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Chapter 6: A new journey

Platinum's POV

"Make sure you'll call me when you arrive and don't forget to brush your teeth too." Chigusa-san said, while making sure her son would be alright.

"Yes mother." Sakai-san answered.

Shana-san and I tried our best not to giggle, but Sakai-san's face was simply just too priceless. He felt too embarrassed and he couldn't hide it. I know it's rude to laugh, but I just couldn't help it. He felt so embarrassed that he almost wanted to summon a Fuzetsu to hide himself but that would not have worked.

"How long would the trip be again?" Chigusa-san asked.

"About 2 days or three." Shana-san answered. "But don't worry Chigusa, I'll make sure Yuji won't get into any trouble."

I couldn't help, but to let out a small giggle and Sakai-san tried to hide his face. He grabbed his backpack and looked back at his mother. "I'll be fine, so don't worry about me." Sakai-san reassured.

"But this is the first time you'll be on a trip out of Misaki. What if you get robbed? Kawagoe is a big city. High schoolers shouldn't wander around."

"I'm not a kid anymore. Thrust me."

Chigusa-san wasn't convinced. She kept giving her son a worried look.

"Chigusa-san," I started. "I'm sure Sakai-san can handle himself fine. Isn't it Sakai-san's job as a man to protect the woman? See this as a way to prove himself, he's able to do that. Shana-san trained Sakai-san so that he would become stronger."

Chigusa-san finally gave in and sighed. "Alright, but Yu-chan don't forget that Shana-chan and Platinum-chan are your responsibility. If anything happens to them you can expect a heavy punishment from me." She said sternly while putting her hands on her hips.

Sakai-san sweat dropped. "… I understand."

We waved Chigusa-san goodbye and headed to the train station.

The train station was quite busy, there were a lot of people walking about with briefcases and talking on their cellphones. "It's so crowded and the building is so big." I mumbled, while staring at my surroundings.

"It's a train station, what else would you expect?" Shana-san asked.

"Uhm, I don't know. This is the first time I've seen a train station."

Shana-san and Sakai-san stared awkwardly at me. "Don't tell me they don't have trains in the Pokémon world."

"We do, but that's only the Magnet train that connect the Kanto and Johto regions and we have a subway station in the Unova region, but that's mostly used for Subway battles and to reach Anville town. I've never visited either of them, since they had nothing to do with my destinations."

"The people there must love walking."

"Well yes, since we have nice scenery and the vehicles will scare the Pokémon away. Walking is also healthier."

"You have a point with that."

"Yuji, can you stay with Berurittsu-san. I'll get our train tickets."

Sakai-san nodded and Shana-san disappeared behind the crowd of people.

"Do you need a ticket to board a train?" I asked.

"Yeah, but that also counts for bus and train rides."


"For the economy; if the country doesn't earn enough money we'll be in economic crisis."

"Is that so?"

"Mhm. How does the economy works at your world?"

"Well, we gain our money with Pokémon battles or with jobs. Most people are trainers, so they travel and battle against other trainers. The winner wins a small amount of money. There are also tournaments were people compete in and the companies work the same way as the companies here. There isn't much need for busses, cars or trains, but a few people do use those, mostly for work, like a television company. Ships aren't such a rare sight, since we do need to cross the ocean to reach the other regions and a Pokémon can't carry it's trainer for three days without rest. But, we don't need to pay tickets. We only have to request a pass; after they scanned our Trainer Cards we can make use of the pass as much as we like."

"That's convenient, but won't there be the trouble that people can steal and make false passes?"

"Well the pass is free, so there is no point in stealing one or make false passes."

"And those Trainer Cards… are they like ID's?"

"Yes, it records a trainer's achievements."

I opened my bag and searched for my Trainer Card. "Ah here it is. "I took out my Trainer Card and showed it to Sakai-san."

"Your birthday is on October the 27th?"

"Yes, well most trainers are too busy with traveling, that we only celebrate it with eating cake. I did celebrate my last birthday with my friends, but it's nothing special."

"What are those badges and prints?"

