Slys P.O.V:in my offence yes I was a little off edge with my freinds, OK maybe more but still I said what I said ,and I wont be able to take back what I said now ,so I try to find Presto and confront him on my own.

After looking high and low all over Paris, I couldnt find him anywhere, not even in alleys nor in sewers ,I was beginnig to see that the guy was nowhere to be seen.

I figured he would have moved to another country ,leaving me stuck in this insane wonderland of mine forever, that is until I got on a rooftop to look at the full moon, which resembled the life I once had.

There right in front of me there stood a giant billboard, saying come one come all ,see the amazing Presto perform live ,at Jouques von Theatre tonight ,well that was convenient but brilliant ,all I have to do is catch him before the show ,and make him fix this mess.

After arriving, I take out my binocucom ,and start to explore the theatre, and what caught my eyes about it most ,where guards at every door either scanning for tickets or looking for a good fight ,still I couldnt just stand here, so I do what I do best ,which is sneak behind them ,and sneak attack like I always do.

Then after doing so, I hid him in a bush in his underwear, took his clothes ,and used them for a disguise, for any unusual guards coming my way ,and lucky for me none came my way.

As I made my way to his dressing room, knocking on his door hoping he'll answer it, instead he yells out "its opened come on in."

Well that was lucky I thought, as I entered his dressing room as a guard ,saying "what up boss just came to see if your ready for a show" ,in which he replies"you know I am my freind, I just need my hat and I'm set."

"Here it is" I say with his hat in my hands, then I continue on saying "you know I'd hate for something to happen to it, like say" thats when I took off the disguise ,and pulled out my cane toward his hat and say "this!"

Presto showed a reaction that was really surprising, as he said "SLY!, oh hey Cooper how do you enjoy your new life ,is it everything you wanted?"asking me afterwards ,and the reply I gave actually I didnt give one.

All I did say was "Actually I've decided to reconsider, and take back my old life ,and your going to tell me how" Presto laughed at my rant, and replied "what makes you think I'll take back your wish Cooper, you tell me?"

The easiest reply I said to him when he asked, was"your hat rabbit, and what I'll do to it if you dont tell me how to fix this madness ,now!" showing fear Presto stutteres ,while replying back" y-y-you wouldnt dare."

Thats when I did ,I poked a large hole from the inside his hat with my cane purposely, and the only thing that I said about it ,was "oops looks your hat has been made into a teloscope " ,seeing this made Presto scream in fear, seeing what happened to his hat.

After making a hole in his hat, I then try to do even worser stuff to it, just to see if he'll even crack up and give in ,from stomping on it, to filling it up with soda from the consession stands, while holding the bottom of it ,then drinking out of it.

One crazy thing after another ,Presto started to crack little by little, then after the finale (which involved me putting a face on it with just whipped cream and very sticky olives ,and naming the wreck of a hat porker), Presto finally snaps completely hard.

"Alright Cooper that tears it, your going to pay for messing up my hat!"Presto says, who is now completely pissed off, and jumps me afterwards ,trying his best to choke me ,but he doesnt know I fight dirty too.

It was one heck of a fight ,but I've managed to pin down the cuddly con artist ,and after doing so, I say to the guy in a serious attitude ,"look pal I wont ask again ,tell me how I can get my old life back or I stick my cane somewhere on you ,where the sun doesnt shine."

Presto however didnt think I would do it, and said "you wouldnt ,you dont even got the guts" however I proved him wrong ,by replying "your right, but that wont stop me from doing it though" ,pulling out my cane and getting ready to stuff him down.

Thats when Presto notices how sharp my cane is, and seeing he'd rather keep his lunch than lose it ,he confessed while tears ran down his cheeks"Ok Ok you got me I'll tell ya ,just please dont hurt me."

"Then spill it!" I say as my temper reached to its limit, then he says" alright alright cool it cooper ,OK here goes the only way to get your life back is very simple ,all you gotta do to get your life back is to kiss the woman you truly love, but there is a catch to it."

I ask him then "what is it?", while holding the cane close to his face, and while he stuttered he said" she's gotta love you back, like she truly means it ,cause youll be stuck here if she doesnt ,and thatll lead to you dissapearing, there ya happy now I told you how to fix this "

"Not quite" I reply before grabbing him on the ears ,"your coming with me, I wont be till I believe what you say is true ,until I see it for myself" I say, while I carry Presto and walk out of his dressing room ,and in disguise too, we both start looking for Carmelita.

But right after we got out of Presto's dressing room, Neyla shows up from out of nowhere, and gets in our way saying "good job Cooper, you caught the crook we've been trying to catch for years, I'll gladly take it from here" with a grin on her face.

However I reply to her "thanks but no thanks ,I planned on turning him in myself, you just tell Carmelita to get the cuffs ready for this guy ,when I drop him on the police doorsteps."

But thats when I heard Neyla tell me this," funny thats where Carmelita was expecting you ,for her plan to work" making me ask "what plan?", only for Neyla to reply "Carmelita's planning on capturing you ,by using the toy fox you dropped earlier back at the station."

That was when I realize my present to Alyne was missing from my backpack ,and the reason being I was stupid enough to drop it ,but that didnt stop me from trying to learn Carmelita's plan.

Neyla continued explaining saying" she also says that shell only give it back ,only if you do as she says and turn yourself in ,otherwise not only will she tear up your toy, but she also plans on using Murray as bait to capture you, if the first plan doesnt work."

So Carmelita set up a trap for me ,but that didnt stop me from trying get my old life back, I'm going to make Carmelita see that I'm the guy of her dreams not a theif ,even if it means knocking sense into her.

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