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A dark room, black and white only with no light then that of the moon shining through the window. Two bodies on the bed, slung around each other tight and writhing in a hypnotic dance, their sweaty skin glistening pale and soft in the silver moon light. No clothes, just naked skin sliding against each other while hands explore each others body, a pair of big hands, a pair of slightly smaller, exploring, feeling, gripping. Moans in the heated air while the smaller figure arched when the bigger one touched him harder, pleasure rolling, pulsing through his veins, each touch setting his skin on fire, and he wanted more, it was not enough.

He wanted more, needed more, addicted to the feeling of the other one above him, covering him with his own body, his hands trailing up and down his body, over his chest, caressing the nipples agonizingly slow before pinching them. A dark chuckle like black velvet in his ears while he gasped and arched up, soundlessly begging for more before pulling his partner down, pressing him against him and devouring his mouth desperately. He responded, kissing him felt like fire, like heaven and hell at the same time, his tongue exploring his mouth, slowly before becoming faster, more passionately while one of his hands wandered down, dancing over his leg before touching him there.

He cried out, eyes wide open, nails scratching over his partner's skin who shivered slightly at the sensation before he gripped him harder, softly first then harder, now mercilessly rubbing over his hard length before grinding into him with his own arousal. Harder and harder, more passionately, he was burning up, the pleasure coiling in his stomach and he moaned, throwing his head aside to expose his slim neck before his dark partner leaned down to bite into the milky white skin, sucking and tasting, whispering a raspy "Mine" into his sensitive ear.

It made him shiver, drunken and so close, so painfully close to reach the climax he begged, but he only laughed, slowing down teasingly to suddenly thrust harder with his hand, rubbing their manhood together, biting, touching. He cried out and writhed fiercely, burying his fingers into his strong back, urging him to go faster, so close that he could taste it on his tongue, almost- "Please", he moaned, "Please, let me-" A finger silenced him, soft lips brushing ears before whispering: "You want it? I'll give it to you. But, only if -", he grounded harder into the smaller one, making them both gasp and hiss, " You have to scream my name while I'll make you come, so loud that everyone knows who you belong to. Scream it, at the moment you come." With that he rubbed him harder, faster, hips grounding into hips, moans and hisses, and then he reached his peak, falling, his body arched up while the pleasure exploded inside him like a bomb, white hot and fiercely, rearing up he ripped his mouth open to scream his lover's name while climaxing :

With a gasp Tsuna shot up in his bed, eyes wide open while his lips formed the name of the one in his wet dream, letting it escape in a whisper so quiet that it was almost not audible, soft like a feather before the air caught and made it disappear without any trace. The young male was still breathing hard and fast but calmed down slowly, burying his face into his hands before he noticed the sticky mess between his tights and the smell of cum in the air which made him groan, softly and with an underlying hint of pain inside. "Not again...", he murmured and stood up slowly, grimacing he stared down at the loose gray pants he was wearing which now had a growing wet spot right on his crotch, same on the bed on the sheets, shimmering wet in the darkness. A look on the clock on his night desk made him sigh again, it was still deep in the night and dark outside, silver moonlight piercing through the half pulled up shutters on his window, three o' clock in the morning.

Tsuna absently ran a hand through his unruly hair, his eyes trailing over his bed while he remembered his hands, a delicate blush spreading under his skin he quickly shook his head and straightened up to pull off the dirty sheets, throwing them onto the floor he wandered over to his wardrobe and took out clean jogging pants, underwear and a shirt. He might as well go and take a shower, no, he needed to, to clean his body of the sweat and cum, scrubbing off the sensation of desire which clung on his skin like sirup and prickled unpleasantly and threatening to set his want on fire again, he need to choke it before it was too late. His dark eyes wandered one last time over his room to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything like the sheets, quickly walking over to the window and ripping it open, rolling up the shutter to let in the fresh, cool air of the night, to let it erase the smell of his cum, his shame, his painful desire, leaving no sign of his dream behind. He just wished he could erase his dreams as easy as the smell which clung in his memories like glue, resisting to let go and flow away.

He swiftly opened his door, peeking down the dark meadow before he slid out and closed it, walking down the stairs to throw the dirty sheets into the washer before he made his way upstairs. His naked feet made no sound on the floor, not slowing down when he passed another room's door, knowing that he had to be careful. Not that he would stumble or fall down onto the floor, the times where that happened to him were over, and he had had more then enough embarrassing experiences to sneak past that door without a sound where he slept. No, he wouldn't wake up. Still, only until the bathroom door was closed behind him did he relax, closing his eyes in exhaustion before he opened them and went over to the wash bowl and splashed cold water into his still heated face, shaking his head which sent drops of water flying he stroke his hair back and stared into the mirror.

A male face, oval shaped with smooth lines, full lips and smooth skin barely marred by anything then the darker skin under the eyes, cheekbones which could be a bit higher but still fit, no more child like bit still having that certain look of innocence and softness which others found so strangely pleasing. A grown up face. His face, no longer that of a fourteen year old but that of an eighteen year old, staring back at him with his eyes which weren't the light color anymore, now in a dark honey, streaked with tiny brighter strips.

Tsuna slowly reached out, his fingers sliding over the cool surface before touching his face, trailing the shape of his lips, and just that bare touch brought back the memories of his dream and made him shudder, his eyes darkened with desire and his body tensed up longingly, anxiously while his skin felt like it was tightening with hunger, the ghost image of those rough, long fingers brushing his self, touching his core, his manhood and he almost moaned, quickly choking the sound with a bit into his hand. "No", he whispered after he let go, staring down at the reddish imprint of his teeth into the back of his hand, a clean half moon before he shook himself and quickly shrugged off his clothes, stepping into the shower to clean himself, to erase the sweat, the cum, the heat of that dream.

