There she sat in a perfect posture while holding a cup of tea in her hand. Her red hair was tied in a messy bun while her bangs fell freely down her freckled face. Her cheeks radiated bright red as she stared angrily at the paper in front of her.
The Daily Prophet's front page featured Harry, beaming and waving as he accepted the title of "Head of The Auror Office." Ginny read the paper with anger in her eyes. Never had he ever talked about becoming head of the Auror office while the two of them were together in fact, he talked about even wanting to quit being an auror. Yet, in this picture he was happy, happily shaking the hand of the retired Head of the Auror Office and the new Minister, Kingsley himself.
Yes, this angered her but not as much as seeing the face of the young man next to him. There he stood, his white-blond hair grown slightly past his collar , and his grey glaring dreamily at Harry as he continuously shook Kingsley's hand.
Draco Malfoy, ex- Death Eater and "slave" to Harry Potter but his facial expression said otherwise and Ginny knew it. How though, how could she prove the scandal? Draco could've easily been putting Harry under a curse or even slipping some potion into his drink. Harry, her Harry couldn't have left her for someone like Draco, and she'd go overboard to make sure of that.

"So," Draco teasingly began as he stepped through the doorway of the master bedroom. "How does it feel, Mr. Potter, to finally be in control? The main hunter of...Dark Wizards and...come on." He continued as he saw Harry laying face down on his bed. Draco rolled his eyes as he walked and sat down next to him. He softly ran his hands through Harry's curly black hair right before bending down and softly kissing the curls.
"I love you." Harry quietly mumbled as Draco continued to kiss him. Reluctantly he sat up and let out a loud grunt. Draco stirred just a bit as Harry buried his face into the blonde's neck. Softly, he kissed him until the two both fell back on the bed, staring lazily at the ceiling.
"If I'm Head of the Auror Office, I can assure your safety." Harry said in a low voice. "And I want you to be safe...I want us to be happy and I want nothing getting in the way of that." For a while, the two only held each other not daring to break the grasp. Draco continued to play with Harry's hair. Every once in awhile, he'd softly pull Harry's black curls and take some locks into his own hands.
"I hate it." Harry finally said in a cruel voice. "I hate my curly hair. All my life...I wanted straight hair! Straight, blond hair!" Draco turned to look at Harry in a bit of disbelief. This was rather strange, Harry had been complimented greatly for his hair tons of times.
"I love your hair Harry! It's beautiful, it matches perfectly with your eyes and those are also...wonderful. You're the only person that I've ever met with such pure green eyes...It almost makes me envy you." Draco said, sitting up. "It makes me wish I had something of my own eyes, and curly hair_" "You want a baby." Harry said, cutting him off. For a while, there was nothing but pure silence. Draco looked down, wondering what to say. Was Harry accusing him of wanting a woman or what? As he thought on and on, a strange memory popped into his head. For gay mirages in the Wizarding world, it was possible for one person in the relationship to birth a child. Spells, potions or curses were needed though. Harry had probably known it as well, after all, he worked at the Ministry and that's where the potion for that was created.
The potion or spell itself was quite tricky and worked almost like a guessing game. Yes, before a couple became intimate with each other for a night, they'd have to take the potion or cast the spell before. Afterwards, the carrier of the child would be a complete mystery until one of the men showed symptoms.

