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Diamond: So our reunion is approaching.

Me: Yup, you two don't need to feel sad anymore.

Pearl: Us sad… who said we cried when oujo-san wasn't with us. Just because we did it in the past doesn't mean we'll do it now, because we know that we'll meet again! Right Dia?

Diamond: Yeah, just because we aren't together physically, doesn't mean that we aren't together mentally.

Platinum: That's so sweet of you guys. I'm so lucky to have such good friends.

Pearl: … *blushes*

Diamond: … You're welcome ojou-sama.

Shana: …

Me: Okay! Enough talking Yuji-chan disclaimer!

Platinum, Diamond, Pearl and Shana: *Chuckle*

Yuji: … xxxDreamingflowerxxx doesn't own Shakugan no Shana or Pokémon Special. Why am I the only one she's bullying.

Me: Because my other targets haven't appeared yet.

Chapter 7: Searching

Diamond's POV

"Finally we get our well-earned break!" My friend Pearl yelled with joy. "We've been working off our asses for hours and I don't think I can see any more cake for the rest of the day. Hey Dia, what shall we do?"

"Well, we can go sightseeing. Reno-san did give us some money for payment, because we worked so hard and the costumers were very pleased with us." I looked at the cake stance and sweat dropped; we sold almost everything.

"Good idea, let's go!" Pearl yelled.

He grabbed me by my sleeve and dragged me outside.

"Woah, look at all those shops and buildings! It feels like we're in Veilstone city, only not so cold."

Pearl grinned at me. "You're right and there are no trainers. Let's check out what they've got, we got thirty minutes until we need to go back to work. If ojou-san saw us, I'm sure she'll laugh at us and later offer to help."

"Yeah, you remember that time, when she had her first gym battle and you told her to pay a million pokéyen if she lost the battle."

"Of course I did and she really was planning to pay me if she lost. The expressions we had at that time are still fresh in my memory."

"Yeah…" We continued walking in silence. Kawagoe really is something and the greatest thing is that it's peaceful here. That will make our search for ojou-sama, our sempai and kouhai much easier, I hope.

"Ne Pearl, you think everyone also got separated like us?"

"I think so; I just hope some ended up together like we did. I'm sure everyone is trying to find their way here and that they're looking for us. I hope we'll get reunited soon and then we'll look for a way to save our world."

"Yeah, but I don't think that will be easy…"

We stopped walking and Pearl looked at me confused. "What do you mean?"

"Well, to begin with… have you ever thought why we're here? Also the monsters that attacked us all back in Sinnoh, I think someone sent them after us and that person could be an old enemy or someone who has kept a very keen eye on us on a while, but why did they attack us when we were all together? Most enemies would try to get us all separated and then attack us."

"But we are separated now."

"Yeah, but they haven't attacked us since we got here. They could send us to another world first and then attack us, but that didn't happen."

"So you think the reason we were send here isn't because of the enemy?"

"I don't think they planned to send us here. There must have been another reason, why we came here."

Pearl scratched the back of his head. "If what you say is true, then the enemy would be looking for us now, but for what?"

"That's what I don't know. If they wanted to kill us they would have done it when we're all alone and not gathered together, so maybe they want to use us for something."

"Other than being Pokémon battles, I don't see any other reason someone would want us, okay maybe Yellow sempai for her abilities, but the others?"


Again we kept walking in silence. I'm really worried about the others and our families, I hope everything there is alright, but I have the feeling that something bad would happen in the future. Finding the others would be our first priority after we paid back our debt. I want to find ojou-sama as soon as possible, I know she grew a lot after we met and she's very undependable, but her curiosity can bring her in danger, what if those creatures already found her? Did she end up alone or with one of the other dexowners? What if she's lonely? Is she looking for us? This world works different from our world, so her knowledge won't bring her far. I know she is responsible enough to fight for herself, but the three of us are very close and we can't stand it being apart from each other. Pearl won't say it out loud, but I'm sure he's also very worried about her.