After he finished and put on the fresh clothes, pleasantly cool on his skin, he settled down on the window ledge, staring at the stars blinking in the dark sky while frustration and anger curled inside his stomach, bitter and hard, closing his eyes he leaned into the cool brush of a draft before he went off the ledge, closing the window and pulling down the shutter halfway to make it look like it had when he had woken up, climbing back into his bed though he knew it was futile. He had never been able to fall asleep again after having those dreams. Never. Nevertheless he closed his eyes to let himself get embraced by the darkness, shoving away any thoughts while he waited for the morning to come.

Light flooded through the shutter, the golden shine of the rising sun in the morning, accompanied by the twittering of birds in the trees, the first, early cars driving to work and the footsteps of joggers, dogs and the mailmen. Tsuna moved slightly but still stayed in the same position, with his back facing the door, an arm underneath his head, listening to the sound of the awaking world outside when he suddenly sensed something coming, a familiar feeling tingling up and down his back but he didn't move an inch, eyes closed he waited while inwardly he prepared himself while perceiving the tiniest sound from his door, so low that he couldn't really hear it then sense. Only a little more, then he could- now!

In the next second he bounced up incredible fast, making a forward flick flack off his bed, dodging the giant hammer which was slammed down onto his bed but stopped before it could be broken, standing up he rubbed his eyes, already knowing who had tried to wake him up that roughly. There was only one person capable of this. "Seems like you are finally getting better at moving your sluggish body", a deep voice said with a chuckle before the hammer was pulled back and transformed back into a familiar green animal which crouched on the intruder's hat. "Good morning to you, too, Reborn", Tsuna replied eye rolling before turning around, facing his tutor who was leaning against the door frame casually, clad like always in an elegant black suit with a neat tied tie and his beloved fedora under which black onyx eyes looked at him, a smirk playing around his lips.

"Morning Dame- Tsuna", he greeted with a slight nod, his smirk widening when he saw how the brown haired scowled slightly at the familiar nickname before replying: "How about trying to wake me up a bit more...gentle? One day you are really going to smash my head or put holes into it with your gun!" "That's all part of your training", Reborn answered unaffected, "I have to make sure you don't slack off and destroy the efforts I put into you with sweat and my blood." "Your Blood? More like my blood!", Tsuna grumbled and folded his arms. "Anything to make you the perfect next Vongola boss, Dame- Tsuna. And don't be so whiny, it's not like you have never bled before", the hitman replied easily, his black eyes wandering over Tsuna's room before he turned around and said: "Now move your lazy ass downstairs, your Mother has prepared breakfast". The soon to be young Mafia boss sighed, but nodded, quickly changing clothes before he followed Reborn into the kitchen where a nice breakfast was waiting for them and his mother greeted them happily: "Good morning Tsuna dear, Reborn! Enjoy your breakfast!"

"Thanks, mom", Tsuna replied before sitting down, grabbing a bun before he looked at the black haired man who was sipping on his beloved espresso, reading the newspaper with concentration, his hand placing down the cup before putting his fingers against his cheek thoughtfully. "You know, I think you just love to see me bleed", he said and bit into his bun, making Reborn snicker before replying: "Of course, it is quite entertaining. If I just remember that time where you bled that much that you thought you would die and almost fainted..." "Haha, how funny", Tsuna mocked and pouted, " I was bleeding like a fountain and you think it was funny?" "Sure, at least the way you were running up and down hysterically and flailing with your arms before you fell over...it reminded me of a duck", the hitman chuckled, before throwing one last look at the newspaper and standing up. "Now Dame -Tsuna, go, you still have school to attend to. A future Vongola boss always has to be on time", he ordered and hushed the brown eyed male who quickly stood up and picked up his school bag, hurrying out of the house.

Reborn was true, he shouldn't always be late, plus he really didn't need Hibari to chase him or rather bite him to death because he was late again- not on this morning with fragments of his dream still disturbing him. " Bye Tsuna!", his mother waved him with a smile which he replied honestly, walking ahead the street before he looked back once more, glancing at the tall figure leaning against the door frame, black onyx eyes which he knew so well meeting his eyes and holding his gaze firmly, then he slowly waved a good bye which was answered by a small nod of the hitman which looked rather short, but even from here he could see the smile playing on his lips, making him feel both content and uneasy, but he suppressed the upcoming feelings and turned around, walking to school.

It was strange, he thought, how much could change in those few years, so much and yet so less. The only difference maybe was that he still got many problems, some were old, some were new- but that one felt heavy, so heavy that it sometimes felt like it would choke him with frustration, a chain, both hot and cold at the same time. Four years had passed and he was no longer fourteen and weak, easy to scare, he was eighteen now, a grown up and stronger then before he dared to say, though to what amount he couldn't really say, and he would soon take over the place as the next Vongola boss, the Decimo in maybe a year. He was still reluctant about that but no longer really protested against not wanting to become the boss, how could he with his family, his friends he made- and Reborn supporting him? He wouldn't fail, wouldn't break because they would help him, and Reborn would guide him, as strong and secure as always, like from the first moment on he had met him, not knowing how his life would change when he first met the arcobaleno, the hitman, the one who would train him.

Four years. He only knew him since four years and it already felt like he would not survive if Reborn ever disappeared and leave him behind, alone, hurt and so confused. It felt strange knowing that the hitman whom he had first hated or at least felt scared off to the point of running away now hold such an important place in his heart besides his family, not just a tutor, a trainer, a hitman, a sadistic slave driver was so precious to him, giving him warmth and happiness. First just being his trainer it had slowly changed for him, his tutor, then a protector, then his guardian and finally his friend, as close as possible it was, a tightly strung bond tied between Tsuna and Reborn, the bond of a disciple and a tutor changed into something much deeper.