"I got those after beating the gymleaders and Battle Frontier brains. I already explained the gym battles, if a trainer receives a Gym Badge when the Gym Leader thinks the trainer is worthy of receiving them. The same is for the Frontier brains. You have to win a set of battles in order to face off the Frontier brain. They're like proof that the leader or brain recognizes your skills. Thought the badges we get from gymleaders aren't just for mere show. Each badge contains a form of energy that improves the power of Pokémon a little. Nowadays they're proof to go to the finals of the Pokémon league, not many trainers keep in mind the power those badges carry."

"Isn't that too dangerous to hand out?"

"Most trainers have forgotten the importance of those badges. And just because a badge makes a Pokémon stronger, doesn't mean that it has attained real strength. Something even you shouldn't forget, real strength comes from hard work and not giving up."

"You sound more like a grown up than like a teenager." Sakai-san joked.

"Eh?!" I looked surprised at Sakai-san. "I do, well it's true that we learn to be responsible from a very young age… but that's not- I mean…" I tried to say something, but I wasn't able to say anything. I felt my head heat up from embarrassment. "Do I really sound like a grown up?"

Sakai-san started to laugh. "It's alright; acting like that is not a bad thing. It's part of who you are, right? You teach both Shana and me something new too."

I stared awkward at Sakai-san. "Uhm, thanks…"

"Yuji! Berurittsu-san!" Sakai-san and I looked to see Shana-san waving at us. "Are you two coming? The train will leave soon."

I looked outside the window; the scenery was changing quite fast. In the beginning I saw only buildings and people, but that changed into a beautiful landscape. The train itself was a bit cramped; Shana-san, Sakai-san and I were able to get seats, but the people who arrived later had to stand. It was an odd sight for me. In front of me there was a woman with a creature that reminded me of a Growlithe or a Houndour. I think Shana-san called it a dog. It was staring at me for a while and soon began to sniff me.

"Uhm Shana-san, why is that dog sniffing me?"

"Dogs have a sharper sense of smell. I think the dog smells that you're different from the others."

"But you're different too."

"Yes, but I belong to this world."

I sweat dropped and stared nervously back at the dog. I felt like it was looking through my soul. The animal's stare gave me chills in my spine. "Uhm, could you stop staring and licking at me please?"

The dog kept staring at me and it started to growl in its throat. I flinched and looked away quickly. It didn't help much, because I still felt the dogs eyes on my and his growl started to become louder. I tried to sit as far from it as possible, not that I had that much space. The slightest bit of movement pushed me against Shana-san. "Berurittsu-san, what are you doing?"

"N-nothing I just almost fell from my seat."

"You don't have to be nervous it's just a dog. It won't hurt you, just ignore it."

"Just a dog?" I glanced back and it was still staring at me. "Well, if you say so…"


"KYAAA!" I quickly jumped into Shana-san and Sakai-san when the dog started to bark at me. I never felt so terrified in my life. I was sure it wanted to bite me.

Sakai-san looked surprised at me. "Berurittsu-san?!"


Normal POV

At Seireiden, in the headquarters of Bal Masque have things become quite lively lately. A lot of reports about the distortion and the odd Rinne running loss made them decide to put their goals to a halt and focus on stopping the ones who are in the way of their goals. For now in one of Bal Masque's chambers a woman is watching outside of the window watching what's happening outside. The woman has long reddish purple hair three golden colored eyes. Her right eye is covered by a patch. She wears a dark grey sleeveless dress. On her right arm she wears and evening glove almost up to her elbow and the glove on her left goes over her elbow. Both gloves expose her fingers. The Gyakuri no Saisha Bel Peol is her name, dubbed the strategist by her subordinates and part of the Trinity. She together with Sydonay and Hecate were discussing about the girl Hecate brought back.

"So you found this girl in the mountains?" Sydonay asked Hecate.

"Yes. I believe she has something to do with the latest incidents and guessing from her appearance she seems to come from another world."

Bel Peol looked away from the window back and the two Guze no Ou. "I am surprised that she didn't freeze to dead."

"About that, while carrying her I noticed that she was holding on some creature. It looked like a hairy oversized larva. The larva's body's temperature is very high. That must be the reason why she didn't freeze to dead."

