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John closes the fridge in the kitchen after reaching in for a bottle of water, as he shuts the door he jumps to see Elena.

"You scared me." He said startled.

"Sorry." Elena replied walking over to the sink to the dishes.

Damon walked back into the boarding house. Kissing Elena kept replaying over and over in his mind. What was he thinking? He knew he should not have kissed her. But it felt so right.

"Stefan?" he called out. No answer. Good he was alone, he would not have to look to Stefan's face right now.

He went to the living-room, and started pouring a drink. Then he faced the fire deep in thought.

"Is Jenna home?" John questioned looking over his shoulder into the deadly quiet house.

"She had to just go out and meet the fire chief about the building." Elena replied "She doesn't know the truth, they've covered it up..."

"Yeah I know." John nodded "How's Jeremy?"

"Holed up in his room." Elena shrugged.

"Can I help?" John asked.

"Sure" she smiled. She slammed a knife on his fingers removing his ring that would bring him back to life and pushed him on the wall.

"Katherine?" John exclaimed. Her faced changed.

"Hello John. Goodbye John" Katherine smiled evilly.

Elena walked into the house and stormed up to the stairs.

"Jeremy? Are you still up?" She heard a noise in the kitchen and walked in. She saw John bleeding on the floor. Elena gasped and rushed over to him. She grabbed the phone and dialed 911. Not having a clue, that Katherine was right behind her.

"Hi I need an ambulance to 2104 Maple Street" Elena said nervously.

John gasped and looked at Elena. "Behind you!"

"What?" Elena frowned.

"Behind you" John repeated frantically.

Elena quickly turned around, to see no one there. She grabbed a knife and went into the hallway. Katherine passed behind her as Elena quickly turned around again. Katherine smiled evilly. Katherine saw the door unguard and sped off of the house leaving Elena terrified. She ran upstairs.

"Jeremy!" she called out. She rushed into his room and found him unconscious on his bed.

"Jeremy! Jeremy!" Elena shook him. "Jeremy please wake up." Jeremy opened his eyes.

The police and ambulance arrived at Elena's house. Stefan arrived also and went up to Jeremy's bedroom.

"What happened?" Stefan asked walking in.

"He said that Anna gave him her blood and then he took this pills and now I mean he looks fine but so do you. I just I don't know" Elena vented.

Stefan looked at Jeremy and took his face in hands.

"Look at me" Stefan demanded.

"I'm fine okay? I feel exactly the same" Jeremy protested.

"Should I call a paramedic? What should I do?" Elena asked.

"No, he's fine." Stefan said looking into Jeremy's eyes.

"You mean I'm not a vampire?" Jeremy groaned. "Damn it!"

"Don't say that Jeremy!" Elena told him. "Jer, why do you want that?"

"Did you hear about Anna, what happened to her tonight? She's dead" Jeremy looked at her.

"Jeremy, Jeremy. Come here, sit down" Stefan asked him.

Jeremy walked over to Stefan and sat down on his bed.

"I'm sorry about Anna but it's very important that you listen to me right now. Every passing moment Anna's blood is leaving your system. If you try to kill yourself right now, you could really die" Stefan explained sternly. Jeremy just rolled his eyes and shrugged. Stefan slapped him to get his attention.

"Hey! Do you understand me?" he asked.

"Stefan " Elena spoke.

"Yeah I understand" Jeremy replied.

"What about the pills that he took?" Elena asked.

"He didn't take enough to die so Anna's blood actually healed him" Stefan explained.

A police office stepped into the room.

"Miss Gilbert?" he said.

"I'll be right there" Elena replied.

"You need to be at the hospital" Stefan told her.

"But " Elena protested.

"No, no, no, I'll stay here with Jeremy" Stefan replied.

"No I don't need a babysitter" Jeremy protested.

Sheriff Forbes stood in the hospital by herself trying to keep herself together while waiting to hear news of Caroline. Damon heard about the accident and rushed up to the hospital.

"Liz, I came as soon as I got the message. Is she okay?" Damon asked concerned.

"She's in surgery, it's ... they're doing everything they can" Liz looked at Damon. " I need your help Damon."

"Sure anything Liz" he replied.

"Mayor Lockwood is dead. They thought he was a vampire. They put him in the basement" Liz told dim.

"Mayor Lockwood is a vampire?" Damon asked playing dumb.

" No, no. A mistake was made, they said he dropped like the others when John's device went off but he he couldn't have been a vampire, I've known him my whole life and know Carol Lockwood is gonna want answers and all I can think of right now is Caroline and ..." She began to cry.

