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BTW: The italic sentence are the contracted Guze no Ou talking.

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One dream… one dream… has the ability to scatter anything. You can't do anything about it, you can't change it… you can only watch, while your world is being scattered in thousand pieces and see it along with your loved ones perish… A nightmare that has become reality… Yes this is what happened to me… I was just enjoying my day with my dear friends, but one event changed everything… when sempai came with that strange item that she got from a mysterious shop owner… I already thought that something was wrong with that, but most of my friends didn't believe me… They said I was reading too many books and I need to get some fresh air… At least… my two most trusted friends stood beside me and tried to help me, protect me… but they disappeared… my parents, my friends, my home, the professor and everything else I knew. On that day the world turned dark and everything started to look like an illusion I didn't remember anything and I couldn't accept it. I only could try to hold my grasp on the hands of my two most trusted friends and partners, without forgetting about them until the end… Diamond… Pearl you'll always stay by my side forever even if you're not here… I will… never… forget… you two...
As my tears started to fall down my cheeks I started to lose consciousness…

Broken Reality Chapter 1: A home lost and a new home found

"Do you think she is okay? She's been unconscious for quite some time."

"I have no idea. –De arimasu. I even wonder why she was laying there unconscious and where she comes from. –De arimasuka."

"Maybe she's from a far off country. Her clothes are different from what most people wear these days. I don't see any girls wearing a shirt and skirt like that as casual outfit."

"From the looks of it she gives off a different presence than the normal humans do."

Where do those voices come from? They don't sound familiar… also I feel like I am in an unknown place? What do they mean, with me being unconscious for some time? What happened to me? Was I sleeping? Why was I sleeping and where was I…


My eyes flew open the moment I yelled those names out loud.

"Ah, she is awake I guess."

I looked at my surroundings; I was in an unfamiliar room and next to me where three people staring at me. The first one was a girl with long black hair and brown cold looking eyes; she was wearing a green skirt with a matching long-sleeved green shirt with yellow buttons, and a ribbon in the middle. It looked like she was wearing an uniform. She was wearing a Cocytus pendant around her neck. She looked around thirteen years old or maybe twelve. The next one was a guy with brown hair and blue eyes; he looked a lot friendlier than the girl. He was also wearing something that looked like a uniform; black pants and a black long-sleeved vest with the same type of buttons that the girl is wearing. He looked like fifteen or sixteen years old. The last one was a woman with pink hair, pink emotionless eyes and she was wearing a purple maid outfit. She looked like she was twenty-five years old.

"… Ah… where am I? Where is this place? Who are you people?"

"Don't worry we don't want to harm you. We found lying on the streets unconscious so we brought you to my room. I am Sakai Yuji. Nice to meet you and the girl next to me is Shana. Don't let her stare scare you she's really nice when you get to know her better and…"

"And what do you mean with that Yuji?" The girl asked.

"It's nothing Shana. Okay, as I was saying the woman behind Shana is Wilhelmina Carmel, Shana's guardian." The boy explained.

"Please to meet you. –De arimasu." The maid said.

"Uhm… It's a pleasure to meet you too. I am Platinum Berlitz."

Sakai-san gave me an odd look; "Platinum Berurittsu?(1) That an odd name where are you from?"

"… I uhm…" I tried to think about the name of my hometown, but for some reason I wasn't able to remember… how is that possible? "My hometown… it was… I am sorry I can't recall my hometown."

"It could be memory loss." Shana-san replied; "Is there anything else that you can remember?"

I blinked a few times trying to remember something… when suddenly my vision turned black and I saw the image of two smiling boys with the partners they grew up with; "That's it I need to find my friends and my bag, where is it?"

Carmel-san walked up to me holding my bag; "I have it here. –De arimasu."

"Thank you very much, Carmel-san." I took my bag and started to look for something very important.

"What are you looking for Berurittsu-san? If it's a phone to contact your friends you can use mine." Sakai-san offered.

"I am not looking for a phone Sakai-san." I said while digging deeper in my bag; "Ah, I found it my Poké balls!"

I took 6 balls that where white on the bottom and transparent red in top. On the inside you could see my beloved Pokémon that I trust with my live.

"Berurittsu-san, what are Poké balls?" Sakai-san asked.

I started surprise at him. He looked confused and curious. Shana-san and Carmel-san looked also confused. "Wait you guys don't know what a Poké ball is?"

"I've never heard of it or even seen around these parts or other countries that I visited." Shana-san replied.

"… So you don't know what a Pokémon is either, do you?"

Shana-san looked even more confused; "Pokémon?"

