Mutt and Marion stood at the top of the cliff and watched three of Marta's thugs lower Indy down the front of the rock face. When he got to the front of the eyes on the rocky skull, he called out, "Hold up!"

The rope jerked to a stop, causing Indy's body to bump against the cliff. Latching his fingers into the crevice that formed the right eye, Indy pulled himself up close. He held a lighter up so he could see in the fading light. All he could see was dust. Feeling around inside the eye, he wiped off some dust. The only thing he found was a tiny indent the size of half a marble.

Pulling himself across the cliff face to the other eye socket, he found nothing, except another indent. He pushed the tip of his thumb into the indent, but nothing happened.

"Hey!" he called up to Marta. "Send one of your flunkies down here! I need to reach both eyes at once, and my arms aren't long enough."

Indy moved himself over to the first eye, and looked around the rock for any other clues while he waited. A few minutes later, he saw Mutt being lowered down towards him. Glowering he yelled up to Marta, "I said a flunky!"

"And I didn't listen," she called back to him.

Once Mutt was beside him, Indy smiled and said, "Hey kid."


"Come look at this." Indy waved him over. Once Mutt was close, the older man pointed to the indent and said, "There's an indent just like this in the other eye. I want to try pushing on them at the same time. "

"Okay." Mutt moved himself over to the right eye, found the indent, and nodded to his father.

"On the count of three."

Indy counted, and then they both pushed on the indents together. When nothing happened, Mutt looked over at his father, wondered what to do next.

"I guess it was a long shot," Indy said. "Feel around and see if you can find…"

A deafening rumbling of the earth cut Indy short. The ground all around them shook for a few seconds, causing the men who were holding the ropes to stumble. Indy saw Mutt drop a few inches, and sway.

"Dad!" Mutt yelled with panic, and held his hand out to the older man.

Indy pushed off from the rocks to swing himself closer to his son, and grabbed Mutt's hand. The two of them swung back towards the rocks, and Indy yelled, "Try to find a foothold on the rock!"

While Mutt and Indy were trying to find places to hold onto the cliff face, the earth stopped moving just as suddenly as it had started. After a second of silence, Indy yelled, "Pull us up!"

It didn't take long, before both of them were scrambling over the edge, to stand with the others on the top of the cliff.

"What happened?" Marta demanded.

Indy pointed down to the ground level and said, "The seal is under the tomb. Something just opened up down there."

"Well then…" Marta gestured with her gun. "What are we waiting for?"

Indy and Mutt stepped out of the ropes that had been holding them up, and walked back down along with the group. When they got to the actual tomb, they all saw what the rumbling had been. The back wall of the tomb had shifted back six feet to reveal a stairway made of stone under the ground.

Marta rushed to the entrance, and ordered one of her men to shine a light down it. They could see nothing but stairs leading down into the darkness.

"Ladies first," Indy said to Marta, and gestured to the stairs.

With a dismissive glare, she ordered two of her men to go first. Indy, Mutt, and Marion came next, followed closely by Oxley and Joseph. Marta and two more of her men brought up the rear, leaving a few of her men up top to guard the entrance. The group went down, down, and down some more, until the light from the entrance far above them disappeared, and the air around them became cold and dank.

Suddenly, Mutt heard a soft swishing noise, and the man at the front of their group yelled out in pain, before tumbling down the last five steps. Indy put his hands out, touching his wife and child, and hissed, "Stand absolutely still. That was an arrow."

Everyone froze. "Shine the light around the walls," Indy said. "Look everywhere for bobby traps."

Marta translated the order to Russian, and her men held their lamps up to the walls.

"There." Indy said, pointing to the wall.

"And there." Marion added, pointing to the other wall.

Arrowheads were sticking out of the walls waiting to be tripped. Marta issued some orders, and her men started cautiously walking towards the arrows. Indy said, "They're going to get killed, or get us killed, trying to get them out by hand."

Marta glared at him. "What do you suggest Dr. Jones?"

"If I had my whip, I'd use that to get them out. As it is… Maybe if we put two of our belts together, that would be long enough to set off the arrows without anyone getting hurt."

She thought it over for a few seconds, and called one of her men over to her. She held out her hand, and he dug Indy's whip out from the military style backpack he was carrying. Marta held it up to Indy and said, "If I give this to you, and then you try and turn it against me, I'll shoot the puppy first."