"It's okay" Damon hugged her as she cried.

Elena arrived at the hospital and spotted a very nervous Bonnie.

"Bonnie. How's Caroline?" Elena asked.

"She's weak. They don't know if she's going to make it" Bonnie told her.

"What?" Elena whispered as Bonnie embraced her.

"Is there something that we can do? Like a spell or something?" Elena asked.

"She doesn't know how, do you?" Damon said walking up to them.

"No, I don't" Bonnie sighed.

"No, you don't because it took Emily years to learn a spell like that" Damon replied.

"Now I can take down a vampire. That spell was easy to learn" Bonnie spat.

" I can give Caroline some blood" Damon suggested.

"No, no way" Elena protested.

"No, just enough to heal her. She will be safe in the hospital and it will be out of her system in a day she will be better Elena" Damon soothed her.

"It's too risky. I can't agree to that" Elena shook her head.

"Do it" Bonnie said. Elena turned to her in shock.

"This is Caroline. We can't let her die. Do it."

"If I do this, you and me, call a truce?" Damon smirked.

"No" Bonnie snapped. "But you'll do it anyway, for Elena." Bonnie walked away leaving Elena and Damon alone.

Damon turned to Elena. "I know this is probably the last thing you want to do right now but we should talk about what happened tonight."

"Yeah, one of the tomb vampires has got into to house and almost killed John" Elena told him.

"What? When? What are you talking about? After I left?" Damon frowned.

Elena looked at him confused "You were there?"

"Come on Elena you know I was" Damon replied.

"When were you at the house?" Elena asked.

"Really?" Damon looked at her. " Earlier, on the porch, we were talking, exposed our feelings, come on, we kissed Elena!"

"Okay, I don't have time for this Damon" Elena snapped. But he grabbed her arm in his grip.

"If you want to forget what happened fine but I can't" Damon told her.

"Don't know what you're talking about Damon" Elena glared.

"Elena, I came as soon as I get you message. How is John?" Jenna asked walking up to them.

"Where have you been?" Elena asked her.

"At the fire department, I deferred a report" Jenna looked at her. "I told you earlier."

"No you didn't" Elena protested.

"Yes I did" Jenna insisted.

"No Jenna you didn't" Elena huffed.

"Yes I did" Jenna snapped.

Damon watched the two of them continue to go back at one another. Then reality hit him. One name came to his mind.

"Oh you got to be kidding me!" Damon exclaimed.

Stefan continued to look after Jeremy. He heard the front door open and went down stairs, it was Elena walking in.

"Hey!" he said. "How was Caroline?" He hugged her.

"Not good" she replied. She hugged him tightly.

"Just what I needed."

She looked at him and leaned in for a kiss. Stefan looked at her and threw her on the couch. He immediatly figured that it was Katherine and not Elena.

"Katherine" Stefan sneered baring his fangs.

"At least I fooled one of you" She smirked.

Stefan rushed over to her and threw her against the wall.

"Feeling better?" She asked

Stefan sneered and shoved her against another wall. Stefan heard the front door open again. Katherine grabbed his arm and threw him on the floor and escaped from the house. Damon and Elena walked into the house and saw Stefan getting up to his feet.

"Stefan?" Elena frowned.

"What happened?" Stefan asked.

"Katherine happened" Damon looked at them.

"Excuse me?" Elena gasped. "You know what fill me in later. I'm going to go check on Jeremy." She walked past them and went upstairs.

"I can't believe this" Damon walked into the kitchen. "Did she say what she wanted?"

"No" Stefan answered.

"That woman certainly knows how to make an entrance" Damon smirked.

"She said she fooled one of us at least" Stefan looked at him. "What does that mean?"

"She pretended to be Elena too when I showed up earlier tonight" Damon shrugged.

Elena walked back to join the two brothers.

"I told Jeremy, I can't lie to him anymore." Elena said.

"Are you alright?" Stefan asked.

"No, I'm not alright. I thought that with all the tomb vampires gone things were getting better" Elena sighed.

"I know, we all did" Stefan told her.

"Katherine was in this house, that means she's been invited in, what are we gonna do?" Elena asked.

"Move" Damon smirked.

"Very helpful, thank you" Elena rolled her eyes.

"Katherine wants you dead, there's zero you can do about it, you will be dead but you're not. So clearly she has other plans" Damon said.

"Right and we need to find out what those other plans are and not provoke her in the process. What happened tonight when you thought she was Elena" Stefan asked curiously.

"To risk another front line encroachingon your very crowded forehead .we" Damon stopped. "Kissed."

