholeh. Lumikki stands in his way and so he says he'll grab Princess Bubblegum for himself, before Finn can get her too.

Lumikki says that she must go talk her father out of this, and Finn comes along, but Sholeh begs out of the mission.

In the fight Lumikki yanks away the crown and Simon falls to his death. Lumikki is distraught and sits sobbing over the crown, until Finn finds the vodka stash and shares a bottle with the two. Peebles is initially reluctant, but drinks to attempt to cheer up the other princess. Lumikki blames Peebles for the incident and gets her and Finn to drunk to avoid the rape, which she helps with.

In the morning Peebles gathers her clothes and walks off crying. Finn tries to comfort her, but is rebuffed. He can't forgive Lumikki and leaves her in the ice castle.

Ever since that day I have always questioned why I could not overcome my pride and follow Finn, until he would forgive me. He returned to the treehouse and lived with Sholeh for a few weeks, but it was never the same with them. She returned to her kingdom and overthrew her father. The elementals of the Fire Kingdom are of course powerless against an elementialist who is immune to their element.

Finn had never been alone before. Awakened to his needs as a man, and yet unable to return to any of we three princesses he had lain with before, he went to her. I never blamed him or her for what happened afterwards. I'm just glad that Finn found some comfort, for awhile.

I still remember that night several months later when Marceline flew here sobbing and told me what had happened, how Finn had sacrificed himself to save her. At first I thought she had simply come to confess before tossing herself into the dawn, but as I held her I could tell from the curves of our bellies that we each had somebody else to continue existing for. That we each carried, all four of us, a part of Finn's legacy.

I tried to comfort Marceline, in the way I knew how. But that night she showed me the advantage of her millennium of experience. She still returns every few years, when her loneliness gets the advantage of her guilt. And I always welcome her, as an apt pupil.

"Does this story have a point?" My captive shifted on the bench in her cell. Not from the cold, as she was immune to that. From her blush it was from the juicier details of my story.

Well it was time for her to learn of such things, almost too late from what I had heard. And who better to hear it from than me? What had she said?

"Oh yes, the point. The point has already been made. These so called 'evil queens' you have spoken of are just ordinary women. And all three of them are quite correct. Fionna, you must not be with the princes of Candy, Fire, or of the vampires, for these are your brothers. Listen to their mothers, for they consider you their niece and have always treated you kindly, whatever they think of me. As for myself, I have no relation to any of these three princess and they so remind me of your father. Whichever shall I choose for myself?"