Hana to Akuma

There was a haunted mansion where people believed that there are ghosts lived in there.

They say that no matter how these people tried to visit that place, they can't seem to reach it

and ends up walking the same path.

80 years have passed since the death of their mother Hana, the ones who's left
behind were her son Yamabuki, her daughter Anzu, and her beloved akuma, Vivi. Eleanor and Velten became
officially married after many years of punching and quarrelling even thought they are married, Velten can't keep his
attitude being a flirt towards women and that ends up of many bruises when Eleanor caught him off guard.

Every time storms passed by, this reminds of Vivi when his lovely wife was so afraid of thunder that ends up hiding
under his bed. She was so lovely back then and even though they were married, Hana is not used in sleeping beside
Vivi and would make her heart go all flutter.

"hmm, remembering old memories huh?" Vivi talked to himself. A moment later, there was a slight knock
in the door and Vivi knows who it was.

"Father, ca-can I sleep beside you?" Anzu talks softly with a teary eye while holding her favorite pillow.

"You still act like a small kid Anzu, seems like you take your mother's personality" Vivi answered with a small laugh.
"come". And with just that, Anzu run fast and hug his father,

"Father, I just realized…"

"hmm? What is it?" while patting Anzu's head softly

"You seemed sad every time there is a storm." Anzu answered while still hugging his father.

"oh~ is that so?" giving a small sigh, Vivi continued- " it's just that… it reminds me of
your mother" then giving a small smile.

"ahh~ I remember, she used to tell me that…" with a small chuckle she drifted to the dreamland.

"ah~ also that, you and Hana sleeps fast." And with that, Vivi decided to sleep as well.

"What a lovely day Vivi-sama, it's already afternoon and also there's an invitation from the
Demon King Moritz-sama" walks in the window then slowly open the window so light can come in.

"Toniiiiii~" wakes up while scratching his head and realized that Anzu was already in school.

"hmm? What is it?" turning his head and realized what he had just done.

"Too much light~" speaks coldly while throwing sharp glares towards Toni

"ah! Tha-that's right Vivi-sama, Eleanor-sama and Velten-sama arrived and
seems like they want to have a little chat with you"

"argh~ they always let their selves in without my permission. What a troublesome couple" answering
back while scratching his head.

"oh! Vivi my best friend! Seems like yesterday since we meet and yet you never change.
Always making that gloomy face eh?" greeting his best friend then takes a sip to his tea.

"We just met yesterday and when did we become best friends?" sitting in a couch then opens a book

"ah~ as cold as always" then putting the cup of tea in the coffee table.

"so, what do you want to talk about?" Vivi asked them without looking at their eyes.

"ah yes- about that Vivi, there's a weird rumor going around the demon world." Eleanor speaks
while wrapping her arms to Velten.


Anzu and Yamabuki walks home together and they bought sweets because they know
that Eleanor and Velten will visit them for a tea party.

"Yamabuki…" she stops walking in front of a flower shop

"hmm? What is it?" stops walking, and looking behind his sister with an eyebrow goes up.

"I want to buy that flower and give it to father" pointing at a pretty flower

"It's a pretty flower indeed; I guess we can plant it also in the courtyard."

Yamabuki decides to buy the flowers and Anzu happily holds the flower while thanking
her older brother. Without realizing, 3 flowers was drop and then suddenly someone called their attention.

"Hello you two, seems like you drop this pretty flowers and it's such a waste if you just let this flowers
run by car, no?"
A lady wearing a pink dress and a round hat that covers her face hands over the flowers to Anzu.

"Ah thank you so much for picking them up!"

While Anzu happily received the flowers, Yamabuki sensed something from the
lady and he doesn't know what it was. And so they continue to walk home while letting
the lady stand there watched their backs. Without thinking Yamabuki turned his head to look
back at the lady who picked up the flowers, and just then Yamabuki saw something that makes
his eyes wide and dropped the goods he's holding.

"Mother?" he was so shocked what he just saw, the face looked like his mother
and even that bright smile of her but then she walks away.


Back at the mansion

"What rumors did you just hear?" closing the book that Vivi was reading a while ago.

"Yes, rumors… I don't know if you'll like or not but it is something about
your wife Hana" Eleanor answered.

"Hana?" just hearing that name would make Vivi's heart in pain remembering that his wife
is no longer in this world and yet rumors still lurking in the demon world. "What rumors?"

"Some demons say that they saw Vivi's wife at the Demon King's place, and some says
she have this demon aura around her" Eleanor says calmly.