"And you thought it was me?" Elena looked at him.

"What do you mean you kissed" Stefan frowned.

"You know, when two lips pucker and then." Damon feigned a kiss mockingly. Stefan rushed over to him but Damon moved faster.

"Don't be obvious Stefan" Damon rolled his eyes. Stefan went toward Damon again, but stopped when Elena put herself between the two of them.

"Stefan wait, he kissed Katherine, not me" Elena looked at Damon. "I wouldn't do that. We don't have time for this guys."

"Later" Stefan said glaring at Damon.

"John must know something. It has to be a reason why Katherine tried to kill him" Elena told them.

"She's Katherine. She loves to play games and you're fooling yourself if you think you're going to find out what she's been up to before she wants you to know" Damon smirked.

"No, actually Elena's right, John could know something through Isobel. Your mother, she was in touch with Katherine so maybe we can go to the hospital and talk" Stefan suggested.

"I've got a better idea" Damon smiled.

"What's that?" Elena asked.

" I'm just gonna ignore the bitch" Damon smirked walking to the door. "See you"

"Is that smart?" Elena asked.

"If Katherine thinks she's been ignored it will low her out, she'll make a move" Damon replied.

"Yeah? And then what?" Stefan crossed his arms.

"Stake her, rip her head off, something poetic. We'll see" Damon smirked.

" I want to know exactly who's responsible for killing my husband." Carol Lockwood told Damon and Sheriff Forbes.

" I'm looking into it but you have to be straight. Is there any reason Richard was affected by the vampire device?" Liz asked her.

"Are you implying that he was one of them?" Carol exclaimed.

" No, no one's implying that" Damon reassured her.

"Your deputies screwed up, plain and simple which makes you responsible" Carol snapped at Liz.

"Carol" Damon said calmly.

"Your husband is the one who helped John Gilbert execute his idiot plan in the first place" Liz shot back.

"Liz" Damon said.

"Someone got my husband killed" Carol sneered.

"We're all in edge here. You've suffer a great loss, the whole town has. We have to stick together okay? Trust each other, we're gonna get through this" Damon piped in.

Carol just looked at him and without saying a word went to greet a guest. Damon watched Carol with her guest becoming quite curious as to who he was.

"Who's the guy with Carol?" Damon asked Liz.

"It's the mayor's younger brother, Mason Lockwood" Liz replied.

"Is he in the council? Like John Gilbert when he rolled in?" Damon asked.

" He's nothing like John. For one, he's not an ass. He's not a believer either. He wants nothing to do with the council. He's too preoccupied finding the perfect wave" Liz said. "I better go see if Carol needs any help with anything"

"See you" Damon said watched her walked away.

Elena stood standing outside the hospital waiting for Stefan to come out from talking with John. Once he came out, he and Elena began to walk away from the building.

" Hey, I just have to swing by home to pick up Jenna and Jeremy so we can go to the Lockwood's'. How did you leave him there, John?" Elena asked him.

"I.." Stefan stopped. "I asked him to leave town."

"Asked?" Elena frowned. "You threatened him, didn't you?"

"Yeah I threatened him" Stefan admitted.

"Good. I want him gone, Stefan. I know that I shouldn't feel that way but I don't want someone like that in my life, or Jeremy's life" Elena said.

"I know" Stefan said. He put his arms around her and hugged her.

"So what now?" Elena asked pulling away.

"Now I need to go find Damon" Stefan replied.

"Please Stefan, don't fight with him" Elena begged.

"No Elena, he tried to kiss you. I'm not okay with that" Stefan said.

"That's not the problem, Katherine is. She's already messing with both of your heads and Damon is not stable when it comes to her. The last thing we need is to make things worse." Elena told him.

"You're right" Stefan replied.

Damon found Bonnie at the Lockwood's mansion.

"Did you know the Gilbert device affected Tyler Lockwood?" she asked him.

"Well, I know the Mayor did" Damon replied.

"Don't you want to know why?" Bonnie asked curiously.

"Yes Bonnie, I would love to know why. A non-vampire was tortured by the vampire torture device that you let John Gilbert use against us. Speaking of your guilt how is Caroline?" Damon smirked.

"Much better" Bonnie said.

"You're welcome" Damon told her.

"No you're welcome" Bonnie glared.

"Why am I welcome?" Damon frowned.

"You live to see another day" Bonnie smirked.

" No good deal goes unpunished with you, doesn't?" Damon replied.

