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As soon as Inuyasha approached the strong demonic aura's source he couldn't believe his eyes. There was no demon, being, or even an organism in sight. It was just the bone eaters well. Or at least that's what his memory was telling him.

Before his eyes was a renewed well over flowing with purified water. It seemed as if the wood was freshly cut and polished. There were no roots sealing it to the earth's surface with its sun kissed glow. But what really stunned him was the crystal clear water flowing down its walls and engulfing the meadow. When his bare feet touched it, he felt no sort of wetness or specific temperature radiating off it as if it wasn't truly there to begin with.

"What the hell is this . . .?" He muttered to himself.

Finally kvetching up to Inuyasha Shippo stopped in shock. He slowly walked into the waters depts. and notices it made no effect on it. He cupped his hands and dove for a scoop. . . But the water didn't even ripple. His hands were not wet when he brought them to his face, not even a drip lingered on his skin.

"Inuyasha," he whispered. "What is this?" Inuyasha looked down at Shippo in a confused look.

"Who are you?"

Before Shippo could reply in his own confusion, he watched Inuyasha fall before him. And before he knew it, he too was at his knees.

Kagome couldn't recall how many times she readjusted her hair style. It was in a braided bun with metal chopsticks holding it together. When she got the chopsticks Kagoshima pointed out InuTaisho's crescent being imprinted in it to establish that she was his guess. She also mentioned something about being a part of the pack, whatever that means. . . But for some reason Kagome could not be satisfied with herself. Every time she approached the door she felt self-conscious. She probably requested for ten different kimonos already.

After pacing for a while she finally decided that this was it. She took a good look in her full body mirror to acknowledge her appearance. The kimono she permanently chose was black with silver lining. It had a group of blue butterflies dancing their way up her kimono from one corner. In a way they almost looked as if they were real and had been sowed into the fabric. 'How beautiful. . . '

Ripping her from her thoughts a knock echoed through the room. It was a light knock so Kagome assumed it was Kagoshima, "Come in!"

The door slid open and shut as she heard footsteps across the floor board. "Aww, you clean up well, Higurashi." Kagome snapped her head around finding her eyes connecting to gold ones.

"Inukimi." Kagome responded breathlessly wishing she sounded more confident.

"Don't get excited." Inukimi sighed with a faint smile. "I just came to. . . A-apol-ogize." The sounded painful. "Kagoshima seems to favor you and has threatened to quit being my personal right hand if I didn't. So don't get too excited, I'm only doing this for the be-half of my pack. Kagoshima is like a sister to me." Inukimi sighed once more pulling out the fan from before.

'Who is this woman?' Kagome wondered off to herself.

"You didn't have to apologize, and Kagoshima wouldn't have done it anyways if you didn't. Since ya'll are so close." She crossed her arms stubbornly. How could she forgive someone that didn't mean it?

Inukimi clenched her hands,' our relationship is kind of one sided," Kagome scoffed. She knows how that feels. "And I was just trying to be . . . N- n- nice." She stuttered and hissed that last word. Inukimi hated humans. She saw them as nothing more but play toys and lunch. Losing her patience, she readjusted her mokomoko and turned to leave. When she left the room she didn't bother to close the door.

"Lady Kagome-" Kagome jumped at the voice so close to her ear. She looked down at Myouga sitting as if her were a monk.

"Myouga, how long have you been there?"

"Long enough." He replied standing up from his position." You should be more careful how you talk to people, my lady, and who you're talking to." He preached. She heard more footsteps before she saw Touga at the door.

"Miko, are you ready?" He asked in all his glory. Touga changed his appearance. He no longer wore his heavy armor. He had on a white kimono with deep blue markings, which matched his stripes, running across it. His hair was still neatly pulled back in a ponytail while his mokomoko still remained as well. All three of his swords were attach to him and some strange sash layed across his chest. It looks somewhat traditional.

Kagome looked back at Myouga who gave her a warning look before hiding himself in her hair. 'Here we go.'

