Hi my dear readers!

First I want to apologize once again.

I'm really really sorry for all those who thought this was an update,

please forgive me for this. It has been already such a long time since the last chapter appeared and surely you are waiting impatiently for the 4. chapter,

but you will still have to wait a good time.

Frankly I haven't even really started to write it yet.

No, I don't want to stop writing this story, don't worry, it's another thing.

Right now for me my final exams are coming close, in about two weeks they start,

and I'm unable to really concentrate on writing with all the learning and worrying about the exams.

All I've been doing concerning "I'm not a kid anymore" is to let my mind wander during the lessons and learning to find a few new ideas of how to do chapter 4. and chapter 5. ( the extra chapter).

That is why I'm writing this, I'm asking you to please stay patient a while longer. I want to stay 'on break' with writing it until the tests are over and then I'll be finally able to just think of the story, okay? I don't think it would turn out very good if I were to write it now- and I really want to make the chapter worth your waiting time.

I really hope you can understand that and please stay a bit longer patient, I will try my best as soon as the tests are over I'll start since I'll be having lots of free time then.

I really hope you can understand my reasons.

Before I stop: there is a second thing I wanted to tell you. Maybe a few of you already know, but...if you have read on Fanfictions first side about modernizations you will have noticed that Fanfiction may remove stories which are in breach with the rating system. In other words stories which are clearly not M but MA which are not allowed, showing explicit violence and/ or sex- stories like I have written. If they will really start searching for stories like that to take them out...well, I think you can all imagine what will happen with Fanfiction.

This also applies to "I'm not a kid anymore" I think. There might not have been very much explicit stuff yet, but since I always write my sex scenes explicit...I might have to move over to Adultfanfiction or other places. That is why I'm asking you all to try and protest against it, write notes and put them in your stories to say you are against it.

I don't really know to what extent they will change things, but maybe you have a better idea.

I know, author notes are in real forbidden, but I just wanted to let you know...

Thanks a lot for your wonderful support so far!

I will try my best with the next two chapters!

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