Hecate looked at the unconscious girl lying on a bed. Now that Hecate had a better look of her she noticed how different the girl was from the humans of their world especially the clothes. The girl wore a thorn short yellow sleeveless dress with a black one underneath. She had a purple belt on her waist that contained balls that were red on top and white on the bottom. On her right arm she wore a black bracelet just above her elbow and two black wristbands on her wrists. She also wore white boots with black stripes on top that covered her knees. The girl was bandaged and the larva was lying close to her. The larva was about 1.1M in height and its upper body part was covered in white fur, its eyes were a pretty blue color and his face was surrounded by red horns. The Larva was sleeping soundly.

Bel Peol observed the Larva for a while. "It's not a Tomogara or a Rinne and it doesn't look like an animal either."

"It looks harmless, maybe it's a pet." Sydonay sighed "Geez, what a day, I'd never guess that my cute Itadaki no Kura Hecate would come back with a person and her pet that may help us out with those annoying Rinne."

"Speaking of those Rinne…" Bel Peol started. "Sydonay, how was your confrontation with them?"

"I was able to get rid of them of course, but they were quite troublesome. They used techniques I never saw in my whole existence and one of then breathed ice out of its mouth, another one was able to attack with water."

Bel Peol looked surprised. "A Rinne shouldn't be able to do that. Where you able to find out for who the Rinne work?"

"Nope, I haven't noticed any presence of a Tomogara beside the ones working for us."

"I guess we can't do anything about it. Just make sure you'll be able to capture one. We can have the professor take a look."

The Trinity stopped their conversation, when the girl slowly woke up. The girl's eyes were a clear shade of yellow, but she looked empty. She tried to sit up, but the wounds didn't let her. "Arrgh!" She looked at her stomach in surprised and noticed that she was bandaged. "What happened?" Just now she noticed that she was in an unfamiliar room. She looked around confused and noticed the Trinity staring at her.

"So you finally woke up miss?" Sydonay asked politely.

The girl stared at them for a minute, still with a confused expression on her face.

Sydonay was amused by the girl's reaction and started to grin. "Don't worry we won't bite."

"Did… did you saved me?" She asked weakly.

"Actually, Hecate found you collapsed in the mountains." Bel Peol explained. "Thought, we're still quite surprised that you're still alive."

"Where's Merasuke?" The girl asked worried.

Sydonay and Bel Peol gave the girl a questioned look. "Who?"

"Merasuke the Larvesta I had with me."

"You mean the giant larva lying next to you?" Hecate asked.

The girl looked at the larva lying next to her. "Merasuke!"

Merasuke opened its eyes and crouched closer to its master. "Kyiiiiieeeh!" The larva started to notice it's unfamiliar surroundings. Its body stiffened a little and it glanced at the Trinity with caution.

The girl hugged her larva. "It's alright Merasuke, if they wanted to harm us, they would have done it sooner, also they saved us from that strange creature."

After watching the two for a moment Sydonay cleared his threat. "Eh miss, did you said; strange creature?"

The girl put Merasuke down. "Yes, when I woke up I was attacked by an unknown beast. I was lucky to escape, but I lost conscious after a few hours of walking. Ah also, thank you for saving me. My name is Yellow of the Viridian grove, but Yellow is also fine." The Yellow tried to bow, but her wounds made her wince in pain.

Sidonay sighed. "We'll talk more after you're healed." He headed to the door and stopped. He looked back at Yellow, giving her a small grin. "Nice meeting you Miss Yellow. I'm Senpen Sydonay . That woman there is the Gyakuri no Saisha Bel Peol and I've introduced my cute Hecate already. If there's anything you need just call."

"Uh, well actually..." Yellow stared at the blanket, her stare looked slightly empty and she was blushing a little. "I'm a bit hungry. I haven't eaten anything since…" Yellow trailed of and soon got followed by her grumbling stomach. Merasuke stared at its master's stomach and started to make soft noises. "I guess Merasuke is also a bit hungry." Yellow commented softly.

Bel Peol sighed in amusement and followed Sydonay to the door. "I'll tell the maids to bring something to eat."

Yellow and Hecate were left in the room. Yellow looked awkwardly and Hecate who was watching Yellow curiously. "So…" Yellow started trying to break the awkward silence. "You live here in this mansion?"

"Seireiden isn't a mansion, it's a palace." Hecate answered plainly.

"Oh… why do you live in a palace with your family?"

Hecate gave Yellow an odd look "Family?"