My mind drifted to oujo-sama, I thought about all the things we went through together, when our starters evolved for the first time, when I told her about my meeting with Mesprit, even though even Pearl doesn't know about it. The smile she had when she won her first gym badge, the determination she had when she wanted to take part in contests to protect her family's honor. Even though she acted spoiled in the beginning, I always knew that she's kind and gentle. She showed it to us too, the more time we spent together, the closer we got. I felt my face redden slightly, but I quickly suppressed my feelings. I looked at Pearl and caught him staring blankly at me. "Is something wrong?"

Pearl closed his eyes for a second. "It's nothing serious… it's just… even though you can hide your thoughts and feelings from our friends and family, I just know you too long to not know." He looked at me again and places his hand on my back. "Don't worry Dia, once there is time, I'll help you out." He winked at me while grinning and put his thumps up.


"Now let's go have lunch in that restaurant. We can also practice our manzai in the main time!"


"We don't have much time left, since we spent most of the time walking around and talking!"


"Don't just stand there spacing out and come!"


Normal POV

A few hours earlier…

Yuji yawned when he walked down the lobby of the hotel. Shana and Platinum were already waiting for him.

"Did you rest well?" Shana asked.

"A bit, too well." Yuji commented. "It was very late when we finally found a hotel that Berurittsu-san would approve of."

Yuji and Shana glanced back to the said girl. Platinum looked up to them and gave them an apologizing look. "I'm very sorry for last night, it's just that I'm still not used to the places here and the hotels I always stay at are the most luxurious."

"It's alright." Shana reassured her. "I have enough money, so spending it for an expensive hotel once in a while isn't that bad. Let's go look for your friends before they decide to leave this city after breakfast."

Yuji's stomach started to growl. Shana and Platinum turned confused to Yuji, who started to blush from embarrassment. "Ehh, shall we eat then?"

After they finished with breakfast; Shana and the others checked out of the hotel and started their search.

"So where should we start looking?" Yuji asked.

Platinum looked around the city. "Well if I were Diamond and Pearl I'd search for… me… but Diamond loves to eat, so he gets easily distracted by bakeries and then Pearl mostly drags him away to avoid attention."

"Let's look for the bakery shop then!" Shana suddenly declared with a hint of

Platinum, taken by surprise because of Shana's sudden behavior, looked awkwardly at her. "If… you say so…"

"You want to buy melon pan, don't you?" Yuji asked.

Shana glared at Yuji. "Urusai! Urusai! Urusai! So what if I want to!?"

"But if you spent it all on melon pan, what are we supposed to have for lunch and dinner?"

"Melon pan of course!"

"But that's not healthy!"

"It's not like you'll die from eating it!"

Platinum looked awkwardly around her and noticed that people were watching the quarrel of her friends. Her embarrassment was slightly shown on her face. She quickly turned back to her friends and tried to calm them down. "Uhm, it's alright if we eat melon pan. I've never eaten it before nor heard about it…"

Shana stared slightly surprised at the girl. "Then you'll know about it soon!" She quickly grabbed the young heiress by her arm and dragged her to the nearest bakery shop she could find.

Yuji sighed and decided to follow them. "I hope she isn't too strict on her." He mumbled.

"No, you're doing it completely wrong! First you need to take a bite of the crust and then a bite of the soft side! That's when it'll taste the best!" Shana yelled.

After they arrived at the first bakery Shana immediately bought two bags full of melon pan and was scolding the poor Platinum on how she was eating it.

"But wouldn't it taste the same, no matter how you're eating it?"

"If course it makes a difference! This is the best way for enjoying melon pan! You can have my worth!"

Platinum sighed and took another bite of her melon pan, this time she followed Shana's advice hoping to prevent another scolding. "I have to admit, this isn't bad. It's sweet, but not too sweet, the inside is baked just enough to give it a nice and soft flavor, also the outside isn't too crunchy, so people with sensitive teeth won't have trouble with eating and it doesn't taste dry, like some bread that you buy at the bakery. I'm sure it'll go great with tea."

Shana gave Platinum a glare. "No tea." She said plainly.

"Ok, ok no tea."

Platinum gave Yuji a hopeless look. He sighed and gave her a pitiful look as response. "If it comes to melon pan, you have to do what Shana says."

"URUSAI, URUSAI, URUSAI! You two need to learn to complain less!"

