Intro From The Author About Bella's Butler and more…

This story came to life when I watched Mei-Chan No Shitsuji and kept thinking, what would Edward be like as a Super Butler? That thought spurned others, such as; how'd Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper etc. hold up in a world like that? And well...this was born.

For those not familiar with Mei-Chan No Shitsuji, it's set in a world where very rich girls get their own private –and very efficient – super butlers, who'd do pretty much everything for them from carrying them across puddles to dueling for their honor. It's common and expected amongst the elite that each girl's butler will always be by their mistress' side. I'm going to use that since I think all of the Twilight Characters could easily fit into this world.

What to know specifically in my story's world: Unlike canon (the Japanese Drama in this case), in this story, the butler's role may also be as a sexual partner, again, it's a normal thing if one is rich enough to have their own manservant.

The name of the elite school is the same as the Mei-Chan No Shitsuji world, St. Lucia due to the fact I can't think of another one (bad author I know).

The butlers have different ranks, which will be explained further in the story as it progresses and I'll try to incorporate stuff from the JDrama/Manga and mix it into the twilight world. Edward and the rest of the Cullen Clan are not going to be vampires, but they don't need that. They're butlers after all…

I'm not an avid fan of the Mei-Chan world, but I like it and wanted to try something I can't remember reading before. If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Know only this; I don't claim to be perfect and my reasoning may seem faulty at times, but still, it's my story and my rules.

Also, I'm only ahead a very few chapters - up till fourth now, but I wanted to see if anyone was interested in this idea and wanted to read it. I'm therefore wholeheartedly requesting a dependable, decent Beta reader to check up on my work before I post, since I think my work could use it due to my non-english heritage.

With all of this said, I hope you'll enjoy your venture into the story with me as your somewhat sane guide.

Ditte Mai