4-21-12 5:24PM [chatroom]

~Ms. Broadway, Puckasauras, HeadBitch, Fonduefur2, Porcelain, Dapper Boy, CutiePieAsian, ImmaDiva, Grilled-Cheesus, RappinOnWheels, SamBieber, Togood4U, DancinAsian, GavelGuy, SupitsDavid, YouMochUs Sir!, 3, 6, HowSueC'sIt, Don'tStopBelievin and QueenBee are online~

Ms. Broadway: Alrity everyone! lets get to discussing our plans for Glee!
Puckasauras: Rach, chill its summer...summers a time 4 drunk parties n sex ;)
HeadBitch: I argee wit Puck, stop bein a stik in the mud u elf
Fonduefur2: Rachel's an elf? arn't u supposed to be in the forest? Did you get lost?
HeadBitch: Brit hun Rachels not an elf shes just short thts all
Fonduefur2: oh, i've always wanted to meet an elf
HeadBitch: next time Brit, next time
Ms. Broadway: SCHOOLS ONLY 2 DAYS AWAY!we need to discuss our plans for sectionals!
Porcelain: Rachel this is a public chatroom so we shuldn't dicuss sectionals
Dapper Boy: yea some1 culd steal ur plans ;)
Ms. Broadway: Blaine wat r u doin on this chat?
Porcelain: Great username Blaine...y didn't u go with the one i chose?
Dapper Boy: cuz urs was too embarrasing...
CutiePieAsian: do tell the nickname?
ImmaDiva: come on kurty-poo tell us his nickname
Dapper Boy: just dont...
I'll text u guys ;)
Dapper Boy:
Porcelain: Blaine gimme bak my fone! He took my fone!
Grilled-Cheesus: Blaines over?
Porcelain: How else could he take my fone?
Dapper Boy:
We're in the living room
Grilled-Cheesus: sweet...dude wanna kill zombies with me?
Dapper Boy:
as cool as killing zombies is, rite noaw I'm spending time with my kurty-kins
Ms. Broadway: Is anyone else tht isnt in ND on this chatroom too?
3: ME
SupitsDavid: nuff said
Porcelian: i bet u guys miss me?
YouMockUs Sir!:
You Mock Us Sir!
Dapper Boy: I missed u!
Puckasauras: Shit! my moms getting pissed. Puck out!
~Puckasauras went offline~
RappinOnWheels: Rachel do u even kno the basics of mantaining a chatroom
Ms. Broadway: It cant be tht hard can it? especially for a star like myself...
DancinAsian: ...
ImmaDiva: Can I hit this gurl?
HeadBitch: Gimme second shot
Fonduefur2: Dont hit the elf!
Everyone knos I'm more talented thn Rachel
Grilled-Cheesus: Guys lay off of Rachel...
Ms. Broadway: Finns rite theres no need to be jealous
QueenBee: I've been quiet befor but seriously Rachel STFU!
~RappinOnWheels, CutiePieAsian and DancinAsian went offline~
culdn't handle the funk?
Togood4U: whats the point of this?
Porcelian: well I have to start my facial care before bed its alrdy 8
HeadBitch: Its only 8...
Grilled-Cheesus: It takes him a while to get rdy so thts for the best
~Porcelian and Dapper Boy went offline~
I'm surprised Blaine and Kurt didn't type more...
Grilled-Cheesus: its cuz they were making out dude...its still akward to walk in on them O/O
ImmaDiva: imma txt my white boy to tell him congratz
Grilled-Cheesus: U didn't hear tht from me
Ms. Broadway: well since Kurts so focused on his romance tht means I'll be taking his solos
ImmaDiva: awwww hell to the no gurl u gotta audition like the rest of us thts wat Mr. Schue said
Don'tStopBelievin: wat about me?
ImmaDiva: oh Mr. Schue tell this crazy white chick she needs to audition for solos like the rest of us.
~Togood4U, Fonduefur2, Grilled-Cheesus, QueenBee, HeadBitch, and HowSueC'sIt went offline~
Ms. Broadway:
Mr. Schue I just think tht to win sectionals we have to utilize our talents, like me for instance, we all know I have the best voice and stage presence of the group...I'm just thinking about the group...
SamBieber: did anyone notice tht Coach Sylvester was on the whole time listenin in?
Don'tStopBelievin: Rachel there are other talents in the club so yes from now on everyone has to audition for the solos, I'll give u more details whn skool starts.
~Don'tStopBelievin went offline~
Sam I noticed...tht woman got some ISSUES
SamBieber: she scares me...
3: are any other Warblers online
6: I'm here Nick!
Ms. Broadway: thts our song, for ND use only...now a stars gotta get her rest. Chaio
~Ms. Broadway went offline~
Im bored...Wes come over to my place!
GavelGuy: its almost 9 I dont think my mom will approve
SupitsDavid: My mom alrdy called ur mom and they said its fine -puppy dog eyes-
GavelGuy: u kno i cant resist those...jerk...fine
~SupitsDavis and GavelGuy went offline~
is anyone else out there?
6: im still here
ImmaDiva: Me too...but imma get off soon, im craving some tots
~SamBieber and ImmaDiva went offline~
Nick we're the only ones left!
3: wat happened to everyone else!
6: they got eaten by ZOMBIE PLANTS!
3: OH NO
6: yes zombie plants...I gotta get off cuz they r attackin my front door! take care of urself Jeff
~6 went offline~
3: hope u survive bro -sniffle-
~3 went offline~
YouMockUs Sir!:
YouMockUs Sir!:
YouMockUs Sir!: us
YouMockUs Sir!: SIR!
~YouMockUs Sir! went offline~