"Miroku, Inuyasha said they would be back before sunset but the sun went down hours ago." Sango clarified looking out Kaede's hut. Her hand rested on a purring Kirara while the Monk sat next to her with his arms wrapped around his staff lying against his shoulder.

"Oh, Sango. I'm sure there is a perfect explanation why Inuyasha has yet to return with Lady Kagome. Besides there probably working out there problems from the last time we saw her." Miroku explained with a slight smirk pulling at his lips.

"True but wouldn't you think Shippo would be back by now?" She wondered. Miroku eye's opened up a little wider.

"Hmm. Maybe he fell asleep at the well, waiting?" He guessed looking over at Sango.

Suddenly, Kirara jerked herself out from under Sango's hand and on to her feet in alert. Sango watched as the cat demon's hair stood up on her back while hissing at the entrance of the hut. "Kirara!" She gasped reaching for the Hirikotsu.

"Do you feel that? A strong demonic aura." Miroku bit out.


"No . . ." The turned there gazes at Kirara who started whimpering at something that looked like crystalized water seeping through the hut. Once it reached the small demon she collapsed.

"Kirara!" Sango dropped her weapon and scooped up the sleeping kitten. She noticed her friend wasn't wet but as she stood in the strange waters, sleep seemed to claim her as well. Her limp body it the wooden floor hard making Miroku jerk forward.

"Sango! Uh-"But not even the monk could surpass the waters powers.

Kagome walked a few feet behind Touga as he took lead. Her eyes were glued to his back as they walked through the hallway. Myouga who was hiding in her hair was now staring her down while sitting on her shoulder. She could already guess what he was thinking.

Don't do it.

But he's so far.

Give the Lord his space. He likes being in front.

But he looks so lonely. . .

I thought we had a deal; do you want me to go back on my word?

. . .

While Kagome and Myouga were sharing there speechless thoughts, Touga himself was having war with his inner beast.

She so . . . distant. His beast analyzed. Maybe we're walking to fast?

I assure you, we are walking our normal pace. Touga stated, but it did feel as if the miko was holding back.

We should slow down a bit. She is human after all.

She never had problems before.

Slow down. His beast growled.

I'm giving her her distance. His beast growled once more. What has you all worked up? His beast had no reply and he came to a halt. Looking over his shoulder Touga called out. "Miko, I believe we'll get there faster if we travel at my pace." He put out his arm waiting for her to wrap around it. Once she did they started walking again.

"Don't you think it's strange?" Kagome blurted. Touga just looked down at the young women. "To be escorting a human to a demon infested banquet."


"Aren't demons and humans supposed to be enemies?"

Touga shrugged, "They are no threat to me."

"But aren't they weak and an abomination to all species or something?"

Touga chuckled at Kagome's comment before saying, "To me humans are not weak."

"How so?"

"They are not afraid to show their emotions. My kind, for many generations, have been taught not to show their emotions. But to me that is our weakness. We hold it in too long to the point we lose control and lose ourselves in our beast with in us. Humans use their emotions to get stronger. They use them against there enemies and they also show others they have something to protect other than their pride. That is what appeals to me most. Their lack of physical strength might hurt them but their emotions keep them strong and constant." He explained keeping his gaze in front of him.

Kagome started to laugh. At first it was a small chuckle but then it turned into a deep gurgling ball of laughter. Touga felt as if he was being mocked and narrowed his eyes in defense. As soon as Kagome saw this she started chocking. "Are you mocking me, Miko?" He scowled.

"No," she coughed," Not at all." She giggled a bit more. "It's just I've never heard something so . . . from a demon certainly . . . but you, it's just sort of ironic, I guess." Kagome thought about Inuyasha first Impression on her and Sesshomaru's cold hearted personality. How could someone so warm like this have such sons? "You're like a teddy bear." She muttered to herself tightening her grip on his arm.

"I know no such thing." He sighed releasing his tension. Her touch was so welcoming to him. It was nice to know that she could get so conferrable with him.

"It's like a plush doll in the shape of a bear."

"Are you comparing me to a child's play thing?" He stated slowing the pace again.