"Doesn't undue the bad. I know what you are Damon, you might have Elena and the sheriff and everybody else fooled but not me. One wrong move and I'm gonna take you out" Bonnie spat.

"Now you need to stop with the witches' brood. You're starting to believe your own press" Damon rolled his eyes.

Bonnie just stared into his eyes. Damon suddenly grabbed his head in pain and cried out.

"I'm sorry, you were saying?" Bonnie smirked walking away.

Damon looked up and groaned.

"Oh my God! Damon drives me crazy... He's walking around like some kind of hero for healing Caroline when it's his fault all of this is happening in the first place." Bonnie growled once she reached Elena.

"I'm sorry, Bonnie." Elena answered. "What Damon's done is just awful."

"Ok, I'm better. Hateful Damon moment over." She laughed touching Elena's arm getting the same connection like she did the first time she touch Stefan."I've got to find Tyler and pay my respects. I'll be back." Bonnie walked back in the building and reached into her pocket calling Elena.

"Hi, what's up?" Elena asked as she walked out of her house carrying a box for Jenna.

"Elena? Where are you?" Bonnie asked.

"Bonnie, I know we're late. We're literally just getting in the car, I have to go. Bye." Elena hung up.

The young witch turned again and saw who she thought it was Elena standing in her way.

"We haven't officially met." Katherine smiling almost kindly at her "I'm Katherine"

"I know who you are." Bonnie gulped gently.

"Of course you do." Katherine giggled. "You're the best friend, right? I've been putting all the pieces of Elena's life together. Isobel told me it was a bit of a puzzle. I do know who Jenna and Jeremy are..."

"And I met that delicious ex-boyfriend Matt." Katherine added "Who is sweet on Caroline."

"And then there's you." Katherine smirked evily. "The vampire-hating Bennett witch. Did I do good?"

Katherine had Bonnie pushed up against the wall. Bonnie started the same spell she did on Damon, in her head. Katherine feigned pain holding her head before looking back up with a evil look in her eyes.

"I've been around a long time Bonnie you're going to have to do better than that." The vampire smirked then she caught Bonnie by her throat holding her back against a wall, baring her fangs, Bonnie opened the doors with her powers to expose them to the other guests.

Katherine looked at the other guests. "Nice" she said.

Stefan peered in and looked at them. "Katherine."

"Stefan" Katherine smiled.

"Leave her alone" Stefan demanded.

"Okay" Katherine shrugged and released Bonnie. Katherine walked out of the room with Stefan following.

"What are you doing here?" Stefan asked.

" After the way you treated me last night, I thought that a public place would be less violent" Katherine replied.

"You're taking this a little far don't you think? Elena could walk in at any moment" Stefan told her.

"But that's part of the fun Stefan. Damon's here, somewhere, I've been avoiding him" Katherine looked around the room.

Matt walked up to them and spoke.

"Hey guys."

"Hey Matt. I heard that Caroline is doing much better. Her recovery was practically miraculous, you must be so relieved" Katherine replied.

"I am. Thanks Elena" Matt replied walking away.

"Oh! His eyes are so blue!" Katherine smiled.

"You need to leave now" Stefan told her.

" You're hurting my feelings Stefan. Damon was much happier to see me but he thought I was your girlfriend so..." Stefan cut her off.

"Katherine, I'm not doing this with you"

"Okay, how about we don't have a couple's fight in front of all of your friends? Walk with me" she smiled.

"Just tell me what you're doing here" Stefan sighed.

"Maybe I missed you. Is that an acceptable reason?" Katherine pouted.

"What game are you playing?" Stefan asked.

"Why, you want to play with me?" Katherine smirked.

"I don't know, how can I play if I don't know the rules?" Stefan told her.

"No rules Stefan. Don't you remember? No rules" Katherine replied.

Katherine smiled and walked away indicating for Stefan to follow. Stefan sighed and walked passed her ignoring her request to hold hands.

Elena along with Jenna and Jeremy arrive at the mansion. Jenna was holding a box that cointaned food.

"Looks like the whole town has turned out" Jenna commented.

"Yeah, well he is" Elena stopped. "He was the mayor."

"Why are they doing this for the funeral?" Jeremy asked.

"That's what people do. The Lockwood's were here for us when we went through this. It'll be quick you drop off the food and pay respects and go" Jenna replied.

"In and out? It sounds like a plan" Jeremy smiled.

Elena looked around and saw Damon. "You guys go ahead, I'll be right there okay?" She walked over toward Damon.

"Hey, how are you doing?" she asked him.

"Great Elena. Walking on sunshine, thanks for asking" he replied sarcastically.