Glowering, Indy held his hand out, and she gave it to him. Three cracks of the whip later, the arrows had all been taken care of with no more casualties. Indy attached the whip to his belt, and said, "Move slowly, and keep your eyes out for more."

Marta gestured for her men to take the lead again. The three Russian thugs walked past their fallen comrade looking for more arrows. They'd made it to the bottom of the stairs, and were walking through a stone tunnel. A few yards away, the tunnel made a sharp right. When no screams or other sounds came from the Russian men, the rest of the group quickly followed.

The room at the end of the tunnel was empty, but the walls were covered with pictures and ancient writing carved into the stone.

"What is the meaning of this?" Marta shouted. "Where is the Seal!"

Marion shushed her, and pointed out the three scholars in the room. Joseph, Oxley, and Indy were all looking at the walls intently. Each drifted towards a different wall as they tried to decipher what the images and words meant.

Joseph was the first to speak. He pointed to a picture and said, "This shows that only a direct descendant of Solomon, or someone pure of heart, can control the power of the Seal."

Indy nodded in agreement and said, "This wall shows the owner of the Seal controlling demons, genies, and animals."

Oxley said, "This wall is a warning. It shows Armageddon. Hell on Earth if the Seal falls into the wrong hands."

"I know all this!" Marta yelled, unable to keep quiet. "What I don't know is where the Seal is!"

"Give us a minute to finish reading, will you!" Indy said.

Mutt had scanned all the pictures on the walls while the older men were trying to translate the words. He found his eyes drawn to a small picture near the corner of the wall Oxley was examining. The image was much less ominous than the others. There were no demons, no death, and no images of the Seal itself. It was a tiny image of a fish, and the fish appeared to be smiling. The fish was alone in a corner near the stone floor. All the other images ended three feet above the fish.

Mutt walked closer, and kneeled down to get a better look. "Hey Dad?" Mutt reached out and tapped the fish a few times. "What do you suppose this one means?"

"Don't touch it!" Indy yelled as soon as he realized what his kid was doing, but it was too late.

The stone where the fish had been crumbled away, leaving a one foot square hole in the wall. A dusty looking dull gold ring lay in the rubble. Mutt was about to reach his hand in, when Marta shoved him out of the way. Mutt's body smacked into the wall, while Marta's fingers closed around the ring.

"Are you insane woman!" Joseph shouted. "Don't touch it! You can't control it! You'll bring on the destruction of humanity!"

"Fool!" Marta said as she shoved the ring onto her middle finger. "Do you expect me to believe your tricks? You only want the Seal for yourself! But it's too late! It's mine! The power is all mine now!"

Mutt scrambled to his feet, and went to stand by his mother.

Marta made a fist, and held her hand up in the air. She started chanting in Latin, and the ring started to glow. Everyone else in the room backed away from her.

"What's she saying?" Mutt asked his father.

Joseph answered for him. "She's calling upon a demon from Hell to do her bidding." She said more in Latin, and he translated. "She's demanding that Asmodeus appear before her."

"Asmodeus…" Oxley muttered. "Demon of lust, and ruler of the second level of Hell."

They all heard Marta finish her chant. The entire room was bathed in a blinding light from the Seal for a full second. The light went away, leaving the Seal a dull gold color again. The only sound in the room for the next three seconds was breathing. Then Marta's face contorted into a grimace of pain, and she let out an ear piercing scream. She doubled over, held her stomach, and then fell to the floor still screaming.

Joseph grabbed Mutt's upper arm, pulled him in close, and hissed, "Are you a virgin?"

"What?" the boy asked, pulling his attention away from the screaming woman.

"Are you a virgin!" Joseph hissed again.

Mutt could see Indy staring at him over Joseph's shoulder, and blushed. "No!" he hissed back. "Of course not!"

"What!" Marion's voice came from behind Mutt.

Mutt's shoulder's hunched at her tone. He turned at stammered, "Um… well…" His eyes went back to the woman on the ground. Marta was still writhing on the floor and screaming while her men gathered around her watching. His focus went back to his mother, when she put her hands on her hips in a very familiar unhappy gesture.