Yuji and Platinum both sweat dropped. "She must like melon pan a lot." Platinum mumbled softly.

Shana quickly finished her melon pan and stood up. She turned to her two friends and pouted. "Aren't you guys done already? Hurry up."

Platinum and Yuji quickly finished they lunch and followed Shana.

"Uhm, Shana-san?" Platinum asked quietly.

"What is it?"

"Ah well, I was wondering, why do you like melon pan so much?"

Shana gave Yuji, who was walking behind them a quick glance, hoping that he wasn't listening and leaned over to Platinum's ear. "I'll tell you, but promise me you won't tell anything to Yuji."

Platinum looked confuse at the Flame Haze. "Why?"

Shana started to blush slightly in embarrassment. "Because… I don't want him to know my real age."

"What had melon pan to do with your age?"

Shana turned redder. "Urusai, urusai ,urusai! Just be quiet and listen!"

Pearl's POV

After our lunch Diamond and I continued our sightseeing. We still had fifteen minutes left, so we weren't in any haste. Kawagoe had a lot of shops, we looked around in souvenir shops, bakeries; on Dia's behalf of course, clothe stores and much more.

"Hey Pearl, look!"

I stared at the shop my friend was pointing; it was a bookstore. "What about it Dia?"

"Well you know that oujo-sama loves to read and even thought she knows a lot about our world, I'm sure she'll also wants to read something from this world. You know how she is about learning, right?"

I looked at the store and then back and my friend's face. "I guess it won't hurt to look there, as long as you don't start to suggest buying things for our sempai or kouhai too."

Dia nodded and we walked into the store. There were a lot of book, traveling guides, novels, manga, romans, dictionaries and many more. "So Dia what kind of book are you thinking about giving to ojou-san?"

Dia walked up to the novel section and looked around some light novels. He too one and showed it to me. "I know that she mostly reads books that are educative, but I'm sure she'll enjoy fiction too. It'll be something different."

I looked at the tittle of the book. "Toaru Majutsu no Index?"

"The summary is interesting." Dia explained. "It's about a guy named Touma and he had always misfortune, then one day he finds a girl named Index, who's… from a church in England…"

Dia and I stared a bit confused at the book. "Uhm Pearl, what's a church and what's an England?"

"…I have no idea." Man and I thought the distortion world was confusing. This world has some weird… things. "You still want to give it to her?"

Diamond nodded eagerly. "She can learn from it, right? Maybe this book mentions more things that we don't know about." I looked at the price of the book. "You can pay it, right?"

Diamond nodded. I sighed and we went to the check point. After that we exited the store. "So what now?" I asked.

Dia looked around. "Maybe we can go to the park? Reno-san told me that there's one five blocks away from the bakery."

I took out the map to check the part Dia was talking about. "I hope we have enough time to make it… since we still have too…"

Before I was able to finish, the surroundings suddenly started to change color. Dia and I looked confused at our surroundings. "Hey Pearl, what's happening?"

"I have no idea." I walked over to a person who was standing near us. "Excuse me sir, do you know what's happening?" The man stayed silence. Dia walked to us and he started to poke the man. "DIA. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! POKING A STRANGER IS RUDE!"

"Pearl, haven't you noticed?"

"Eh?" I observed the man carefully and to my surprise I noticed that he was frozen. "What's happening?"

"I have no idea, but it seems that everyone except us is frozen in time."

I looked at me surroundings and just like Dia said, no one was moving, even the creature that reminded me of flying type Pokémon were frozen in the air. "Diamond… what's happening?"

"I don't know, but something is telling me that we have to run for it."

Not soon after that a weird creature appeared and on top of it were two men looking at us.

"Are they the ones?" The shorter of the two asked.

"It has to be them, they're the only ones moving in the Fuzetsu."

Ah Fu-what? The creature charged at us and started to attack. I quickly pulled Diamond away and we started to run.

"Who are those guys?" I asked desperately.

"I don't know, but since they're targeting us, they must know who we are." Diamond answered.

We ran into a narrow street and tried to hide in the trash.

"Crap, crap, crap! What do we do now! We can't use our Pokémon and I don't think that we can hide here for long!" I whispered.

