Yen Yani Yolie

Yup. This is gender bent story and humanized as well. There really isn't a story arc or anything just something that's been on mind. Or rather a couple of episodic chapters then a story arc. Just like the show! Man I love Yin Yang Yo but those idiots on Disney XD cancelled it before season three! Come on, we found out that Yo was there dad and Yin asked the question that was on our minds after! Well that's all in the past and we must keep moving forward. Anyway, you know who's who from the title but certain characters will be harder to rename. So this first chapter is just about Yen and Yani doing everyday stuff; Training, chores, fighting villains.

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"Yani, hurry up in there!"

"Alright already! I'll be out in sec!"

Outside of the door was a small pink haired boy in a white gi. On the other side of the door was a same height blue haired girl with the same clothing. And on the subject of her hair, unlike other tomboy's hair style it was quite long, stopping at the middle of her back. This was quite strange for tomboy like her but she passed it off as being her own type of tomboy. Really, she had a horrible experience with a barber when she was younger and only her brother knew. As such, he would trim her hair so it wouldn't grow overly long. As of right now she was tying with a string.

"Alright, I'll just wrap the string around and done!"



Ah! Another thing about her hair is that she puts it in a pony tail but would have the curious habit of splitting down the middle and giving the impression of pigtails.

"Screw it, I don't care anyway."

"Took you long enough. Come on, we got to meet Master Yolie."

Master Yolie was standing outside the dojo looking rather impatient. Master Yolie was a less then tall old woman but sure didn't look like it. She had a darkish tan skin from years of training and curly white grey hair. She had black gi with a white under shirt. Although she would never tell anyone, she had been getting a bit pudgy.

'Probably from sitting around doing nothing but eat and nap.' Her consciousness told her.

"Shut up, I'll work it off.' Yolie retorted in annoyance.

Yen and Yani entered the training grounds, both with determined looks.

"Alright, children I will now teach you the techniques of level three Woo Foo."

"Alright it's about time." Yani commented.

"Oh boy! Now I can learn more Magic!" Yen said with excitement in his voice.

"Yeah, and I can learn new ways to kick evil butt!" Yani said as she gave a few kick in the air.

"Or learn new ways to almost get into juvie." Yen retorted back.

"Hey, I'm the older sibling! Show me some respect!"

"Show me exactly why!"

Both Yolie and Yani were shocked at what Yen had said. He was the well behaved one. To answer back in such a manner was unnerving to say the least.

'Come to think of it, he's been acting out as of late." Yolie thought.

Yani's eyes were starting to water, she didn't know why though.

'Must be the wind. Yeah that's it!' Yani assured herself.

Yen quickly realized what he said and immediately regretted it. He didn't where that came from.

"I-I'm sorry, master Yolie, Yani. I haven't been myself lately." Yen apologized.

"Don't worry about it, bro," Yani eased, her eyes no longer watering, "I'll let it slide, but do it again and I will kill you."

Yen gave a small smile, knowing she was just joking around.

'I hope.' He thought.

Yolie was busy in thought.

'Hmm, I wonder…'

Later, after training, Yen and Yani went to mall.

"Why are we here?" Yani asked as they stopped at 'Youthful Fountain'.

"We got to get Master Yolie's moisturizer." Yen answered.

Yani raised her eyebrow, about to make a comment when an explosion stopped her.

"There you are!" shouted a whiny voice.

"Oh no…" the twins said deject.

They reluctantly turned their heads to see who was attacking the mall. It was a pale toned woman wearing a simple orange gown and a purple cape with medium length brown hair crowned her head as deep green eyes peered under her bangs.

"Yes, it is I, Carline, the Evil Sorceress of Cruelty!" Carline bellowed, lightning striking in the background.

"Ugh, is there ever a day when you aren't annoying?" Yani retorted as she pulled out her bamboo sword.

"I don't think that's possible." Yen said as he conjured two foo orbs.

"That hurts you know. It really does!" Carline as comical tears threaten to spill.

The twins rushed towards Carline only to stop when they saw the tears.

"Aw man! Great, how are supposed to kick her butt without looking like jerks!" Yen asked.

"You mean, without making you look like jerk. I take her o-"

Yani was cut off by an energy blast shot from none other then Carline.

"Hah, you fell for it!"

"Hey, no one does that to Yani! Yenception!"

Yen formed a silver orb in his left palm and heaved it at Carline. Carline jumped out of the way, the orb fading away as soon as it hit the floor.

"Darn it."

"Nice try, you're not gonna hit me with that! Not after last time!" Carline said, visibly shuddering. Apparently it was mind trip she dreads remembering.

"Hey, Carly, heads up!"

Carline looked up in rage. She absolutely hated it when some call her Carly. Her face was met with hard bamboo sword. Carline was flipped over from the impact. While she was half way through, Yani changed her sword in to a baseball bat and slugged her out of the mall.

"Thanks for the distraction bro!" Yani complemented.

"No problem, but why are we here again?"

"Beats me. Come on let's get out of here before the cops come and get the wrong idea!" Yani saud as she grabbed Yen's collar and dashed out of there.

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