Chapter Two

"They thought they could trap me? They will pay dearly."

The dark voice echoed through the obscure and ominous cave. Several bats roosted on the rocks, their faces illuminated by small light coming from a crystal ball. Standing next to it was a pitch black clothed figure, the face covered by white and red mask.

"Those pesky woo foo warriors will regret ever facing me."

The figures leaned closer to the orb, revealing the mask to be a bat mask.

"Especially that traitor." The voice spat with enough venom to dwindle an entire population.

Back at the dojo, Yen had been thinking about what had happen today. After he and Yani had gotten back, Yani went to their room to play video games, while he went the training area. Yen was busy mediating or at least trying to.

'Why did I attack her with Yenception? I told myself that I would never do that attack again.'

"Hey, no one does that to Yani! Yenception!"

Yen formed a silver orb in his left palm and heaved it at Carline. The orb shot towards Carline at amazing speed. All at once, the world seemed to stop. The moment felt to the two magic users like an eternity.

Yen suddenly felt something he hadn't felt in while. A feeling of elevation, strength and… control.

Yen had a smirk on his face. But it wasn't the usual smirk; no it was haughty and arrogant smirk. His eyes glowed with the same glee as a predator would have when it has secured its prey.

Carline's own eyes widened in fear, memories of the first, and last time she experienced the attack. Yen saw her horror, regaining his wits, quickly changing the angle. Carline jumped out of the way, the orb fading away as soon as it hit the floor. A look of relief passes over Yen's face as she dodges it. He quickly attempted to look disappointed though, as to not look suspicious.

"Darn it."

'But still, it felt like there was someone else.'

Meanwhile, Yani had been busy playing the new "Road Rages: Pedal to Metal!" online with her friends, Dally the tree lover and Reggy. Events of day kept her from fully concentrating on it however.

"Aw come on! That's the twelfth crash in a row! What wrong with you, Yani?" Reggy complained.

"Sorry guys, I guess I got distracted."

"Oh, you were thinking about Leroy?" Dally teased.

Yani was grateful that they were playing online because then she would have to beat them up. Then she's get in trouble with their parents. Then Yolie would have grounded her.

"Just shut up and drive." Yani told them.

'Hmm, let's see, Yen and Yani beat the Night mistress, sealing her into another dimension. So she can't be the one. Oblitarisse* can't use her powers for a while. So, it is a new super villain then.'

Yolie had check through archives, looking up high class villains. Though it was unsuccessful, as most of them were either locked up or powerless.

"If so, then we have to train even harder."

Just then, the T.V. had turned on for a broadcast.

"This just in! Down Town is being ravage for the fifth time this week! We now go live to Lenny*** for full coverage!"

The camera then cuts to young man in a suit tie.

"I'm down town where a little girl with green hair is wreaking havoc on the city. Hopefully the Woo Foo warriors will come and save us!"


"And fast soon!"


"Sigh, guess training will have to wait. Yen! Yani!"

"Gah, these weaklings are no fun at all!" Yuki complained.

Yuki is small girl with turquoise hair and yellow orange eyes placed above freckled cheeks. Her gi bore splotches and tears at the ends. She grinned wickedly as she sensed two very familiar auras.

"About time."

"Yuki! Stop this right now." Yen instructed.

'Wow, since when did he man up?' Yani thought as they stepped closer towards Yuki.

Yuki felt her eyebrow twitch as she secretly charged a foo orb. She was confused about Yen's sudden attitude change, but the feeling minuscule compared to the anger she felt.

"Well, looks like you've got your death whish's ready. I'll happily accept them."

Lifting her hand up, the foo orb abruptly grew to immense size. Grinning with a hint of insanity, Yuki leaped high and heaved the enormous orb towards the twins.

"Woo Foo Aura!" Yani cried as she manifested a giant blue rabbit shaped aura, shielding her brother.

'Why I am suddenly smart? Oh man, don't let it be that! Please don't let me be a geek like Yen!' Yani thought as the orb came into contact.

The ground shuddered violently due to the impact but the effect was whitening out from the explosion.

Back at the Dojo, Yolie had been using her time to figure what was happing with Yen's behavior problems when she felt a sudden burst of power. She ran towards the door but was pushed buck by the power wave.

"No, Yen, Yani."

A/N- so… yeah a whole lot longer the previous chapter. Don't worry part two will be updated soon!

Other notes

*-I figure that Eradicus is a combination of Eradicate and Atticus so Obliterisse is Obliterate and Clarisse.

**-Yuki is a name derived from icky.

***- Lenny is my OC. He'll pop up every now and then.