The arcobaleno had never left him, had always believed into him, he had pushed him, supported him to make him stand up when he fell, and no matter how much it hurt he stood up again, pulled up by the trust Reborn put into him, his believe that he would stand up. And he could tell that Reborn felt the same way, that bond they had built, visible in small gestures, his patience when Tsuna didn't really understand something but still tried honestly, those tiny moments when he was gentle in a way which belied his normally rough and sadistic treatment of Tsuna, the way his eyes shone with pride when he had managed a hard challenge, a fight, watching over him when he was sleeping, protecting him.

He trusted him like no one else and wanted to keep him close, needed him to be close, wanting his attention, his praise, knowing that he was watching him and would always watch him, never leaving, and if he had to, offer his life to protect him. He loved him with his whole heart like he did with his friends and family. That had been the start, the strong feelings which eventually bore the spark which would later set his heart on fire for a person like never before in his life, though still unnoticed and asleep at first, waiting for the right moment to awaken- with a force so hard that Tsuna was not even the slightest prepared, vulnerable and open to receive it before it tore through his soul and made it tremble like the string of a violin, a feeling both so painfully and pleasantly that he would never forget it, that day, it had been branded into his mind.

The beginning change of his feelings for Reborn had probably started on that special day, the day he himself saw as Reborn's second birthday, his rebirth, the day when they had finally been able to break the arcobaleno's curse which had forced him into that baby body and chained his life. For two years they had been searching, thinking, trying to find a cure, during their time of training because the hitman would have never allowed them " to slack off over something they would probably not even find because it was as impossible as meeting a zebra pattern wearing rainbow unicorn laying in a pup with a heavy hangover".

Tsuna and his friends couldn't really do much since actually Verde had done most of the work being the genius who was also restricted by that curse, but they supported the other arcobalenos who too helped as well as they were able to do, searching everywhere, bit by bit putting research material together, helping as guinea pigs even if it had to be done, luckily those times didn't end with something terrible, Skull once shrunk and was even smaller for a day, Colonello was accidentally fused together with his hawk, making him look like a little blond angel- just that angels didn't curse and then changed over into hawk cries. They had to chain him to prevent him from flying away and doing something stupid like getting shot down, scaring kids or other stuff before the effect wore off.

But eventually Verde had managed it, he had found a cure and after they had all arcobalenos together in a group he had explained it how it worked. Tsuna still didn't understand it how it actually had worked although Verde had explained it to everyone, something with channeling their energies the right way, the pattern of the energy waves and the right balanced negative and positive load of their energies to negotiate the effect of the curse but keep their powers, plus the right, 'perfect' neutral state of their bodies to prevent any taints and disturbance in the energy flow which could cause fatal errors and so on. The list had been actually longer but he had forgotten it, science had never been his strong point, and he was sure the other ones- besides the arcobalenos themselves of course- had also barely understand anything.

He had been sixteen at that time, together with the other ones he had been watching how the arcobalenos had formed a octagon in perfect calculated gaps from each other, a dozen of measure machines been attached to their baby bodies which blinked and made other strange noise, controlled by several very complicated computers with Verde running back and forth between them, checking everything a last time before he joined the others. One moment before they started Reborn had looked up, his eyes locking with Tsuna's before he smiled. In the next moment eight lights exploded, seven in the colors of the rainbow with that paler one from Lal Mirch, eight light pillars shooting up in the sky before they sunk down, forming eight bright orbs of pure energy around each arcobaleno, the energy was so strong and massive that the grass was burned off were they were standing, the air was whirling like a storm was coming, even knocking down a few trees which were too close.

It was beautiful and yet at the same time frightening, and his heart had been beating like crazy, screaming at him to run to Reborn and help him, but how, he couldn't, all he could do was stare at that orb in a bright yellow, so beautiful and as clear as the sun, hiding the arcobaleno inside, then suddenly, if that was even possible, the energy had become even stronger, so strong that the pressure was throwing them off their feet, the lights had become even brighter to the point that it was too painful to even look at it before everything exploded into a giant light orb, taking their sights away. When the brown eyed male had opened his eyes again there were eight crater burned into the ground, their edges burned and hissing with heat, black with ash and his heart nearly broke, because he couldn't see Reborn, where was he, he ran over before slithering down the walls of the crater where Reborn had been standing, toppling over and standing up again before finally fell over and rolled down the last meters inelegantly, stopping in a pose with him laying on the back and his legs left and right his head.

Blinking in pain- he hit his head when rolling down- he groaned and then fully opened his eyes when he heard a voice talking, saying his name: "Tsuna?" He looked up, or rather tried to with his view upside down to look for who had called him, the stranger's voice had been deep and unknown to him, but...His eyes widened when he saw someone at the center of the crater, half sitting half kneeling while his mind asked: who was that? It was a man, naked as the day he was born and exposed to the air around him, his skin covered and smeared with dirt, ash and earth, black unruly hair with two curled sideburns on each cheek, black eyes, as black as onyx stared at him, wide and asking.

Unable to move he stared at the man who lifted his hands, staring down at them before touching his body carefully, like to check if everything was in place. The young male could only stare who was that? He seemed familiar, he had seen him already- then he remembered that time when they had fought as the arcobalenos representatives in teams against each other, that time when he had fought against his father and that strange man in a black suit had appeared to teach him properly how to fight before he had disappeared again. But what was this man doing here, in place of- "Who are you?", he rasped out, panic, struggling before he got up and knelt in front of the man who looked up when he spoke, "Why are you here? Where's Reborn? What did you do with him?"