"Damon" Elena said.

"Elena" Damon replied mockingly.

" We should be able to talk about this. Damon, we're close enough now. I really want to know how you are doing" Elena told him.

" I kissed you, I thought you kissed me back ... Doppelganger hijinks ensued ... How do you think I'm doing?" Damon looked at her.

"I think you're hurt" Elena said.

"No, I don't get hurt, Elena" Damon rolled his eyes.

"No, you don't admit that you get hurt. You get angry and cover that up and then you do something stupid" Elena shot back.

"You're scared. You think Katherine is gonna send me off the deep end don't you? I don't need her for that" Damon told her. "You know...why this is such a surprise that I would kiss you?"

"That's not a surprise. I'm surprised that you thought I would kiss you back." Elena glared.

"Now I'm hurt" Damon said in a small voice.

Bonnie came running up to the two of them.

"Elena!" she called out.

"Bonnie what happened?" Elena asked.

"The Lockwood's have a lot more land than they used to. These actions from the tomb vampires built them quite a fortune." Katherine smiled.

"Yeah, why did you want them dead? You're the one who turned most of them" Stefan replied.

"There's nothing more annoying than revengeful vampire Stefan. Just ask John Gilbert" Katherine smirked.

"You haven't changed at all, have you?" Stefan looked at her.

"But you have. You're stronger, meaner, sexier" she smiled.

"Don't flirt with me Katherine. I'm not Damon, I haven't spent one hundred and forty five years obsessed with you" Stefan told her.

"Yeah, based on your choice of women I'd say otherwise! Although I'll admit it does bother me that you're falling in love with someone else" Katherine told him.

"I was never in love with you, Katherine. You compelled me so none of my feelings were real" Stefan protested.

"Believe what you want Stefan but I know the truth and deep down so do you" Katherine said.

"The truth? Well the truth is, you're the same lying, selfish, manipulative bitch that you've always been. So, whatever it is that brought you here, why don't you just get down with it and leave town? Because if you don't, I will hunt you down and I will rip your heart out" Stefan threatened.

"You want to know why I'm here Stefan?" Katherine asked." I came back for you."

"Well the problem, Katherine, is that I hate you" Stefan looked at her.

Katherine glared at him and picked up an iron stem and stabbed him.

"You hate me huh? That sound like the beginning of a love story Stefan, not the end of one" Katherine sneered removing the iron before speeding off.

Elena and Stefan sat on the bench in the backyard while Elena tended to Stefan's wound.

"You gonna be okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, it will heal" Stefan replied.

"That's not what I meant" Elena looked at him.

"I was trying to figure her out. I was playing along and let her get to me" Stefan said.

Damon came walking up to the pair.

"I tried to track her but she's gone" he told them. He looked at Stefan's wound.

"Ouch, cover up Fabio" Damon smirked. " You have a crazy ex on the loose."

Stefan pulled his shirt down and rolled his eyes.

Damon looked at Elena. "You better watch out, looks like Katherine is trying to steal your guy."

"It's not what's happening" Stefan said sternly.

"Isn't it? I mean it's only fair since I went after your girl" Damon smirked.

" I'm going to go check on Jenna and Jeremy. Let me know when you guys are done" Elena sighed and got up and left.

"So what's going be uh? Fight to the death?" Damon pretended to playfully punch Stefan." Go ahead, make your threat, stake your claim."

"I'm not going to fight you" Stefan told him.

"Why? I'd fight me" Damon replied.

"Katherine is going to try to play us against each other, you do know that right?" Stefan looked at him.

" Brother, don't you worry, our bond is unbreakable" Damon mocked him.

"We need to stay united against her. So yes, as much as I would like to kill you, I'm not gonna fight you" Stefan told him.

"I kissed Elena" Damon frowned at him.

" Because you feel something for her, because you actually care and I'm not gonna let Katherine coming here and destroy that part of you that is finally, after all of this time, willing to feel something. She will try to break you, she will try to break us and how we respond to that will define us. It's our choice. So no, I'm not gonna fight you" Stefan replied. He began to leave.

Damon walked into the living room of the boarding house later that night and stopped.

"Very brave of you to come here" he said. He turned and saw Katherine sitting on the couch.

"I wanted to say goodbye" Katherine replied.

"Leaving so soon?" Damon glared at her.

"I know when I'm not wanted" Katherine said.

" Don't pout it's not attractive in a woman at your age" Damon glared taking a sip of his drink.

"Ouch" she laughed. Damon turned to leave the room, but came face to face with Katherine.