"I guess so," she smiled to herself. As they walked deeper into the hallway Kagome couldn't help but wish there were a few more turns before they reach their destination. What am I thinking? I shouldn't even be here anyways. Inuyasha should be- Inuyasha. . .Kagome let go of Touga for a moment and came to another stop as she got pulled back to reality.

"Kagome?" Touga came to a halt ahead of her and turned to look at her. She seemed sad as the moon light from the court yard lit up her face. If Touga's beast was right, he could smell salt water mixing with her sent. She was on the verge of crying.

I don't belong here.She missed her friends. Even though she hasn't been to their time in three days she truly hasn't seen them for a week in a half because she had to go back to her time for a while. What were they doing? Did they miss her? Are they happy? What about the jewel shards? Naraku?

"Kagome." Tashio repeated this time more strictly. 'She's probably thinking about the one named 'Inuyasha'.'His beast growled at his thoughts surprisingly. "Kagome the banquet is just right ahead, you wouldn't want to ruin your kimono with tears before we enter it would you." Kagome nodded lazily as he turned around to continue their walk. This time she stayed behind a few steps thinking of her friends faces.

Distance once again. His beast huffed.

When they reached the double doors Touga waited for Kagome to ketch up to her side and to take his arm. Kagome took a deep breath before they entered the room.

Demons. That was all there was to say. They were everywhere. All ages and all types, from pups to adults. Surprisingly there were even high classed humans around interacting with demons.

Kagome eyes were a bit strained from how bright the room was lit. Candles decorated the ceiling and walls and lit up the golden curtains. Gold and white was the theme of the banquet.

Kagome heard Touga's voice at her ear and it sent chills up her spine. "I will return. I have . . . duties I have to attend to." Don't leave me. She mentally cursed herself when she turned to find him gone. D*mn dog.

She looked at her surroundings wondering if there was anyone around that she knew but because of her height, she couldn't see past the demons that surrounded her.

"Lady Kagome!" a familiar voice called. Kagome spun around to find a wolf demon standing before her.

"Lord Kai, what a pleasant surprise." Thank Kami!

"Oh, please Kagome, 'Lord' is too much. Just call me Kai." He announced. He was wearing his usual get up, minus the heavy armor of course.

Before Kagome could reply a beautiful she-wolf stepped up from behind Kai with a brilliant smile. She had big brown orbs for eyes, caramel smooth skin and long black hair pulled back in a braid that rested over her shoulder. Kagome watched as Kai wrapped his arm around her waist. "Ah, Kagome, Kumiko. Kumiko, Kagome."

"Nice to meet you." she smiled, shaking Kagomes hand. While they were getting conferrable with each other's company, Kai was looking down and around his mate for his pup.

"Where's Kouga?" he asked still looking for the little rascal. Kagome heart stopped for a hot second. She would be able to see one of her friends again.

"Ya'll brought Kouga with you?" Kagome repeated and Kumiko nodded. [Sorry, but what's with all these 'K's'? Kumiko, Kai, Kagome, Kouga, Kagoshima? Anywho . . .] Then she felt small claws gripping her kimono. She looked down to find a small boy looking up at her. He barely passed her knee cap. His little claws were balled up in her black and silver kimono as his big sapphire eyes captured hers. His charcoal hair was pulled back in a tiny high ponytail while his bangs brushing his eyebrows. He wore a brown kimono lined with fur that almost made his tail look like an accessory while it was wrapped around his small waist.

"There you are boy!" Kai smiled proudly. Kagome giggled a bit as she crouched down to Kouga's level. She couldn't believe that this little harmless boy would be the Kouga she knew one day.

"Hi, there." He shied away and hid behind her.

"Kouga? Playing hard to get again, I see?" Kagome watched from the corner of her eye Kouga being lifted up by a pair of clawed hands. She stood up and ran into Shippo III.

"Shippo? You're here too?"

"Of course, almost the whole court is here." He explained putting Kouga on his shoulder.

"Shippo, it's been so long." Kai whined wrapping his arm around his fellow neighbor.

"Kai, I saw you yesterday and we had tea this morning at my placed while you were uninvited." Shippo pointed out blankly.