The stranger stared at him with those hypnotic onyx eyes before he spoke slowly, carefully, like he was testing his voice: " Dame- Tsuna, do you not recognize me? It seems like I still have to teach you a lot more- especially your slow brain." The young male stared at the stranger confused, how could he know his annoying nickname? And what was that about teaching? He had only taught him one time- wait. That voice...it was deep and soft like black velvet, and yet...and yet it was strangely familiar, the articulation, the emphasis, the underlying, gentle and yet piercing mock, that smirk which now played around his lips, those black eyes...the curled sideburns- his thoughts tumbled, all upside down and messed up before he finally realized it. "Wait", Tsuna gasped and stuttered "Re- Reborn? But, then that does mean, that- you- that man- you were that guy-", he stopped, blushing heavily when he realized how stupid he had been for not realizing that sooner.

Reborn stared at him, his lips twitching, one corner of his mouth went up before his shoulder started to shake and he threw his head back, laughing like Tsuna had never heard him. Sure, Reborn as a baby had also laughed sometimes, but this was different, it wasn't that high pitched child voice but that of a man, deep and velvet with tiny roughness hidden under it, a pleasant sound which sent a slight tingle down the brown haireds back, on one hand because he laughed about him, on the other hand because Reborn now sounded so different. His laugh was so light, filled with joy, before he stopped and looked at Tsuna, his black eyes glinting, embarrassed he was only able to stand it for a hew seconds before he looked aside, and although he surely didn't blush as much as he had done like before- not with having Reborn constantly embarrassing him which had hardened him- he couldn't suppress the blush creeping under his cheeks.

He suddenly understood, no, he knew it - Reborn was free now, free of the chains which had kept him from truly living like he wanted, free of any restrains, free to go where ever he wanted- his stomach dropped, suddenly realizing that this meant- straining to keep his composure he swallowed, looking up at Reborn to half forced, half honest smile out: " So it worked! I'm- I'm so happy for you Reborn! You deserve it to be free, after all these years, so surely you know want to do what you missed and...", he stopped, trailing off while he looked aside, heart aching before he forced himself to say: " You know, you can leave m- now", he had almost said 'me', "I would understand that if you want to, since you are back to your real form, and as a hitman, and all that stuff...you- you don't need to stay here anymore...". Reborn stared at him, his black onyx eyes unreadable. In the next moment Tsuna cried out when the arcobaleno suddenly pinched his nose hard and painfully, twisting it heartily before he let go and gave his forehead a painful flick with his fingers, with enough force to knock him down.

The teen landed onto the ground with a yelp, sitting up he rubbed his aching nose and forehead, complaining hurt : " Wh- what was that for?" The hitman sighed and closed his eyes in annoyance before he looked at the younger male, reaching out he roughly stroke his head and said with a sigh: " Dame- Tsuna, don't be so stupid. Why should I leave you now, just because I got my old body back? I should hit you again just for thinking that, you imbecile." The brown haired male twitched and nodded slowly, smiling while he could feel a tiny bit of wetness in the corner of his eyes, shaking his head to make them go away.

The older man sighed and reached out, swiping with his thumb over his cheek to wipe away the wetness before he put his hand on Tsuna's shoulder, giving it a tiny squeeze, then he said: "Don't cry. A Vongola boss doesn't cry. And you are stronger then that." He looked at his disciple, then into the sky before he looked down his body and asked with a chuckle: "Well, maybe you could give me now something to cover myself since my clothes have ceased to exist, hmm?" "What? Oh- oh!", the teen said appalled and scrambled to get up and bring something for his tutor who was still sitting naked on the ground, Yamato and Gokudera hastily brought him a pair of big pants and a long coat to cover most of his nudity before Tsuna climbed up with his tutor on his side up the crater to the others who were waiting for them, together with the other seven arcobalenos in rather weird outfits. They had given them whatever they had at the moment, no one having thought to bring some spare clothes for them, but how bad was that when they finally had their bodies back? Reborn, Colonnello and the others talked for a while before they said good bye, returning to their own homes, then the future Vongola family made their way home, too, in a quiet content mood and Tsuna felt like finally everything was in the right place.

It had first felt strange with Reborn back in his adult body, a little weird, a little new with his appearance and voice which was now suddenly way deeper, the maleness he emitted, but he was Reborn, no matter how he now looked like, he still was the same. His character and behavior hadn't changed at all, one thing Tsuna had to experience right in the next morning when he got woken up by a hammer like almost every morning or whatever swung the hitman's mood, he still loved to tease him, embarrass him, torture and train him until he was close to collapsing, and he still supported him like always.

The bond was still there, a little deeper, a little stronger, silently humming with the trust both shared, Tsuna's admiration for his guardian, Reborn's pride on his disciple, the things they had gone through together, and with Reborn's protective yet gentle care, strong threads of feelings interweaved into each other, unbreakable. He probably cared even more for this new Reborn, though he couldn't really explain why, the need to know that he was there and wouldn't leave strong like never before, carved under his skin like a n alive tattoo, withering and wriggling under the skin, pulsing with the beat of his heart and fed by the feelings which connected them. He gladly wore this chain inside, if it meant he would never loose Reborn than it was alright to be connected like that as long as he was by his side and gave him strength.

He was there, would be there, and that was all which was important.

