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Chapter 4: The Central Snake, Day 1

Lloyd's POV

Wow I thought. The Central Snake was filled with, well, snakes. All of them were dressed in really weird-looking costumes. I saw some girl snakes wearing clothing that looked like a giant balloon.

"They look weird! No offence, Hannah." I told Acciala and Hannah.

"Oh, that'sss alright. This isss the fashion of the Central Ssssnake." Hannah told me.

"And Lloyd, remember what I told you about ants and humans? To ants, humans look weird, and to humans, ants look weird." Acciala walked up to me.

Some of the snakes recognized us and started waving and cheering at us. I laughed like I was happy and started waving back. Acciala smiled down at me and hugged me, causing the snakes to 'aww' at me and her, so I hugged her back. Then we both started waving again and she picked me up with one of her hands and wrapped her arm around me so I wouldn't fall.

When we finally got to a giant, tall building, Hannah lead us to an elevator.

"Ssssince you two are of 'highessst class', you two get the top floor." Hannah said.

"Nice entry, you two." Said a familiar voice.

"I agree with my brother, you two were awesome." Nya said.

"I liked it when Acciala picked you up, I think that really helped you guys get some early sponsers." Said Cole.

"What's a sponsor?" I asked.

"A sssponsor, Lloyd, isss someone who can help you when you in the Gamesss. They sssend you thingsss like food, water, and ssometimes even medicine." Hannah answered.

The elevator stopped and the water fighters got out. Next, the air fighters got out, then the darkness fighters. Earth was next.

"Well, looks like this is my stop. See you guys later." Cole said.

"It was a pleasure meeting you all." Said Amy.

"I feel the same, Amy. To you as well Cole." Acciala said.

"Bye Cole!" I said.

Next, Jay and his partner got out.

"I'll see you all later!" Jay said.

"See you!" I said.

Next, Kai, Nya, and Zane and his partner got out. Then the light fighters got out and it was just Acciala, Hannah, and I. When we got to our floor, I was shocked at what was in it. It was like on the train, but even fancier.

"Welcome to your new home for the next two weekssss." Said Hannah.

Acciala's POV

And I thought the train was over-fancy. Now I have been officialy proven wrong.

"What's tomorrow's schedule?" I asked.

"Well, first thing tomorrow, you two are meeting your sssstylist and prep team, going to the Remake Center, and tomorrow night you're being sssshown off to the entire world." Hannah said.

"Seems like a busy day!" Lloyd said. "I'm hungry!"

"Again? You're one hungry boy!" I told him. We all laughed at my comment.

"Well, you're in luck Lloyd. It's already 5:30. Dinner issss at 6:00. You two ssshould get ready. You'll find enough clothesss in your roomssss. Follow me." Hannah said.

My room was across the hall from Lloyd's. My room had a large bed with green sheets and blankets on it, and a window with a view that I could change whenever I wanted at the push of a button. Once Hannah left, I decided to change the view. I flicked through a few views before I stopped dead at one. A forest. My home. I shook my head and changed the view back to a view of a large building. I looked through the clothes I had at my dispense. I chose a light green tank top and a pair of jeans. Then I walked down the hall to join Lloyd and Hannah at the table where there was a big set of food.

"Hi Acciala! Look at all the food!" Lloyd exclaimed. "I'm so hungry."

"Yeah, so am I." I said.

After dinner, Hannah rushed us onto a large plush couch and made us watch the Reaping all over again.

"Very brave of you to volunteer, Acciala." Hannah said.

After the rewatch, we all headed to bed.

"Good night, Lloyd." I said.

"Good night, Acciala." Lloyd said, sleepily.