Diamond looked at the sky. "Or maybe… We can…"


Diamond covered my mouth quickly. "Shhh! Remember that everyone is frozen?"

I nodded. "We and our chasers are the only ones moving here, so we can fight back without creating panic."

"But still, what if we hit the people and the buildings? If we're not careful we might kill them and I'm sure that unlike in our world, fighting here with… Pokémon is unheard of."

Diamond thought for a moment, but he didn't have that much time, because the men found us quickly. "There they are!"

I sighed as I took out my Poké Ball. "I guess we don't have much of a choice, if we want to survive."

Diamond gave me an approving smile while also taking his Poké Ball. "Let's go then!"

"Go Torahiko!"

"Mū Take down!"

My Luxray and Dia's Mamoswine pushed the creature against the wall. The two men jumped away just before they also got hit. "They finally started to fight back." The taller one commented. "Go crush them, but don't kill them! The boss needs them alive!"

"Torahiko, Discharge!"

Torahiko growled and let a bolt of electricity lose. Dia and I quickly hid behind Mū to shield ourselves from the attack. Thank Arceus that Moo is an ice/ ground type. The attack hit its target, but also the surrounding buildings and people who were near.

"Maybe, I have to be more careful next time…" I mumbled to my friend while sweat dropping.

"I don't think we have the freedom to do that." Dia mumbled. He looked at one of his Poké Ball. "Should I use it…? If I did, then we could finish this quickly… but…" he looked at the surrounding.

"We should use that as last resort Dia, if my Torahiko caused this much damage with only a discharge, then you can't imagine what we'll cause if you set that Pokémon loose.

Dia sighed and put the Poké Ball back in his pocket. "I guess you're right, the same counts for Mesprit, Azelf and the others." He took out another Poké Ball and threw it. "Pū, back the others up!"

The Bastiodon nodded and joined his friends. Just before the creature was able to hit Torahiko, Pū jumped between them to take the hit. Since it was a rock/ steel type the attack did little damage. "Smart move Dia!" I cheered.

"We shouldn't cheer too soon, who knows what will happen."

"Keh, they're really tough." The smaller man commented.

"They aren't called dexowners for nothing!" His ally snorted. "We don't have time to be amazed by their strength! Focus on the mission!"


The men took out their Poké Ball and threw them. "Skarmory, crush them!"

"Don't let them escape Cofagrigus!"

"What?! They have Pokémon too? Are they from our world?!"

"Pearl, concentrate!"

I snapped back to reality when Diamond pushed me aside to evade the Skarmory's attack. "Sorry Dia, I was just caught off guard."

"It's alright; you're not the only one."

"Enough talk for now." I grinned. I got up and turned to our attacked with a serious expression. "Let's become serious now!"

Dia nodded. "Mū!" he yelled.


The two Pokémon responded immediately and ran towards us. Dia and I jumped on top of our Pokémon. "We'll show them that you shouldn't mess with a dexowner!" I yelled. We sent out our remaining team members. "Saruhiko, Perahiko, Dighiko, Taurohiko, Zeruhiko! Let's go!"

"Rū, Bē, Rī help the others!"

Dia's POV

Pearl and I fought as hard as we could, but our opponents weren't weaklings, you could say their strength is on pair as that of gymleaders and the creature has a very high defense and speed, though it was fighting against eight Pokémon. I looked at my friend; he tried his best, but I noticed that he was struggling like me.

"Why don't you give up?!" The taller man yelled. "It's obvious that you're having a hard time against us!"

"No way! Giving up is what I hate the most!" Pearl answered. "We'll never cast our will aside."

"Heh, I guess it's true. He really is like the human embodiment of willpower. I wouldn't be surprised if the lake spirits decided to team up with them." The man's ally commented.

I looked surprised at the men. How do they know that?

"Dia watch out! Steel wing attack on your left!"

I looked at me left and saw the Skarmory flying toward me. "Mū to the right!" Mū tried to comply, but the Skarmory was to quick. "Gyaaa!"

"Diamond!" Pearl yelled.