And so they all now lived with Reborn in his new form, getting occasional visits from Lal Mirch and Colonnello, sometimes with Skull and even Verde, though that was rarely the case, going through hard training like always under Reborn's merciless eyes to make them strong, enemies also showed up more often, trying to either to kill or abduct the future Vongola boss since it had slowly leaked through who would be the next Vongola decimo. Tsuna didn't like it, he hated to fight, hated knowing that he was hurting other people but still never backed off, the need to protect his friends, his family strong and unwavering and unbreakable. It had been that day when everything changed, really changed and his feelings weren't like before, warm, content feelings, morphed into something entirely different, no longer secure and safe, that day when it had rained like the world was about to drown.

It had been a day like every other, going to school with Yamato and Gokudera, then buying some food on their way home, joking and laughing, when suddenly Tsuna had felt something, his hyper intuition warning him and he had dodged, pushing the others out of the path of the bullet shower where he had been standing. And suddenly dozen of them appeared from everywhere, and he had run, dragging his friends after them because he knew there were too many and he would not let them die, never. They had run, run and run after they finally reached a place far away from any houses to danger other people, and then they had fought. It had been hard, painful and bloody, the sound of bullets, screams and shouts in the air, mixed with the sound of a blade swishing and bombs exploding, and just when it felt like they would be overpowered, even with Tsuna's dying will flame, Yamatos sword skills and Gokuderas rain of bombs Reborn had appeared with Hibari, Ryohei and Mukuro. Reborn had shot dozen of them without mercy, like Hibari who didn't let anyone even touch him while Ryohei pushed them back with the brute strength of his punches.

Tsuna had gotten some strength back to fight and protect everyone, because with Reborn here there wouldn't happen anything bad he had thought when suddenly he heard Gokudera scream and his side was suddenly flaming up, being pierced through and he staggered, but caught himself enough to dodge the next shots, staring down at his side to see red staining the white of his shirt, blooming like a red flower, loopholes where the bullets had penetrated. The man who had shot him ran closer, the intent of killing him dark and unwavering in his face before he attacked again, without mercy and brutality, he had tried to punch him, to stop him from shooting, his side burning like hell, like acid was devouring its way into his body to tear skin, muscles and organs apart, making him stumble again, another bullet grazing his cheek and ripping the skin open.

Blood ran down his cheek but he barely paid attention to it, too caught up in not getting hit again, the pain was blurring his view and the dying will flickered, growing weaker which distracted him enough to catch another shot into the wound and this time he cried out, in pain, and the man had rushed forward, the gun in his hands lifted up to deal the killing blow, all he could think was / I will really die / and with a scream he jumped forward into the man, his fist connecting with the man's face in a sickening sound of something crushing and softer things being torn apart, both crashing onto the ground before he finally blacked out.

It only lasted for a few seconds though, because when he woke up the others were just running towards him, hissing in pain he tried to stand up and felt something brushing his fingers, only to froze on the spot when he saw what it was. It was the man who had tried to kill him, and he was dead. Half of his face had been destroyed, smashed into a bloody mess, a soft, gooey pulp and bits of something pinkish, mixed with grayish yellow splinters of bones. At first his mind refused to realize what he was seeing, then he had started to shake, trying to stand up again he noticed that his hands and gloves were blood red, stained with the red liquid and a few bits of the soft mess of what had been once the man's face, the shaking had wandered into all of his body parts, again he tried to stand up and finally managed, trembling like mad while bitter bile rose up in his throat. He had killed a human. He had smashed his head, breaking the skull and crushing the brain into a pulp, the proof staining his hands.

He had killed a human. He had killed a human. He had killed a human. The words had echoed through his head again and again and he started to breath faster, trembling even harder then before while he fought to breath, twitching and turning around fast when someone touched his shoulder, nearly stumbling and falling over the battered body to get away from the touch before he realized who it was. It was Reborn. He was looking at him with those black eyes, no adjudgement inside them, just a silent offer for comfort, stepping forward quietly he lightly gripped Tsuna's arms who was still trembling like mad, his breath unstable and way too fast to softly pull him forward lightly. The teenager didn't react at first, in his grip like a rag doll before he took another shuddering breath and then let himself fall into that strong chest, pressing his face against the black cloth to cover his eyes while his bloody fingers gripped the suit so hard that it almost ripped.

And Reborn, who always told Tsuna a Vongola member had to look neat, whether being a hitman or the boss himself to make sure he wouldn't stain his clothes, Reborn who would let him run a marathon on muddy ground and punishing him if there was even a little spot on them, slowly pressed him closer with no hesitation, wrapping his arms around the smaller one without caring about the blood tainting the suit and seeping through. And the younger male sunk into this rare comfort of closeness, taking in the familiar smell of gunpowder, tobacco and espresso, trembling and silently crying, screaming inside his soul before eventually the pain, shock and exhaustion kicked in with the blood loss and his knees gave him. He was caught into two strong arms which hoisted him up like he was weighing as much as a feather, steadying him against the hitman's chest and he closed his eyes, letting his head roll back in silent defeat and trust, being carried back home. Reborn was there. Everything would be alright.

Tsuna's mother nearly got a heart attack when she saw Reborn hurrying inside with a half unconscious Tsuna, bloody and limply hanging in the hitman's arms who s hushed her away when she wanted to help: "I'll take him upstairs into the bathroom. Could you please call Dr. Shamal and tell him to come here asap?" She nodded and went into the kitchen to call him like the black haired man wanted, then he quickly carried him up the stairs and into the bathroom, placing the trembling brown haired onto the toilet to rip off the ripped shirt, gritting his teeth when he saw the wound on his side. Four holes in his side which were bleeding quite strong, luckily not that strong which meant no internal organs had been hit, but it still had to be treated as quick as possible, snatching a towel he pressed it firmly against the wounds, feeling a stab through his heart when the Vongola heir gasped and twitched back with a barely audible whimper, eyelids opening to reveal those dark honey eyes which stared at him.