Draco looked sternly at Harry who stared directly back at him. "I'm not good for you Harry...starting a family with you it's just...I can't explain." At that moment, Harry quickly stood up on his feet and looked angrily down at the blond.
"Who else then? Who else Draco, do you know how many years I've wanted you? All those times...I was afraid, I was afraid when I'd gotten your father sent to Azkaban because I knew that Voldemort would make you pay!" At this moment, Harry began to angrily pace around the room. At times, he'd mumble something to low for Draco to hear.
"When I saw you for our sixth year, I was so happy! Voldemort hadn't hurt you, at least not as far as I could see! I wanted to watch over you, I wanted to protect you! I knew you were a Death Eater, and I guess I was being selfish when I followed you around, but I just wanted to make sure you were okay! Yes, call me nosy call me rude but I did it because I was in love with you, madly in love! That day I nearly killed you in the bathroom still haunts me, do you know that! All that were so...perfect to me. I didn't want anyone to touch you, love you, or anything! I wanted you saved for me! My heart still leaks for you Draco, and it will never stop! This is why I made sure I was able to buy you, I know it's bad of me...but..." Harry trailed off, nervously looking to his side. "But..."
"I know Harry, it's fine! I just want what's best for you." Said Draco calmly as he took a soft hold of Harry. "I just don't want people to think bad of all." Draco placed his cheek on Harry's and softly embraced him.
"I'm hungry!" Harry said, pushing away quickly. "I'm starving! Do you wanna go out for a bite?" Draco watched as Harry rushed out of the bed room and through the doorway with a beaming expression.
"I'll go buy us something Harry, why don't you stay here." He said, progressing towards Harry and giving him a soft kiss on his warm lips. As soon as the kiss began, it broke as Draco pulled back from Harry and disapparated.

As usual, Draco received glares and stares from almost everybody with sense. He coldly stared back at them, making sure they saw the anger in his grey eyes, it seemed to work somewhat. Mothers put their children behind them as he walked by tossing numerous amounts of items into a basket. He smiled at one young woman about his age, she blushed slightly but her father tugged gently on her arm.
"What are you playing at?" Her father asked Draco in a very stern voice. "Stay away from my daughter you hear?"
"Dad!" The young witch said under her breath. "Stop it! You are embarrassing me!" Draco found this rather humorous but continued on his way. He could still hear the two bickering even as he left the isle.
Ten minutes later, Draco found that he'd had everything he needed and went to go check out. The store owner most likely didn't trust Draco, for he kept a stern eye on him. Draco could've easily laughed at this but he was too occupied by the man's daughter from before. She was right behind him and apparently, she'd brought friends.
Her father had to be proud of her because even to Draco she was radiantly beautiful. Her long straight blond hair sat perfectly down her back and glistened in any visible light. Her face looked soft and beautiful and Draco watched as her brown eyes disappeared every time she blinked.
Quickly, he turned away from her and took his items. Yes, the woman was pretty but she wasn't his type, besides, Harry was probably dying of hunger back at home.

"Why are you here! We couldn't just talk somewhere else! I don't want Draco to think I'm cheating on him!" Harry yelled angrily at Ginny who sat comfortably on the couch.
"Well, I want him to think that! I want him to come inside and leave you just like you left me!" Ginny retorted, crossing her arms. "And still you feel nothing!"
"Ginny, you are my friend and I have a lot of respect for you, please, I'm begging you not to make me lose that." Harry said, standing over her. "Let's talk about this later."
"No, I want him to come! I want him to feel the way I_" "I'm not going to go back to you Ginny! If I had any feeling about it, this ruined it! If I don't love you, it's my business not yours! You can never force love, and you know that, you should know that more than anyone!"
For a while, Ginny pondered on what Harry had said. Would it be bad just for the two to remain friends? Did she have to ruin everything?
"Please different." She still remained silent for a while and Harry even thought that she considered changing her mind but then, the front door open and Draco stood there, holding the food in his hand.
"Am I ruining something?" He asked in a rather sarcastic tone. This infuriated Ginny. Harry could see the anger in her eyes as she marched up to Draco and with all her might, slapped him straight across the face. The groceries fell and scattered about the floor and he lost his balance and almost tripped but he kept his ground.
Almost surprised, Ginny brought her hand up again and this time, slapped him across the other cheek but he didn't move nor did he dare think of hitting her back. He only stared at her with nothing but sorrow in his eyes.
"I feel bad for you..." Harry heard Draco say. "Because you might think that beating me up like this is hurting me but, you're only hurting you." Ginny stopped for a while and burst into tears. Without saying a word, she ran out of the house, crying and Harry would receive yet another earful from the Weasleys.

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