Veronica's Hangover


Vegas Wedding Chapel:

Elvis zipped up his rhinestone jumpsuit and adjusted his wig.

"Looking good, big guy!" He told his reflection in the mirror.

"Thank you very much!" His reflection responded in Elvis voice.

He practiced a few of his poses and gave his reflection the finger guns, before exiting his dressing room.

He was cutting through the garden on his way to check in with the chapel manager, Norman, when he saw the young couple kissing in the gazebo. They broke apart when they sensed his presence.

"Don't let me interrupt." He said deadpan. "Just passing through." Something looked familiar about the couple.

"Oh hey." He said. "Logan Echolls. And...Veronica was it?"

They waved.

"Why are you two here? Don't tell me we have to start all over again?"

Veronica turned around leaning her back against Logan's chest. His arms came up to circle her. "Start all over?" Logan repeated.

"Did you two crazy kids go and get a divorce without really thinking it over?" He asked changing direction, and walking over to the gazebo.

"No." Logan said. "We just celebrated our one-year anniversary last week."

"Congratulations!" Elvis said reaching out to shake their hands. "You're back for a vow renewal already?" He asked.

"Do you remember our vows?" Logan smirked. "I think she vowed to be 'too much man for me'. Let's just leave that one unrenewed, thank you very much."

"We're the wedding guests tonight." Veronica said.

"Oh. Good. Great, actually." Elvis said nodding. "Which wedding? The Casablancas/MacKenzie wedding or the Mars/Dane wedding?"

"Both!" Logan and Veronica said together.

"You brought us two referrals?" Elvis asked. "Great! You should join our customer loyalty program."

"A wedding chapel has a customer loyalty program?" Veronica asked. "There went my faith in the institution of marriage."

Logan grinned at her.

"So, hey...I have to go talk to the chapel manager. You two kids feel free to enjoy the gazebo until it's time for the first wedding." Elvis said.

Elvis turned some knobs, lowering the lighting in the gazebo to a soft romantic glow, before waving and walking out through the chapel doors.

Logan and Veronica looked up when the song "Love Me Tender" began playing from tiny speakers embedded in the ceiling of the gazebo.

"Elvis is an old softie." Veronica smiled.

"We might as well dance since he went to the effort." Logan said pulling her into his arms. Veronica wrapped her arms around Logan and looked up into his eyes.

"So what are you going to do with your million dollar check from Duncan?" Logan asked. "I was thinking I could quit my job and you could support me like a gigolo."

Veronica laughed softly. "I'm planning to find a larger office for Mars Investigations. Dad and I have been cramped in that little office for too long."

"I told you a long time ago I could help you with that." Logan said.

"I didn't want your help. I wanted to do it on my own, with money I earned. And I sure earned that million from Duncan."

"Yeah, it must have been really hard." Logan said sympathetically. "All that great sex. And delicious home-cooked meals. And the house. And the dog. The honeymoon in Paris. How ever did you survive this past year? It must have been torture." He gave her a chaste kiss on the lips.

"It truly was." Veronica grinned at him.

"So, you planning to leave me, now that your year in captivity is up?" Logan smiled down at her.

Veronica smiled up at him. "Nah. I seem to have developed a case of Stockholm Syndrome." Veronica said, shaking her head sadly.

"Hmmm. I might not be a doctor, but I think Penicillin might clear that right up." Logan smirked. "But seriously. With you getting a bigger office, I want you to hire some muscle."

"Logan…" Veronica warned.

"Veronica." Logan said. "I have a say in this."

"I thought we were clear on that issue." Veronica said.

"We were clear before. But things have changed now, and I want to renegotiate."

"Renegotiate how?" Veronica asked.

"Hire some muscle. Call him your partner, or call him your body guard, but for the next six months while my baby is growing in your belly, I want you to have backup when you go out on cases."

"Logan! Shhhhhhhh!" Veronica said looking around to be sure nobody had overheard.

"Somebody could have overheard that."

Logan blew out a breath. "When were you planning to tell them, Veronica?"

"I wasn't planning to. They'll figure it out when I start showing."

"Veronica!" Logan said in exasperation. "We tell them tonight. It will be our little wedding present to them."

"No." She said pouting.

"We tell them tonight. Or else…" Logan threatened.

"Or else what?" Veronica asked looking up into his eyes in challenge.

"Or else I rent out the Neptune Grand Ballroom, and play our Ultrasound video for 200 of our closest friends and family."

"Tonight is good." Veronica said.

"I thought you'd see reason." Logan smirked at her.

The End

"This is Logan with today's inspirational greeting. 'You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. - Dr. Suess'"

[Originally had this in Logan's wedding vows, but took it out at the last minute. It didn't seem to fit.]

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