"Dame- Tsuna, stay calm and awake. Shamal will be here soon then we will pull out the bullets and clean it, got it? So for now don't fall over." The teenager nodded, still trembling, eyes fluttering closed but before he could yell at him to not fall unconsciously a warm hand gripped his, still bloody and dirty, pressing his own firmly, although he was still shaking like mad. In the next moment the doctor appeared in the door frame, this time not whining about rather treating girls and ordered shortly: " Lay him down onto the floor, I can't treat him like that, better with something under him. And give him something to bite on, the pain killers won't do much now because I can't wait until they work." The killer did as he was told, carefully laying Tsuna down onto the floor and some towels he had quickly put there, trying to be as gentle as possible but the young male still hissed and fought for air.

The doctor examined the wounds carefully, his face dark and sharp he murmured: "Those fuckers...I hope they got what they deserved." "We killed them all", the hitman answered shortly, more interested in his disciple's health. Shamal nodded and turned around to search in his bag he had brought with him, taking out a scalpel and a pair of tweezers along with some alcohol before he knelt next to Tsuna and looked at Reborn: " You better hold him because it will hurt. I think you know that most times its normally better to leave the bullets in the body and wait until they come up until they are visible under the skin, but in his case it's better to take them out. They seem to not have wounded any organs, but a few arteries were wounded and he will bleed to death if I don't extract them." The black haired killer gritted his teeth, not wanting to think about that to happen even for a second. He refused to let that happen!

He leaned down to Tsuna and lightly slapped his cheek to make him look at him before he told him: " Tsuna, Shamal will take out the bullets before he cleans it. It will hurt, so you have to be brave, okay?" "Give him something to bite on, I have to start!", Shamal urged impatiently, "Just something, maybe a piece of cloth or-" "I got it, be quiet", Reborn cut him off sharply before he leaned down to whisper into his ear: "Here, bite on this." With that he forced the brown haired's lips apart to put his left hand between them, using his right arm and hand to press against his disciple's upper chest without too much pressure, ignoring Shamal's lifted eyebrow he hissed: "Start already, I'll keep him down!" The other man nodded before he leaned down, starting to cut into the wounded flesh.

Tsuna's eyes widened in pain, and he cried out while arching up, sound muffled by Reborn's hand who ordered him: "Bite my hand to stay calm!". In the next moment he hissed lightly when teeth clamped down on his hand, burying themselves into the flesh hard. It was terrible for him to watch. The scalpel sliced through the skin, opening the red flesh underneath it with a tunnel which was constantly bleeding, inside something gray dully shone. "Here it goes, the first one", Shamal murmured, taking the pair of tweezers he carefully put it into the tunnel, trying to grip the bullet, then the doctor finally got it and pulled, making the teenager's body buck up wildly in pain, trying to flee but Reborn firmly pressed him down while gritting his teeth at the teeth burying themselves into his hand. The bullet went out with a wet sound, more blood oozing out before the man continued. The second bullet made Tsuna buck up even harder, nearly kicking the doctor into the face when he trashed out. At the third he was screaming, voice muffled by the hitman's hand which was clamped between his teeth while he tried to push him off, to twist himself out of the grip, but his grip was as hard as iron.

The fourth. When the pair of tweezers went into his flesh, the Vongola heir's eyes widened when they dug deeper into the flesh, Shamal cursed roughly, hissing: "It's deeper then the other three!". He twitched back when Tsuna trashed out again and hissed: " Keep him down, dammit!" Reborn icily glared at him, his dark aura actually making the doctor shut up before he leaned down and whispered into Tsuna's ear: "Calm down, it's the last one, okay? Just one more to go and we are finished! Hold onto me and don't let go!" The teen's wide open eyes, dark and filled with pain, flickered around, fluttering before they fell on his and he stared back, forcing those dark honey eyes to only look at him, holding his gaze firmly. The next moment Tsuna's body arched up high while he started to scream, twisting wildly around, hands gripping onto Reborn's arms and nails scratching over his arms while he fought against the iron hard grip, kicking, trying to escape but it didn't shift even an inch, insane pain pulsing through his body.

In the next moment the bullet went out and his body relaxed, carefully Reborn pulled out his hand of his mouth which was bleeding before he softly brushed the younger male's face which was sweaty, the boy was breathing heavily and unstable, eyes fluttering, making his heart ache and he wanted to hold him, to make him feel alright. Blinking he shoved his protective need aside and watched how Shamal used swabs with alcohol to clean the wounds before he started to sew, making Tsuna gasp and tense up but he calmed him, watching how the doctor stopped the bleeding, leaving four small lines of stitched up skin which was reddened before he motioned him to help the young male sit up, wrapping a bandage around his side. He then quickly cleaned the shot cut on his cheek and put a patch on it.

"Want me to take care of your hand?", he asked with a look at Reborn's hand, sighing when the hitman shook his head and said: "I'll take care of it by myself."Well, then...that was it", the bearded man sighed and sat up, collecting his stuff to put it back into the bag and standing up to walk to the door, turning around he looked at Reborn: "Make sure he doesn't move too much, it will take some time to heal up from inside with a few muscle tissues torn. If it starts to bleed again call me and I'll come over. For now, rest is most important. See you then".

With that the doctor disappeared, leaving Reborn alone in the bathroom with his disciple. He sighed, finally feeling some of the tension disappear in his body. Tsuna was out of danger. He was alright. He was safe. "Dame- Tsuna, come. You heard it, you need some rest now". The younger male just nodded, letting himself get pulled up by the older man and guided to his room where he sat down onto the bed, dully watching how Reborn pulled a fresh shirt and pants out of his closet to give it to him, slowly he stood up and put them on before he sluggishly crawled into his bed and pulled the blanket over his body. "Go to sleep", he heard Reborn say, "I need to make a few calls. I'll come back later. For now...just rest, sleep. You need it."

