Hello everyone! I got back recently to ffnet (you know, exams and that stuff kept me away) and I wanted to celebrate this with me newest fanfic!

For those who remember "Fireflies", it's basically the same story. Various drabbles and/or oneshots, all ZoNa, but this time with a twist: they're 64! Yep, you read right, so be prepared for a lot of Zoro/Nami interactions and moments, which go from funny to fluffy! That said, please don't hate me by how this first one is abnormally short, it'll get better it's just the beginning! And I had to get this idea out of my head, but it turned out shorter than expected... never mind that, just enjoy! :D

Title: Cover war

Fandom: One Piece

Pairing: Zoro/Nami

Theme: #01 - 2 a.m.

Words: 328

Rating: K+

Summary: It's 2 a.m., yet Zoro can't sleep. And she's not helping.

Warnings: One word towards the end, nothing serious...

Zoro stared at the ceiling in anger. His glare then was set on the clock, which marked 2 hours had passed since midnight. Great.

He intended to get up early tomorrow, since he had a lot of training to do. But how the hell was he going to get up early if it was 2 a.m. and he couldn't sleep? And it was all the witch's fault! Nami just lied there, completely asleep and comfortable, covered with the sheets. The whole sheet. Leavinig him completely uncovered and cold.

The swordsman glared at the navigator, but she took no notice of this. She was just sleeping peacefully, her long orange hair glowing under the moonlight that entered the room through the window. Like all the devils, she was beautiful, but that was just part of her charm; temptation and seduction were her preferred strategies.

Still, he needed to sleep, and he couldn't do it when he was so cold. So, being the delicate man he was, he pulled a bit of the blanket towards himself until he got enough to cover. Satisfied, he closed his eyes, but Nami was not stupid.

Even if she was still asleep, she had noticed the sudden coldness that invaded her body, and so she pulled sleepily the blanket towards her. Not willing to give in, Zoro pulled once again. This time, she was more awake, and pulled with more strenght. A moment later, the two were struggling, until Zoro used all the strenght of his body to pull the sheets, so roughly that they ended up all on his hands, making Nami fall out of bed.

"Roronoa Zoro!" she barked, now fully awake. "How dare you?"

'Crap' he thought as Nami climbed up, a murderous look on her eyes.

The next morning, Zoro had the lovely mark of Nami's hand on his face, but no crewmember dared to raise any question on the subject, or why did Nami seem surprisingly happy that morning,.