"The last school you went to was an all boys school," Marion said, "and I know you haven't had a serious relationship with anyone since that nice girl you dated in the tenth grade, so when exactly did this happen, and with who!"

Joseph gripped Mutt's arm tighter and said, "If you're a virgin, that makes you pure of heart, especially in the eyes of the demon of lust. That means you can control Asmodeus with the Seal."

Mutt groaned, and closed his eyes in embarrassment. "Fine," he said, "I'm a virgin."

"I should hope so," Marion said.

Joseph pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, and quickly scribbled some words on it. He whispered in Mutt's ear, "If you're able to get the ring away from her, put the ring on your finger and say this." He handed the handkerchief to the boy.

Mutt looked at the words, and then back at Joseph. "It's Latin?" Mutt guessed.

Joseph nodded, and opened his mouth to talk, but before he could, Marta's screaming stopped. Everyone turned to stare at her. She quietly stood and dusted herself off. With a smile, she ran a finger over the seal.

"Marta?" one of her men asked.

An inhumanly deep booming voice came from Marta's mouth, "I am Marta no more. I am Asmodeus." She made a fist, and pointed it at the man who had spoken. Asmodeus said some words in a language no one knew, and the ring started to glow. A few moments later, the Russian thug fell to the floor screaming.

Asmodeus pointed the Seal at another of Marta's men, and started talking.

"All of us will be possessed in seconds." Joseph said. "We must do something now."

Indy caught Marion's eye, and said, "Budapest."

Marion's eyebrows drew together for a moment while she thought about that. She looked back at Asmodeus, who had stopped pointing at the second man to work on the third, because he'd tried to run from the room.

"Budapest?" Mutt asked.

Marion's eyes snapped to her husband's. She nodded with determination, and started to edge her way around her friends.

Indy grabbed Mutt and hissed in his ear, "No matter what happens, get the ring and put it on. Don't hesitate." Indy pushed the boy away from him, unhooked the bullwhip from his belt, and took aim.

Asmodeus was pointing the ring at the second Russian man again, when the end of Indy's whip wrapped around the slender wrist of the woman Asmodeus had possessed. Indy yanked the whip as hard as he could, trying to pull Asmodeus off balance. As soon as he could move, the second Russian man ran from the room, escaping.

Asmodeus stumbled, but stayed on his feet. He laughed at the feeble attempt to stop him, and pointed the ring at Indy while chanting. Mutt shook his head, feeling helpless, and lost.

Marion snuck over to one of the Russian men writhing on the floor, and with stealth born from experience, she slipped the machete style knife from the sheath at his waist. She held it up and rushed Asmodeus.

Indy hollered in pain, and dropped his end of the whip in the same instant that Marion tried to attack. Asmodus whirled around, and pointed the Seal at Marion. She instantly stopped in her tracks, unable to move.

In a panic, Mutt grabbed the end of the whip off the floor, and yanked it as hard as he could. "Leave her alone!"

With a snarl, Asmodeus turned his head to glare at the boy. The moment of distraction allowed Marion to move her limbs again, and that was all she needed to complete her mission. While the demon's focus was off her, she raised the machete, and brought it down as hard as she could on Asmodeus' wrist, severing the hand from the rest of Marta's body.

"No!" Asmodeus boomed.

The room erupted in chaos. The two Russian men on the floor stopped screaming. Asmodeus and Mutt both went diving for the ring, while Marion, Indy, Oxley, and Joseph all rushed to block Asmodeus' path. Marion, being the closest to Asmodeus, took the brunt of his forward momentum, and the two crashed down to the ground, practically falling on top of Mutt.

Suppressing a gag, Mutt snatched the severed hand up off the floor, and pulled the ring off as quickly as possible. He stood, dropped the hand, and shoved the ring on his own finger. On the floor in front of him, Marion, Indy, Oxley, and Joseph all struggled to hold Asmodeus down.

The demon growled in rage, while the blood poured out of his host's body. The two Russian men stood up. Mutt held Joseph's handkerchief up and shouted the words, "Exorcizo te, omnis spiritus immunde, in nomine Dei!"