With that he quietly went out of the room, leaving the teenager alone, and as soon as the door was closed the shivering slowly started to spread through his body again, he couldn't stop it. He wanted to yell for Reborn, to tell him to come back but his lips wouldn't budge, like they were stone. He didn't want to be alone. He didn't want to sleep. He didn't want to dream. He didn't want to dream. He didn't want to dream. He didn't- but it was a fight without a chance of winning, because the exhaustion was way stronger, with the blood loss and the pain in his side throbbing like his head did, straining he tried to push it away, but his eyes fluttered and closed over and over again before he finally was unable to resist any longer and succumbed, falling asleep with the sound of heavy rain outside.

Red. Red and red. Red and black. Red and white. Red. Red. Red. Red...His dreams were black and white, the only color was red, spreading through them like a virus, staining everything, his hands were dripping with red, red, red, red everywhere, on his clothes on his body, tiny pieces of brain clinging on his hands, to his feet the battered corpse of that man. The dream wavered, trembling before it replayed, and again the man was running towards him, again his body reacted on his own, smashing through his head, the cracking and bursting of organs and bones, red, red, red spreading everywhere, again and again, dripping over his eyes, over his body. And he screamed, screamed in horror, trying to wipe it off, but it was glued to his skin, dead dead dead, the red, the blood was whispering, murderer, murderer, murderer.

He screamed for it to stop, no, he didn't want to hear it, stop it, stop it, stop it! Stop it! But it didn't stop, again and again he saw his fist, his body, reacting, smashing forward into the head, destroying it, a bloody pulp, blood shooting out, again and again and again and again. An endless hell, and no one was there to pull him out of it, to save him, no matter how often he screamed. Why? Why was no one there? Why did nobody hear him? Make it stop his mind, his soul screamed, I don't want to see this, murderer, murderer, murderer, make it stop make it stop make it stop, please make it stop, please, anyone, please...For a second a picture flashed up inside his mind, a face he knew, a face he was longing for so desperately it was burning, and he tried to stand up, slipping in the blood, lifting his bloody hands into the sky and screaming as loud as he could: REBORN !

Screaming and trashing wildly he woke up, with the name on his lips like a prayer, hectically looking around while his breath was fast and unstable, bits of his dreams flashing in his head. Blood, so much blood, blood everywhere, on his hands and his body, the cracking, bursting sound of the head being smashed, the feeling of the bones, the brain, breaking under his fist...Tsuna choked and pressed a hand against his mouth, fighting to get out of the blanket which had wrapped itself around his legs before he managed to get free and wriggled out of it, crashing down onto the floor next to his bed which sent a wave of terrible brain piercing through his side, gasping he struggled to get up and staggered to the bathroom. Pushing the door open with a weak push he fell down onto the floor and crawled over to the toilet, gasping and choking, then he lifted himself up and, no longer able to hold it, he vomited violently, painfully and hard while his body convulsed.

He emptied himself of his stomach content, each time it seemed to stop and he struggled for breath another gush came up and forced itself painfully through his mouth, puking, whimpering, gasping, and it hurt so much, but he couldn't stop it. A warm hand touched his neck, caressing it shortly before it wandered down his back and stroke it up and down, another hand wiping the hair out of his face while he emptied his stomach until it finally stopped after what seemed like a little eternity, his breath coming out short and unstable, painfully rasping over his dry throat while he puked a last time, only bile escaping his insides. His body shuddered and went weak, losing his hold on the toilet, but before he could fall the hands caught him and hold him firmly, pulling him closer into a warm body, he leaned against the other one and took a trembling breath, closing his eyes and sinking into the warmth. The arms hold him, a hand stroking his hair before a deep voice said slowly: " It's alright. It is hard, but don't forget it, what you did. Remember it, but don't let it pull you down or it will break you. And you are stronger then that", before he was given a glass of water which he slowly took to rinse down the disgusting taste of puke.

The other one didn't say anything else, helping him to stand up he put the glass aside and, despite his weak protest which came over his lips more like a whisper, carried him into his bedroom where he laid him down onto the bed before disappearing again, coming back with a wet cloth. The cloth felt good, cooling his forehead, and he watched through half lidded eyes how the other one pulled the blanket over his trembling body before he sat down next to his bed and looked at him, black onyx eyes glimmering in the dark, watching him until he fell asleep. Red red red red red everywhere, sticking on him, on him, he couldn't get it off, a battered head looking at him, gooey brain mass dripping down, the blood whispering, murderer murderer murderer, and he screamed, screamed screamed screamed-

Trashing and screaming he woke up again, his wounds aching and with sweat on his forehead, the cloth had slipped off and was now laying on the floor, kicking the blanket off which felt like a coffin he blindly reached out until he touched the wall, nails scratching over it in an attempt to pull himself up, but he felt too weak. His dream flashing through his head he choked, gasping before he looked down on his trembling hands, seeing red dripping down from them and he screamed again, trying to wipe it off but it didn't work, gasping before a whimper slipped over his lips and he started to sob, crying out, ( murderer murderer murderer), the metallic, heavy smell of blood in his nose and he gagged again. Murderer murderer murderer. His hand slipped down the wall, nearly hyperventilating he gripped his arm before he started to scratch over the skin. Stop it stop it stop it. Harder. The nails continued to scratch, the skin turning red before it broke, little drops of blood oozing out before the smell hit in and he stopped, shaking and crying while his hand slipped off before forming a fist, burying his head into the sheets while curling up.