"What, no goodbye kiss?" she smirked.

"What if I kill you instead? What are you doing here?" Damon asked her.

"Nostalgia, curiosity, etc" she replied.

"I like better the enigmatic Katherine. What are you up to?" Damon sneered.

"Trust me Damon, when I'm up to something you'll know it. Come on, kiss me or kill me. Which will it be Damon? We both know that you're only capable of one" she whispered leaning toward him. Katherine tried to kiss him, but Damon turned around to walk away. Katherine sped in front on him and slammed him to the ground.

"My sweet innocent Damon" Katherine breathed. Damon sighed and strangled her and turned her over so that he was on top of her. They stared at each other before crashing her lips against hers. He moved to her neck before she slammed him up against a wall and ripped open his shirt and ran her hands up his chest. Damon kissed her again leaning her against a table. They continued to kiss. Damon stopped much causing Katherine to become confused.

"Okay brief pause" he said. "I have a question." Katherine sighed.

" Answer it and its back to fireworks and rockets wire glare. Answer it right and I'll forget the last one hundred and forty five years that I spent missing you. I'll forget how much I loved you, I'll forget everything and we could start over. This could be our defining moment 'cause we have the time, it's the beauty of eternity" he said. Damon touched her face and her hair.

"I just need the truth, just once."

"Stop" she told him. "I already know the question and its answer. The truth is I've never loved you, it was always Stefan." She looked at him before leaving.

Elena walked out of her bathroom into her bedroom. She saw Damon sitting on her bed and jumped.

"Oh god, you scared me" Elena told him.

" I'm just doing my part, the neighborhood watch" Damon said gloomy

"Thanks for looking out for us, for me" Elena looked at him.

"That's me, the trusted bodyguard, calm in crisis" Damon. Elena looked at him.

"You've been drinking?" Elena gasped. Damon indicated that he had,

"And you're upset, that's not a good combination" Elena said concerned.

"No I'm not upset. Upset is an emotion specific to those who care" he replied.

"Come on Damon. That's a lie, you care" Elena said softly.

"You're surprised that I thought you would kiss me back? You can't imagine that I believe you would want to?" he looked at her.

"Damon " Elena said.

"No, all we've been doing here means something. You are the liar Elena. There is something going on between the two of us and you know it" he got up and walked toward her. "And you're lying to me, you're lying to Stefan and most of all you're lying to yourself. I can prove it."

"No" Elena protested but was cut off by Damon's lips crashing against hers.

"Damon don't! What's wrong with you" she exclaimed pulling away.

"Am I lying about this?" he said.

"Stop, you're better than this, come on!" Elena told him.

"That's where you're wrong" Damon leaned in to kiss her again.

" No, no Damon. I care about you. Listen to me, I care about you. I do but...I love Stefan, it's always going to be Stefan." Elena told him.

Damon just stared hurt at her.

"Think about what you're doing" Elena exclaimed.

Elena stared at him shocked.

"Elena, what's going on in here?" Jeremy asked in the doorway.

"Nothing Jeremy, its okay, just go back to bed" Elena said getting out of Damon's grip.

"No it's not okay Elena" Damon looked at Jeremy then at Elena. "He wants to be a vampire." Damon pushed Jeremy up against the wall.

"No Damon stop it!" Elena pleaded.

Damon began to choke Jeremy. "You want to turn off the pain? It's the easiest thing in the world. The part of you that cares just goes away, all you have to do is flip the switch and snap." He snapped Jeremy's neck and he fell to the ground.

"No!" Elena screamed.

She rushed over to Jeremy and began to sob. Damon only just looked at her and left quietly. Elena continued to sob and suddenly noticed John's ring on Jeremy's finger.

Elena still was clinging to Jeremy when Stefan arrived.

"He saw the ring that's why he did it, he knew" Stefan told her.

"He didn't see the ring" Elena replied.

"It's Katherine. She got on his skin; she undid everything that was good about him" Stefan replied.

"There's nothing good about him. Stefan, not anymore. He just decided what he wants. He just don't want to feel, he wants to be hated, it's just easier that way. He got his wish" Elena sobbed.

Damon walked into the boarding house. He went to the living room and picked up his glass. He threw it angrily at the fireplace. He grabbed his leather jacket and started walking to the door.
Then he entered his car and started driving to the Grill, he was feeling shattered with the things that had happened tonight.

When he arrived the Grill, he sat in his usual spot and ordered bourbon and started to scann the place and his eyes stood on the stage, when he spotted a band that was preparing to perform and he noticed the leader singer and his eyes grew wide... He was looking to the most beautiful woman he ever seen in his life (and he had seen many beautiful women in his existence).