"Yeah, your mother and grandfather."

"We're not related."



"Are you adopted?"


Yellow looked at Merasuke before she looked back at Hecate with determination. "Then, how about… friends of your parents?"



Hecate gave the blonde a confused look. "No."

"Friends?" The blonde asked desperately, hoping that she finally hit the nail.

"… friends?"

The blonde teen sweat dropped. "You do know what that means right?"

"A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection

Yellow was silent for a while before she repeated her question. "So, are you friends?"

"In a way."


"The general, the strategist and I are the Trinity; Bal Masqué's current leaders."

"What's Bal Masqué?

"A Tomogara organization."

Yellow looked at Hecate as if she was speaking in a different language. "Uhm Hecate-san, what's a Tomogara?"

"We're beings from another world who devour a human's existence in order to survive."

The more Hecate explained the more confused the blonde became. Hecate noticed that and sighed. "You don't have to understand everything immediately, as long as you understand that we're not human."


At was silent again. Hecate still had her eyes fixated on Yellow and the blonde felt nervous under the Guze no Ou's gaze.

"You are not from this world are you?" Hecate asked.

Yellow's expression became confused. "What?"

"You're from another world aren't you? Where are you from? Why did you come to this world? That larva, it's not from here either. Its body temperature is too high for a normal animal to handle. You were holding it when I found you in the mountain, that's why you didn't freeze to dead. What is it?"

Yellow stiffed, her expression became more melancholy and she looked down at Merasuke. "It's a bit complicated…"

"I can wait."

Yellow closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened her eyes and looked at Hecate with a serious expression. "For your first and second questions…; I come from the Pokémon world. Viridian city, that lies in the Kanto region. I don't know what you mean with animal, but Merasuke is a Larvesta; a Torch Pokémon that according to legend is born from the sun. The reason its body temperature is high, is because it's a fire type. I met her not long ago before I came here."

"And what about my third question?"

Yellow looked at her Pokémon sadly. Merasuke crouched closer trying to cheer its master up. "… If only I wasn't so weak." She muttered softly. Yellow forced back tears that were about to surface.

Hecate looked suspicious at the teenager. "What?"

Yellow snapped back to reality. "Ah, I'm sorry. I was thinking about something…"

"My question..."

"… My friends and I were attacked before we came here. We got separated while we tried to defend ourselves. I was left with a very good friend of mine. We tried to fight against then, but after a while it looked almost impossible so we fled. Not long after those portals suddenly appeared and then... If only she didn't try to protect me… if only I was a bit stronger, then Blue-san wouldn't…" Yellow broke into tears. She wiped her tears away, but they kept falling. "Why was it her? Why not me?"

Hecate was taken aback by the blonde's sudden outburst. She never dealt with anything like that before, especially with such sad emotions. Through her vessel she was able to understand more about happiness and joy, but she never learned about the negative emotions like guilt or sadness. She had to watch while Yellow cried her eyes out. After a few minutes she finally stopped. "I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." She wiped off her wet puffy eyes and cleared her throat. "She protected me and got taken in my stead. Before I could do anything everything went black and I was on the mountains with those weird creatures."

"Rinne." Hecate corrected her.


"Those strange creatures are called Rinne, They servants of Tomogara, normally they follow the orders of their masters."

"Ahh, well those… Rinne were in front of me when I woke up and they suddenly attacked me. I ran further into the mountains, but they caught up to me. So I had no choice but to fight back, after that I tried to find some place to hide and I lost conscious on the way."

"Do you know why they attacked you?"

"No, I've never seen any of them. It could be that they're connected my attackers from back home."

"The ones who attacked you and your comrades back in your world are different from the Rinne?"

"Yes, the ones who attacked me back in my word didn't have a solid form. They were like purple shadows with intimidating fiery orange eyes. When they attack they grow long claws…" Something came up into Yellows mind while explaining and she started to look for something around the room. "Uhm Hecate-san?"

"What is it?"

Did I have a sketchbook with a pencil with me with me?"

Hecate walked up to the bedside, pickup up the sketchbook and handed it over to Yellow. "Here..."

Yellow opened the sketchbook and started to draw. She finished quickly and turned the sketchbook to Hecate to show her the drawing. "They looked like this." The drawing showed a dark purple shadow creature; it looked like it was screeching and its sharp claws were pointing down. Its lower body looked like roots from a tree and it was glaring fiercely.

