Chapter 1

Wiping sweat from his brow, Chance fell down on to the couch and opened a can of milk. "I hope a can fix Callie's car before Tuesday. I told her I'd have it ready two days ago."

Jake appeared a few seconds later, flexing his claws. "It's not your fault you haven't been able to work on it buddy. Dark Kat has been more active than ever."

The tom clicked on the T.V. and rubbed his eyes from lack of sleep. "I've noticed."

As the normal sports channel appeared on the screen, the picture went to fuzz and the news network flashed into view. "This is a live video feed from Kat's Eye News with a breaking news bulletin from down town Mega Kat City. A plane crashed into Megakat Bridge and is now hanging suspended more than seven hundred feet above the water. The pilot has been identified as former Enforcer Laurie Purrston. All attempts to rescue the she kat have failed. We can only hope that she will be saved so she can be reunited with her friends and loved ones. This is Ann Gora, Kat's Eye News reporter."

"Ready to rock and roll?" Chance asked, turning to his partner.

Jake gave one quick nod. "Let's go."

A few minutes later, the Turbo Kat was soaring fast over Megakat City. As they approached the bridge, they could see smoke rising thick into the sky. Fire trucks and Ambulances surrounded bellow, bright red lights flashing. Kats had gotten out of their cars, watching and pointing as pieces of charred metal fell from above.

"We have to get her out of there before her fuel tank explodes!" Razor yelled over the engine.

"I know that! I just have to get close enough!" T-Bone replied.

"To do what?" the orange tom asked. "You're not gonna do something stupid are you?"

T-Bone gave him a grin and un-hooked his restraints. "You know me."

"That's what I mean! What are you doing?" he yelled.

As they got close and hovered a few feet above the wreckage, T-Bone put on his gas mask and flipped up the switch he swore he would never use. "I'm putting her on Auto Pilot! Watch out for me Pal!"

"What? You're crazy! Be careful! If you die it's not my fault!" Razor yelled.

"Shut up and cover me!" the tom said, opening the windshield. Tying a rope to the edge of the jet, he tied the other end round his waist and lowered himself on to the wing. The strong smell of gas hit his nose as he walked gently over and forced open the shattered door of the plane.

Through the haze, he could see the she kat, still strapped to the seat, blood running down her face. "P-please help me." She whimpered, tears coating her fur.

"Just stay calm. I'll have you out of here in a second." He said slowly, grabbing a knife from his belt.

As he sawed through the thick leather, a few sparks rained down and he winced as one burned his arm. He could see she had a broken wrist and maybe a slight concussion. She stared at him with eyes full of fear, her bottom lip trembling.

"Please hurry." She said, fresh tears rolling down her cheeks.

When the belt finally snapped free, he secured the blade back on his waist looked back to her. "Okay, I need you to give me your hand Miss. This plane could go any second."

"O-okay … Ouch! My leg!" she said as he pulled her from the seat. "It hurts!"

"Grab on to me." T-bone said, putting one arm around her waist. She clung to him as he made his way back out of the plane. The metal of the aircraft's wing creaked as he looked up at the Turbo Kat. "Razor! Get us out of here!"

As the jet began to rise, the plane sparked and fire crept along its base. The she kat screamed as the engine exploded and shards of metal shot into the air. They were left hanging as the plane came free of the bridge and fell into the depths of Megakat Bay. Razor took off to the shore and hoped the rope which secured his passengers held.

As they neared dry land, T-Bone looked down to the shaking she kat in his arms. Blood stained the fur below her eye and she cradled her broken paw to her chest. Underneath the ash and soot, her fur was a light brown color. Her eyes were a leafy green color and her hair was short and black. T-Bone thought she was the most beautiful kat he had ever seen.

She shook her head a few times and blinked her eyes. She looked up at him and a small smile appeared on her lips. "I … I can't thank you enough."

"No problem." He answered her as she coughed. "Man … that was a close one."

She nodded and looked below, swallowing nervously. "I thought I was fish food."

"I'm T-Bone." He said as they touched down on the Docs of Megakat harbor.

"Who doesn't know who you are? I am a big fan. I learned everything I know about flying from watching you." She said as he set her on her feet. When she realized what she had said, she blushed and cleared her throat. "Oh ... I'm sorry. I'm Laurie, Laurie Purrston."

"Nice to meet you." T-bone said. He then noticed she looked a little pale and saw the wound one her leg was oozing blood. "Maybe you should sit down. You've lost a lot of blood."

She shook her head as he helped her limp toward the Turbo Kat, which Razor had landed a few yards away. "I'm fine … really. I'm ju …" Her eyes then fluttered closed and she went limp in his arms.

T-Bone shook her a little but she didn't move. "Miss, can you hear me? Miss?" he asked, feeling panic course through him. "Razor! Get and ambulance here now!"

As paramedics loaded her into the cab on a stretcher, T-Bone followed Razor back to the jet and watched as the ambulance raced away.

As they flew back to the Junk Yard, Razor could see something on his partner's mind. "I'm sure she'll be fine T-Bone."

He didn't answer, but hoped he would get to see her again.