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Rain continued to pour, as the bus sped down the road to their destination. Inside, the bus, a girl stared at the raindrops on the window, pondering on why she was the one put forward to do this "Amu-chan!" a small chara with pink hair, in a cheerleading getup floated above her. "Don't worry so much! It'll be fun!"

Amu sighed. "Why did Misaki-chan put me forward to do this? I'm only good at sports with a character change from you, Ran."

Next to Ran, two similar charas floated above the girl. One had an artist's attire, with blue hair, covered with a beret, and the other had golden locks, wearing a green maid's outfit. "It wouldn't be fair to use a character change, though. No matter how much you suck." the blue one remarked knowingly.

"Thanks, Miki. Don't hold back." Amu thanked in thick sarcasm.

"It won't matter, Amu-chan," the green one began. "Your cool and spiciness will distract them~ desu." The joker sighed, turning her attention back to the window.

"That won't help, Su. But, might as well try to pull through." She flipped her phone open to look at the time. 7:09. "It's too early to be awake!" Amu groaned, flopping in her seat.

"Well, the bus did come really early." the cheery chara turned her attention to the other passengers on the bus, who were sluggishly trying to stay awake, while some were sleeping.

"Well, I'm tired. So, night." the girl told her charas, closing her eyes. Soon enough, she heard the would-be-selves settling down. 'Maybe this won't be too bad.' was her last thought, as she felt herself drift off to sleep.


The pinkette jolted awake from her slumber, along with her charas, who were screaming from the shock. Amu rubbed her eyes, as her vision cleared. "N-Nikaidou-sensei!" her and her charas stuttered in sync.

"That's right." the teacher smiled broadly. "I'm the guidance councillor on this trip, Himamori-san." Amu sighed. He knew that her name was indeed HINAMORI not Himamori. When will he learn?

"Anyways," he continued. "Time to leave the bus. Please take all your belongings off, and the bus driver will give you your case." The girl complied, as the chibis sat on her shoulder.

As she stepped off the bus, the fresh air smacked her face, as a gentle breeze blew. The sun was blazing, as puddles from earlier surrounded the ground. A whistle soon blared, popping her eardrums. "Everyone, stand front and centre on the white line!" a husky voice commanded.

Amu rubbed her ear, along with her charas, as she did so. First thing to do when she came home, kill Misaki-chan.

"Now," the man with the strong voice began. "On this trip, you will learn important skills while doing numerous tasks and activities. Cabin assignments are on the bulletin by the shack up there." He pointed to a small shack, with a bulletin board outside. "Over the lake, is the other camp for older teens. You will be assigned with a mentor from that camp. They will ossasionally assist you in each activity, and help you when needed. Lunch is at 12, and the first activity begins at 1:00pm. Dinner will be at 6:00pm, and we will be doing a night walk with the other camp at 7:00pm. All will return to cabin at 8:15, and lights out at 8:30, as you'll be awoken at 6:00am tomorrow."

Amu tried not to groan, as her charas did for her. 6AM? That's way too early, especially for her!

"Now, please proceed to your assigned cabins." Her, along with the other people from other schools did so, groaning tiredly. "This place sounds strict." Ran though aloud, glancing round at the man discussing with the teachers.

Amu nodded. "No way in hell, am I waking up at 6." They went towards the bulletin, searching for her name.

"Where's your cabin, Amu-chan?" Su asked, the cool and spicy girl found it, she read her cabin number aloud.

"Number 22. I'm sharing with a girl called Morita Mayuu." She and her charas made their way to the cabins, ascending forward until they found their cabin number. Amu used the key she was given to open it. As she did so closing the door behind her, she found a neat fairly small room, with a bed either side, each side also had a dresser, a closet, and a desk with chairs tucked in them. The walls were a peachy pink colour, the carpet, a blackish colour. The bed covers were red, with matching pillows.

"No style." Miki bluntly stated. They made their way to the bed on the left side, and the Joker began to unpack. About five minutes later, a girl walked in, pulling in her suitcase.

The girl was fairly tall. She had black hair with a side fringe on the left side, with an orange butterfly clip tying it back. The hair was tied in a side ponytail, that touched her shoulder. She had amber coloured eyes. Her outfit was a floral school shirt, with a black vest top over it, wearing an orange and black striped tie, and black leggings, with orange converse.

The girl smiled warmly at Amu, putting her case next to the bed opposite. "You must be Amu-san," she made her way over, holding out her hand. "I'm Morita Mayuu, nice to meet you."

Amu smiled, shaking her hand. "Nice to meet you, Mayuu-san." Mayuu turned her attention to the charas above the pinkette's head. "Wow, you have three charas!" she said, astonished.

Amu was taken back by this, as were the charas. "You can see them?" The orange wearing girl nodded. "Oh. Well, this is Ran, Miki and Su." the charas waved, as they were pointed to in order.

"Nice to meet you three." Suddenly, from Mayuu's bag, a chara floated towards them. It was a neko chara, with light pink fur, and pink cat ears and tail, and paws. She wore a dark pink Lolita dress, with light pink mini paws all over them. Her eyes were dark pink, and she wore a silver choker, in the shape of a heart. "This is Sora"

Sora grinned at the charas. "Hi there~ nyan." her voice was light and playful.

"Wow, you're so pretty!" Ran told the neko chara, as Miki and Su nodded.

"Aw thanks~ nyan!" she licked her paw, out of satisfaction. Mayuu then handed Amu a piece of paper, with an appointment on it dated for 20 minutes later.

"Your mentor is to come here at this time. I've already met mine."

"Arigato." Amu replied, placing it in her skirt pocket. They both went back to their assigned beds, and unpacked. 'At least my cabin mate is nice.' the Joker thought. She was also glad she didn't have to hide her charas. If it was someone without one, it would look like she was talking to herself. And the girl was assumed at extraordinary enough.

After a while, a knock was heard from the door. "I'll get it!" Amu announced, making her way towards it. The door swung open, revealing a person she'd never thought she'd see. Scratch that, a person she'd never want to see.


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