"But it felt like a thousand years." Kai retorted. They fell into a deep conversation that soon Kagome lost track of. She felt a light touch to her shoulder and met Kumiko's smiling face.

"Let's leave to the men to their bro-mance. Would you like some tea?" Kagome nodded and followed Kumiko to a table cover with food. Someway into the crowd she lost sight of her and just stood by the dinner table until further notice.

Standing patiently, Kagome heard a slight rumble of a tummy reach her ears. "Myouga?" she whispered. The flee jumped out of her hair and back onto her shoulder instantly.

"Yes, my lady?"

"Are you hungry?" She asked giving him a slide glance. He smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head. She rolled her eyes and turned around to make a plate for him. "So," she carried on. "Is anyone going to tell me what this banquet is for?" Myouga looked at her in shock.

"You mean you don't know?" He asked while Kagome packed food on a silver plate.

"Should I?" She hummed picking a few different meats.

"Well, yes. It's one of the most important nights of the Western Kingdom. This banquet is-" He was cut off by the sound of two heavy doors opening and the silence that overcame the room.

"Now presenting the future lady of the Western Lands." Kagome faced the doors were two very familiar Inu-Youkai's stood. Attached to the Inu no Tashio was a women Kagome could spot out a mile away.

"That's . . . Inukimi." Kagome muttered amongst herself.

"Yes, she is also Lord Taisho's yet to come mate." He added. Kagomes heart clenched making her nerves spike.

If she was Touga's supposed to be mate, then that meant she was . . . Sesshomaru's mother . . .

Sesshomaru steps came to a stop as he felt a strange demonic aura tickling the back of his neck. Rin skipped passed him happily with a hand full of wilting flowers as Jaken scurried behind her.

Noticing that there Lord had stopped, Rin turned around but instead of doing what she was going to do, she ran pass him catching both demons and Ah-Un off guard. In alert they watch her try to make a splash out of a strange pool of glowing water. Ah- Un and Jaken also joined her, Ah-Un trying to get I lick of water, and Jaken stating how childish Rin was.

Sesshomaru, on the other hand was not fooled by the waters appearance. It was closing in on them as it lit up the whole forest floor. "Ah- Un, grab Rin and Jaken, we will fly the rest of the way." When he looked back at the two headed dragon it was unconscious. He looked back at Rin and Jaken; they too were passed out cold.

He walked up to the group, not noticing he too was in the demonic water as well. He looked over their bodies feeling his eye's growing heavy. Trying to shake of this sudden sleepiness, Sesshomarus body went into shock. He could feel his beast ready to come out. Reluctantly, he fell to his knees growling as his lips pulled over his fangs. What . . . the hell . . . is this!

"Myouga, this has to happen." Kagome stated the obvious. Myouga just nodded his head as ate, "No, you don't understand. If they aren't together then Sesshomaru won't be born and if Sesshomaru isn't born-"

"Wait, whose Sesshomaru again?"

"Touga's oldest and heir." Myouga nodded letting Kagome know he understood.

"Go on . . ."

"If Sesshomaru isn't born then what's going to happen to Inuyasha?" Kagome took a moment to let it sink in and gasped again. "Myouga, I got to get back home!"

The flee burped finishing the plate she had made for him and rubbed his belly. "Finally, we're on the right page." Kagome put the bone covered plate back on the table and quickly started searching for an exit. She pushed through many groups in conversations and sometimes she would get nudged back.

Tripping over someone, possibly their tail, Kagome landed on a tough wall? She looked up and came in contact with pure blood red eyes with slits for pupils. "Uh, sorry." She muttered getting off the demon as fast as possible. She heard Myouga gasp but couldn't hear what he said.

"what's the rush?" His voice was like venom cloaked with honey. She stepped back to take in his appearance. His hair was a light greyish-purple, thick, wavy and loose. His face was pale with one single bluish-purple stripe going up his face from his chin line. Same for his eyelids, they too had stripes starting from his eyelashes and going a little bit past his eyebrows. He was also tall maybe even taller than Touga.

"My name," He claimed, "is Ryukotsusei."

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