Mū and I got smashed against the wall of a bar. The wall got destroyed and people who were sitting behind it got crushed by my Pokémon's weight. I stared shocked at the scene. The humans looked like broken doll that were bleeding. No emotions, no pain, but for me it was horrifying.

"Don't like the damage you caused?" The smaller guy taunted. "That's the price you have to pay for being a dexowner, no for you own existence. Why don't you guys give up already? Not that it's that terrible they're like mere dolls anyway. They won't feel anything when you kill them and some of them are dolls."

I gritted my teeth and glared fiercely at the guy. "DON'T TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT HUMAN LIVES! YOU CAN'T COMPARE THEM WITH DOLLS! MŪ BLIZZARD!"

Mū summoned a blizzard and froze everything in ice. The man evaded the attack in the nick of time, but he got hit by Mū's Trash attack.


"Kenji!" The other man yelled.

"Never distract yourself during a battle!" Pearl warned, while Torahiko attacked the guy with a thunder attack and paralyzing him on the spot.

Both men fell defeated on the ground. I walked out of the bar towards me friend, who got off his Pokémon and ran to me. "Dia, are you alright?"

"Yeah, how about you?"

"Nothing serious, just a few scratches." He joked. He started at the men we defeated. Dia, can you freeze them? Since we don't have anything else to tie them up and it wouldn't be smart to let our only source for getting our answers escape…"

I nodded and ordered Mū to freeze them in ice.

Pearl looked pitiful at the victims that got caught in our battle. "I'd never imagine this to happen… Well, I guess now isn't time to mourn over them." He sighed and turned to our other Pokémon that were still fighting the giant unknown creature. "Now that, that thing has no one to command it, beating it wouldn't be that hard."

Suddenly the creature sent all our Pokémon towards buildings and I felt as if it was staring at us. Pearl's face looked horrified and he quickly ran towards me. "HYPER BEAM!" He yelled.

Pearl pushed me away, just in time before the attack hit us. "It knows Pokémon moves?! I asked stunned. "But that's not a Pokémon!"

"Why does it know Pokémon moves?!" Pearl asked frantically.

The creature took another stance to ready itself for the next attack.

"Dia, he's going to use Magnet bomb!"

"Pū protect!" I quickly ordered, but it was too late. The magnet bomb fell on us and forced us on the ground.

"Gah! What the…?!" Pearl asked.

I tried to grab my remaining Poké Balls, but the pressure made me immobile. "I can't move!"

Pearl tried to do the same, but to no avail. "Crap! I won't let it end like this!"

Rū and the others rushed to help us, but the creature just pushed them aside as if they were dolls.

"How is that possible? In the beginning our Pokémon were able to fight properly against that thing, how come it's much stronger now?!" Pearl asked confused.

I looked at the creature that was approaching us, then at Pearl and then at our Pokémon. "Maybe… could it be that it used a stats improving move?"


"You saw it yourself Pearl! That thing used Hyper Beam. I wouldn't be surprised if it can use other Pokémon moves like Sword Dance or Agility."

Pearl looked horrified at me. "But how is that possible… it couldn't be that… that thing is…"

Pearl got interrupted by the creature that was roaring and charging for its next attack.

"Dia, we have to get out of here quick! It's going to use a Head Smash!"

We tried or best to get away, but the pressure that was caused by the Magnet Bomb, was too strong. We braced ourselves for the worst, but instead we heard a loud crash. When Pearl and I opened our eyes we saw a Pachirisu standing in front of us. The tiny Pokémon gave us a light shock to free us from our immobile status.

"Diamond, Pearl!"

We turned around to look at the source of the voice we knew too well.

Platinum's POV

"I can't believe we made it just in time!" I yelled in relief.

I ran up to Diamond and Pearl as quickly as I could. "Are you two alright?!"

Pearl got up and helped out Diamond. "Yeah, thanks for saving us ojou-san."

I puffed my cheeks in annoyance and started to pinch his cheek softly. "How many times do I have to repeat myself? It's fine if you call me Platinum."

"Ouwch, ouwch, ouwch, owkay, ouwjo… I mwean Pwatsinum."

I let go of his cheek and smiled. "That's much better." I turned my gaze towards Diamond and looked sternly at him. "That also counts for you."

