Author's Note: I deeply apologize for the long wait in the update. I've had major writer's block and busy with school. I've been able to write the finale episode but the parts between book 4 and the finale have been hard to figure out. Then there's school which has been a lot to deal with and other fandoms but hopefully that will all slow down now that I've found where the story wants to go. Thanks for your patience.



Isabel couldn't help but stare as Kivar sat at the counter just a few feet away. Just the sight of him made her shiver. Kivar quickly turned to glance at Isabel causing her to look quickly away. Kivar turned away and smiled. He knew the effect he was having on her and he was glad. It was just the kind of subtlety you'd expect from a student trying to be oblivious on a crush that shouldn't be allowed.

Liz walked over to Kivar from the other side. "Hi Mr. Andrews what can I get you?"

"Ah Miss Parker, I didn't know you worked here."

Liz shrugged. "My parents own this café."

"Well that's great. It's nice to see some of my students do something productive outside of school." Kivar looked at the menu. He couldn't believe how ridiculous the titles of some of the items were. No wonder the true aliens liked living here, because of its famed tourist status it was so easy to hide in plain sight. He looked up at Liz, "I'll have the Sigourney Weaver and the Blood of Martian smoothie."

"Coming right up."

A short time passed when Kivar had gotten his food. He could sense Isabel shift in her seat as she looked at him but he didn't dare look back, not wanting to give her the satisfaction, at least not yet.

Another shiver went down Isabel's spine. She couldn't stop the memories of the dreams play in her head and the more she thought of them the more they changed. They no longer felt like dreams at all but memories. She wanted to stop thinking about them but it was hard with the man of her dreams sitting only a few feet away.

Michael placed a hand around Isabel's shoulder as he felt her shutter.

"Hey Iz, you okay?"

Isabel shook her head hoping the dreams or memories or whatever it was they were, would stop. "Um yeah, I'm just tired. I think I'm gonna go home."

"Okay, I'll walk with you."

Isabel stood up and replied, "No, it's okay."

"You sure," asked Max. "You don't look so good."

"No it's fine really, I'm okay. I probably just need some fresh air or something. You guys should stay, don't let me ruin your evening."

Isabel walked out without waiting for a response from her friends. The evening was starting to get pitch black but Isabel didn't mind it. She decided to walk through the park as she always did, welcoming the silence and the darkness. In a way it was comforting because it helped to keep her thoughts in the dark as well.

As she continued to walk along the light posts up ahead she saw a figure leaning against one. Though she couldn't make out who it was it was clear by his body position as Isabel had seen it plenty of times before in her dreams. Isabel stopped in her tracks, unsure if she should turn back or if she should face him. She hesitated for a quick moment before walking forward. The only way this would stop would be if she confronted him.

"So you're stalking me now," she asked him seeing him clearly in the light that was above them.

Kivar shrugged. "Not exactly, this is still our spot isn't it Vilandra," he shrugged again. "Well at least it is back home, you remember though don't you?"

Isabel closed her eyes and shuddered at the memory. She opened them quickly so that Kivar wouldn't get nearly all the satisfaction. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Kivar came in closer. "Sure you do."

"They're not my memories," Isabel said with force. "They're hers."

"When are you gonna except that she's you just like you're her? Reach into those memories Vilandra."

"My name is Isabel."

"Vilandra, Isabel, human, alien, it's all the same. Don't be afraid, embrace it. You know where your true heart lies. Come back to me Vilandra."

Isabel could now feel Kivar's breath on her face. She closed her eyes trying hard to fight the urge within her.

"My baby," she whispered.

"Will live like a king," Kivar whispered in her ear.

Isabel let herself go as Kivar started to kiss her neck. She knew what she was doing was wrong and she wanted with almost every fiber in her being to back away but despite the dangerous territory she knew she was in this was the only way to keep Kivar from hurting her friends and family. If Kivar wanted her as much as he claimed then she had no doubt he would agree to the conditions she set and number one on that list would be to keep her friends, family and her baby safe and the second condition was that she would not sleep with him until she was ready. If Kivar wanted this then Isabel would play his game but with her own rules.

Michael backed out of the shadows seeing what he had feared the moment Isabel had laid eyes on Mr. Andrews. It didn't matter really; he didn't have a claim to Isabel as much as he did want to be with her. It was clear she was not going to wait for him and if that was the case then he wouldn't wait either.