So that's it! I just finished writing my first fanfiction! And now I'm working on season 3! I just want to thank everyone who reviewed this story, you're all awesome! The sequel to You've Gotten Into My Bloodstream, it's called The Thin Line Between Love And Hate... Yup, I hope you'll stick around to read it ;)
And one more thing. I don't own anything you may recognize! Just my character: Claire! Don't own the musics, the name of the band, etc ... In case if you're curious to know the owners of the musics, here they are:

Make me wanna die- Pretty Reckless

Cosmic Love- Florence and the Machine Breathe

(2 A.M)- Anna Nalick

Twist and Shout- Beatles

Shelter- Birdy

The Last Day of Your Life- Glass Pen

There you have it ;), I promise that you will like season 3... Claire is going to change dramatically after 3x10 (The New Deal).

Thank you for your reviews, opinions and critics! xoxo.