Diamond nodded. "Alright."

"You can have your happy reunion later." Shana-san commented. "We first have to get rid of that."

I looked at the giant Rinne that was recovering from Pachirisu's attack. This one must be stronger than the ones we've encountered so far, since it was able to give Diamond and Pearl so much trouble. Pearl, Diamond and I looked at the Rinne, that was getting up again.

"Despite how strong it is, it seems that it sustained a lot of damage." Alastor-san commented.

Pearl and Diamond looked confused. "I'll be asking about that later." Pearl said to no one in particular. "But let's make an end to it right now!" He grabbed two Poké Balls from his pocket and looked at Diamond with determination. Diamond answered him with the same expression on his face. "Let's do it, but first…" Pearl and I looked confused while he handed me a Poké Ball. "I think you lost something."

I looked at the Poké Ball Diamond handed to me. "Manaphy?!"

"You dropped it, when we were attacked back in Sinnoh."

"Thank you very much Diamond." I smiled.

"You're welcome ojou-sama."

I stared emotionless at my friend, until he realized the mistake he made. Diamond started to blush slightly. "Eh, I mean Platinum."

"What a heartwarming reunion, you must have been jumping to see each other again, am I right?"

Everyone looked up surprised. Behind the Rinne appeared a woman who Diamond, Pearl and I knew too well. She had a sinister grin on her face, her purple hair tied up in three buns, her skin is pale and she had an evil-looking expression. "SAQUE?!"

"Good to know that you still recognize me after our first encounter, thought I'd never expect that you'd find two of your comrades so quickly."

Normal POV

Yellow followed Hecate through the corridors of Seireiden. She was surprised at how big the place was and how unreal it looked. She could swear she was dreaming, but her injuries said otherwise.

"Uhm Hecate-san, where are we going?" The blonde asked.

"To meet up with the general and the strategist, who are waiting for us."

"You mentioned them before, who are they?"

"The man and the woman, who were with me earlier."

"You mean Sydonay-san and Bel Peol-san? Why are you calling them general and strategist?"

"Because they are."

"Is this part of a game?"

"You ask a lot of questions for a human."

"That's because, everything sounds so complicated."

"We've arrived."

They arrived at a giant door. Hecate opened it and let the young blonde in. The room they entered was very big, it looked like an room that could be used for meetings. In the middle of the room were Sydonay and Bel Peol, waiting for the two girls.

"I brought her." Hecate said.

Sydonay smirked and approached Yellow. "Well hello miss, I hope you have rested well. How are your wounds?"

"Most of the injuries are healed now, thought the graver once sting a little, but it's nothing to worry about."

"That's good to hear, now let's get to the point. You seem to have some connection with the strange Rinne that have caused trouble for us."

Yellow sweat dropped. "What's a Rinne again?"

Bel Peol sighed. "Hecate, you did explain everything to her."

"I did." Hecate confirmed. "But she still seems to have trouble to understand it."

"I'm not surprised." Sydonay said. "It's not like this happens every day, anyway a Rinne is a servant that's created by a Guze no Tomogara. They mostly collect the power of existence for their masters."

"And a Tomogara is something that you are, right?"

Sydonay nodded. "You're finally getting it? Now as I was saying, we have some troubles with those Rinne and since you're the one they're after we would like to get your assistance. Of course to show our gratitude, we'll help you in finding your friends."

Yellow's face lit up, the hope she lost returned and she bowed in gratitude. "Thank you very much, after everything you've done for me, helping you is the least I can do."

"Don't sweat it, I'm already surprised that you handle everything to well. Most people would be afraid."

"Well Hecate-san saved me, why would I be scared?"

Bel Peol chuckled. "What a simple-minded girl. Now that we have an agreement, you can go back to your room to rest some more, we'll call you when you need you. Hecate, will you escort our guest back to her room? "

Hecate nodded and the two girls left the room. Yellow felt a surge of happiness and energy running through her whole body. 'Everything will be alright, I know it. They must be safe somewhere. Thought, I can't help but wonder… was it a coincidence that I came to this world, or was it someone who send us here…'

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