"Yes those are creatures that live in the nature. Also known as; pocket monsters. We can capture them with Poké balls and train them to let them become stronger. If some Pokémon reach a certain level they can evolve. The level the Pokémon needs to reach to evolve differs from the kind of Pokémon. Some need special items like evolution stones or need to hold one while training to evolve, trading, some need to learn a certain move to evolve, for others it depend on the time or place and some evolve according to how attached they are to their trainers. Some Pokémon are able to affect the weather, time, space or nature. Those are mostly legendary Pokémon, most of them are reconized as titans or gods and of course they're very powerful. The humans who capture Pokémon and train for battles are called Pokémon trainers. Of course there are some who train Pokémon to let them participate in contests, those are called Pokémon coördinators. Every trainer and coördinator is allowed to bring a maximum of 6 Pokémon with them. We take care of them like they're part of our family and we help each other out. Some may look dangerous, but if they're been trained well they're harmless, unless their master commands them to attack. Here are my Pokémon; Emploleon, Rapidash, Lopunny, Froslass, Pachirisu and Cherrim." I holded my hands up and showed them my trusted Pokémon.

"They… look like animals and plants, don't they Shana?" Sakai-san asked.

"Yes, but they still look very different and they also give of the same strange presence as Berurittsu Platinum-san."

"Strange presence what do you mean and where exactly am I?"

"You're in Misaki City a city in Japan." Yuji declared.

"… Misaki City…? Japan…?"

"You don't know Misaki city or even the country Japan?" Shana asked surprised.

"That's very odd. –De arimasu." Carmel-san added

"Surprising declaration."

! Where did that…?

"Seeing her unusual way of clothing, her unusual eyes color the fact that she is in possession of unknown creatures and she has no knowledge of her surroundings, I think that this oujo-san comes from a different world."

Another voice where does it come from? I started to panic and looked quickly around the room, but there was no one. "Where are those voices coming from? Am I getting mad? No that's not possible I must be hallucinating, there is no other explanation. Oh dear Arceus please tell me this is a dream."

"You're not hallucinating oujo-san. I am inside Shana's Cocytus and the other voice came from Wilhelmina Carmel's headdress."

I stared in shock at the Cocytus; "I… i… it talks? But that's not possible it's logically impossible. It can't be…!" I lost consciousness before I was able to finish what I wanted to say.

"You're awake again." Shana-san sighed; "This is the first time someone fainted. They mostly start to scream and run away."

"My apologies for scaring you, oujo-san, it was not my intention. Don't worry, I have no intentions to harm you." The pendant replied.

"Ahh, no I am sorry I shouldn't faint like that, but it's just I never thought that it was possible for objects to talk and there has never been any prove signs or other information about the fact that object have a consciousness or talk unless they're possessed by an evil spirit or when someone is hallucinating."

"Be reassured that I am none of those things. Let me introduce myself properly; I am the Tenjou no Gouka, Alastor. I am a Guze no Ou and the Tenbatsushin of Guze."

"Uhm, could you give me a better explanation please? I have never heard of a Guze no Ou or Guze. What are those?"

"Well there is a whole story behind that." Alastor-san said.

"It's alright Alastor-san I love to learn new things. I'd gladly listen to your story."

"What a fine ojou-san you are." Alastor-san said; "Well then, Guze is a world that's next to this world, but it's not possible for a human to go there. The habitants of Guze are called Guze no Tomogara. Unlike humans Tomogara have an enormous strength. The Tomogara from the higher levels are called Guze no Ou. Guze has three gods and I am one of them; the Tenbatsushin. A lot of Tomogara cross the border of Guze and go to the human world to fulfill their desires, but to maintain their existence on earth they need to devour the power of existence from humans. They mostly create servants out of their own existence to collect power of existence. Those servants have a very unstable existence, so they'll need constantly power of existence in order to survive. The servants of a Tomogara are called Rinne. By devouring power of existence, the balance of the world will distort, so to maintain the balance some Guze no Ou make contracts with humans to hunt the Tomogara and kill them to prevent them to spread more chaos. Humans who make a contract with us are called Flame Haze. Shana and Wilhelmina Caramel are Flame Haze. The moment a human makes a contract with a Guze no Ou their existence disappears from the memories of the humans, they'll become immortal and receive the powers of the Guze no Ou who made a contract with them. While our existence reside in their bodies, we use Jinki you can call it a vessel, that contains our will inside it and let's us communicate with others. In Shana's case the Jinki takes the form of a Cocytus that she's wearing as a pendant. Wilhelmina uses her maid headdress as one. Flame Haze are referred mostly by their titles, their titles depend on the Guze no Ou who are contracted to them. Shana is adressed as the Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite and Wilhelmina Carmel is the Banjō no Shite, she is contracted to the Mugen no Kantai Tiamat."

"Please to meet you." The voice from Carmel-san's headdress said."

"The pleasure is mine… Tiamat-san."

"Let me explain some things further, since there's still a lot you need to be informed of." Alastor-san continued; "I'm sure you're curious about power of existence right?"

"Indeed. You've been talking about Tomogara taking that power of existence away from humans, but I have no clue what you mean with that."