She was breathtakingly beautiful, she looked like an angel but with a dark side. The woman had dark brown hair it could be mistaken for black, beautiful bone structure, flawless pale skin, beautiful blue eyes, her eyes were so blue much like his but it was a type of baby blue, her lips were the most juicy lips he had ever seen and with that red lipstick it was simply perfect, they were very chubby. He started analyzing her body, she was like 5'6 tall but with her heels it made her taller, but she had long legs that could never end, her breasts weren't small she probaby fit on a C cup, she had a great ass ... She had the body that most Victoria's Secret models would die to have and he wasn't exaggerating.

Damn, she is one hot chick that could blew every man's mind. He thought.

The brunette beauty was wearing a black dress with gold sequins which was above the knees, black high heels and black leather jacket with golden zippers (Oufit in the profile).

Her hair was wavy flowing down to her back. He called the bartender, and said "Hey Mutt, I need to ask you a question"

"It's Matt" he replied with a roll of eyes.

"Yeah, don't care ... Tell me, who is that brunette bombshell on the stage?" Damon asked without taking his eyes off her.

"That is the new singer and her band, The Pretty Reckless ... They're going to start perform in the Grill and for events that may be happening in Mystic Falls. Before Mayor Lockwood died, he hired the band for a long time because the business here at the Grill is very still and he did not want the restaurant began to fall-"

"Look Mutt or Matt or whatever, I asked her name and where is she from not the blah blah blah you were talking about" Damon cut off

"Well Damon, she didn't tell me her name, she just said that she was the new singer that would perform here in the Grill" Matt replied angry.

"You didn't remember to ask her name?" Damon asked annoyed.

"If you want to know her that bad, why don't you go talk to her after the show?" Matt said. And then he started to walk away to attend his customers.

Damon noticed that all the males here in the bar, were undressing her with their eyes and he didn't like at all that her Goddess was being appreciated by other men.

The band took their places while she began to move to the front stage, then she said "Hey everyone, how y'all doin'?"

The audience started to cheer and clap their hands and she continued "Good to know, well in case you haven't notice I'm the new singer and this is my band who will perform here for a couple of nights. So I will stop with the chit-chat and start the show... I want you to welcome The Pretty Reckless!"

They all cheered and whistled, Damon couldn't take his eyes from that woman, she certainly knows how to make an entrance, he would enjoy very much to get to know this beautiful girl and then he realised that all his thoughts about Katherine and Elena were gone and he just concentrated on the brunette that was performing on stage.

(The band started playing the music...)
Take me I'm alive

Never was a girl with a wicked mind

But everything looks better when the sun goes down

I had everything

Opportunities for eternity

And I could belong to the night

Your eyes, your eyes (She spotted a dark-haired man that was staring at her, she noticed his blue eyes, and she almost locked eyes with him)

I can see in your eyes

Your eyes

You make me wanna die

I'll never be good enough

You make me wanna die

And everything you love will burn up in the light

Every time I look inside your eyes

Make me wanna die

Taste me, drink my soul

Show me all the things that I shouldn't know

When theres a new moon on the rise

I had everything

Opportunities for eternity

And I could belong to the night

Your eyes, your eyes I can see in your eyes

Your eyes everything in your eyes, your eyes

You make me wanna die I'll never be good enough

You make me wanna die

And everything you love will burn up in the light

Every time I look inside your eyes (burning in the light)
Make me wanna die

I'll die for you my love, my love (The dark-haired men smirked at her and she smirked back)
I'll lie for you my love, my love (make me wanna die)
I'll steal for you, my love, my love (make me wanna die)
I'll die for you my love, my love

Well burn up in the light

Every time I look inside your eyes

I'm burning in the light Every time I look inside your eyes

I'm burning in the light

Make me wanna die

The song ended and the audience burst into cheers and screams.

"Thank you, have a great night because I know that I will ..." She replied then she winked at them.

She began to exit the stage and went to the bar, she spotted her band and said "Great performance you guys, I'll call you guys later" she said and waved at them.

Matt walked to the bar and said "Hey, great performance, everyone loved to hear you singing!"

"I'm glad to hear that" She said with a smirk.

"Yeah, so can I get you anything?" He asked and he was a little overwhelmed by her beauty.

"Bourbon please, and leave the bottle" She replied with a smile.

"Coming right up" Matt said.

"Hey hotstuff, nice performance back there" A guy with brown hair replied.

"Glad, you enjoy it dude" She said with a fake smile.

