New to the Pack

Chapter One: The Beginning

Just like any other night Andy was sitting at her desk sketching out the new designs for the dress she was creating for Danny's shoot on Friday. He was on her sofa analysing the drawing she had done so far while sipping on the cold beer in his hand.

"I want big, floaty material, bright colours. The dress has to move well so that when the fans ae turned on the dress comes alive. It's the dress that makes the photo, which is why it has to be good." Danny was studying at The Fashion Institute of Technology with Andrea, he was studying photography while she studied fashion design. He had this way of making the skill required to design a dress sound as easy as flashing a camera. She huffed at him and continued to draw the lines of the material.

The phone rang making her jump out of the trancelike state that she worked in, it had caused her to go off line and ruin the whole piece. Annoyed that hours of work now had to go in the trash she grabbed at the phone beside her. "Hello!" there was a pause while the voice on the other end spoke, her face instantly changed, as did her tone of voice. "What? Well what about…" her voice trailed off as the air left her body in one large blow that almost knocked her off balance. "Oh, well I'll be there tomorrow then, thanks." She hung up the phone as her arm dropped to hang limply at her side. She slowly walked over and dropped onto the sofa beside Danny.

"Who was that then? Another diva model demanding a smaller size and saying that she couldn't possibly be fat enough to fit into your dress?" He laughed as he playfully nudged her. She usually would have given him a witty reply, however she didn't seem to hear him, until he nudged her again.

"Huh? Oh no. It was my old neighbour Cindy, there's been an accident… Mom and Dad are dead." She looked vacant; the spark within her had been extinguished.

"Oh God Andy." He exclaimed, hugging her and expecting her to cry, instead she pushed him away mumbling to herself about times. "What about Vicky?" His concern for the little energetic fireball seeping out.

"Oh, she fine… Well she wasn't, you know…. In the car. She's with Cindy, I'm getting a flight back so I can sort out whatever needs to be done. It's on Friday, so there's lots to do. God Danny I can't do the shoot, I'm so sorry."

Danny looked at her with his mouth open in shock, her parents have just died and she's worried about missing the stupid shoot. "Jeez And. The shoot can wait. I'm coming with you, right now you need a friend. I'll go pack some clothes and come straight back. Then I'll sort the flights, don't worry." He left, giving her once last worried look from the door before he closed it and went to his apartment across the hall.

Left alone she decided that it was her responsibility to book the flights, she looked around for her phone before realising it was still hanging in her limp hand. The first flights weren't available until the morning. Once she booked them she headed into her room to pack. When she returned to the living room she saw that Danny had let himself in and had made some fresh coffee. She sat on the coffee table and explained that the flight was at 4am and the cab was coming at 3am. He sat beside her and hugged her. She seemed so fragile right now, not like the bright young woman she was only two hours ago. They stayed there in silence until the cab came and they began their journey back to where Andrea grew up, the place she hated so much that she packed up and left the first chance she got.