Power of existence comprises practically every living and non-living thing in the world, since a Guze no Tomogara has no real existence on earth they'll have to devour from humans in order to exist here. Power of existence can also be manipulated and used as weapon by Tomogara and Flame Haze. Everything has power of existence and the amount power of existence a person possesses depends on how influential they are on the world. For example, someone who is from a noble family has more power of existence then a regular human. Once a human's power of existence is gone, the only way of making the impact softer is to create Torches." Alastor explained


"Yes Torches, Torches are remains of a human created by a Flame Haze or a Tomogara. Unlike humans they have no existence. The moment a Torch burns out, all the humans, who aren't aware of power of existence will forget about him or her. Flame Haze create Torches to soften the impact on the humans who had their existence devoured. See it as ground that will change into ice."

"But isn't ice very slippery and I've read that in some occasions people died when they fell in rivers that where frozen."

"That isn't what I mean, but you should get the meaning behind this." Alastor-san countered; "You can even replace it for pillows or something else that's soft. Anyway Tomogara create Torches to make their actions less noticeable. Some Torches hold Hougu inside them; a Hougu is a magical object with special powers, created by humans and Tomogara who share the same desire. The human will lose his existence and become a Torch, who possesses a Hougu. Those Torches are called Mystes. Sakai Yuji is one of those Mystes."

I looked surprise at Sakai-san. He looked uncomfortable with my stare. "Are you really a Mystes?"

"Guilty." He admitted.

A lot of Tomogara and Flame Haze are in possession of Hougu, since they're very useful in battle. Do you have any questions Berurittsu Platinum-san?"

"Well I do have a few questions. You mentioned about me and my Pokémon having a different presence and also…" I looked at Sakai-san. "Do Torches and Mystes feel the same as humans? Or do they feel different?"

"Ah yeah your presence, it's different from the humans here and the power of existence that resides in you, is very abnormal it doesn't look like any normal power of existence. I've also never met a human with such a big quantity power of existence. It might attract some Tomogara. Even your Pokémon seem to show off a very strong and dangerous presence and a big amount power of existence. I have no idea how to explain it." Alastor-san explained.

"I see." So power of existence also exists in the place where I come from?

"As for you other question… well…"

I heard Shana-san snicker upon hearing Alastor-san hesitating on answering my question. Have I asked them something weird?

Sakai-san's face started to become red. I must have embarrassed him with my question.

"Oh I am sorry I didn't knew you'd felt uncomfortable with my question. Please act as if you didn't hear me."

"It's okay Berurittsu-san." Sakai-san replied; "I don't feel any different from humans. The only difference between me and humans is that, I don't really live anymore."

"You look quite lively to me. You can do normal human activities, right? Like eating, drinking, getting ill, take a shower, swimming and other primary needs."

"I guess, well I haven't fallen ill since well, quite some time and I never burned myself in my whole life." Sakai-san explained.

"But when you cut him open you do notice that he's quite empty inside." Shana-san joked.

"Very funny, Shana." Sakai-san snorted.

"What do you mean funny? It is the truth baka Yuji!" Shana-san yelled

"From the look on your face it looked more like you were trying to make a joke." Sakai-san said teasingly.


I looked how Shana-san and Sakai-san where having a small fight. Somehow this seems familiar to me, as if I've seen something like this before…

"Berurittsu-san, are you okay? Your face looks so pale." I heard Sakai asking me with concern.

Before I realized what happened to me I blanked out.

Wow this one is seriously shorter than what I usually write, but I am still satisfied about it.

(1) About Platinum's last name the first reason Yuji and the others are using her Japanese last name is because she's in Japan, the people there will call her Berurittsu, since they can't really pronounce her last name that well. The second reason is to show one of the differences between the Pokémon world and earth. Of course many other differences will be appearing in later chapters.

Okay this was chapter one of my first crossover. I hope you liked it guys. I am sure a lot of people will be curious about what happened the day when the Pokémon world collapsed and what happened to the other dexholders. Don't worry about it, everything will be revealed in the future chapters and for the ones who expect some shippings, don't worry there will be some in the future, but I won't tell you which ones Heheh. Of course some other characters of Shakugan no Shana will appear too and some characters of Pokémon special too. I'll try to update if I have the chance and if I am not, then I'm very busy with my other fanfic.

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Ch 2 introductions preview:

Platinum can't remember anything about the place she came from. The only clue's she has are her Pokémon and the names of her two closest friends; Diamond and Pearl. Yuji and Shana decide to help her, so she starts living with Shana and Wilhelmina and will be transferring to Yuji and Shana's school where she'll experience school life for the first time, she meets new people and danger will be on her path. How will the heiress adapt to this new life style? Having to deal with Tomogara and a life she isn't used to. Meanwhile Wilhelmina tries to find leads to Platinum's memories and what kind of leads will she find? Who is behind the disappearance of the Pokémon world and Platinum's memory loss?