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So sorry I left! I would give you a detailed explanation about why I disappeared, but my college life is boring and I don't want to keep you entertained from the real reason you're here: the story! Please enjoy this small drabble as I march to create more!

Title: Sweet serenade

Fandom: One Piece

Pairing: Zoro/Nami

Theme: #40 - Comedy of errors

Words: 208

Rating: K+

Summary: Brook comes up with a way for Zoro to reconquer Nami's heart. Zoro's not happy about it.

Warnings: AU.

"I'm not going to do that."

"Come on, Zoro-san" insisted Brook. "You wanted to apologize with all of your heart, right?"

"It's a cool idea, bro" added Franky. "Now, where did I leave my guitar..."

"I'm not going to crawl over to her appartment just to sing a stupid serenade!" yelled Zoro, tired of them insisting with the idea.

"You can just walk there instead of crawl" pointed out Robin.

"Thanks woman, I didn't know that" replied Zoro sarcastically.

"Glad I could help" she said, ignoring the sarcasm.

"Zoro-san, I'll be right there to help you" affirmed Brook.

"I don't need your freakin' help!" he exclaimed. "I can sort things with Nami perfectly on my own."

"Huh? So we're not going to sing?" realized Luffy, disappointed at the idea.

"Of course we are!" interrupted Franky, guitar now in hand. "And it's going to be super!"

"Yay!" celebrated Luffy. "Come on Zoro, we have to get going!"

"Wait, don't" Zoro tried to fight back, but Franky and Luffy proved to be strong enough to carry him out effortlessly on their arms. "WAIT!"

"I should take my violin too" commented Brook, picking up said instrument and walking out.

"This will be quite interesting" chuckled Robin, grabbing her video camera.