"So did it hurt?" He asked looking her up and down.

"I will punch you in the face if you're going to say: Did it hurt, falling from the sky?" She said with mock annoyance.

"OoOoh, no need to get all hot and bothered hotstuff, I'm just making conversation" He said.

"Well, why don't you piss off before this conversation ends up with my fist in your creppy face?" She asked with a fake smile.

The guy glared at her but decided to leave.

Damon watched and heard everything from distance, and he chuckled to himself. So she's a feisty little one, I am starting to like her more and more., he thought.

He started to walk towards the hot brunette and he asked "Is this seat taken?"

"It's a free country, sit wherever you please" She said not looking at him.

He smirked, she is more beautiful closely, he thought.

"I haven't heard someone who sings that well since the Beatles" he piped up.

She finally looked at him, and she was taken back to see the dark-haired guy who was staring at her the entire time while she was performing. She could finally appreciate him better, he was very handsome she had to admit. My god, those eyes are unbelievable blue, she thought.

Then she noticed something in his eyes: pain. He must have daddy issues or girlfriend issues, she thought.

He was dressed all in black, from head to toe and he had that bad boy appeal all over him and dangerous written in his face. Maybe this one could be worth my attention after all, she thought.

"Really?" She asked him.

"I'm not the type who compliments, so when I do, I meant it" He said.

"Hmm, I'm flattered then" She said with a mock tone.

"Can I buy you a drink?" He asked.

She looked at him, and tried to read him but he was really good hiding his emotions. She was really starting to be interested in this guy, there is something about him that differentiates him from the other guys, he has some dark energy around him, and she liked it.

"So what's your deal? I'm just a girl sitting on a bar chilling with her bourbon" She leaned on the table with her elbows.

"Well, and I'm just a guy sitting on a bar offering a beautiful girl a drink, where is the big deal of that?"

She looked at him, really looked. She was used to guys aproaching her with some lame 'pick-up' lines trying to make her fall in bed with them and surprisingly this one, didn't said anything that would piss her off. She felt like that he hide many secrets and has the mysterious thing about him, that attracted her to him.

"Why not? I could use another bottle, this one is already drained" She replied.

He ordered another bottle of bourbon, and started to pour a drink for him and for the beautiful brunette.

He didn't realized that were talking for 2 hours, when she suddenly said "It looks like, that is time to call it a night"

"Already? Is five past midnight..." He said with a little disappointement in his voice.

She noticed this, the corner of her lips started to form a smirk and then she said "I know that, but I have other errands to run to."

"Oh, so when I can see you again?" He asked.

"Sooner than you think, it was nice talking to you Damon... Until we meet again" She said, then she started to leave.

He grabbed her arm, before she could give two steps and then their faces were inches away from other.

She felt something when he grabbed her arm, and then it clicked he was a vampire. She felt that feeling of death. So he is a vampire, very interesting. I think that I'm going to keep an eye on this one, she thought.

"You didn't tell me your name, and how can I find you?" He asked.

She could feel his hot breath in her face, the smell of bourbon hovered her nose.

"You don't find me, I find you. As for my name, that's for me to know and for you to dot dot dot. Have a nice night Damon" She slipped a piece of paper in his pocket of his jacket then she walked away from the Grill.

Damon stared at the spot she was before leaving and so many thoughts filled his head right now. Who is she? Where is she from? Is she a vampire? Oh, she likes to play games, Okay my dark angel let's play. He noticed that she put something in his pocket, and he found a piece of paper that said 'Call me [number cell phone], xoxo your dark angel'

Wow, he was in shock, how did she know that he called her dark angel? Then he smirked, I'm going to enjoy to know better this mysterious woman he thought.

"I hate him, Stefan" Elena cried out.

"I know" he said. He kissed her shoulder. Jeremy gasped loudly and began to move. Stefan and Elena were by his side within seconds.

"Stefan, is he okay?" Elena asked

Stefan looked at Jeremy. "He's okay!"

"He killed me! Damon killed me!" Jeremy exclaimed.

Elena embraced Jeremy reliefed that he his brother was okay "Oh god!"

Damon went to the Boarding House and walked to the living-room and stared at the flames in the fireplace. He couldn't stop thinking about that girl he met at the Bar. Her eyes, her lips, her voice, her smirk, her laugh, her face. Everything.

How could this girl make him forget about everything else. He didn't think about Elena or Katherine when he first saw her. He stared at his phone, he wasn't sure if it was a good idea to call her now, she would think that he was a stalker. So he put the phone away.