Hecate looked surprised at the drawing. Not even in her million years of her existence had she met a creature like that. "Do you mind if I borrow this for a while?"

Yellow gave the priestess a confused look. "Sure… but why?"

"I am sure the general and the strategist would be interested in this being." Hecate stood up from the beds and walked to the door. She turned back to Yellow again. "It's better for you if you rest a bit longer. The maids will wake you when they have your dinner prepared."

Yellow was stunned and confused when Hecate left the room. She looked at her Pokémon. "Who are the general and the strategist?"

Pearls POV

"I can't believe this! I freaking can't believe this!" I yelled as Dia looked worried at me.

"Don't worry Pearl. We'll be able to get this fixed, I'm sure of it."

"Diamond, Pearl, get back to work! Those dishes don't clean themselves!"

I sighed. "Yes boss."

A few hours ago…

Dia and I decided to check the city to see if we could find any useful information. Azelf and Mesprit were in the Poké Ball, in case they attract too much attention.

"Hey Pearl, do you think everyone is alright?"

I looked at my friend who was checking out the map that Azelf got us. "Of course they're alright. We're dexowners, aren't we? No matter how hard the situation is we'll find a way to fix it!" I said triumphantly.

"… Pearl?"

"What is it this time?"

"Haven't you noticed that we got some strange glances from the people here?"

I looked around me and as Diamond said some of the citizens were staring at us. "You're right, why would they stare at us? Are we that suspicious?"

"I think it's because our clothes are different from what they usually wear here. Haven't you noticed? They clothes don't look that suited for traveling and they're different from what the people wear back in the Pokémon world."

"I guess that's true. Normally I'd see some maids, idols, guitarists, cowgirl or ace trainers walking around or clowns promoting the stuff from the Pokétch Company."

"You think we should get some new clothes to blend in?"

"And where do you want to get the money? I don't think they'll accept our Pokéyen."

Diamond sighed. "Maybe you could find people who are prepared to help us."

We walked the remaining time in silence. I knew that Diamond was right, but we're not at home. There's no guarantee that the people here would be as helpful as in Sinnoh, or even accept the fact that we're from a different world and controlling monsters that are able to destroy a city.

"Hey Dia, how about we…"I turned around to my friend, only to notice that he wasn't next to me. "Damn, where did that glutton go? "I looked around me and saw Dia inside a building stuffing himself full with food. "That idiot!"

I quickly ran towards my eating friend and grabbed him by the arm. "Dia what the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"I was getting hungry so I looked if I could get some food. I saw a sign saying special offer so I thought I could try it out. Here you should eat something too. You haven't eaten anything since we got here." He shoved the food in my mouth a continued to eat.

"… Dia, no Diamond, we're lost in an unfamiliar city, we don't have anything to pay. How are you able to eat so peacefully?!"

"Nothing to pay you say?"

Dia and I turned around and found the store owner glaring at us. "If you can pay for the food you've eaten, then how about working here to repay your debt?! Get into the kitchen immediately! I am low on staff today, because some of my workers called in sick. Now get your asses to work, those dished don't clean themselves!"

"Geez Dia, I can't believe you thought that the food would be free."

Diamond looked up from his work. "Every time I visit a store they give me free snacks when they have some special offers."

"That's because they know you and haven't forgotten what you did for Sinnoh. It's their way of saying thank you."

Dia and I kept working in silence. The store owner entered the room again. "Diamond, I need you to help with baking some cakes. There are a lot of clients today, we've sold almost everything."

Dia's face lit up. "Yes, sir!"

Dia ran after the store owner and they came back with supplies for the cake.

"Diamond, have you ever cooked before?

"Yeah, I love cooking; I cook a lot for my friends and my mother."

"You don't see cooking boys that often." The store owner mumbled. "Let's hope your cooking will be as good as your determination."

I sweat dropped. He has no clue, after the costumers taste Dia's cooking they only want more.

"Pearl, keep up with the dishes if you finish fast you'll be next day off the hook."

"Yes sir!"