His mind was so confused and twisted that he only noticed after a few seconds a hand on his back, touching him before big hands softly forced him to lay back down onto the bed, the mattress going down when another body climbed onto it. In the next moment strong arms pulled him against a warm chest, one hand pulling the blanket over them before wandering up and down his back in a calming manner, the familiar smell of gunpowder, cigarettes and espresso rising into his nose before Reborn's deep voice whispered: "It's alright. It's alright." And he started to sob, crying into that strong, warm chest while he trembled, pressing himself against the hitman as close as possible, his desire, his need to be close to him so overwhelming that he nearly choked, clasping his arms around the older male in an attempt to reduce the gap between them to zero.

It felt strange, uncomfortable and yet so liberating to let it all out, especially with him. He had never cried, never, because Reborn had told him that only the weak cried and a future Vongola boss didn't cry and had to be strong, to stand tall and bear everything fate would bring him, and here he was, crying into his tutor's chest, vulnerable and weak, it felt like he was exposing himself completely. But he didn't care at the moment, all which was counting know that Reborn was there and holding him.

He continued to cry into his chest, face pressed against the warm muscles clothed in a shirt, drinking in the warmth and comfort his tutor silently offered him while his whole body was being shaken from the crying while the black haired continued to stroke his back and hair until his crying slowly grew weaker, ebbing away before it fully stopped and only his breath and body were trembling. And yet Reborn didn't let him go, still holding him in his arms and giving him comfort, he could feel his breath tickling his hair softly which made him realize just how close they were, his head against his chest, arms around each other and legs tangled into each other, a strange comfort. Normally he couldn't really stand it when someone was that close, it made him feel uncomfortable and nervous. And this was Reborn. He had never gotten that close to him, to smell him, feel him, his warmth, his breath, his muscles moving slightly under his hands, and normally the hitman would have shattered any attempt even remotely similar to cuddle with brutality, since killer simply didn't cuddle. But this was different. This was Reborn. And he needed more.

Loosing the grip around the older male's body he trembling pulled himself up until they were face to face, nose brushing which sent tingles down his body while black onyx eyes stared back at him, seeing his own mirror image in them, red eyed and incredible tired and vulnerable. If the killer was surprised about the change of his position he didn't show, instead just looking at him with those piercing eyes, making him tremble, and the longer he looked into them the more it felt like they were really piercing through him, stripping him of everything until he was exposed to his bones, to his soul, and it frightened him like nothing ever had. But at the same time it felt so good, and somehow he knew he would have never been able to let go like that with somebody else.

He trembled again, slowly reaching out to touch the other one's face, it felt so strange to be laying in the same bed that he just had to because it felt like a dream. His fingertips touched warm skin before trailing, brushing over the curled sideburns and Reborn let him. He let him! It was so shocking for him that he almost twitched back, doing it just when a hand touched his cheek to stroke it softly and he closed his eyes while leaning into the touch, still shaking, his lips trembling and a tear escaping his closed eyes because it felt so good, and he never wanted him to stop. Never.

After a while the stroking stopped, but the hand still remained there, calloused skin and yet gentle, and he slowly opened his wet eyes to look at the hitman, into his eyes, this time not shying away when they met his unwavering and suddenly something inside him clicked. The moment their eyes met the spark inside his soul flamed up, the impact of it feeling like a explosion, rolling through his soul, his body and making him gasp in shock, what was that? Why was his heart suddenly beating so fast, so hard against his chest? He had closed his eyes at the shock, feeling his cheeks heat up before he dared to open them again and saw into Reborn's eyes, nearly sweeping him off his feet and he suddenly knew it, as clear as the sky after a storm of thunder and rain. He didn't like Reborn.

He loved him. It had grown inside him like seed before it expanded, god, why had he been so blind? He was the one he wanted, the one he trusted the most, the one he would give his life for, offering his soul, his heart, the one who had always supported him, helped him, trusted him, the one who who cared for him. All these tiny moments of quiet silence between them, the comfortable silence, his deep voice cheering him up, pushing him to continue because he believed into him, the rare moments of tender care, over as quick as a shooting star passing by but still so precious, the comfort he had given him regardless his demanding of being strong, all these moments piecing themselves together into these three words. He loved him. His soul, it was singing like a violin and yet crying in pain at the same time, because it hurt him to realize that, the sudden desire, the new love too strong too painful for him while his heart was beating so fast, crying soundlessly, pleadingly: I love you I love you I love you please love me love me love me look at me please please please I love you I love you so much it hurts it hurts make it go away love me I love you please love me.

Oh god, it hurt so much, it was too much, it was too much, his heart was beating so fast that it felt like it would burst out of his chest. And it wasn't enough. Right now he needed him so much that it felt like he would bleed to death if he didn't touch him more, trembling he crawled closer and gripped the other ones face, making the hitman twitch in surprise, forcing his trembling lips to form words: " Please...", he sobbed, "Please...R-Reborn, please...let m-me...". He turned his head a little, trying to close the gap between and feel those lips on his and saw Reborn's black eyes widen, for a split second emotions flashing through, but they were gone to fast for him to see, before he quickly leaned back and pulled Tsuna down until his chin rested in his hair. The confused teenager didn't resist, trembling he buried his face once again into Reborn's chest who soothed his hair, murmuring: " Dame- Tsuna...sleep now. I'll stay with you." His grip around the younger male tightened a little, but the brown haired didn't mind, too exhausted and tired he closed his eyes and listened to the strong and secure heartbeat of the hitman, which sounded like a lullaby to him and made him fall asleep in his arms while inside him his heart whispered: Love you love you love you, please love me too.

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