One of the Russian men jumped on Indy, and tried to pull him off Asmodeus, while the second one lunged towards Mutt, knocking him to the ground. Indy and Mutt both fought with the thugs that had attacked them. Indy elbowed the Russian in the stomach, causing him to stumble. Indy stood up and soon the two were exchanging punches. Mutt and the other Russian rolled on the floor, both trying to get the upper hand in the fight. Mutt got a close up view of the Russian man's blood red eyes, and doubled his efforts. The kid landed a solid punch to the possessed man's temple, and rolled on top of him, pinning him to the ground.

Joseph yelled, "Say it again, and point the Seal at Asmodeus when you say it!"

Mutt scrambled to stand, and kicked the Russian man's side as hard as he could to keep him down. The second Russian man tried to step around Indy to attack Mutt, but Indy blocked him with a punch to the gut that took the possessed thug out of commission for a second. Mutt held out his fist, pointed the ring at Asmodeus, and repeated the Latin words. The Seal lit up, and the demon's deep inhuman voice screamed, "Nooo!"

Marta's body started to convulse, as if she were having an epileptic seizure. Everyone that had been holding her down let go, and backed away.

Indy kept exchanging punches with the Russian thug, and yelled, "A little help here!"

Mutt pointed the ring at the thug, and said the same words. The ring lit up again, and the Russian man dropped to the ground. The instant the ring dimmed, Mutt turned it towards the second thug, and said the words a third time.

Marta's body was the first to stop convulsing. Within seconds both Russian men stopped moving as well, and silence filled the room. Marion nudged Marta with the toe of her shoe. When that got zero reaction, Marion kneeled down and felt for a pulse.

"She's dead," Marion said.

Mutt kneeled down to check the man closest to him, while Indy checked the other man.

"This guy is dead, too," Indy said.

"Him, too," Mutt said.

"Their bodies couldn't handle the possession," Joseph said. "Marta's soul would have left her body the second Asmodeus took over." He gestured to the men on the ground and said, "Same for these two."

Mutt yanked the ring off his finger, and held it out towards his father, not wanting to touch the thing anymore. Indy shook his head, and gestured towards Joseph. Mutt held it out to Joseph.

"Wrap it in the handkerchief first," Joseph said. "I don't think it can cause problems as long as I don't put it on, but just to be safe."

Mutt wrapped it up in the handkerchief, and handed it over to Joseph. Once he was rid of it, Mutt felt immensely better. Marion went to him, and pulled him into a tight hug. Relieved to still be alive, Mutt hugged her back tightly. Indy came over and wrapped his arms around the two of them at once.

"You kept a level head in the middle of all that chaos," Indy said. "I'm proud of you, son."

Grinning, the boy muttered, "Thanks, Dad."

Oxley said, "We're not out of the woods yet. There are still three men with guns up there." He pointed to the ceiling. "They could be waiting to ambush us."

Indy let go of his family, and picked up Marta's gun off the floor. "Let's be ready for them," Indy said, searching Marta's body for any hidden weapons.

Marion searched one of the dead men, while Oxley searched the other. By the time they were done, they had three more guns and two large knives. Mutt rolled his eyes when his mother handed him a knife, and put the spare gun in Joseph's hand.

"Wait," Mutt said, looking at the gun in Joseph's hand, "Why didn't Asmodeus just shoot us?"

"I have no idea." Joseph said. "Maybe a demon can't possess a body that's already dead, so he wanted us alive."

Oxley said, "Guns are a relatively new invention in human history. It might not have occurred to him."

"Just be glad he didn't," Indy said, and gestured to the tunnel. "Everyone stay behind me, and if you see me do this," he held his fist up by his shoulder, "freeze."

Indy led them cautiously through the tunnel and up the stairs. When they reached the top, Indy went out first, prepared to fight, but the tomb was disserted. He waved them all up into the tomb, and said, "Wait here." He went out alone to check the area. Minutes later he came back and said, "They're gone, and they took the car."

"They probably thought we'd all be possessed if we ever made it out of there," Joseph said.

Smiling, Marion tucked the gun into the back of her pants, and said, "Looks like we'll need to steal one of the guard's cars."

Indy laughed at her obvious excitement, and said, "Fine. Go pick us a good one, Darling."

"Mom?" Mutt couldn't quite believe his mother was looking forward to stealing a car. In fact, he couldn't quite believe she knew how.

"Stay with your father, Dear," she called back over her shoulder, as she went towards the parking lot.

