Len's World

Chapter 5


Len's PoV

Am I sick? Mentally unstable? Like I've been told, over and over again? Should I be allowed to live? I heard they'll give me the electric chair. I'm only 17, I have a life ahead of me... They couldn't... They wouldn't...

"You're a psycho little fucker! I hope you burn in hell!"

My mother's last words to me. She hated me. The bitch, I'm glad she walked out of my life. I'm glad she's never coming back.

I've replaced her.


I don't need her to have sex with anymore, I've got Rin.

Rin's PoV

As Ken held me in his arms and kissed me, I melted away into him. I forgot everything. Len. The hospital. My body. I broke the kiss.

"Ken... Why?"

He bit his lip, looking nervous. "Was that okay? I'm so sorry, that was stupid..." I shushed him. "It was fine... But why? Why did you kiss me? Why did you all of a sudden confess?"

He kept silent for a while before sighing and saying, "I want to make you happy... Even if it means I'm not... I'm sorry... I lied about having a crush on you... I don't know how I feel... I just wanna fix what my brother did to you..."

All of a sudden, I lost it. "FIX it? FIX IT?! YOUR DAMN BROTHER TOOK MY VIRGINITY! Leave. You dirty little lying bastard, LEAVE MY SIGHT!"

He set me on my hospital bed as I started to cry. "LEAVE! GO ROT IN HELL WITH YOUR BROTHER!" He seemed to run out of the room. I ended up crying myself to sleep and waking to my friend Gumi at my side.

"Rin! I missed you so much, are you alright?" I smiled a little at her presence. "I'll live... How have you been?" She gave a little saddened smile. "Don't worry about me, I've been fine. A little lonely without you. If you want to talk..."

All of a sudden I began to tell her everything that had happened, beginning to end. She was speechless when I finished. "Oh... Rin... I'm so sorry..."

It was awkwardly silent for the rest of her visit.

Len's PoV

When I was born, my father had left my mom, Ken, and me. She was lonely for the longest time, and hated my guts for making my dad leave. When I was 5, she began to molest me. I let it happen until I was about 14. A false love swept over me, and I began to have sex with her. It happened for two years, when I realized I didn't really love her and how wrong it was. She slapped me when I told her we couldn't be together anymore. She blamed all of it on me.

"You're a psycho little fucker! I hope you burn in hell!"

She then slammed the door in my face, walking out of my life forever.

I cried for days straight, blaming everything on myself. That's when my problems started to develop. I wanted to get revenge. Make someone suffer for everything that had happened to me. About a year later, I realized: Why not my ex girlfriend that I'm still madly in love with? Perfect! I kidnapped Rin, tortured her for weeks before finally taking her virginity. And then because I was stupid, I got caught. Now here I am, in jail, charged with assault, rape, and battery. Plus about a million other things, probably.

Suddenly, I ran over to the bars that kept me inside my cell and began shaking them, and yelling. "NONE OF THIS WAS MY FAULT! I NEED HELP!" I fell to the ground, shaking and crying in a ball. "No Mommy! Don't touch me there! Mommy! No!"

A bunch of guards ran over and saw me, so they took me to the hospital, where I was forced to take a bunch of tests and asked a bunch of questions.

"Hon, why were you screaming?" "My Mommy was touching me..." "Hon, nobody was there." "My Mommy likes to touch me..."

They deemed me insane then put me on a shitload of medicine. Ken came to visit.

"So, you finally lost it, huh bro?" I looked up. "Ken..." "Yeah, you're welcome by the way." "Huh?" "I bailed your ass out."

I looked at him in disbelief. "Wh-why?" "You're still my brother... Plus Rin pissed me off." I laughed. "Is there anyone who doesn't piss you off?" He shook his head. "Nope. By the way, I'm glad I know what's wrong with you now..." "Me too... I can't believe I'm bipolar and have borderline personality disorder..."

"I'm not surprised." I looked to my left, where a girly voice had spoken.