Sammy's POV

He was never that cruel. He used to be really sweet. But then one day he just, I don't know.. changed.

He brought me flowers. He brought me to a restaurant on Valentine's day. He got me a bracelet on my birthday.

But then one day, he texted me and said to meet him at the park. From there we went to Maynards Market.. and in one of the aisles, he hit me.

I reeled back in shock and he hissed in my ear, "You fucking dumb bitch. Thought you could get away with cheating on me? Think again."

And then he walked out of the store. I didn't know what the heck he was talking about. I never even thought of cheating on him. He was the most loving boyfriend I've ever had. But since then, I was careful around him and tried not to get in his way. I didn't hang out with any of my guy friends anymore because I was so naive.

I thought if I showed him that I wasn't talking to guys or hanging out with them, he would forgive me and apologize for hitting me. But I was so wrong.

I always thought that it was my fault.. but then Casey moved in next to me and everything seemed to get better.

But I should start all the way at the beginning. Before I started going out with Nick.

A/N: Its not the same Nick from the book. This is an AU story so Sammy doesn't live with her grandmother. Lana never went to Hollywood. Sammy isn't a kid detective. Holly is still in this story because of the same reason. (Sammy got in trouble using the P.A. system, and Mr. Caan gave her 20 hours of community service as her punishment. But instead of the mystery part of the reason, Sammy just goes straight to the Soup Kitchen and the rest is exactly how the book goes. With Sammy following Holly to the riverbed and everything.) Oh, and Heather and Casey are not related. But Heather and Sammy still hate each other. Marissa is still Sammy's best friend. Danny, Billy, Taylor and Jake are friends with Sammy. I think thats it. If there any other changes, I'll let you guys know.