I turned back to my work. 'Who would have thought that I'd have a job as dishwasher? Or even the time to have a job. Dia and I are mostly busy with our manzai routine or doing favors for Professor Rowan or saving the world as a dexowner… Damn this! I hope the others are fine, I don't even know if the other dexowners are in this world too, but everyone was there when it happened so they have to be in this world somewhere. '

"Oh my! This is delicious!"

I turned back to the door and saw the boss running into to room with Dia walking behind. "Your friend really has an amazing talent! Never in my life have I tasted something so delicious! Here!"

He shoved a slice of cake into my mouth, I didn't have any time to swallow and another slice of cake was pushed into my mouth. "Urrhfpg!"

"Pearl! Is everything alright?" Dia asked when he saw my face.

After a few seconds I was able to swallow the chunks of cake, but not with easy. "*Cough! Cough!* don't worry Dia, I just had cake stuck in my throat." I smiled sheepishly and raised my thump.

"Okay, you guys had a long enough break back to work! Diamond, make more cakes and Pearl, you'll help serving our customers now! I am sure we'll be going through a new era for cakes!"

Normal POV

At Kawagoe station the train from Misaki city finally arrived. The door opened and a tired Shana stepped out of the train, while carrying scarred Platinum, who had her eyes closed in case she saw another dog on her back. Yuji followed the two, also in the same condition as Shana. "What a journey." Yuji sighed when they finally left the station.

Platinum peered through her eyelashes. "I-is it gone?"

"Yes, the dog and its owner left on the previous station; there is no sign of any other dog. You can climb off my back now." Shana answered tiredly.

Yuji looked around the station. "I think I see the exit."

"Great, then we can find a hotel to stay in for tonight. I don't think that Berurittsu-san is in any condition to walk around the city." Shana glanced behind her shoulder; Platinum was nervously looking around and stayed alert in case she'd get 'attacked' by another dog.

"How many times do we have to repeat this? A dog is not a dangerous existence; it could hardly hurt a fly compared to a Tomogara." Alastor explained.

Platinum fidgeted with her fingers. "But, their eyes! It's like their seeing through you and it was barking at me and trying to lunge at me!"

Shana grabbed Platinum's hand and dragged her to the exit. "You really don't have to worry. Today we won't encounter any dogs for a while, since it starting to get late. We'll be going to a hotel instead."

Platinum still looked at her friend with concern. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Alright, but we'll be staying at a high-class hotel, right?"

Yuji froze at the girl's question, while Shana just stared at the city with a bored expression on her face. "Fine, if that makes you feel comfortable."

"WHAT?! Shana, we can't spend a lot of money on a hotel, just for a two-day trip!"

"Why not? It's not like we're short on cash."

"Not everyone can afford themselves that luxury."

"Don't worry about that. I'll pay for everything, besides I am not in the mood for Berurittsu-san to crawl next to me, just because she hears a dog outside."

Platinum face turned pale. "Didn't you said that we wouldn't encounter any dog?!"

Shana rolled her eyes. "Not at the place we'll be staying. Now let's go already, Wilhelmina informed me where we could find acceptable hotels."

Shana went ahead already, leaving Yuji and Platinum puzzled.

Platinum gave Yuji an apologizing look and bowed. "My apologies Sakai-san, I promise to make up to you. If you two ever visit the Sinnoh region, I'll invite you to my hotel and you'll get a big discount at my boutique and a free tour around the region. I'm sure you'll love it, the region is famous for its lakes, the temperature is a bit on the cold side, but the scenery is really lovely."

"You own a hotel and a boutique?!"

Platinum looked puzzled at her friend. "My father gave them to me as a present that has been already some years ago thought. Is something wrong about that?"

"Well, for one thing teenagers mostly don't have a business of their own, nor do they own one. Thought, that counts at least for my world."

"How many times do I have to wait for you two, hurry up already!"

Yuji and Platinum looked up to see Shana standing with crossed arms across the street and fuming. "If you keep standing there I'll be going without you." She turned around and walked away.

"Oi Shana, wait up!" Yuji yelled while he ran after her.

Platinum sighed and looked at her two friends, who were starting a small argument again. "Heh, it seems that things are quite interesting in this world and I keep learning new things. I'm sure that it counts for Diamond and Pearl too. Please wait a little longer, because I have the feeling that we'll be reunited soon."

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