Joseph said, "Where are we going to go?"

"The American Embassy." Oxley and Indy said in unison.

"What about the Seal?" Joseph asked. "Should we put it back and close the entrance to the tomb?"

Indy shook his head. "We don't have the manpower left to lower two of us in front of the cliff again. We take the Seal to the Embassy, and I'll get in touch with a friend in the government. There's a facility where the American government keeps things like the Seal."

Joseph shook his head and said, "But what if…"

Indy cut him off. "It will be as safe there as it will be anywhere. It's impossible to have a one hundred percent guarantee that it will stay safe, no matter where we put it. But right now, only a few of us even know it's been found, and that's the best protection there is."

They all heard a car horn honking. Indy smiled at his son and said, "Your mother always was a good thief."

Frowning, Mutt said, "I don't think I want to know."

Chuckling, Indy clapped Mutt on the back. "Come on, son, let's get you home. If we're lucky you'll only miss one day of school."

The kid headed towards the parking lot with a groan. He muttered, "I wouldn't call that lucky."

"And you can do your homework on the airplane," Indy said with a smile. "Don't you have a report due on Moby Dick?"

Mutt groaned even louder before saying, "Yes."

Much too soon for Mutt's tastes, they were at the American Embassy making plans to get home.

# # #

One month later:

Mutt looked around the room at his friends and family with a smile on his face. Earlier that day he'd walked down the isle, and received his diploma, officially ending his servitude in the prison his parents liked to call High School.

His parents had thrown him a small party at their house to celebrate. Oxley had come, along with most of his co-workers from the auto shop, and the two friends he'd made while going to school. Everyone had eaten cake, and Mutt had opened some nice gifts, including an expensive looking set of tools from his boss at the auto shop.

After he'd opened all the gifts, and thanked everyone, Indy handed Mutt an envelope.

"What's this?" Mutt asked.

"A graduation gift from me and your mom."

"I thought this party was my gift," he said, taking the envelope.

Indy shook his head. "I know how tough it was for you to stick it out to graduation. This is our way of saying thanks."

Mutt opened it, and found three round trip airplane tickets to France. "What's this?"

Grinning, Marion said, "A two week family vacation. Your father and I want to take you to France and show you the sights."

"Wow." Shocked at the generosity, Mutt locked eyes with his father and said, "Thank you."

Indy smiled. "You bet."

Mutt turned to his boss and said, "But what about…"

His boss cut him off. "Your dad already cleared the time with me. So we'll see you in two weeks."

"Then I guess I'm going to France." Mutt said with a huge smile.

A couple of hours later after the last party guest went home, Marion sighed and said, "Okay boys, time to clean up."

Mutt said, "There's one gift left."

"There is?" Marion asked, scanning the table.

Mutt pulled an envelope out of the inside pocket of his jacket. "I know the person graduating doesn't usually give gifts, but…" He nervously handed it over to his father and said, "…I thought you might like this."

Indy exchanged a confused glance with his wife, and then took the envelope. He opened it up, and looked over the document inside. Indy starred at the paper for several seconds, while Marion looked at it over his shoulder.

"Oh, Mutt," Marion said, "what a lovely gesture."

Mutt noticed that his father's eyes were suspiciously shiny, and said with a smile, "Don't get all mushy Old Man. I only did it to save my own hide."

Startled out of his sentimentality, Indy raised a confused eyebrow at his son.

Mutt smirked, "Now I can't get in trouble for opening a letter addressed to Henry Jones."

Laughing, Indy shook his head. With a smile on his face, he shook a finger at his son and said, "I'll still put you over my knee if you open any mail with a Jr. after it."

Mutt chuckled and said, "Yeah, I figured you'd say that."

Indy took one more look at the document that changed Mutt's name from Henry Walton Williams to Henry Walton Jones III, before folding it up, and putting it back in the envelope for safe keeping. He pulled Mutt into a bear hug, and said, "Thanks son."

Mutt squeezed him back. "Thank you for the tickets. They're great."

"They're nothing compared to the gift you gave me," Indy let him go, and patted his shoulder, "but France should be fun for all of us."

"What do you want to see first?" Marion asked as she started clearing the table.

"The Eiffel tower of course," Mutt answered.

The three of them cleared the table, and made plans for their first family vacation.

The End